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The Shrine of Gensokyo: The Prologue
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Looking at the blonde girl that was curled up on the bed, I smiled before grabbing my trusty hat and leaving the room, whispering softly to her as I did so, I owed her that much, seeing I rarely ever visit her.

She grows on ya, that I give to ya? that kid, growing up so fast learning lots too, thanks to Keine? well, that?s that I suppose.

[She?s asleep.]

Whispering to the figure that appeared beside me, I winked at her who sighed in relief.

Izayoi Sakuya, the maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion offered to walk me to the door but I refused, saying I got to pay another visit to her.

[? ? mm? It would help if you would tell her sleep early.]

She smiled wearily and I nodded my head, signaling that she could leave.
She did have many more matters to tend to, her mistress is running even her haggard?

[Thank you? Marisa?]

[mm? it?s no problem, da ze? Take care, Sakuya.]


The Shrine of Gensokyo: Prologue
The Promise


[yo, Patchey!]

Kicking the door open, I hushed up when I saw Koakuma, the little devil dozing beside the door, poor kid?

Putting a blanket over her, I walked towards the middle of the library where I was sure Patchey was, that bookworm must still be reading?


Waving at the visible figure that was looking at her books, I hastened my pace before putting a hand on her shoulder and shaking her.


She coughed softly before opening one of her books and chanting.

[?. Rat?]

From the book came a cloud of dust that made the both of us cough and splutter, what was she thinking?

[Hey hey!!]

Watching her cough, I became concerned when she started coughing blood, a normal thing for her but still a matter of concern.

Despite the many times I chided her for it she refused to get a cure for it or? rather the cure for it won?t work without her cooperation.

[C?mon, off to bed, Patchey!]

Hugging her and carrying her bridal style, I whistled for my trusty broomstick, Starfire to pick me up.


Patchey, the cute little magician that she is struggled in my hug but I stifled most of her attempts to chant a spell by covering her mouth and tickling her by the ribs, the most ticklish spot of hers and watching her try hard to remain a straight face.

[Off to bed, Off to bed! You won?t get well if you don?t rest!]

Hearing the telltale signs of Starfire, which was the slight tinkling of the stars that she gave out, I jumped into the air and on cue, Starfire zoomed right below me and we shot forward, out of the library and into the corridor in a heartbeat.

[Okay, Patchey?]

I somehow managed to made my voice heard over the sound of the wind as we reached out destination in a matter of seconds, covering a distance that would take about an hour to actually cover on foot, seeing how we relocated her room to the top of the mansion.

Pushing the door wide open, I dumped her into the room before tucking her into bed.

That girl, she never does learn, no matter how many times I did this over the years.

It hurt me too? ya know

[? Good night ze?]


She turned in her bed, upset at me but it was for her own good after all, like the many things that I?ve done over the years for her and for the others? It?s all for them?

[good night? Marisa?]

Hearing her small voice from below the covers, I grinned back and closed the door behind me, whispering again.

[Yea, good night, Patchouli?]

Closing the door, I mounted Starfire and the both of us flew out of an open window and into the night sky.

It was close to dawn now but perhaps I could get some shut eye today..


[?. Another day, huh, Star?]
Yep, another day? another day without her?


It hurts thou, very much so? when the things I?ve done for Patchey, for Flan? doesn?t seem to match up?

No matter what I do, they were still hurt? even thou not directly but still, they were hurt?

And there is nothing I could do about it?

[? ?]


My name, is Kirisame Marisa? the witch, the black white witch who lives in the Magic Forest?

Well, if you asked me if I AM human, I?ll be hard pressed to answer you.
As I do not know?

After years and years of magical research, I?ve stopped ageing?

[? not a bad benefit da ze?]

So, although I look human, I might possibly be not human at all.. I am a witch thou so you might not call me human in the first place, ahaha?

In magical fairy tales, there are good witches, like the witch in the Wizard of Oz and there are bad witches, like those in Snow White?

Now I have no idea why these two are considered witches? more like con-women to me? but hey, those are stories? so I?ll cut them some slack, ze!

That said, I am a good witch? who?ll admit they are bad witches.. AHAHA

But seriously, I am a good witch. I am Kirisame Marisa, the guardian of Gensokyo? and I am serious on that.

[? let?s go, Star?]

Yawning as Starfire zoomed below me, I flew out of the house and circled my home.

[Take good care of yourself, Mr. House.]

Grinning at my house, which was a living, magical house by now, I watched as it closed the windows by itself and rocked a little, a sign that it had heard me.

Another good thing about a witch is that almost everything around me has a magical conscious in them, a result of my constant meddling?

Ah, I remember the day when it actually came to life? or as close as life as a house can get? that was quite interesting?

-Refer to Casual Days of Gensokyo on that Incident-

[Well, I?m off! If u need help just shine a light!!]

Grinning, I took off straight towards the village on my daily rounds. The villagers knew me by now so as I swoop down between the rows of houses, the one that noticed waved at me while as I made my way to the grandest of them all, the Hieda residence.

[Marisa?s here, da ze! Akyu!]

Jumping from Starfire as I blew past, I grabbed hold of her just before I landed on the ground.

Having Star around makes it much easier for me, she?s in synched with me now, being able to dodge danmaku, fly independently and to top it off she could read my mind and know exactly where I needed her to be.

[Morning to you, da ze?]


[Marisa? how nice to see you.]

Smiling, Akyu invited me to sit while she served a cup of tea to me, the taste of the tea is aromatic as usual but she added a twist to it, essence of vanilla was it?

Hmm.. intriguing?

[Nice to see ya too, Akyu.]


She smiled again while waiting for the cakes to come, Akyu is my constant informer now, what with Yukari disappearing a few months ago and not coming back.

I had difficulty with most of my work, making my rounds and crushing the youkai hordes when they got a bit too rowdy.

Akyu?s memory and her family makes her my most value ally, she seemed to know everything and anything that I asked her about.

[Well, what?s new?]


Akyu paused for a moment before pushing the plate of cakes to me, her face unreadable?

God, I?ve seen many of Akyu?s expression over the years but nothing like this, she seemed unsure of herself?


Taking a bite, I swallowed and showed her my trademark grin while adjusting my Hakero, which was hung around my neck, the position it was in since I swore I wouldn?t use it again.

Not until? she came back that is?

With those bitter memories, Akyu had to wave a hand in front of me to get my attention again.


[Eh? Ah? sorry, was? thinking? ahahaha]

I laughed it off before I turned serious again, grinning at her and motioning Starfire close to me. It sounded like something might be wrong after all, my gut tells me this?

[? mm? there, might be something?. Wrong?]

[? Mm? an incident?]

My eyes sparkled a little as Akyu slowly drew out her words, she had a knack for that, she is a genius with that actually? She seemed to enjoy it?

That said, Akyu is not looking that good either? her illness is undoubtedly catching up with her.

I briefly considered giving her the Hourai Elixer that I could probably get from Eirin, base on the number of favors she owed me but she said no?

[An Eternity that I can Remember for all ages? that is one life that even I could not endure?]

That look haunted me and I never looked at Akyu in the same light again, she had lots bottled up inside her after all, she appears so optimistic all the time that I could hardly tell.

[? mm? an Incident?]

[? great?]

I laughed and groaned at the same time, from Akyu?s tone it?s going be quite a hassle but yet, a part of me was excited, it bring me to the time when she was still around, where I had little more to do than hang out at the shrine? a different time from now?

How long was it again?

[Are you listening to me, Marisa?]

[? uh? yes? sorry? it?s just one of those days? I just keep feel nostalgic? I guess?]

[? about that, it?s around the day where she left?]

[? mm? maybe that?s why?]

I agreed with her and smiled, letting my smile hide my feelings of bitterness?

If I could stop her then, persuade her not to? perhaps it would not be like this? where I have to play catch up ball so many times?

Remilia, Yukari? and the others? all of them? damn?

[Marisa? Are you listening?]

[? Yea?]

[You should go, to find Alice?]

I stiffened immediately, hearing that name. I?ve not seen her for months? who knew where she was now.

[she?s still there? but she?s in the midst of a complex spell.. .you better be careful.]

[? heh, don?t worry about me? worry about yourself.]

Smiling, I took the note from Akyu and sat on Star, who was hovering just outside of her yard.
Akyu, struggling to get up, told me one more time what was happening, but my mind was not there? I only caught the last of what she told me.

[? the border is weakening? Alice will know more? she should]

[Yea, thanks? send my regards to Keine kay? And I?ll be visiting Suika later, drop what you need to give me to her yea? See ya, Akyu?]

And I was off, into the blue sky, headed towards my neighbor? Margatoroid Alice? but with a heavy heart and feeling of uneasiness in my stomach.

It?s been ages since I?ve felt this way, something big is happening, I can feel it?

And there I was, thinking this was another day in paradise, the Paradise known as? Gensokyo?


Flying away from the village, I casted a quick spell en route to check what was going on at my home.

[? Hmm.. looks fine da ze?]

Grinning, it seemed that everything was fine today. After Reimu had gone, I finally knew why Reimu was so bothered at times.

With the title of youkai hunter placed over her, she was a living target for any youkai who wanted her dead.

Sure, she was the hakurei shrine maiden and the protector for the border and yadayada? but to the youkai who really did not care moot about Gensokyo and only about themselves, Reimu was the biggest threat and likewise they wanted her out of the picture.

She does set up some borders to wake her up or to deter them but there are times a few stubborn youkai got through and wanted to kill her in her sleep.

None of course succeeded but she would pissed off as hell the next morning.

I saw it once and I never quite forgotten what was the expression on Reimu?s face?

Cold, heartless and unforgiving as she struck her gohei through the heart of the youkai that disturbed her sleep.

[stay down.. and don?t come back.]

Muttering under her breath, Reimu crawled back to her futon and fell quickly asleep while I sneaked back to collecting mushrooms.

I vowed never to disturb Reimu from her sleep ever, who knew what she?ll do to me? the mere thought gave me nightmares for a while.

And now it was my turn. The youkai came after me like I was free food and I didn?t have border magic like Reimu did.

Thank goodness for Yukari thou, she set up a border for me almost immediately but I improvised in the years that had gone by.

Mr. House is a reliable war machine when it wants to and I surrounded the area with offensive magic that could possibly, and hopefully not? blow up the house in case of an emergency.

That aside, my other magically enhanced broom, SilverLight, a silver coated broom is always on hand to bust those youkai out as effectively as me.

[And Alice was going on about creating a living doll?]

I looked at StarFire below me, loyal but hardly thinking and I took my words back.

In a witch?s life? one must deal with loneliness.

Before I had Reimu, she was an awesome rival, if a friend to boot? otherwise human contact was limited.

The other two were Keine and Akyu but we can?t call them human can we?

The same for Mokou but she?s got a prissy temper and we hardly even chat, we only end up danmaku-ing if we talked more than five minutes together da ze.

I blame my big mouth but that?s me, I?m not gonna change that for better or worst.

