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The Shrine of Gensokyo
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The Shrine of Gensokyo


[Are you sure you want to drink this, Reimu?]

[Yes? After all, I am sick of this life?]

[Don?t say that, Reimu? we, all of us will miss you?]

[? Thank you? Yukari?]

Smiling as I took the small bottle from Yukari, I closed my eyes and drank it whole even as Eirin?s voice shouted it?s warning to me.

[Reimu, if you drink this? it can?t be reversed, no matter how much you wish it to be, it will never happen. It is like the Hourai Elixer, Reimu!]

I have made my decision... I won't regret this...


[Miss Shrine Maiden!!]

Hearing a voice call me from the front of the shrine, I hurried over to greet the worshipper, a little girl that I was familiar with and I smiled and waved warmly as I slipped on my slippers.

[Yes, yes?]

She is a regular visitor to the shrine and I quickly offered to do a Omikuji for her.

I smiled as she excitedly took the slip of paper from the box I offered and as she has always done so, offered a small prayer to the spirits before she opened it up.

[Near-blessing, Miss Shrine Maiden?]

Seeing that she is disappointed, I placed a hand on her head before passing her a small sweet to cheer her up.

[Come now, the spirits won?t be happy if you are so sad now, would they?]

[No, I guess not?]

Mumbling as she took the sweet from my hand, the little girl suddenly hugged me and whispered softly to me so only I could hear her.

The tiny frame that clutched me so tightly made me sigh as I patted her head again. I was used to little kids running here to confide things in me.

In their eyes, I was the Guardian Angel or Spirit that is living a few blocks away from their homes and it was my job to comfort them and to lead them towards the right path in life and to share their new experiences with.

I must say, although the number of believers in spirits has decreased, worshippers still come over to visit once in a while and I have my hands full dealing with small children who mob the shrine.

I do like their company too as a thirty year-old shrine maiden has really nothing to do in her free time.

The donations do keep me out of the red every month but as I receive government compensation every month, that is not much of an issue.

Oh, that?s right. I have not introduced myself right?

My name is?

[Miss Shrine Maiden!!]

[Yes, yes Yuka? I am listening? so do you want me to keep the cat in the shrine for you?]

[Yes, please!! I promise I will come and visit her every day! I will bring her food to eat and play with her. If she is sick I will take her to the doctor!]

Begging me by burrowing her face into my chest, I giggled and pinched her little cheeks to gently ease her away from me.


As I said so, her little face lit up and I laughed again as I finished my sentence, which I was sure would render her speechless.

[can you bring her to me, Yuka?]

[Of- Of course!!]

Smiling as she ran down the steps that led to the Shrine, I waved goodbye to her before I looked up to the sky and patiently waited.

At such a carefree and peaceful Wednesday, I would prefer not to break the news. But an illusion is an illusion after all and it must end at a particular time?


Narrowing my eyes as the little girl ran up to me, I placed a hand on her head and whispered a small prayer to any passing spirits before she said anything.


[You found out, didn?t you, Yuka?]

[? Miss? Miss Shrine Maiden?]

Clutching my top, I smiled bitterly as I bent down to embrace her in my arms.

She was light, too light to be natural and as I ran my fingers through her hair, I saw many small sparkling stuff appearing around her.

[Do not be afraid? look below you?]

Closing my eyes, I patted her back comfortingly as I recited the familiar prayer the previous Shrine Maiden had passed on to me.

[May the spirits bless this tiny spirit, from harm and from anything that tempt her innocent soul.

Innocence like this should not be tainted?

I beg of you?

while the blood of the Hakurei Maiden still flows in me?]

As I chanted softly, her grip on me slowly felt weaker and weaker and I knew it was not due to her not clutching on me.

I could feel and see that she was afraid as her body was shivering very badly and tears were dropping from her eyes as she shook her head sadly from side to side.

[Look below you? alright?]


Finally, little Yuka grabbed enough courage and a sizeable chunk of my top to look down to her feet.

[All the spirits are welcoming and heralding your way?]

[But Miss Shrine Maiden?]

[Don?t worry? everyone will be there? everyone will be with you? it is just a matter of time?]

Trying to stop the tears from flowing down my face as well, I slowly released her but it was the same as not releasing as I was clutching nothing but air in the first place.

