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Touhou Project: Full Eastern Consequences
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Browsing the old forum for interesting fics to keep, I found instead this old adaptation of Half Life: Full-Life Consequences that I did. Enjoy it at your own risk.

Elisa Kirisame who was Marisa Kirisames sister was one day in the shop writing on a notebook. She got a carrier pigeon from her sister that said that fairies and youkai were attacking her place and aksed her for help so she went.

Elisa Kirisame got her notebook close and wet on the stairs to go up to the roof of the house where she left her broom and normal people close because she was in her shop apron. Elisa Kirisame got on her brom and said "its time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences" so she had to go.

Elisa Kirisame flew off the house and did a looping and landed. She kept flying down the path and made sure there was no fairies around because she ddint have spellcard.

The counrtysides were nice and the plants were singing and the birds and the sun was almost down from the top of the sky. the mood was set for Elisa Kirisames quest to help her sister where she was. Elisa Kirisame looked around the countrysides and said "its a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my sister to defeat the enemys".

Elisa Kirisame was late so she had to fly really fast. A donation box was hiden near by so when Elisa Kirisame went by the mikos came and wanted to ask her donations. Here Elisa Kirisame saw the first monster because the miko was undead and had rotten.

"I cant give you a donations miko" Elisa Kirisame said

"Why not?" said the undead miko back to Elisa Kirisame.

"Because you are undead zombie" so Elisa Kirisame shot the miko a danmaku and flew off thinking "my sister is in trouble there" and went faster.

Elisa Kirisame had to go faster like the speed of sound and got there fast because Marisa needed her where she was. Elisa Kirisame looked at road signs and saw "Forest of Magic" with someons writing under it saying "u shudnt come here" so Elisa Kirisame almost turned around but heard screaming like Marisa so she went faster again.

Elisa Kirisame flew in and dit another loop n jumped off her broom and the bro om took out some fairies infront of Elisa Kirisame. Elisa Kirisame smiled and walked fast. ElisaKirisame then looked on the ground and found haekro so she pickd it up and danmakued fast at dead goasts in front of a house.

Elisa Kirisame said "dead goasts leave this place" and the dead goasts said "but this is our house" and Elisa Kirisame felt sorry for them becaus they couldnt live there anymore because they were dead goasts so she master sparked up the house and killed the dead goasts so they were at piece.

Then Elisa Kirisame herd another scream from her sister so she kept walking really faster to get where she was. Forest of Magic was nothing like the countrysides there was no birds singing and the pants were dead and teh dirt was messy and bloody from fairies.

When Elisa Kirisame got to where the screaming was started from she found her sister Merisa Kirisame fightin the stage 6 bosss and Marisa said "Elisa Kirisame! Over here!" so Elisa Kirisame went there to where Marisa Kirisame was fighting. Elisa Kirisame fired her danmaku from teh hakkero really fast and the danmakus went and shot the stage 6 boss in the eyes and the stage 6 boss couldnt see.

Marisa Kirisame said "its time to end this ones and for all!" and punched the stage 6 boss in the face and the stage 6 boss fell. Elisa Kirisame said "thanks i could help, sis" and Marisa Kirisame said "you should come here earlier next time" and they laughed.

The laughed overed quickly though because Elisa Kirisame yelled "LOOK OUT SIS!" and pointed up to the top of the sky. Marisa Kirisame looked up and said "NOO! Elisa Kirisame run out of here fast as you can!" and Elisa Kirisame walked real fast out.

Elisa Kirisame loked back and saw Marisa get steppd on by the extra boss and she was mad and angry.

"I'll get you back evil boss!" Elisa Kirisame yelled at the top of lungs.

to be continued..?

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Re: Touhou Project: Full Eastern Consequences
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Is this a parody to Squirrel King's FFs?


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Touhou Project: Full Eastern Consequences 2:WhatHasTobeGrazed
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I was bored. Have a sequel.


Elisa Kirisame walked like speed of light back to her brom and left behind the bad place behind her. Elisa Kirisame had to ride her broom really fast back to the shop but Elisa Kirisames magic ran out. Elisa Kirisame jumped fast off the broom and landed on dead peoples point items.

"Marisa Kirisame is now these points... i must kill the extra boss and live up to full-life consequences!" Elisa Kirisame said out loud.

Elisa Kirisame picked up a hakkero and aimed it at trees to see if she could. Elisa Kirisame shot and tree fell down in front of her. Elisa Kirisame seen fairies fall out of the tree and she put them back home safe.

"These fairies dont have to see Marisa Kirisame yet. its not time." Elisa Kirisame said to her.

Elisa Kirisame had to walked faster and was back at her shop and on a notebook. She looked in the notebook and found the extra boss.

"I know her weakness now" Elisa Kirisame said. And after that she got carrier pigeuns from someone. Elisa Kirisame opened up the letters and read them.

"Dear Elisa Kirisame, how are you? I miss you at home come home safe and soon with Marisa Kirisame for thanksgiving dinner. Love mom." Elisa Kirisame looked at it and got sad and yelled "I WILL KILL THE BOSS AND MARISA KIRISAME WILL BE HAPPY SOUL!" then she open closed up the notebook and wet on the stairs again down to her other more faster broom that had magic in it this time.

Elisa Kirisame put the hakkero on her broom and her laser and her stars that she found on the side of the broom. She went through fairies and went fast like Aya to back to Forest of Magic and back to the bad place where Marisa Kirisame was. Elisa Kirisame went into sky and did backflips and landed on back straws but kept going too.

Elisa Kirisame went really fast again like before and was soon back again at Forest of Magic but saw more dead goasts. Elisa Kirisame said to them "Dead goasts i have killed your friends at the old house and i dont want to shoot your hitboxes. move near the countrysides and you will be friends of Elisa Kirisame." The dead goasts said that "no we will kill you" and walked fast to Elisa Kirisames broom. Elisa Kirisame waited until they were in front of her broom and backflipped off her stick and shot hitboxes below and landed and walked fast to where the extra boss was.

"you will be one of us!" yelled the dead goasts. Elisa Kirisame laughed and shot a star at them.

Elisa Kirisame saw the extra boss far down the road and walked slow this time. She walked really slow like a turtle and sat down on a rock and watched the extra boss near the dead stage 6 boss and where the place that Marisa Kirisame was. The extra boss was laughing at Elisa Kirisame so Elisa Kirisame said "YOU WILL NOT LAUGH AT ME!" and shot a star at her since that was her weakness.

The extra boss died and Elisa Kirisame was happy. She walked over to the dead bosses and put them under the ground and planted pants on them so instead of messy dirt and dark there was pretty things there now to be happy.

Elisa Kirisame walked to where Marisa Kirisame was lying dead and crushed from the extra bosss feet and looked down. A tear droped out of Elisa Kirisames eye and landed on Marisa Kirisame.

"You are dead sis and i killed the evil boss." Elisa Kirisame told Marisa Kirisame

Then Elisa Kirisame saw something bad. A bucketloli was on Marisa Kirisame! Marisa Kirisame standed up and said "Elisa Kirisame... you got here slow and now i am dead goast. you will pay..."

to be continued...?

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Re: Touhou Project: Full Eastern Consequences
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