[That?s right Star?]

Talking to magical item, man I?ve sunk to a new low?

Pulling on Star to go into a deep dive, I screamed out in exhilaration as I dodged and weaved through the Forest of Magic, heading towards Alice?s home.

I could have gone up and dived down later but right now I needed to get my mind off things and danmaku was the way to go.

[.. speaking of which? it has been a while since my last Danmaku fight da ze.]

Danmaku and the spell card rules? all were left in the wayside after Reimu left. No one used them anymore, at least not in formal tests of power nowadays.. everyone wanted a fight.

With Reimu out of the equation and Yukari, a youkai being the one looking over the Shrine and Suika being the one tending the Shrine?

it seems humans were redundant and the youkai started attacking everyone, everyday even at the village.

It took ages but me, Mokou and Keine with the help of Yukari and Suika drove them out permanently.

It was a horrible time, people were living in fear and anger at youkai and me being a witch who have links to many youkai didn?t help.

I bounced back however and earned the respect of the village by singlehandedly driving away a group of 50 youkai beast by myself.


Pity it had to come with sacrifice? those bastards they refused to danmaku even when they knew the danmaku rules.

If they had beaten me I?d have to let them past and if I?d beaten them they?ll get a free passage out of there? but no? they had to force my hand.

They wanted a fight and I gave it to them?

I killed all of them? every single one of them was not spared and? my hands had been stained ever since then.

It gets easier with every kill, it is shameful but yes.. I am falling into an endless cycle of kill, revenge killing, kill and revenge killing?

I would never stop the cycle till I die? and even then, will the cycle be picked up again.

I hated it.. but I told myself there was nothing I could do if they wanted a fight and wouldn?t stop till they die.


Even now, the excuse seem weak and puny and it rightly should be? I should never kill. Reimu never killed.. but she was Reimu and I am..

[Kirisame Marisa? Now let?s get going, Star!]

Patting my trusty broom, I shot forward like a comet towards my destination.

The home of the Seven Colored Puppeter, Alice Margatroid.


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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Re: The Shrine of Gensokyo: The Prologue
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[Yo!! Alice!!]

Knocking on the door but pushing it open nonetheless before I got a reply, I was greeted with a legion of dolls that thrust their lances at me before stopping short with a hoarse cry from one of the rooms.

[Stop… that’s enough.]

Alice’s voice was strained and when she came out of the room, I groaned while looking at her. She was a wreck, it was like she hadn’t slept in days.

[… what do you want, Marisa.]

Sighing and running a finger through her hair, Alice invited me to sit while she maneuvered one of the dolls to pour some tea for the both of us.

[The usual da ze.]

I grinned but Alice did not seem to find it amused as she gulped down the hot tea as I blew on it to make it cooler.

Was she that thirsty? She looks like she was using me as an excuse to drink tea rather than wanting to be a host…

Whatever works I guess and I was worried about Alice, she hadn’t looked like this the last time she had to dig me out of the rubble when one of my spells went haywire.

Man those were the days!

[… Not today, Marisa.. I still have to finish my spell.]

Alice stood up after drinking five freaking cups of tea while I barely touched mine. Her red tea is and always is exquisite, the way she was drowning was like it was water… what a waste da ze.

[Alice, wait.]

I wanted to grab Alice’s hand but she stepped out of the way easily but she always did that… the longer I knew Alice, the more I thought I knew her the more she seemed out of reach.

I was like running a race against Alice, the closer I seem to her the more she ran and the distance between us would grow again.

Damnit Alice…

When will you stop running away from me?

[…  …]

Grabbing one of her dolls, I jerked it and Alice stumbled enough for me to grab her hand before she could slip away again.


[… I am occupied, Marisa.]

She shook my hand off, her blue eyes looking away even when I pulled her in front of me.

[Alice! This is important!]

[So is my spell, Marisa.]

Hearing my words, Alice stared at me evenly, crossing her arms as I took off my hat.

[… So is my spell, Marisa. Do you have any… issues with that?]

Taking a deep breath, Alice steadied her breathing and her anger and I backed off, she was trying to be civil and I probably should too. Damn her and her tricks.

[… For gods sake, this is for Gensokyo Alice… Will it hurt to spare some time for this?

Just a while, I’ll pay you back with the dew that I gave you for that last spell you did.]

[… despite your offer, which I feel would be very much appreciated… I decline.]

My eyes became wider in shock as Alice turned her back at me and walked off towards her room, which I knew was where she usually did her spell casting.

[… You should go, Marisa.]

[This is important, Alice. Gensokyo itself might…]

[I do not care for this.]

Hearing her words, I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her at arm’s length, and I shouted at her, not holding back my anger.



Alice screamed back at me with no hesitation whatsoever, she was like a mirror image of me, the anger obvious in her eyes as she slapped me in the face.

That smarts!! What’s wrong with her today!!

[Stop being selfish!!!]


We shouted at each other for a few minutes till Alice’s strength gave up and she had to support herself on a chair, the spell casting might have really strapped her strength.

Great… now I feel guilty…

[… G-Go.. I do not… welcome you here. Not… Now.]

Barely able to speak or to stand, Alice pulled her dolls in front of her and glared at me.

If she wanted to fight in that condition she would die, not to mention barely able to even scratch me if I let her hit me… Man Alice…

She’s determined today… looks like I got to back off after all..

So much for plan A da ze.

[… Okay, okay… I get it… but you should take a break, Alice…]

Wearing my hat again, I helped Alice up despite her unwillingness and batted her dolls away with my free hand.

[Stop getting in the way when I want to help da ze…]

Muttering under my breath, I helped her to her room and sat her down at her work table.

The room, like always was pitch black save for some candles. If she was wearing a black cape and had a crazed expression on her face she would be labeled and occult, satanic person by anyone sane.

But… on another note… looking at that pretty girl keep to herself is quite sad, I bet a few guys in the village would kill to see her smile.


Alice looked at her spell circle in worry as I fetched a cup of water, cold water this time from one of her barrels.

Looks like I’m stuck with nurse duty if Alice don’t wise up and take it easy for a while… man this is totally out of my line of work da ze!


[… I said, I am..]

Before Alice could say anything, I had forced her to take a sip of water and had removed all of her magical threads that were controlling the doors.

This was a risk Alice did not want to take but I silenced her by casting a protective barrier over the house.

[Take five, Now.]


Sternly telling her, I won the inner battle of the wits as she sighed and nodded her head.

[… are you…]

[No, I’m just leaving da ze. I’ll drop by when you’re feeling better Alice… and when you have a sense of humor.]

I grinned while Alice looked down, now I was feeling guilty again for making Alice guilty. … Looks like I am still human, like her.

Youkai never did expressly say they feel emotions and certainly not remorse or guilt.

To them and most likely it is a boon to them, they could only truly differ Anger and contentment and for some very strong youkai, sadness.

Remorse was perhaps not wired into them, for being magical beings with no need of social skills they did not need them… perhaps a little anger and aggression and some feelings of contentment but certainly not remorse nor sadness nor jealousy and all.

It’s a double edged sword for us humans or was-humans to deal with things like this…

[… … This is important to me, Marisa.]

[So… is this.]

Alice bit her lip as she looked at her spell circle, her grimoire right in the middle of it.

If there is one book I had not touched in my quest for power, that was it and the other was another grimoire that Patchouli has.

She had forbidden anyone to touch that book and even I couldn’t open that book with the risk that my magic would be sucked dry by that damn book…

A grimoire is a book of forbidden magic, sealed arts and more importantly…

the book that had many contracts within it… they demand sacrifice of magic and power, etc to gain the magic powers that was held in it.

Alice has never gone through her grimoire fully and I do not blame her. That book is dangerous so why would she want to do that now. Has she gone nuts?

[… You… found it?]

Logically thinking there was only one reason and only one spell… I am such a fool.

Noticing the way I looked at Shanghai, she nodded her head and sighed.

[… yes.]

I apologized and Alice smiled, a real smile and I hugged her, one that she returned weakly.

[… I was being insensitive. That is your whole world, huh?]

[… yes… But I was being insensitive as well… I apologize, Marisa…]

Alice fidgeted in my grip as she weakly pushed me away.

[… Alice, don’t die.]

Bluntly I put it to her and she looked at me for a while.

Her face was as usual, unreadable, hidden behind the mask she used to keep herself from hurting for so long.

 Alice is a very friendly and generous person but I guess she had been brought up strict, prim and proper.

She is the perfect lady, if she ever grows to be one but being a youkai, she probably never will. But who knows da ze? Yukari is well endowed and Yuyuko too so… maybe, just maybe.

Me too, not that I’m concerned da ze…

Alice has always been alone, at least until I barged into her life by blasting a hole through her house by accident.

Things became topsy turvey and the rest was history.

I like Alice, I like her very much. She’s kind, she’s kinda cool and very very hot.

But at the same time, she is as stubborn as hell, like me, she’s arrogant at times and she hides everything behind her mask.

Oh yea, she’s cute… way too adorable when she’s mad to be EVEN legal… man she’s cute yea.. hell yea.

[… … Don’t you dare.]

I bit my lip as I glared at her, Alice looked like one of her dolls when she cut the strings out.

She was very vulnerable now but she was much cuter that way… I wonder why, da ze…

Speaking of which… I haven’t seen her controlling Shanghai today… looks things really is serious if she’s not using her precious doll.

[… I-I won’t promise that.]

Alice looked away and pushed me hard, causing me to fall on the floor.

[I will not, Marisa. I do not belong to you.]

I stared at her, my butt on the floor before I stood up and raised a hand to slap her; that is till she slapped herself.


What the heck is going on here?!


Alice, with her hands limply at her sides sobbed softly as she apologized to me.

[I am sorry… I know, I know I have you… but Marisa, Marisa I do not know. I may not come back alive… and I feel… feel that it is alright to do so…]

Alice whimpered as I looked at her, unsure what to say. I just know my big mouth will ruin it so I shut up and waited for Alice to cry her sorrows away.

It is pathetic, I hate myself but it was better than me adding oil to the fire da ze…


It took a while, but Alice finally regained her composure and curtsied to me, while I gruffly bowed back to her.

I have no idea why I am doing this and the reason why I came here was thrown away long ago seeing Alice like this.

This is not my day… huh?

[… I will not be able to leave, until the spell is finished, Marisa.]

Alice nodded at her spell circle before looking at me in the eye.

[…if … something do happen.]

But I stopped her short by kissing her on the cheek and placing a finger on her lip while leaning close and whispering to her ears.

[Never, say IF to me, Alice.]


Alice smiled softly and stamped her feet, when she was wearing iron soled boots for gods sake on my foot, causing me to jump around in pain.

[… … Take care of Shanghai for me.]

Alice smirked before she sent me flying out of the house with one of her spells.


Recovering quickly, I pounded on her door but the door would not budge, it was sealed with powerful magic and even with my skills I would destroy the house rather than break it, what with it’s fragile nature…

God damn Alice, you do know me…

[… go to Yakumo… if there is anything weird about the border, she’ll know.]