My arms, which was supposed to be holding a little girl in place, was suddenly holding nothing after a bright flash of light illuminated my surroundings.

[? She?s gone?]

Little yuka has passed away after saving a small Kitten from certain death but she herself has apparently not know that had happened and she ran over to the Hakurei Shrine to tell me about her adventures.

The moment I touched her, my spiritual part of me told me that she was not alive and it was heartbreaking for me to send her away.

It was not the first time that I had done something like this as random spirits do travel to the shrine often.

It was a gift and a curse at the same time for me to be able to see the spirits.

Being a shrine maiden since the age of 16 and perhaps beyond, I was a talented Shrine Maiden as I was able to give fortunes that were remarkably accurate and I do like being a shrine maiden.

At certain times in my life, I was tempted to stop being a shrine maiden and to settle down to have a family like many girls my age, which is a full thirty in a few days, I always find a reason to continue to be one in the Hakurei Shrine.

I am Hakurei Reimu and I have been serving in the Hakurei shrine ever since I was 16.

Any remnants of my life before that is lost due to amnesia, as I was told, I was found unconscious by my the Shrine Maidens in the shrine one day and gave me my name, Hakurei Reimu.

Hakurei after the Shrine and Reimu for Revelation.

Ever since that day, I have been dutifully serving the Hakurei shrine, cleaning up the surroundings, patching up the many leaks in the old shrine and taking over as head Maiden after the last of the Shrine Maidens left the shrine.

TO date, I am the 30th and final Hakurei Maiden if a new successor is not found.

However, I am optimistic that a new successor will be found if I just wait long enough.

As I mentioned earlier, I am blessed with the ability to view spirits.

At first I found it disturbing but I generally accepted it as a sign that the Hakurei shrine as passed on it?s powers to me, giving me the abilities to see Spirits in the world around me.

There are fireflies spirit, flower spirits and even Nekomata that pop by from time to time.

I dare not say that I am familiar with those spirits, but I am certain that they exists and I could see them.

It is my job to guide the followers to pay respect to their loved ones after they have died and at times they return to visit them in the form of spirits.

Although it is very rare, I at times have seen that happen and the family would thank me for my kind words.

The older, more skeptical generation would simply refuse to believe me while the younger ones will lap up everything.

It pains me to see that the spiritual belief is so lacking in current generations?

Training myself in the arts of building my spiritual powers is part of my daily rituals as well and I spent an average of an hour meditating and trying to strengthen my spiritual powers.

By being more with the world, coexisting with it, I was certain that I will reach a new height of strength inside of me as well.

It was an untested method, but I found that I could see spirits more easily then before and thus I am convinced that I was doing at least something right.

Balancing the account books is something that I must do on a regular basis as even a Shrine Maiden must eat to survive.

I am not very materialistic and even thou rice and miso makes up the bulk of the diet, tea is required to serve worshippers who come over to chat.

As the natsu-matsuri is approaching, that becomes more of a necessity as it is customary to hold a Festival at the foot of the Hakurei Shrine.

The people will chat and confide things with me, something that I am proud to say as it proves the people have faith and trust in a Shrine Maiden being locked up in the middle of nowhere.

True, the Hakurei Shrine is located at the top of a small hill and it is a tough climb up.

Still, the more faith the worshipper has, the lesser the burden one feels when one embarks on the trip up the shrine.

I myself do the trek once a week with no complains at all and yet, those younger generations whine about it every time they visit. It is such a disgrace?


Being nearly 30, I am sad to say that I do not yet have an engagement yet but that does not faze me at all.

Being a shrine maiden takes the majority of my time here, leaving me with not time nor no energy to deal with other, more disturbing and distracting behavior.

Honestly, the teens and man these day are truly so crude and direct in their wants and needs.

[? sigh.]

Sighing as I watched as yet another group of teenage boys and girls appeared over the gates of the shrine, I grabbed my broom and started to walk towards them, a smile still on my face that only barely twitched when one of them call out to me.

[Miss Reimu, what time do you knock off today~ We got beer!]

[? Dear Sir, A Shrine Maiden does not ?knock off? as you crudely put it.]

Hiding the menace in my voice, my eyes dangerously twinkled but the dense boy would not get it and probed further.

[Aww c?mon~ Even though you?re quite older than our age, I am sure you would like to han-]

[May the spirits bless you, young lad.]

