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You are Reimu Hakurei[attach=1]
> Yes!  The Scarlet Devil Mansion is hosting a festival to celebrate an entire year without an incident!  This is an excellent opportunity to gather Faith and show Gensokyo how hard you're working, and since the SDM is organizing the event you can actually enjoy yourself instead of worrying about cleaning once its over.

> Surprised with their willingness to host an event you offered to help in any way you can, and were assigned to distribute some of the invitations.

> The specific invitation they gave you was for Keiki (Haniyasushin) whom you just met last year during the beast spirit incident.
> Unfortunately you haven't got the faintest idea as to Keiki's whereabouts.

> Reimu Hakurei - Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise

> Abilities:
>> Hakurei Maiden - As the Hakurei Barrier Maiden your existence is deeply interlinked with the Hakurei Barrier to the point where anything that affects you affects the barrier and vice versa.  Due to your nature you can create and manipulate barriers and boundaries with ease, which normally takes years of practice and study.
>> Hakurei Priestess - As the Hakurei Priestess your abilities and talents rely on Faith and Spiritual Energy instead of Magical Energy.
>> Invoke - You can invoke the gods into your body somewhat successfully even though you've been neglecting your training
>> Flight - You don't know the limits of this ability, but it extends far beyond the physical flight all residents of Gensokyo learn.  You should really spend more time with Yukari exploring your potential.
>> Intuition - Seemingly incredible luck as when faced with a choice you seemingly always end up making the right decision
>> Extermination - With the combined use of all your abilities you can permanently exterminate any enemy

> Inventory
>> *Yin Yang Orbs - A treasure of the Hakurei Family, can exterminate any supernatural being on mere contact so you use a safe danmaku variant instead
>> *Hakurei Gohei - A treasure of the Hakurei Family, not as lethal as the Yin Yang Orbs but still very potent when charged with your spiritual energy
>> *Spell Card Rules - A magical grimoire containing all the details of the spell card rules which only you can edit.  Needless to say anything you've written here is law.
>> Broom - Marisa occasionally forgets them here and you certainly put them to good use
>> Invitation - An elegant miniature golden replica of the Scarlet Devil Mansion on a wooden base.  They're quite heavy for some reason, you don't suppose they're made of real gold?
// '*' items can not be lost

> Quests
>> Find Keiki and deliver Invitation - Its not usually your job to inform people about festivals but it sure beats cooking with Suika! (and cleaning up afterwards)

>Opinion of Keiki?
>Who else is coming to the festival?
>Relationship with...
  >the SDM?
>So when it says the item can't be lost, does that mean that it reappears in our inventory when we lose it?

>Man, what kind of an invitation is a gold statue? Jeez...
>Where are we?
>When was the last time we saw Keiki?


--- Quote from: meow56 on January 22, 2020, 05:18:06 PM --->Opinion of Keiki?
>Who else is coming to the festival?
>Relationship with...
  >the SDM?
>So when it says the item can't be lost, does that mean that it reappears in our inventory when we lose it?

>Man, what kind of an invitation is a gold statue? Jeez...
>Where are we?
>When was the last time we saw Keiki?

--- End quote ---

> Your opinion of Keiki... well you were angry at her for causing the last incident, however you're not the type to hold a grudge as it isn't fitting for a shrine maiden.

> You were only given two invitations, one for Keiki and another you were instructed to leave on the top of your donation box.

> You're on good terms with the Scarlets and are frequently invited over for afternoon tea.  (Which is great since otherwise you'd have to use your own supplies)
> Yukari raised you and is "technically" your employer as she generously rewards you for solving incidents and "secretly" fills your donation box and supplies.  Sure you have disagreements but you know she has good intentions and cares deeply about Gensokyo, after all she helped create it.
> You consider Marisa to be your best friend, along with Alice.  They are sone of the few people you'd trust with solving an incident if something happened to you

> Those items can be summoned at will thanks to your  Hakurei Maiden ability.

> You honestly don't know, a part of you wants to take it to Rinnosuke and sell it but another part of you is telling you that that's wrong.

> You are right outside the Hakurei Shrine sweeping with a broom Marisa forgot

> You have not seen her for several months

>When we're not solving incidents, what do we do?
>We've already left the other invitation, right?

>Sigh... it would sell for a lot, but we really shouldn't...
>Besides, if we sold it, the SDM probably wouldn't let us come...

>So we've seen Keiki after the incident concluded, then?
>Where exactly did we see her last?

>Put the broom away, we'll be leaving soon.
>...How many brooms does Marisa have, anyways?

Suwako Moriya:
> Do we know how to get back to wherever we first met Keiki?
> If so, did we investigate that location already? Even if she's not there, we might run into her smoking hot piece of a haniwa army commander who might know something.


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