[She’s disappeared damnit!!]


[… Hell]

I swore and mounted Starfire, I am determined to get to the end of this, it is my duty and my promise to her… I will protect Gensokyo.

Well time to test my instincts I guess!!

[Marisa… be careful.]

I heard her voice and I grinned, does she know me or what.

[Ya know, Alice… if something happen to ME… Will ya kiss me too in my coffin?]

[… Considering those that you are considering to face… I doubt a body will ever be found.]

Her sense of humor is sarcastic as always… but hey, at least she got her’s back!!

[… got to go Alice, check with ya when I get back!]


[… I… I won’t promise you… Marisa. But I’ll try… I will try my best.]


Grabbing my hat, I ordered StarFire to fly as quick as she can towards my first target, the only other Elder Youkai still active in Gensokyo.

She was probably hundreds of time older than me, stronger than me but at the same time… insane and senile as me I guess da ze.

[there she is!!]
Taking a detour by diving into a convenient tunnel that the Kappa had dug through a small hill a few years ago, I clung on to StarFire in fear of my head being knocked off by a stray stalactite.

StarFire is great in getting around and she’s quite good at dodging Danmaku but when it comes to reflexes, no one can beat me as I twitched minutely to avoid a near collision when StarFire misjudged a crucial turn.

[Hey girl! Be careful!!]

Laughing, I chanted a spell to create a small force field around me to repel projectiles.

[Hocus Pocus, Raining Shower~~! Ahaha~]

Magic, the magic that flows through Gensokyo is sickening and amazing at the same time, it condenses into Spirits, small beings with magical properties of the elements that they form in.

When Spirits live for a long time, the elemental powers in them coalesce to give them intelligence…

Every youkai begins by becoming self aware, knowing about themselves and wanting to protect themselves, knowing that oneself is unique.

Their intelligence is brought to another level by knowing about others, knowing that others are different as well, consciousness of others of things around oneself.

With increasing knowledge, gathering of information as they age and gain strength, they gain intelligence close to our own, self aware, innovative, self preservation and their own beliefs and ethics from how they lived or what they are influenced about.

StarFire has no intelligence but she does have Self Preservation and Self awareness, she is not smart but she knows what to do to protect herself, which suits me just fine.

[… Alice]

Alice from the time I knew her wanted to create an Intelligent and Aware doll, I do not know why but to see her put so much inside her, it must mean something to her.

Many people has say she looks like a doll and she does look like one, without the puppeteer and without the strings…

at times she seems lost, not really thinking, just staring into the air, ignoring everything around her.

[… I wish you success, Da ze.]

She has lost vitality since the first time I saw her, as a child, it is like they said, Innocence can only come once.

Once the age of Innocence ends and reality sinks in, we are living on borrowed time.

The more one searches for knowledge, the more one descends into the pit of hell.

What is the knowledge that escapes me, what is the knowledge that awaits me?

Why am I searching for it? Is it worth it? But if I do not search for it, I would not know… right?

The questions that damn the scholars… did they find the answer they were searching for?

I don’t know… but my answer has always been there and I will keep learning things for what I hold dear to me.


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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Screeching to a halt, I hovered over the flower field, scanning for where she could be sleeping in this bright, sunny day.


Circling around, I finally found her, sleeping like a child in the midst of the flowers.

Staring at the Flower youkai, Kazami Yuka, I grinned confidently when she roused from her slumber from a shout from me.



Rubbing her eyes, she awoke and asked.

[It?s Kirisame. What is it.]

With a bored tone, she raised her head and acknowledged my existence, something which I wanted to accomplish.

Checklist one:

Get Yuka?s Attention, Check!

[Nothing much, ze. I just came to see how you, Yuka, were.]

Controlling my voice so it sounded chirpy, I continued to question Yuka on her recent activities.

[The weather sure is fine, Yuka.]

[? mm? the flowers are happy.]

Sounding disinterested, Yuka started to nod off again and I felt a little impatient at her disinterest.

[Yuka, I?ll get straight to the point, ze.]

[? ]

She did not reply me as she merely opened one eye lazily at me, studying my every movement as I slowly descended from the sky in front of her.

[The border is weakening ze, are you the one behind it?]

Crossing my arms, I showed my teeth to her as I grinned, pulling my hat and hair back so I can look at her closely.


Her other eye opened and she ever so slowly stretched herself as I felt myself tense up just a little. The feel of adrenaline pulsing through my veins made me more alert and I involuntarily grinned.

I had not had a good danmaku round in ages and perhaps I was dying for one right now as I mocked Yuka by tapping the hakkero that was hanging around my neck.

[Still unhappy that I stole your Spark, Yuka? It wasn?t even that hard, ze. I just sorta mumbled and out came the spark, nothing to it, ze.]

That did the trick as I felt the atmosphere become charged with electricity as her eyes narrowed to barely a slit.


Still, she did not say anything as she raised herself from her bed of flowers and floated evenly in front of me.

The atmosphere was still charged but I appeared to have the upper hand as I leisurely placed one hand on Starfire and yawned a little.

[?I?ve always wondered.]

Putting a finger on her chin, Yuka suddenly smiled and the dangerous atmosphere was dispelled with frightening consequences.

Instead, I felt a sense of foreboding, like the calm before the storm that was even more frightening than facing danger.

I would always rather have danger facing me in the face rather than bite me in the back and I felt my palms get a little sweaty as she strolled nearer and nearer to me.

[Marisa, how can you use Spark spells?]

Musing to herself, Yuka shrugged and turned her back to me, the first warning sign that I spotted immediately and I braced myself for the explosion that was sure to come.

[Well, that doesn?t matter now?]

Checklist two:

Beat the hell out of Yuka?


The hurricane that was Yuka exploded and I bravely braved most of it, gripping on to Starfire as she struggled to keep in position despite the hurricane of leaves and petals that came out of Yuka.


When the wind died down, Yuka was standing in front of me all dressed and with no traces of her pink jammies left.

In her right hand she held her parasol and I was concerned to see that it was tipped with a flower instead of the usual steel point.

[Aww? I kinda like seeing Yuka in her jammies. Was the weather too hot for you?]

Pushing my hat back, I remained relaxed as Starfire floated to just in front of her and me facing her with a confident smirk on my face.

Both hands resting on Starfire, I winked at her before having the last word to her.

[Or, were you sweating in your jammies??? Yuka----chan?]




The resulting explosion did more than blow me away, it blew a giant crack in the ground as Kazami Yuka summoned a large vine that threw the large chunk of earth skyward.


[Answer me, Yuka. Are you, or are you not behind the weakening of the border.]

Grinning, she ruffled her hair a little before she replied, a roar that was more like a shockwave than a voice.


[Okay, ze~]

Sensing the end of the negotiation and having no mood to play around with her either, I raised one hand and as the large chunk of earth rocketed down at me, it was blasted to several smaller chunks by my spell.

[Dragon Meteor.]

Barely whispering and with barely any effort, I winked and pointed at the next target for the Meteor that was conjured out of nowhere, Kazami Yuka.


As I expected, she deflected that Meteor with her parasol and I clapped my hands in praise of that feat.

It will not be an easy task to deflect my Meteor and with one hand, that I HAVE not seen.

[Woooooo~~~~~~~ Amazing, ze!]

[But, not quite enough, ze~]

Instead of exploding as it struck the ground, the meteor instead shone and rolled towards Yuka.

Realizing too late that it was a trap, the meteor had already exploded behind her, showering her with flaming rocks.


Shaking my head at the mess, I wondered what spell I should use to fix the flower field when the ground rocked again.

Rocks and stuff came striking me everywhere and I muttered my discontent at that.

[I?ll gonna bill Yuka for the cleaning bill ze?]


Rising in a seat made entirely out of vines and flowers, Kazami Yuka roared at me, gathering flowers and plants all around her till it was as thick as a forest.

Plants I have never seen before that resembled small insects, plants that were in shape of pitches and of course, my worst enemy: Gigantic Rose Bushes.

[You?re such a romantic, you know that, Yuka?]


Calming down suddenly, a malicious smile appeared on her face as she whispered softly, something that was echoed by me and all the flowers in the vicinity.

[Let us?




Ignoring the insane and manically laughter from Yuka, I casually avoided streams of laser fired by her as she seated herself comfortably on her leafy throne.

[That?s easy, ze!!]

I did not even bat a sweat or even navigated as Starfire grazed the lasers with ease by herself, all while avoiding vines trying to catch and drag us down to danmaku hell.

Looking down at the mess of vegetation, I was not fooled as I spotted purple flowers I knew were poisonous to human and thorns that will paralyze with just a tiny scratch of the skin and I decided quickly that I should take Yuka out quickly.

[Let?s make this quick, I have to get back to clean my house, ze!! LET HER RIP, STAR~!]

Patting my trusty broom, I pulled the head up a little and she flew like a rocket, releasing my trademark magical stars behind her.


Diving and spinning in the air to dodge the green danmaku that Yuka suddenly shot at me with her Parasol, I just shrugged as we did a sharp corner to graze a laser and a zig-zag and finished by simply bursting through a funnel of flowers that Yuka sent up.


Hearing her spell as I closed in on her in a matter of seconds, I surely surprised her as her aim was way off~

So way off that I decided to just dive through it for fun.



With just a command from me, Starfire rocketed even faster and the streams of magical stars that was left in her wake looked as if it was being shot out of her in the speed that we were travelling and it had better be fast as we went straight in the path of the Flower Spark.


We cleared it in a heartbeat and we slammed straight into the stunned Yuka right in front of us.

Stardust Reverie?s force field was sufficient to break through the spark and as I watched Yuka fly back several feet, I just had to add insult to injury by shaking my head a little.

[That truly was pathetic, Yuka-chan!! I can do MUCH better than that!!!]

Smirking as I saw Yuka drag her hand purposefully through the dirt to show her frustration and her anger, I waited for her next attack and I did not have to wait long for it to happen.


The vegetation below me just exploded and from it came a large man-eating plant that I recognize as a venus flytrap.

With it?s green teeth drooling saliva, it lunge straight at me and snapped it?s jaws hungrily as I danced just out of reach, swaying Starfire to and fro with my hands, toying with it.

[Is tha-]

I had hardly finished my sentence when the danmaku barrage continued, this time with more intensity than ever with a large, large difference.


With the barrage of danmaku and small lasers, Yuka sent large flowers straight at me that shot small dart like projectiles at me even when I dodged them.

Within moments, the sky was dotted with bullets and in the next, a large flower field was levitating above me and below me, supported by nothing but Yuka?s power as she grinned triumphantly at me.


[Oh, shut up, ze~]

Cutting her off, I ignored all the flowers, bullets and laser and lunged straight past her, chanting my spell as I did so.

I was outrunning every single bullet or projectile that Yuka threw at me and I knew it as I screamed to a halt, raising one hand in the air as I did so.