Still smiling, I slammed my foot on his sneakers and twisted it a few times for good measure, ignoring the twisted look of pain on his face.

[Now, I shall clean the yard of all the rubbish.]

Brandishing my broom, I chased the lot of hoodlums out of my yard before slamming the big metal door shut and hanging the sign that read: ?away, be right back?.

[? whew?]


The many casual days that I spent alone in the Hakurei Shrine are all but plenty.

The worshippers come in trickles and almost all in groups thus far and I would tend to them for at most a few minutes at a time.

It is not tiring but a boring job that I find myself doing for so many years. It is a wonder how did I even manage to hold this job up till now.

My parents were unknown to me and I was labeled an orphan the moment the Hakurei Shrine Maidens took me in.

Over the years I had not made any effort to find my family as for all that I was concerned, I do not need them.

Due to my status as an orphan, I was allowed to live my life in the Shrine, provided I do not run away with the donations and I do not get married, something I am very happy to abide with.

The same old routine of waking up, getting breakfast, sweeping the leaves, checking for leaks in the shrine, tidying up the courtyard and so forth was embedded into me.

If I did not follow the strict schedule, I would find myself uncomfortable to say the least. Neither do I admit I did not enjoy doing them nor do I not enjoy doing them.

It is a matter of habit; habit is a dangerous thing after all.


Sitting in the shrine?s interior and in my private quarters, I clapped my hands together as I acknowledged the spirits around me before tucking into dinner, a simple fair consisting of steamed rice and miso soup, with some vegetables as a side dish.

Chewing slowly, I looked out at the night sky to see some small spirits drifting happily by and I resisted the urge to wave to them.

They looked like little fairies, complete with wings and little wands on their hands but I know all too well that some of them are mean and nasty.

Once, I was bitten by one of them when I tried to pat it?s head and I was warded into hospital for a bad fever that lasted the better part of two weeks. It was a horrible incident that I do not want to happen ever again.


There is the saying that the Hakurei Shrine is connected to another world, a world that I could only dream about and that that world?s borders is guarded by the Hakurei Shrine Maiden.

Till now, I have not found any trace of that world that I was supposed to protect and I had all but forgotten about it, if not for the spirits that drift in and out of the Shrine.

The Hakurei shrine is the only place that I can sense spiritual power oozing out very easily and in large quantities.

The worshippers here still believe in spirits, most probably thanks to me and I am very happy in doing my part.

Spirits are real and they do exist, it is a part of my life now.

[Miss Shrine Maiden!!]

Hearing a voice call for me, I hurriedly got up from my seat and pulled open the sliding doors to welcome yet another guest to the Shrine.

[Welcome to the Hakurei Shrine, I am Hakurei Reimu, the Shrine Maiden of the Shrine, how may I help you tonight?]

Smiling as I bowed to the new visitors, a young couple who was holding hands together.

[Miss Reimu, we would like to pray to the spirits for the well-being of our unborn baby? and so?]

[We know that it is late, but we were in town and hoped to do that before we leave?]


Looking at the young lady standing in front of me, I seemed to remember a friend that looked just like her.

[W-We can?t?]

Her face showing her disappointment, I hurriedly shook my head before inviting them in.

[J-Just out of curiosity? are you named Komachi? by any chance?]

Her red hair and the way her hair was tied, in two short ponytails at either side of her head reminded me of someone.

The memory was hazy and I was certain it came from the time before I came to the shrine. The name did come quite easily to me but that was all.

The nagging feeling that I was forgetting something more important came to haunt me again.

[No, I am Mako?]

[well then, Miss Mako, I must be mistaken, come let us pray together?]

Guiding them to the spring near the shrine, I urged them to wash their hands before following me over to pray.

[When we are done, perhaps we could name the unborn child as well?]

[Y-Yes! That would be a good idea!]


Another day, another day of tidying up the shrine but today was special.

It was the day where I make my rounds down to the small town at the foot of the mountain.

Slipping on my slippers and adjusting my hakama pants, I said a small prayer to the spirits and to the greater spirit of the Hakurei shrine before going on my way.

The great iron doors that I had used to lock out the few offenders the day before came in handy once more as I securely slammed the door shut.

Despite my small frame, I was quite strong as from young I had carried heavy loads up the steps and after so many years, it seemed natural for my body to be stronger than the average shrine maiden.