[Let?s see you like this ze? Kazami, My Fight, MY RULES ZE!]

Grinning, I snapped my fingers and fireworks dotted the field.

Nah, not really~

[Earth Light Ray~]

Giggling as I said that spell, the entire undergrowth exploded with light and fire as beams of light fired straight at Yuka, angling from different directions and even reflecting in perfect 90 degrees to home in on Yuka.


Yuka just made a snorting sound as she casually dodged all of them with ease and SHE HAD TO, C?MON, I WAS GOING EASY ON HER!!

Still grinning, I pulled harder on Starfire and she shot straight towards Yuka, not letting any of those annoying tendrils getting to her in the process.

I wasn?t worried, no siree I wasn?t!

I just find it thrilling as Yuka continuously grazed and danced just inches away from the lasers I fired at her.

The intensity from my attacks were nothing but dim and I flinched a little as I kicked it up more a notch, making Five lasers fire at any one time and still, still YUKA GRAZED EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Man, I?m getting frustrated as it is already!!!

Seeing Yuka dancing all around my lasers even as I tried to corner her with them, I gritted my teeth and kept my temper in check to observe her actions.

[? No wonder? she is the ?flower?.]

Legends about Kazami Yuka has spread all around after it was clear that she NEARLY, very nearly defeated Yukari, something which only Reimu had did.

Yukari is a bitch to handle and Yuka had totally pinned her down with her overwhelming strength.

She is the ?flower?, the one that never whiter and the one that mixes beauty with her strength and will to survive.

Flowers are known to be strong against almost anything, cheerful despite any calamity and blooming anyday, anytime and anywhere.

She is the perfect example of this as she simply made my fireworks display simply, a fireworks display.


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Whee, badass Yuka is badass. I got her final boss theme in my head as I was reading that part.


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@Muffin: Yuka is scary, youkai moe or not...



Still, that did nothing to quell the unhappiness in my heart as she merely made a mockery of one of my better spells. I?ve trapped many with that and she?s not breaking a sweat from all that twitching and dancing around.


Raising a hand, Yuka called a funnel of petals all around me and I observed the situation calmly as the storm of petals became thicker and thicker with every passing second.


[Re-coloring of Gensokyo!]

Screaming, Yuka slammed both her fist on the ground to create yet another crack, or should I say a ravine as from that, green energy burst forth and immediately cancelled all my lasers with it.


Gasping in shock at that sudden influx of magical power, I hurriedly pulled up and ordered Starfire to haul butt out of there.

[GO, GO, GO!!!]

Urging her on as the green tidal wave headed straight for us, I breathed a sign of relief when THAT particular threat stopped and subsided but not before flowers covering as far as the eye can see and the undergrowth being even thicker than the height of my house.

[Tch? this would be, home ground advantage, wouldn?t it, Yuka?]


I just had to laugh at this spectacle, the atmosphere was not the greatest for a good laugh but I laughed my head off anyway.

Who would have thought, she would spread such a bouquet for me.

[Yuka-chan, do you love me so much to give me 999 roses? I?m sure there?s more than that.]

Pointing to the rose field that was stuck somewhere in the mess of flowers, I plucked one rose and took a whiff of it.

[Mm, lovely ze.]


She did not share my humor as she just casually sat down on her own creation, the monstrous flower field that she created with just a single strike.

[You have not told me your name, Kirisame. Remind me what a pathetic excuse of one you have.]

Showing neither emotion nor any facial expression, Yuka was like a blank piece of paper and her expression was as such, empty and white. I can almost say that she was innocent if not for the streaks of blood that stained her face.

My lasers struck her after all, that was a relief, somewhat ze?

[Me? What about yours?]

[Kazami Yuka. The Strongest Youkai in Gensokyo.]

[Well I am, Kirisame Marisa. The Fastest, Swiftest Human In Gensokyo.]


Opening her parasol and shading herself with it, she betrayed one emotion as she stood up again. Putting her hand on her face as she bent forward, she dragged her fingers down her face and spoke.

[Is that it?!  I?ll write that on your grave, Kirisame.]


A horrible crunching sound rang out as Marisa was totally swallowed by a large man eating flower and the resulting shockwave was from Yuka blasting the flower with round after round of spark spells.



Screaming repeatedly for the death of Marisa, Yuka never stopped her demolition of the flower and Marisa together.

Spark after Spark ripped through the air and it struck the flower with a sickening ?splut? every single time.

And yet, the magician?s life was never even at risk.

[Wow weeeee~ aw geez, Yuka-chan you do not have to be soooooo embarrassed ze!]

Brushing away the remnants of the flower that had encased her, Kirisame Marisa straightened her hat and dress before pushing her palm towards Yuka.

Magical energy streamed all around her fingers and with a simple incantation, the magical charge was complete.

[Here?s something in return, ze~]

[Non-Directional Laser!]

Bursting from her palm, the laser collided with a new Spark that Yuka released when she saw the impossible be possible.


[Oh hell yea, ze~ EAT THIS!]

Turning up the juice, Marisa?s grin just got bigger and Yuka?s more grim as her Spark and Marisa?s laser battled for supremacy in the middle of nowhere in a sea of green.


[How about broken, ze?]

In a matter of seconds, the two lasers disappeared in a resounding explosion that tore the whole sea of green to it?s very roots, sending charred flowers everywhere.

The two combatants never even flinched as the debris from the blast rained down on them and neither were they surprised at the huge circle of scorched earth in front of them nor the utter destruction all around them.

In just a split second, the beautiful orchard was turned to an utter wasteland, with plants withering from the intense heat of the explosion.

[That?s good, wasn?t it, ze~]

Grinning, I pulled my hat just a little tighter and straighten my clothes, upset that Yuka had dirtied it a little while I was grazing her petals.


She was speechless and rightly so, I A HUMAN HAD JUST BESTED HER SPARK~


Confidence has always been my greatest asset and my greatest liability as well. I risk pouring more and more flammable stuff on the already fuming Yuka and her trying to whoop my ass seriously.

Judging from how she was fuming, her shoulders and the side of her face twitching, she was not far away from an immense explosion.

[? How? DARE YOU!]

Sprinting forward, Yuka reached for me with her claws and as I flew away from safety, Yuka sprung her trap, something I had not actually expected her to do, not so quickly that is.


Repeating the same spellcard as earlier, this time Yuka had a different card up her sleeve.

Focusing her energies on the flowers instead of the bullets, there were precious little bullets that was formed from her spell, which made me puzzled.

A quick check with a magical spell made me certain that Yuka was planning something devastating and my worst fears were confirmed when all of a sudden, I was in the middle of a twister formed from petals.


I could not even finish my swearing when Starfire took over from there, hauling butt as we flew faster and faster, attempting to outrun that monstrosity.

But it just got bigger, faster and badder with every second. Man it was THE big bad at this rate, look at the size of that thing!!

Not even Eientei or the moon can create something that big out of plants!!

Yuka?s lost it!!

The speed which I hauled butt out of there was off the chart, I probably broke some speed record by how fast I ran out of there. I could feel the wind howl in my ears and Starfire vibrate terribly, bearing the strain of travelling at such high speeds.

[Hold on there, Star! We?re almost out!]

And indeed we were, we had outpaced the twister by going up, up and away, the twister straining to keep up it?s height and I prepared a spell to take it out of it?s misery.

[Non-Directional laser!]

Firing off the spell with one hand and watching it strike the core of the twister, I shrugged when the twister died slowly, the terrific gales of wind weakening slowly till it was barely a breeze. What a difference from what it was a few seconds ago.

[So where is Yuka?]

Wondering out loud, I looked around and nearly died when a gigantic vine crashed into where I was a few seconds away if not for Starfire, who had ducked to the side mere seconds before the vine had impacted me.


Looking to the side, I saw Yuka laughing crazily while shading herself from her sun with a parasol.


Pointing a finger at me, Yuka grew several vines as large as the previous one to pluck me from the sky. Those vines were no joke, they were smart and sneaky!!

Flying near the vine?s lengthy ?body? I wanted to avoid dodging in the air with them, no point in killing the runts if the big bad is still around, laughing at my plight is there?

But it wasn?t as easy as I thought it would be as the vine thrashed and changed directions often, making it hard for me to follow it to it?s source without endangering myself from being knocked off Starfire.

It was like riding on a bumpy road filled with humps and holes, if I screwed up too badly, I would be sent flying so I kept my focus, adjusting Star?s direction minutely to keep it simple and clean.


I screamed a battle cry as I approached her, flying as fast as I dared while gathering magic in my free hand.

[EAT THIS! And thanks, Patchey! Fire Sign: Agni Shine!]

Releasing the spell, which was learnt from Patchouli, I grin as the intense heat wilted and made most of the vines go up in flames, falling to the ground. What bothered me was that Yuka seemed unfazed da ze~ She surely has something up her sleeves but I am going to prevent that!

Raising a hand, Yuka muttered something when two of her suddenly appeared in front of me. So this is the legendary cloning technique of Yuka eh? Creepy?

Before I could come up with a small retort for her sudden growth in numbers, the area around Yuka bloomed into life again despite the overwhelming heat and they formed a sturdy barrier between me and Yuka.

[? Like hell that will stop me!!]

I spoke too soon as with a clap of her hands, the towering structure exploded and the resulting force wave was so strong it throw me off Starfire and landed straight on the dirt.


Rubbing my sore bottom, I leapt to the air and Star zoomed below me again, letting me dodge another round of bullets and lasers Yuka gave me as a gift.

[Sure are passionate today, aren?t cha?]

Grinning, I navigated her lasers and bullets slowly and carefully. This wasn?t danmaku but? it?s been ages I?ve danmaku-ed? ever. Ever since she left? the rules were? just scraps of paper?


Rubbing the tears that threatened to form away from my eyes, I focused on the task at hand  and chanted slowly and purposefully.

[To the one who grant us light, to the one who we depend on? Eh? Did I say that wrong da ze? Ahaha~~]

I forcied a laugh while gathering the magicks with my free hand and proceeded to draw a magical circle around me and Star.

Paying attention to the concentration of the magicks, I tapped twice on Star to signal her to go faster towards Yuka.

[Full speed ahead!!!]

Enduring a few hits to get closer, I raised both my hands into the air and shouted to get Yuka?s attention. That lazy girl was sniffing flowers while I am doing my best da ze! That really gets on my nerves!!

[Fire & Earth Sign: Rage Trilithon!]

Flaming boulders erupted all around Yuka, burning away the undergrowth, foliage and whatever that was in it?s way as they slammed right into Yuka, encasing her in a stony and fiery grave.

At least, that?s my plan da ze. Yuka?s a powerful elder youkai, those injuries were just injuries? she?ll be hurt bad yea but she won?t die.

Recently I?ve discovered it?s the only way some stubborn old fools would even pay attention to me.

[? S-Shut up, Shut up!!]

I screamed suddenly when I heard a voice intrude into my thoughts, breaking my concentration of the spell and I dipped down in the air, almost crashing into the ground as I struggled to remain in focus.