I could literally fly up the steps now while carrying a few bags of rice in my arms.

[? It is a wonderful day?]

Deciding to take my time, I enjoyed the chirping of the birds and the smell of nature all around me as the town slowly came into view.

Up from the steps, I could see the people stirring and getting about their business and that always made me feel just a tad lonely.

I am always alone and I had few, if any friends at all.

That is perhaps expected of a Shrine Maiden, a test of one?s perseverance and I passed admirably.

Once, I had raised a small puppy at the shrine but it had run away after meeting a spirit that severely wounded it.

It seems that the Hakurei Shrine is only for the Hakurei Maiden after all.


A sudden gust of wind struck me and temporarily blinded me as a shower of cherry blossoms whirled around me.

As if by magic, the flower storm whirled around me for a moment before being blown away again.

[? that seems familiar?]

The feeling of nostalgia struck me again for the second time in two days as I absentmindedly brushed away the blossoms that were left in the stray ends of my hair.

Previously, I had allowed my hair to grow almost to my knee in length but I decided suddenly and abruptly that having hair so long would only get in my way and I shortened it to just around my shoulders.

I have beautiful hair, even if I am not fond of praising myself.

The only redeeming value in my looks would probably be my black and silky hair.

In the past, where I was still young, I had a big ribbon tied on the back of my hair in a ponytail. I still do that now, but the ribbon is much smaller in size and while the removable sleeves, which I once wore for convenience is no longer in existence.

Having out-grown them, I changed to the recognized Miko outfit but with a small apron over it. Gone was the frills that came with my past and in with the more mature look.

Though at times I do agree that it did make me look like a stay-at-home wife?

[Hello, how are you this week?]

Beginning my rounds at the first house of the block, the new family in the block, a family named Spencer that spoke only English.

It was difficult for me as it was a foreign language that I rarely use in the shrine but it did come in handy as I was the few that could comprehend their words through their strong accent.

[We are fine, thank you for asking, Sister of the Shrine.]

[Erm. I am not a Sister, Mr Spencer, I am a Shrine Maiden?]

[Yes, yes I am so sorry? a Shrine maiden was it? I still am not certain about the customs of the Japanese people, Sister?]

[I-I said I am not a sister? I believe your wife is Japanese, she could fill you in?]

Inching slowly away from the door, my mood changed suddenly when his child, a little boy named Steven ran over and surprisingly spoke to me in perfect Japanese.

[Ohayo, Miko-san.]

[? Ohayo, Steven-san. O-genki desu ka?]

[Hai, Genki desu, Miko-san wa?]

[Hai~ Geki desu. Asa-gohan tabe masuka?]

[Hai, tabemasu. Etou, Miko-san?]



The conversation dragged long and complicated till finally his mother, the only true Japanese hurried over and said that Steven and his father would like to visit the shrine one day and that she is very thankful for the Hakurei Shrine to make the family fit in with the community.

The rest of the families were well and thanked me for visiting them and asking about their health.

I learnt that the weather has not been good lately and they were thinking of going up the shrine to hold a small praying session together.

I gladly said that I would help them with it but also recommended them to hang up some teru-bozu just to keep the bad weather at bay too before giving them a small charm to ward off bad-spirits and bad luck.

It was very well received in the town and before I was down with the rounds, I had to visit a small local bookstore to purchase some ink so I could write the charm myself in their homes.


Finishing yet another charm, I took a breather and a sip of green tea in the small tea-shop in the small town.

The owner of the shop was a regular worshipper in the shrine and he had literally dragged me in to treat me to a new flavor of takoyaki that he had just rolled out.

Thanking him, I took a small taste before saying that it was good and the smile that he gave me made me a little embarrassed.

The energy that he possesses really took me by surprise and before I knew it, I was tasting yet another of his new creations, a cream-filled bun.

By the third course, I had caught on to his actions and I quickly rejected him, saying that my duties at the shrine were more important.

Although he seemed disappointed, he did not persist and only asked me to stay for a small drink of tea which I gladly accepted.

[Thank you for your tea, Mr Hiroshi.]

[Not at all, Miss Miko? I am glad that you graced me with your presence.]

[You are flattering me, Mr Hiroshi?]

Beating a hasty retreat, I hurriedly finished my rounds and hurried back up the shrine, running up the three hundred or so steps within five minutes.