You could just kill her you know?
It?ll make things much much easier? you are the strongest, Marisa? no one can stand up against you? what with the power you wield in your hands

That same voice that was tempting me, coercing me and trying to lead me to a way of destruction? no no no!! I?m not that weak to fall for something like that!

Gritting my teeth, I watched as the stone walls encasing Yuka shook a little. Before I could react however, the flaming rocks started shivering and making grinding and shaking noises.

Uh oh.. Yuka?s getting loose. I have to give that girl credit for persistence da ze! She just won?t quit chasing me!! I should be flattered!!

[Yuka-chan! I?m flattered you really like me, I really am da ze!!]

Smiling and acting coy by pressing both my palms against my face and twiddling my thumbs in mock embarrassment, I adjusted my hat while tapping a bunch of signals to Starfire, readying her for the sudden acceleration I will be forcing upon her.

Poor girl, it?ll just be for a bit!

Chunks of the rocky prison started breaking loose as Yuka, obviously mad and frustrated broke her way free with brute force alone as I saw one fist pop out from the rock like it was made of paper.

Seriously, when I saw how easily she broke free of the rocky, not to mention fiery prison I felt my jaw drop on the ground in sheer admiration of her strength.

Magically powerful and then some, Yuka is a monster? with the super human strength added on to her spark spells AND her manipulation of flower, there is no doubt there is no one tougher to pin down than her.
At least Yukari was weak in physical combat, with Yuka there is not a striking or solitary weakness I can focus on?


Her scream was full of blood lust and I swallowed nervously at it being directed and aimed at me.

It is definitely not a good idea to be at the wrong end of Yuka?s temper? In fact, I don?t think anyone could actually tolerate her beside herself da ze~

But I?m one to talk here? no one can stand me either?


With a single tap of my finger, Star accelerated to cover the distance between me and Yuka in a split second, slamming into Yuka or so I thought as I barely had the time to grab hold of my hat and Star herself to avoid being blown right off her, that was how fast she was going.

Closing my eyes the instant Star took off and bracing myself for the impact when we hit Yuka as well as the whooshing and screaming of the air rushing past my ears as Star shot forward, intent on running Yuka over like a rag doll.


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Curse you for ending on a cliffhanger! XD

But yeah, still epic.


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Ahh, meido.. i wan to QUIT.


Or at least, like I stressed, it was part of the plan… what we didn’t expect Yuka to do, or for us to even imagine happening for that matter, was to have Yuka grab Star with one hand and hold her there while all the magical energies from the spell continued burning happily away and Yuka was barely straining from the effort.

For my credit, she did get pushed back a few feet from the force of the magical charge but it is supposed to knock her unconscious for gods sake, not…

push her a few steps back… or another few steps back… ohhh is Yuka-chan straining da ze??

But it’s not supposed to be this way!!

Seeing Yuka’s feral grin as her free hand reached for her umbrella, presumably to fire a spark at me while I am unable to get out of the way, what with her holding Star ‘hostage’ and all, I shrugged,

regained my cool and fired off another spell, this time right in Yuka’s face, disregarding mine and Star’s safety for once.

[Light Sign: Luminous Strike!]

I endured the backlash of the magicks that I hurriedly drew to use the spell but the magical star did strike Yuka and exploded in a brilliant white explosion, causing her to release Star in a hurry...

but the shockwave was strong enough to knock me and Star into the air but it was DAMN worth it!!

Punching the air, I was not surprised to see numerous numbers of gigantic vines grow out of nowhere and started pursuing me while I casually dodged and grazed their attempts, whirling and spinning about in the air and generally pissing the emerging Yuka, dusting herself off as she glared at me, cursing and hurling expletives that was not fit for a general audience.

Listen kids, don’t ever repeat what Yuka-chan said until you are old enough to understand Boy-girl relationships!!

Grinning, I was less than amused when her spellcard took effect once again, covering the field in lush, green and very dangerous vegetation in a heartbeat.

It was so not fair as I and Star flew towards Yuka, who was directing her army of greens towards me, snarling her teeth and generally making a hell of a scene, blasting lasers and firing large oversized flowers that I and Star easily avoided.

I wish I could say the same for those poisonous thorns they spat out at me thou, those are dangerous!!

[Reflowering of Gensokyo!!]

Her screams echoed far and wide as she tried to get me with more and more firepower, she was calling for the Calvary, the air strike and even the navy with the air-force all rolled together into one to hit me, lonely and solitary old me with Star.

Ain’t that cute of her, da ze? If she wanted me she could have me with just three words!

But I’ll break her heart with one and spoil her day with four!

[Sun Sign…]

And this is for you, Patchey!


Raising both my hands up into the air, I closed my eyes and winced as the intensity of the light could easily burn me and the intensity of the spell, if not controlled well would more than likely burn me to a crisp in a split second.

Patchey named this spell after a Sun for goodness sake, it’s going to burn and burn everything in sight within a few minutes of the spell!!

And burn it did, when I opened my eyes after the duration of the spell, which is a whooping minute long, there was nothing left of the field of green I saw earlier.

Everything was burn to a crisp and the earth was scorched.

[And the earth shall be scorched and burnt…]

A distant memory suddenly surfaced but I shove it away, this wasn’t the time to reminisce or catch up with old memories… I could not see Yuka and I can betcha she was pissed.

[Yuka… you wanted power… I showed you power…]

Shouting out, I waited for Yuka to emerge. There is absolutely no way Yuka was killed with that spell. If she did I will eat my hat!!

Slowly from the dust, the visage of Yuka was seen and she looked like she was crying.

Definitely not a good sign… if Yuka was crying… the world will probably end the following day.

She knows no remorse, knows no pity… and definitely do not know sorrow… and I am sure I did not hurt her that bad… did I?


Wondering to myself, Yuka’s face; which were covered by her hands earlier, revealed itself when her hands slowly slid down and what was hiding behind those hands was a face of pure rage.

Gnashing her teeth and seeing veins all around her face, not to mention the way she radiated rage just by standing there and complete with the angriest eyes I have seen made me want to haul butt out of there.

But I held my ground, if I backed off now… I’ve wasted my time with Yuka.

She wanted a fight, I gave her one… If I ran now… it’ll be pointless…

[Had enough Yuka?]

Narrowing my eyes and waiting for her response, I kept a steady grip on StarFire as Yuka raised both her arms into the sky.


Whispering something to herself, I blinked once and I was immediately engulfed in flowers…

Now it probably don’t sound menacing to you the way I described it but I’ll put it into perspective for you.

Imagine yourself walking on a road that you’ve walked for ages and ages on end, with nothing harassing you and all of a sudden… BAMF!!

You were suddenly ambushed by a crowd of ninjas holding knives to your neck… that’s how it felt to me when I was engulfed in flowers, no joke da ze!!

Yuka’s powers involved manipulation of flowers and as such any flower is her weapon…

being able to summon and grow such a huge number of flowers meant that she had endless weapons at her disposal but to expend so much strength to get at me is a little overboard, don’t you think so too ze?

[W-woah!! She’s serious now!!]

With my body all tangled up and pretty much cut up with the thorns on the vines and StarFire in the same predicament, it didn’t look great for either one of us and I cursed loudly while trying to wriggle my way out, which just made more lacerations on my skin.

[G-gee Yuka…]

I am feeling fear now, it has been a while since I ever felt fear but now the dreaded feeling welled up inside me as I saw Yuka slowly walking towards me, the vegetation making a path for her as she haughtily glanced in my direction as if I was not worthy of her time.

[Simply insignificant, Kirisame… I could have killed you easily but I decided to let you live.]

[Ever heard of the pet biting the master Yuka? Aren’t you afraid of what I will do to you?]

[Biting me? Hardly when the pet is just a drowned rat…]

Scoffing and rebutting me, Yuka ran a finger across my cheek and licked her lips in satisfaction.

[I wonder how your flesh will taste like… It has been ages since I have human meat…]

[H-Hey I am youkai now!!]

[Not quite… you have not passed the time of your human death, Kirisame….]

Her eyes were understandable intimidating as she circled around me calmly as if I was something she bagged in a hunt, which was quite right.. she did beat me, not fair and square but she did beat me in a fight.

[Well, you’re cannibalizing a youkai-human Yuka! That sounds good to you da ze?]

Yuka thought for a moment as she studied me from head to toe, it really felt like she was appraising which part of me to slice off for dinner.

[Hmm… which part of you would you hate to lose the most, Kirisame…]

[I like my whole body intact, thanks Yuka ze~]

[Oh no… you have to choose your favorite spot! It’ll be more satisfying for me!]

Being unreasonable, and who wouldn’t be in her position, Yuka smiled savagely as she prodded me repeatedly with the tip of her parasol.

[Choose Kirisame, or we’ll have Da-Ze soup today!]


I let out a cry of frustration that was mixed with fear when with a flick of her fingers, made vines crawl all over my arms and they tightened their grip on me, making it impossible for me to escape.

[Well now, Kirisame, not so cocky now, are you?]

She grinned in triumph and I had to admit, she got me in a bad spot right about now and I do need help.

[I am humbled da ze, by your power and all that, Yuka-chan! You must love me lots to do this, I won’t run anymore…]

Grinning and twitching to pull a card out of my sleeve, I winked at Yuka as I opened a magical dimension from behind me and out shot another broom, one that is similar to StarFire but the name that was engraved on the handle was MoonLight.

Original name, I know… but let’s save the small talk for later… now I want to bust out of here…

[Go go go gal!!]

Urging her on, I looked away when MoonLight rammed it’s body into Yuka, sending her back for a split second when I hurriedly casted a spell to free myself.

[Fire Sign: Agni Flare!!]

Burning away the vines and flowers that were holding me, I jumped on the waiting Star and hauled butt of there with Yuka and MoonLight in hot pursuit.

But as I soared towards the sky, the lush vegetation would follow, seemingly going against gravity in it’s pursuit of me.

[Your power cannot hope to defeat me, Kirisame, is that all you have?]

Finally after reaching the clouds and several hundred feet in the air, Yuka and her plants stopped reaching out to me.

Twisting itself to form Yuka’s throne again, she chuckled and spread herself over the throne, relaxing and scarcely

[Not yet, not now… not ever…

I won’t lose to anyone, not to Yukari, not to you and definitely not to her…

see my power, tremble in front of me… Cry for your mummy… EAT MY DUST!]


Raising my hands upwards, I unleashed the fire spell once again and watched in satisfaction as the plants once again withered under the heat but this was just the filler of what I am preparing.

Like I said, if Yuka get beaten down from this spell, I would eat my hat and Starfire WHOLE.

From the blistering inferno, I saw the unmistakable figure of Yuka taking a giant leap and breaking through the flames and I narrowly avoided her lunge towards me.

I smelt the scent of burning when she zoomed past and I let the spell end before going after her, this time finally ready to end this. Yuka is taking too much of my time and she is too dangerous.

If I let my guard down forever a second, she would more than likely hunt me down and kill me, something that is really not cool.