I was panting by the time I was back at the shrine and when I pulled the doors open, the wonderful feeling of being back at home never felt better.


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Re: The Shrine of Gensokyo
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Sitting at my usual spot in front of the porch, I meditated as I tried to reach towards the spiritual side of me that was located in the perfect circle within my own turmoil and confusion.

It was so hard to reach but when I do, the feeling of peace that I obtained could tide me through many days of frustration and could even overcome hunger, even if it is not healthy.


Being a shrine maiden, one?s strong character counts and I am sure I am of Strong character as my spiritual prowess cannot be underestimated. Few would be inclined to say that they could truly see spirits but I could.

Whether that is something to boast about is not yet known but I am proud of my ability. It makes me believe that I am a true heir to the Hakurei Line, which I am not?

Still, it is something that I treasure very much and something that I would not give up.


Creations of Amulets and ofudas and charms are part and parcel of my job. Amulets and Ofudas are used mainly against spirits, to protect against them, to attack them, to banish them and to create seals and borders.

It can only be used spiritually if one?s spirit is willing to believe in it. I for one, am sure that my Amulets do ward off spirits and has the ability to create seals and borders on spiritual objects.

Charms are small objects that are blessed either with a spirit?s borrowed power, which is channeled through me, the Shrine Maiden or from another Holy object.

Charms can bring good luck, ward off the bad luck and many other mundane blessings that people like to wish for.

[I should do some more Charms?]

Promising myself to start work tomorrow, I opened my eyes and stretched to prepare myself for another part of my Shrine Maiden training, the physical part of it.

As they all say, one must strengthen the body as well as the mind and I practice tai-ji chuan, a form of martial arts that uses one?s movements to render the opponent?s attacks useless to oneself.

The saying goes: ?To counter the strong with the weak? and that is very true with Tai-ji chuan, which uses one?s gentle strokes to protect one?s weak points while using the opponent?s best effort against them.

The gentle strikes and blocks that renders the other party unable to maneuver is a favorite for me as I do not like violence unless it is regarding my duty as a Shrine Maiden.

I first picked it up when I learnt of the term: Tai-chi from my senior in the shrine, she described it with so much detail and eagerness that I found myself wanting to learn as well.

I seem to remember someone who showed me Tai-chi before but the name and the face escaped me?

The graceful strikes that did not seem to hold much power but when one experiences the other end of the strike, you will come to understand the term: Beautiful but deadly.

Tai-chi can be christened to be the same as dancing as well as both practitioners have the same at ease look about them when they practice their art-form.

At times of the festivals that take place in the shrine, I lead the older generation in their tai-chi exercise whenever I could and has even been taught a few moves by those veterans.

With age come experience and I am confident that any one who dares rob the Hakurei shrine shall be severely punished by me.

Other training such as archery and festival dancing are part of my daily routine as well but only on specific days of the week.

I have yet to achieve a hundred percent accuracy rate with moving objects but I can hit a target 5 yards from me even if it is moving.

Such traditional skills are being lost down the ages and I teach the children of the town archery to while away my time.

It brings me closer to the towns people as well and I am very pleased to note that every one of them are growing up to be fine, young girls and boys?


[Miss Shrine Maiden! Please help me with my homework!!]

[No fair, it is my turn!!]

[No no, it?s mine!!]

Being surrounded by a growing group of young children, I find it hard to concentrate on even one of them as all of them are trying their utmost to grab my attention at any given time.

The Spencer?s child, Steven was resting in the Shrine while the other children of the town, who had came over to play had ended up sleeping beside me as I lazed below the solitary pine-tree of the Shrine.

The children liked it here as it creates such a cool resting place for one to sleep and to rest their head against.

I might add that it was my favorite place of the whole Shrine as well.


Firmly refusing them, I chided them about their responsibility of doing their own homework till they finally got down and proper with their pens.


Patting their heads, I cheered them up by getting up and heading for the kitchen, where I had readied a batch of cookies for the children to enjoy.

It feels so weird, that children would flock to me like I was made of sweets. Perhaps I was spoiling them too much?

[Thank you, Miss Shrine Maiden!! I will do my homework now and get full marks!!]

Jumping up and down, the young boy from down the street tugged his little sister before both of them laid down on the green grass to continue on their homework.