I will bring Yuka down today, utterly so she would shut up and take her defeat like an Elder Youkai.

I wanted to beat the stuffing out of her for several reasons, she must know something about the current incident and… I wanted to take revenge for Alice, who had faced her several years earlier and had gotten severely hurt as a result of their encounter.

The way she gloated over the injured and bleeding Alice made me sick and since then, I’ve never had the chance to meet her again. She is a monster, a dangerous and arrogant one that should not be let loose in Gensokyo.

So kill her… you know you can, with your power… it’ll be a piece of cake, wouldn’t it?

I heard that same voice, the one tempting me into the darkness and for a brief and short moment, I felt compelled to do that. There is an open door in front of me but it was not a white door, it was a door that was as grim and pitch black like the darkness.

It was THE door… the door of no return.


Shuddering, I took a very large step back and shook my head. Now is not the time, now is not the time to waver from my determination, from my path.

She’s not back yet… i-it’s just not the time…

[What’s the matter, Kirisame? Cat got your tongue?]

Snapping back to reality, I saw Yuka’s sadistic grin before I got all of my wind knocked out of me when she brutally kicked me in the gut, sending me flying and away from both StarFire and MoonLight.

The pain was intense and I probably saw most of my life as it flashed by me in the long minute that I took to crash into the undergrowth, probably a hundred feet from Yuka.

D-Damn, I might have broken a few bones with that kick…

scratch that… I’m thankful I can still move… that bitch has a mean kick, that’s for sure ze.

Looking up, I saw Yuka strolling casually towards me, her vines wrapped all around StarFire and MoonLight as she advanced slowly , purposefully.

She knew she had got me, my trump card and my allies tied down and she was flaunting her victory in front of me.

Oh how I hate that grin on her face….

[Satisfied, Kirisame? Now that you are powerless against me… What say you beg me and kiss my foot? Maybe I’ll let you live.]

Sneering, I looked at Yuka’s foot and made a face. Eww…

[You probably haven’t bathe for ages, Yuka-chan… ze]

[Enough with your wisecracks, I’ll rip that mouth free if you don’t shut up, Kirisame!]

Crossing her arms, Yuka smirked as she blasted a Spark casually a few inches away from my face, causing my hat to fly off if I hadn’t grabbed hold of it.

That is Yuka for you, raw power to the core. She probably wanted to intimidate me to submit to her, not happening ze.

[I’ll ask you one last time, Yuka. Did you or did you not cause this?]

[I said it before… defeat me, Kirisame…]

[You got it.]

Smirking and rubbing my nose, I pushed my hat firmer and cracked my knuckles.

[Now I’m getting serious. Enough with your freaking games.

Toying around as if you’re the strongest… you’re not the strongest Yuka. I AM.]

Pointing a finger at Yuka, the look on Yuka’s face was priceless till she tossed her parasol to the side and demanded an answer from me again with the most terrifying face to date.

I would have soiled my pants if not for the fact that I had probably seen that face before.

[You dare call yourself the strongest?! What are you, barely a speck of dust in my way!!]

Roaring her disapproval, Yuka fired a spark directly at me and I easily absorbed most of the magical energies by merely gathering it around my fist, enjoying the look of disbelief on Yuka’s face as I readied my spell.

[Heh, Yuka-chan. You’ve never even begun to know my powers… let alonne touch them. I’ll let you have a glimpse of what I can really do.]

Grinning, it was my turn to gloatingly advance towards Yuka, who for her benefit never backed down, the same look of rage on her face as I shrugged and waved my hand at her.

[there’s always a problem with me ya know ze?

Not like you have my problem, Yuka-chan da ze~

You see, Yuka-chan… there is a tweeny tiny difference between you and me~]

Looking at her in the eye, I blasted a laser similar in size to hers just by her head and seeing that she didn’t as much bat an eyelid, I smiled and nodded my head.

[You’re like me, fearless and what not, and cocky and whatever da ze. But the difference that separates us is that…]

Taking a deep breath, I fingered the hakero on my neck and told her frankly.

[I’m worried about going all out all the time ya know? I could, I probably could go all out.

But the consequences wouldn’t be amusing.]

Shrugging, I bent down to take a handful of dirt and just by holding it in my hand in the presence of the magical energies, they disappeared into smoke and drifted away in a matter of seconds.

[At any moment, any second, any stupid mistake I make… I could kill.

Not just kill, I could vaporize you if I go all out, Yuka.

You don’t have that problem right? I mean… you don’t really care what happen to Gensokyo, right, Yuka?]

Glaring at her, who was looking a little apprehensive at how calm I am, I narrowed my eyes to a slit as I went all out on her, accusing her of many things and saying very horrible things to her.

[You don’t give a damn if people or youkai die, da ze… you don’t even care if your neighbor next to you is killed or not killed.

All your life is about fighting ze, who is the strongest and what not da ze…

Not caring who you stomped over to get your way to the top, destroying all who got in the way, killing those who you think was stronger than you but who might just wanted to be alone by themselves da ze.]

I might be accusing Yuka for things she have not done but the heck with it ze, for all I know it might be true as she got angrier but was looking a little, guilty? Was that even possible for Yuka to even have?

[How many lives have you changed in your lifetime, Yuka ze?

How many people have you killed just for being in your way?

How many youkai have you killed just because you were bored?

How many of them have you gloated over and said they were weak when the real weak one… was you ze?]

Hearing me calling her weak, Yuka regained some of her anger and directed another spark at me, which I casually flicked away with my hands like it was nothing.

Weak, weak, weak!! She call that power?! She can’t even focus her magicks properly to make it even remotely close to deadly ze!!

[How dare you call me weak!!]

She screamed at me but I barely flinched, she is just a spoiled brat who got her way too many times for her own good.

She must be taught humility just like how she taught so many other youkai before her ze…

[Yes, you are weak, Yuka, weaker than everyone else in your loneliness.

You don’t have a reason to fight, other than the to be the strongest.

You are strong among the people of Gensokyo, yet you treat them as dirt ze… you don’t care about them, you won’t give a damn even if all of us are killed, better still if it’s by your hands, huh Yuka ze?]

Grinning at her, I continued my verbal assault on her.

[Ironic, ze. When all of us are gone, who is the strongest then?

No one, Yuka… you will be alone… always the strongest but always the weakest.

Never at the top and never at the bottom at the same time… da ze.]

As if proving my point, I saw Yuka turn white as she considered my words.

[Pathetic, Yuka… you don’t know what is true strength… true power…]

Taking my hat off, I slapped my own chest as I told her what it means to have true power and to be the strongest.

[You have nothing on your shoulders, nothing to hold you back, nothing to feel responsible for, nothing to regret, to stay up at night wondering did I do the right thing…

… wondering if I did this differently would that change what happened?]

[I do, Yuka… I do that all the time.

Thinking about the things I did to everyone, thinking about how I can be stronger to prevent it, how I can do things differently the next time… and you know why is that, Yuka?

Why do I do so many inconvenient things? Why do I even bother to reflect when I am clearly stronger than all of them?

Why, do I do such silly things…]

I laughed as I shook my head, knowing Yuka wouldn’t be able to understand the pressure, the pain and the suffering I feel from being alone.

There is no one else who would understand other than her.

No one would experience the same thing as I do, check that, no one else who had felt the same thing she did… she was the first and I the second to experience it.

I wondered how she never cracked and I’ve discovered that myself along the way…

[You know why, Yuka? I have all of Gensokyo on my shoulders, mine and no one else.

I can ignore all of them and play around like you do.

I can ignore everyone and declare queen of Gensokyo if I wanted to…

I can probably kill ALL the people in Gensokyo and make a whole new world if I want to…

I can do that, Yuka… DON’T I WISH I CAN DO THAT!!]

I screamed viciously at her, which took her aback as she dropped her parasol.

[It’s like the freakin world is made of paper… and I’m the fire…

one slip up from me and it’s all over…

I can fix many things, Yuka… but there are things I can’t taint, not this place… not Gensokyo…

So I have to hold back ze… every single pore of me just want to blow you to smithereens, Yuka… you deserve it.. all of it.

For being a dick and everything ze…]

Taking a deep breath, I shrugged and smiled very briefly to her.

[But I can’t… I made a promise with her… I said I’ll protect Gensokyo for as long as I live till she comes back and by golly I will…

I will do it and you’re in my way Yuka… you’re freaking standing in my way ze…

Get the fuck out of my way, NOW.]

Firing another laser at her, this time dwarfing hers easily, I grinned as Yuka glared at me, seemingly exploding from her rage and knowing that she was powerless to stop me making it even worst for her.

[You don’t know the pain, you don’t know the loneliness.. you don’t know the crushing responsibility on me… or her…]

Gritting my teeth, I called for StarFire and she zoomed beside me, waiting for me to mount her while I repeated my question to her.

[Kazami Yuka… I’m asking you for the final time ze… did you… or did you not cause this incident ze…]

I waited patiently for her as she looked at me and then grinned, opening her arms wide as if to welcome me.



Looking at her, I was torn between temptation to truly blast that bitch to kingdom come and to settle this incident once and for all.

But if she’s innocent… … in the small off chance… that she really is… ze…

[You asked for it… Yuka…]

But then again, this is a brilliant chance to let her get in touch with humility and perhaps, for her to be a just a tad more cooperative in the future.

Likewise ze, she might just focus all her efforts in besting me and taking me out… but hey, that’s better for both of us… and I’ll grind her to the ground every single time she tries.

Bring it on, Yuka… I’ll wipe the floor with ya, every single time. I won’t lose ze…

I’ll hold on to this promise I made with you… as long as I can… till the day you return or till the day I crumble to dust.


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Wow, awesome. And an almost literal World Of Cardboard Speech (warning, link leads to TVTropes, you will lose hours browsing if you click that link), too ...


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Yes, i know this has not been posted for at least 4 weeks or more.

Yes, I am posting. Here we go.


[Do you really want that to happen, Yuka? I?ll trample over your ass? you?ll tremble in front of my might? But HEY~~]

Pushing my palm forward, I was reminded of my two fellow magicians in Gensokyo. Both of which are precious to me and has faced off with Yuka with terrible consequences?

Alice was horribly injured with her clash with Yuka, the reason being Alice picking a few sunflowers to brighten her home with?

Yuka had the audacity to level Alice?s home and nearly killed her if not for Patchouli coming to her aid?

Why Patchouli was there in the first place was a great mystery to me? but hey, whatever makes her happy ze.

All I do know is that by the time I heard of it and came over, the two of them were badly wounded and barely clinging on to life? It took a few weeks of constant care for them to fully recover.

The carnage, the destruction and the laughter of Yuka as she approached the two of them, her whole body covered with blood and gore was forever burnt in my mind.

I drove her off quickly ze, but in the back of my mind I knew Yuka wanted to leave in the first place? proud in her handiwork?

Although a handful, Yuka does not cause as much incidents as people are inclined to believe ze and so I had not much opportunity or reason to go after her? or I?ll be just like her?.

Now?s the perfect opportunity to take revenge for the two of them?

[there?s something we have to settle? among friends.]

[Among friends?]

Yuka asked, almost whispering and I chuckled. Yuka doesn?t have friends? not this Yuka? the Yuka I knew was dead? this Yuka wasn?t the Yuka that had friends?

She too, like me changed but her change was more drastic and to her friends, what friends she had? a total shock?to them

[You don?t have friends? not anymore, Kazami Yuka?

you lost all of them the day you were defeated by Yakumo Yukari? your once living, beating heart buried under your defeat?

?You have no right to call yourself the strongest when you lost to yourself? the one person you should not lose again?]

[How, dare you!!]

[I dare you to rebut me ze!! Kazami Yuka!!
Look at yourself? you?re not the Four season youkai.. you?re barely a shadow of your old self?]

Now that I have a reason, thanks to my thoughts giving me an ample reason to blast Yuka to next week? and beyond?

[Say goodnight? Yuka? I hope you repent from this experience!!...]

[From the Raging soul in me?  Awaken from my consciousness?
Burst through me?. Show the world your power?]

The magical energy gathered in a glowing golden orb the size of my palm in front of me? insignificant to Yuka as it is as she just laughs when she saw it?

I supposed it must be funny, me declaring that Yuka is dead meat and me summoning just a small orb to deal with her.

It?ll surely be amusing to her? Except I have other plans? and her inability to sense the concentrated mana energies collapsed in that small orb makes it even simpler for me.

[Well, Kirisame? That?s all you got?!]

Sneering at me, Yuka raised her parasol directly in parallel to me and fired a Spark directly at me without warning.

So she was lying about giving me the first shot? oh well, suits me more to show my power to her!

The Spark was like all her other sparks, half of the energy dissipating as light while the rest as heat? only a bare 10%of the Mana gathered to fire off the Spark was translated to the actual attack.

It is flashy, it is powerful perhaps? but the energy of the attack was spread too thinly?


I caught sight of Yuka?s triumphant grin the split instant before I decided to let it rip.

[--- BREAK!!]

Punching the orb in front of me, small bits of the earth around me shivered and broke loose from the release of energy and even the air vibrated to create a large howl that nearly deafened me.

The energy blast that was released from the orb tore through the spark like it was nothing.

Compared with the Spark more mana energy was being converted to the attack and with the concentration of the magicks in the orb? it was like a mini nuke going off in my arms?

Yuka stood no chance as she was struck by my spell.

The resulting explosion and the release of magicks was so intense in heat and light that the entire flower field simply ceased to exist?

There was a large crater that dwarfed everything that Yuka had thrown at me.


Flower field? What flower field? there was no flower field? heck, there was nothing ze.

All that?s left was a broken and bloodied Yuka, lying in the middle of a desolate landscape? pieces of earth raining down even while I was walking over to her.

As god damn expected of her, Yuka is still alive? being an elder youkai has it?s benefits after all.

A lesser youkai would be blasted apart and deader than a doornail now?

Even as I speak, Yuka?s body is desperately trying to restore itself and for the first time, I can safely say that Yuka won?t be bothering anyone for a long long time ze.

[I know you can hear me, Yuka? ze]

Bending down, I solemnly delivered my last warning to her before I mounted Starfire.

[The one person you lost to, is yourself? find yourself again, Yuka? the weakest person in the world is a person who is alone, who does not know who or what her friends are?

you are that person, Kazami Yuka?

No matter how much of a jerk or a insulting I am, ze? I know who my friends are and my friends know how I am?]

Gathering the residue energies from the devastated land, I gathered a few handfuls of dirt before scattering it around me in a large circle.

[? just like how nature wills you to? just like how the seasons wish you to be? just like how the people and animals wish you to?

Grow.. Reflowering of Gensokyo?]

Using the same spellcard Yuka did, I magnified the results and within seconds, the Garden of the Sun was back to it?s former glory.

The side effect was that it might take a while before the mana energies is recharged in this particular area? but hey, I fixed everything Yuka and I did so give me a break ze?

[Have you forgotten the friends you had before, Yuka? ..

Lowly and insignificant as they might be when compared to your power? it is their very presence that kept you alive till now? kept your sanity, what?s left of it that is.. in check?]

Sighing deeply, I lamented to the regenerating Yuka that I am the same.

[? without them, I am nothing ze? without someone to protect.. wanting to be the one protecting them, standing in front of them, reassuring them with my back?

I will not be the same person as I am? and most importantly ze? fulfilling the promise I made with her? that?s what makes me strong.

So Yuka? can you remember why you want to be the strongest?]

Without waiting for an answer, I sped off, towards my next destination? if the culprit wasn?t Yuka? then that must mean?


Racking my brains, I tried to think of another culprit for this incident that Akyu talked about? Alice knew something about it, but she?s not talking? at least for now?

Suika being the culprit is out of the question? the only incident she would cause is another drunken party or another festival out of nowhere?

Well, there is the obvious suspect ze? but she?s kinda hard to track down without some help?

Taking a leisurely flight after that long and prolonged battle that resulted in no clues at all, I found myself questioning how did Reimu solved incidents the way she did? going to exotic locales and beating youkai up before she finds the culprit?

If Yuka was the first to go? and she is a tough cookie? an elder youkai kinda does that to ya ze? what?s next on the list?

[what do you think, Star?]

Giggling as Starfire did a little jig while flying, moving sideways like a snake and tickling me with her actions.

[Right, I must be serious? CONCENTRATE!!]


[? Yo.]

I heard a voice call out to me while I was speeding along the Sanzu river and I immediately halted.

It was more of surprise as I didn?t expect such a quiet voice to even register while I was speeding but then again?.

That?s a figure you don?t see everyday?

[Hiya, Marisa.]

[? Kirisame, Marisa.]

The two figures, walking casually in the green field, stared at me and I knew that they were looking for trouble, likely me and I nudged Starfire for her to hover above the two of them.

The pair of Judge of Death and the Riverwoman of the Styx is a combination rarely, if ever seen.

Hell, I?ve only seen that once, when they came to celebrate Natsu Matsuri one year and that was only after Komachi swore to not slack for 3 months to get that single day with the Yama.

She?s a tough lady, business-like, serious and with just a silver of a sense of humor, if we call that a sense of humor.

The type of person I hate and I?m the type of person she hates, so we?re quite evenly matched on that.

[Yo, Komachi, Shikeiki.. Nice weather, huh?]

I smiled at the two of them with what I thought was a casual smile, trying to hide the fact that the two of them meant serious trouble for me.

As I said before, the two of them? is not to be trifled with? and looks like they are after my number this time.

[Yea Marisa, good for a long nap yea?]

At least Komachi was trying to hide the awkwardness with her smile but the yama, Shikeiki Yamaxanadu was not smiling, she was dead set on something.

[Kirisame, Marisa.]

She repeated herself again, she had a weird voice, perhaps it?s the Yama?s voice that sound different but no matter how loud or how soft she is, any one of us would know if she spoke to us.

No excuses with this bad ass lady, when she means business, she will rip you a new one if you ignore her?

[Do you think you can get away?]

She smiled grimly at me and any smart retort was instantly stifled.

Well, so much for bluffing my way out of this.

Even Komachi, with her normal carefree nature looked away when my eyes fell on her.

Can?t blame her, ya know? If my boss told me that she?ll have to kill one of her friends I?ll be sober too? well worst when there is nothing I can do about it?

[get away? from what?]

I testily replied while grinding my teeth, great? of all the time for death to come looking for me?

[From your fate, Kirisame Marisa?]

[? I have my own fate. What do you mean, Yama? ? Spit it out? I can take the heat.]


She paced for a while, walking in circles while tapping her convincement rod on her chin, it was a bad habit of hers but it just made me nervous.

This is definitely not my day?

[You think you can handle the truth, can you?]


I considered for a moment, she was the yama, she would know where I go to when I die, if I died in the first place? more likely I?ll strive to become a ghost but still?

[No, you shall never achieve the goal? unless you face me.]

I turned to her, and with her hands on her hips, she glowered over me and even her shadow covered me, something which should be impossible? but she IS the yama? gee this is unfair?

[? Right? so yea, what?s up? I?m on a rush, ze?]

Shaking my head, I took off my hat and hung it on the handle of Starfire, this is gonna take a while and I want to get comfy.

Patting Star, she lowered herself to the ground and I hopped off. The green field was instantly turned to one of a desolate, ravaged landscape, similar to what I saw at the Underground near hell.

[This? could well be your future, Kirisame. This land, could be this way due to your hands?]

She stared at me, her eyes glowing red and I shivered in fear and in reflex.

If there is ANYONE, anyone at all that is sane and won?t flinch from that glare, I?ll give you my hakkero. I swear on it.

[? yea.. so what about it. I?m not too surprised?ze]

I admit, I knew the power I gain was incredible but at the same time, it was the ultimate double edged sword with the points of the sword pointed at my neck quite literally.

[? I know what I am getting into? it?s? not like I didn?t expect it, da ze?]

I lowered my head, it was the truth? if I ever lose control of this power? it?ll?


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Author's Notes: Ya know, sometimes i wonder if I should stop.
then my right hand slaps me and so:

and then, yeahh... maybe, i dunno...

but i go on anyway... weird, huh?


[you?ll destroy Gensokyo, the land you love? with your bare hands.]

Her eyes were like shooting daggers at me and I took it to heart, she was saying the truth but I knew the risk, I accepted it and I embraced it.

Hell am I going to lose to it?

[? You have determination but the willpower of a person like you? do you even have faith in yourself?]

She asked again, this time her eyes softened as she had made her point to me, made me aware of the burden on my shoulders.

[Heh, if there is anyone who believes in me. It?s me? ze? I?ve been my only supporter up till now ya know?]

Isn't that the truth, years after she left, and I?m still hung over that fact?

[I?ll get the job down, somehow, no matter what it takes. You can read my soul right, Yama? Well read it now and tell me? am I lying to you?]

[She?ll take your tongue you know?]

Komachi darkly added while she leaned against her sickle. Up till now it was all talk no action but that may change, very quickly and Starfire hovered nervously beside me, sensing my unease.

[? no, you are not lying, Kirisame Marisa? your soul tells me that. If there is anything, your determination and perseverance shines above all else? both of them, are notable virtues.]

She added softly to herself before she turned stern again.

[However, Kirisame Marisa, you shall not escape me today.]

With curt nod from the yama, Komachi sighed and swung her scythe towards me, cutting the earth just in front of me.

She is serious today? I can sense it, the power of death radiating from her.

Her eyes were focused only on me and I could see my own reflection through her eyes, they were clear and without remorse. I suppose one would be that way after ferrying the dead for who knows how long.

[? not like I could in the first place?]

I muttered back to her but she chuckled, unlikely of her but the laughter was anything but comforting, I felt shivers down my spine and I licked my dry lips? this is not looking good?