[Miss Shrine Maiden, how do I put 2+2 together??]

[Well, you could imagine it this way? when I give you 2 apples and Shiro there gives you 2 apples, how many apples do you have?]


[Good job, now have a sweet.]

[Thank you, Miss Shrine Maiden!!]


[Miss Shrine Maiden, could you tie my hair up for me? Just like yours?]

[Of course?]

[Kitty Kitty, the new boy has waken up!! Let?s go talk with him!!]

Her friend pulled the little girl from my lap and hurried over to meet Stephen, leaving me all but forlorn behind them.

As I watched the little ones grow up, I feel a strong belief that I had choose the right path in my life after all?


It was after all the children had left the shrine and went home did she come out, the little girl that I had missed the whole day.


Sleeping in my futon, she snored lightly and I giggled to myself.

The little girl was so adorable, her cheeks were flushed red and she gave little cooing sounds when she snored.

If I had a doll like her, it would be very adorable but the face was unfamiliar with me.

I had not seen anyone like her and I was anxious to know whether she is a spirit or human.


Upon looking closer, I could see that she was wearing a pair of horn-like ornaments on her head and her pink blouse was a bit tattered looking.

[? Wake up, little girl? wake up?]

Pushing her, I suddenly smelt the strong smell of sake and I recoiled from her.

[? No way?]

I do not drink as drinking is an indulgence that I dare not touch. She could never be?

Pulling the sheets away, I gave a sharp cry of surprise when I saw a bottle tied to her bottle.

[Why little girl?]

Getting angry, I shook her vigorously, intending to reprimand her about drinking at such a tender age when she did awaken.

Rubbing her eyes, she looked around her with drool dripping from her mouth but she still looked very cute to me anyway that it rendered me speechless.


The loud shriek that thundered around the shrine was definitely not me and it could only came from the little girl as she tackled me to the floor.

She felt like a ton of bricks and unless my body was deceiving me, she weighed like a ton of bricks as well.

[Reimu, Reimu!!!]

Calling my name, I bewilderedly hung on to her as I racked my mind for an associate with that size and the face but none came to mind.

It was weird enough that a little girl that size could have so much strength, not to mention that she was hugging me like she knew me.

[W-Who are you?!]

Pushing her off me with very much difficulty, I managed to ask her as the little girl just beamed at me.

[It?s me, Suika! Ibuki Suika!!]


[Su? Suika I-Ibuki?]

Racking my mind for someone with that name, I paused momentarily before shaking my head.

I knew of no one of this name, especially not a little girl of this age and this look. She look so perfectly cute that I was certain that she would grow up to a very pretty little girl in the future.

[I?m sorry, I do not know who you are? do you know who I am?]

Speaking softly in a cooing sort of tone to placate the little girl, I patted her head and urged her to come sit with me in the Shrine?s Interior, away from my room.

[Of course I know who you are, You are Reimu! Hakurei Reimu of the Hakurei Shrine!!]

Protesting loudly at being called a child, the little girl jumped up and down and quickly led me to the place where I kept all my brooms.

[See, Reimu~ You never change, you always would hang seven brooms on the rack and the rest at the side of the room.]

[W-What? how?]

Surprised she knew that fact about me, the little girl grinned and giggled as she lead me to another part of the shrine where the donation box was kept.

[Reimu Reimu~ You like to shake the donation box every night like this right?]

Gripping both ends of the Box, she lifted the enormous box with her bare hands and shook it mightily, causing a small number of coins to drop out of it and rattle to the floor.

[? Reimu, you must be slipping donations into the box again?]

Before I knew what had happened, I had picked up the little girl, threw her out of the shrine and locked the metal gate behind me, shouting at her angrily.


[That?s more like you, Reimu!!]

Before I could stop myself, I had called out her name without thinking and that alone made me slump against the steel doors in shock.

[H-How could I have done such a thing?]

Scolding myself for chasing out a worshipper of the shrine, I timidly pushed open the doors to see if she was still there.

If she was crying out of being thrown out, I will never forgive myself.

[Little girl? S-Suika? A-are you there?]

Nervously peeping through the crack in my door, I held my breath as I pushed the door wide open.

There was no one there at all, the steps were cold and deserted, just like they should be during the late evening.

[? I must be seeing things?]

Looking back at the courtyard, I saw the many coins that were littered around the shrine and pinched myself.

[That must have happened?]

Sighing, I was about to turn and lock the doors again when a face popped up in front of me. It was Suika, smiling mischievously as she looked at me, hanging by wedging her legs by the Shrine?s Large Doors.

[Reimu~ I missed you?]

[W-Who are you?]

I could no longer mistake this as an illusion as she felt real, the warmth that she emitted and most importantly, the fact that the Donation box was indeed a few yards wide of where she had thrown it.

But a girl of her size shouldn?t have such much strength?

[I am Suika, Reimu?. Oh right? you have forgotten?]

Turning downcast for a moment, Suika shook her head before offering a hand to me.

[Reimu, shall we go in? We can talk there? about why I came to find you?]

For the first time, I could see chains hanging around her neck like ornaments and judging by the thickness of those chains, they weighted a ton.

It scared me, that such a little girl could have such enormous strength and still posses the looks and size of a girl that was about 5-6 years old.


If she is as powerful as I imagined her to be, there is no use in me trying to resist.

She could easily overpower me and forcibly drag me with her and so I folded up my sleeves and followed her, trying to maintain a smile on my face as I did so.


[Reimu, are you sure that you do not know me?]

Narrowing her eyes, Suika paused before pouring me a cup of tea and pushing it to me.

The thought of such a character sitting just a few feet from me unnerved me but I still took it in my stride as I said a small prayer to the spirits around me.

[Please kami-sama? protect me?]

Opening my eyes again, Suika was still sitting in front of me and I finally ruled out the fact that it was an illusion.

[Reimu? I?ve came to take you back? Gensokyo needs you?]


[Have you forgotten everything? Reimu!! It?s ME, SUIKA!! You can?t have forgotten me AND Gensokyo!!!]

She was in a state that just borders panic and as she waved her hands up and down, I took a deep breath before standing up and bowing formally to her.

[I? really do not know who you are? perhaps you have got the wrong Reimu?]

[No! There is no other Reimu!! You are Hakurei Reimu!! The Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine can only be Reimu and that is only yOU!]

Pointing to me, Suika growled cutely and that cute song made me giggle a little before I did my formal introduction to her.

[You really must be mistaken, there might be another Reimu and she too might be from the Hakurei Shrine.

I am the 30th Generation Shrine Maiden, Hakurei Reimu.

I am pleased to meet you, Ibuki Suika? and I beg to know what you are trying tell me?]

As I finished, Suika?s mouth fell wide open and as I waited patiently for her to speak, another nostalgic feeling struck me.

Somehow, the scene seemed familiar to me, just as if I was living with Suika for a long time.

In the past, I had the feeling that living in the shrine, although comfortable, is lacking something and with Suika sitting in front of me, the picture seemed complete.

I could just picture the image of her and I lazing around in the room with our legs spread open, hating the summer weather and of the both of us snuggled below the kotetsu to keep warm.

All those memories flooded me and I paused in what I was going to say next, which is to ask her to leave.

I knew her, from a distant part of my memory, I did know her? but?


[? Reimu, you are scaring me? are you sure you do not know me? I?m Suika! I lived with you for at least a year!! Reimu!!]

Tackling me down to the floor, I looked up at her eyes, panic stricken and tearing and I found myself doing the same as she clung on to me.

[? I? I?]

Shaking my head, god knows how long the both of us stared at each other till Suika broke the silence.

[are you sure? you don?t remember me? Reimu?]

[? i? sort of remembered you? Suika? but I can?t remember who you exactly are?]

Wiping my tears away, I eased Suika off me and plopped her on the table to stare at her.

[And? it is rude to keep wearing these horns of yours when in the house? what if you poked someone?s eye out?]

Chiding her, I pulled at the horns only to get a rude shock.


Shrieking in alarm, I hurriedly backed off from her and in my hurry, tripped and fell flat on my house.


Earlier I had imagined Suika to be a little sister sort of person that I could have taken care of when I was young but this rewrote everything I had previously imagined.

Who is she, or rather.



[I?m an Oni, silly!! Did you forget that too?]

[An.. an oni?]

[Mm! An Oni!!!]

Recalling my knowledge of onis?, which are vicious and extremely powerful beings who abducted people to feast on their intestines?