[Oh? you underestimate yourself? Countless times you have danced with death, fought with death and? all the time, you had escaped me.

Kirisame Marisa, you were supposed to have died many many years ago, but you averted each one? somehow?]

She narrowed her eyes while I grinned back at her; that was something to be proud of, no?

Who can boast that I cheated death and I was told that by the Judge of death herself!! SWEET!

[Your Master Spark, a technique that would drain anyone else of their magical energies and even their life with constant use? with each fire of your? laser, you came closer and closer to death.

With each use, you were signing your death warrant, Kirisame Marisa.]

[But hey, that was a great move, Marisa?]

Komachi grinned wearily at me as she swung her scythe absentmindedly. That?s good Marisa, keep them talking, the longer they talk the more time you have to find a gap?

[Yet, you did not even tire with each fire? your body, which should have collapsed long ago, got stronger and stronger with the mix of magicks you were experimenting with? somehow, your lifespan was lengthened?]


She stopped and pointed to the Hakkero before commenting.

[And that, most likely was the reason? the mini-hakkero? a device that perhaps was your savior.]

[Well I did keep it clean and perfect for all those years so it?s doing something right, right?]


She shot a look that if could kill, would have me sprawled on the floor and I kept my mouth shut?

[it is a sin, Kirisame Marisa, to avoid what fate has in store for you, no matter your reason.

And yes, your fate is determined the moment you are born. However, there are times where fate is in your hands? but your lifespan is beyond your control.

It is determined the moment you are born, Kirisame Marisa? but certainly? accidents do happen? and one?s life is cut short? those are things we cannot judge nor foresee.]

I shot a look that meant: Really? To the both of them and they chuckled.

[yes, even for us? foreseeing the future is difficult? and is practically impossible.]

[Yea? I know for sure you?re gonna die tomorrow? but not how or when? something like that.]

Komachi shrugged but the Yama was not done.

[You?ve averted your death, not once, not twice and definitely thrice? even after your lifespan was lengthened once again by being a Youkai Magician? you gain that power?]


There was a moment?s silence as I remembered what I felt when I got my hands on it? the power as she said.

It was something different, there was a victory fanfare and all that? and most importantly the surge of power that I felt empowered me, it was like I was running in a new body; spells that I could only cast once could be fire off repeatedly? but like she said, it came with a price?

[Kirisame Marisa? that is not even including the countless artifacts, the rituals you performed to gain you current strength?]

[? yea well I suppose Satanic Rituals, sacrifice and all is not really in the book of good deeds? yea?]

The Yama laughed again and I laughed with her? funny how the sound of her laughter echoed around the field?

[? No. it?s not. Not when blood has been spilled? not when the Three of the Five Morals have been breached?]

She muttered sternly as she counted them off to me.

[Greed, Attachment and False Pride? you are guilty of these three?

Greed, in your endless hoarding of knowledge, even knowing that it would corrupt you very soul.

Attachment, you have grown attached to your strength, to your power and to your life? You would do anything to cling on to them, will you not, Kirisame Marisa?

False pride? do you not feel yourself superior to others, Kirisame Marisa? You arrogance know no bounds.]

She clucked her tongue as she ran a hand through her hair and muttered softly.

[May you reflect on your crimes? Kirisame]

Well? looks like the crap have hit the fan?


She nodded to Komachi and she swung her scythe, releasing a gale that could cut through rock, shown cleanly when a large boulder behind me promptly fell to two halves

[That was a warning shot? Marisa.. I don?t want to hurt you? so, just come quietly? will you?]

Good ol? Komachi, she?s a friend aright, well too bad we?ll have to do this the hard way?

[? Look?s like there is only one way to settle this? don?t cha think?]

I smirked and the next moment I mounted Starfire as a terrific screaming, the sound of Komachi?s scythe slashed where I was a few seconds earlier.


Firing small lasers at Komachi, I circled around the standing Komachi when she slashed at apparently nothing in front of her.


Her slash took out the ribbon that I had tied on my hat and I grabbed it from mid-air.

[Like I said, Marisa? that is a warning shot? won?t? you just come peacefully?]

[? Manipulation of distance? eh?]

I slowly descended from the heavens and looked at Komachi in the eye, she was not serious yet. A Death god is not someone so easily trifled but her ability, that to manipulate distance was a killer one.

No matter how much I try to outrun her, she?ll catch up in a heartbeat. That?s not even mentioning how she can essentially attack from anywhere she wants to with her big ass scythe.

[You?re? not going to Danmaku?]

I asked her grimly, biting my lip as Komachi too looked away to the Yama-sama and slowly, regrettably, she shook her head.

[No? I?m sorry? this is a job? So yea?]

She brushed back her hair and the Komachi in front of me changed, it was not the lazy, carefree Komachi I knew, it was the incarnation of death, the figure that would take you across the dreaded Styx River, the Death god, Onuzuka Komachi.

Taking off my hat, I toss it to the side and grinned devilishly back at her.

[Well, if it?s a fight you want. A fight. Is what you GET]

Without any warning, I set off a laser straight in the face of Komachi.

The spell burned brightly to the extent that I could make it scarcely anything for a while, not to mention that the laser pretty much singed my fingers casting it in such a hurry.

[Heh, just as damn expected of her and of course, drats.]

Well, it was all for naught as Komachi, with her godly reflexes had cleaved the laser cleanly in two, leaving the two of them none the worse for wear.

What was even more incredible was that the laser continued to fork where Komachi has split it in two. Amazing, I?m speechless?

[? ?]

Shrugging, she slashed the air in front of her again and I ducked in reflex and that was good of me as it took off quite a bit of my blonde hair with it. Double drats I suppose?

It was a one way fight, it was going all the way down hill for me as Komachi just kept the pressure going by simply hacking at the air in front of her.

It took all my reflexes to avoid being slashed directly but even with that, cuts were showing up everywhere. I was in serious danger of showing some fanservice here!!

[?? Give it up, Marisa, you can?t win.]

[Damn hell I would let that stop me!!]

Muttering a quick spell, I tossed a magic potion in the air and dashed forward as Komachi sliced the bottle in half. Course that WAS the plan?

[Devildom spark?]

A spell that would explode by itself anyway but this was the upgraded version?

Looking down, I was spared from the worst of the explosion, which was a gigantic flashbang by itself? the magical contents mixed together and blasted apart with a deafening explosion complete with the brightness to match with a small sun.


Jumping into the air, I landed on Starfire as she screamed from wherever she was hiding and I rode her, literally like a skateboard, charging straight towards Komachi.

[Stardust Reverie!!]

Jumping off just before impact, I grinned in triumph but winced too as Starfire slammed right into Komachi and she was knocked off her feet.

Komachi is one tough cookie alright, considering someone else would have flown off several feet by then.

But then again, a fight is supposed to end quickly and deadly? and my target was not Komachi? Time for the BigBad to face the music!!


The Air strike I had planted from the moment I got into the air rocketed straight at the Yama, who looked pleasantly surprised when it detonated a few feet in the air in front of her just like how I had did with Yuka.

The magic missile kicking up a terrific cloud of dust that blinded me for a second as I sat on Star to admire my handiwork.

[You wanted a fight? I?ll give you to one?]

Silence reigned for a moment as I waited for a response from them, they had to have something? I?m sure the Yama and the God of death won?t die so easily.


Hearing the chuckle, I whirled around to see the both of them smirking at me; Komachi had her scythe rested on her shoulder while Shiekiki just glared, tapping her convincement rod in annoyance.

I knew enough about expressions to know that she was pissed off and Komachi was too, there was a certain crazed look in her eyes as she stared at me.

[Now that?s interesting, I?ve never felt pain for a while? If you really wanna fight, let?s get it on.]

Instead of slashing the air this time, Komachi rushed at me and engaged me face to face with her scythe.


Not suited for hand to hand combat at all, I first parried the first strike by using Star as a pseudo shield.

[Not working~~~]

Komachi just leered as she kicked me in the gut and added insult to injury by slashing another torrent of air at me, which I narrowly avoided by rolling to the side.

Leaping forward thou, I swung mightily with Star right over her head and she blocked it with one hand before knocking me back with a muscular shove.

[You wanna fight, Marisa?! Come on, STAND UP!!]

Komachi was focused, that I can give ya as she stamped her feet and waited for my recovery.

[Sure? I?ll give it to ya?]

Riding Star, I charged forward again but I did not expect her to grab hold of Star and hold her there, in the middle of a spell as she slowly, painfully lowered her scythe at me.

[? die]

Uttering a statement worthy of her name, the scythe would have gotten me then and there if not for Star?s sudden reversal out of there, causing her to topple, unbalanced for a moment.


Looks like hand to hand is out of the question and I ran through my other options, which, let?s face it? when you?re fighting a death god and the judge of death can be counted with one hand.

Firing a small laser at Komachi?s side, I bit my lip too hard and drew blood when she deflected it with a simple wave of her scythe. She was toying with me?


Firing round after round of lasers, magical blasts at her, all I got was a smirk as one by one shut cut them down or deflected them back at me.

[C?mon Marisa, where is your confidence now? You said you were going to beat me, beat death?]

[? Shut up!]

The both of us glared at one another, it was not a standoff, a standoff would mean the both of us were equally skilled but no, Komachi was giving me handicap, if she wanted to it?ll be over quickly.

Man that smarts to know?

[Foolish, foolish, foolish!! You can?t win me!!]

Ain?t that the truth?

[? Take this on for size? NON-DIRECTIONAL LASER!]

Chanting the incantations, I narrowed my eyes and glared at her before unleashing hell on earth a second time. I knew it wouldn?t work but at least I?m being defiant!!

The Laser stopped right in front of Komach to my utter disappointment and shock as it was stopped by a force field of sorts and it would not budge, no matter how much juice I pumped into it.

[It?s futile, Kirisame?]

My concentration broken, I glanced to the side and the Yama glared at me.

[The manipulation of distance? your attacks would never reach her.]

She stated as quite suddenly, Komachi came into view, her scythe bearing down on me and as the blunt end struck my chest, I saw and felt nothing but red.


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If there's one criticism I have of this part, it's the implication of the mini-hakkero in particular in Sikieiki's condemnation. I mean, it's one thing to say "you were meant to die, but you didn't because you haxed reality and yourself," but "you were meant to die, but you didn't because you used some sort of tool" doesn't really make much sense ... I mean, I understand that you also used the first one, but the description of the mini-hakkero's problems didn't seem to be a part of that exactly.


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Re: The Shrine of Gensokyo: The Prologue
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Well muffin,

more of:

1. You used that power which were supposed to kill you

2. You gained such an artifact that would save you

My interpretation of it is that, Marisa using her spark in Pc98 was supposed to kill her.
But, she got hold of the hakkero with her own power, that is.. from Kourin, that saved her life.

Anyway, it is not explained whether the Hakkero she is using now is the same hakkero that was used by her in the Past!

it is a mystical tool and artifact, likely it would be different but im not telling.

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