Recalling my basic Miko training, which is to put oneself in danger?s way if it is to serve the people and that I draw my powers from the spirits around me, I tried to be optimistic to drive this spirit away from the shrine.

If I had to, I will take her with me if I was to die.

[An oni is evil and is feared, I won?t let you hurt the residents!!]

The attitude she displayed earlier must be a fluke and a ploy to make me lower my guard.

An ingenious plan it is from the beginning.

I can almost hear the evil cackling coming from her inner mind.

[What are you saying. Reimu? I wouldn?t hurt anyway? not now anyway?~]

Ending the sentence with a giggle did not make me feel better and in reflex I raised a hand up protectively over me.

[I?m serious, Reimu!! I? I will not harm you!!]

[Onis? are evil!! Y-You spirit? I? I will banish you!!!!]

Trembling from head to toe, I scooted back as I tried to grab hold of anything, anything at all that can serve as a weapon. If I could grab hold of a broom or something?

[Reimu, you know I could kill you with just a flick of my finger?]

Hearing her voice and face darkening, I felt my spirits plummet but I still showed a brave front as I defiantly fought back with a retort of my own,

[Ibuki Suika, if you have any oni pride, I request that we duel it out instead of using your strength to level the Shrine.

Kill me if you will but the Shrine must remain!!]

Pointing a finger at her, I tried to stand but my knees kept getting in the way by shaking like jelly.

[S-So? I, Hakurei Reimu shall do my job as the Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine? and?]

Sobbing as I lunged towards her, I braced myself for the end when she just snickered and balled a fist.

I was certain that she is going to kill me just by ripping my heart out with her hands but my last card was played.

If I have to die, I would rather die while protecting the people that I came to love and the peace of the Town.

[Hmph~~~ You?re cute, Reimu.]

Opening my eyes wide open again, I felt her arms around me and for some reason, it felt really familiar.

Her scent too, which was wafting through her hair calmed me down and I broke down and cried with her holding me all the time.

It was embarrassing, being comforted by a girl that was likely half my age but at that moment, I was too confused and disoriented with everything to care.

Ibuki Suika, the little Oni girl that came and took away the casual days in the Shrine?

I wish I could blame her? blame her for taking away the peace and familiarity of my life but I just couldn?t.

Deep down in me, I knew I knew her.

I knew of the Oni named Ibuki Suika. That could explain how I was able to see the Spirits that float around the Hakurei Shrine.

That would explain how my ofudas and amulets and my charms could work.

The time that I had forgotten was linked with this Oni, the past that I had lost does concern her? and?



And if she wants me to find my past again? do I have the courage to face it?

Oh please, spirits? tell me? tell me?


It was quite a while before I woke up.

Judging by the absence of the sun shining down at me, I assumed it was night and that was confirmed by the little girl who still hugged me.

It was obvious she did not move from the spot in fear of waking me up as her hands were trembling by the time she finally did let me go.

It was just as if she was clutching onto something that will disappear from her if she let go?

[?I?m sorry? I? just lost control of my emotions? I?]

[It?s? okay, Reimu? I know? that you will take some time to believe me? believe that I am an oni?

and believe that you know me? everything is so? so weird for you now? right?]

Crossing her arms, Suika seemed bothered about something and I took the opportunity to speak up.

[S-Suika? if you knew me before?. Can you tell me? where I am from??]

Curiosity got the better of me and I popped the one question in my mind that was bugging me.

It all seems so weird now, sitting peacefully at home which is in a shrine and my only companion is a spirit who is a vicious oni.

Earlier, I was crying for my helplessness, my inability to do anything and of course, for the most sinning thing I could do as a Shrine Maiden:

That is?


?Distrust the Innocent??

I could see that she was smiling for real, her smile did not deceive me and she was honest about her feelings for me.

Ibuki Suika did like me and meant to harm to me. There is truth in her words and every word she said came from her heart.

[? I?m sorry to? for not trusting you? I?m sorry?]

[? No, it?s alright, Reimu. After all, I like you, Reimu. So it is okay?]


[You beat me, Reimu? when you are the Reimu I knew? not the Reimu now?]

As I listened to her, I could not help but feel that she was sad about losing her friend but at the same time, vibes of happiness radiated from her as well.

[But I am happy.. to see you again, as another Reimu? I like you in this way too, Reimu?]

Looking at the half-moon from the windows of the shrine, Ibuki Suika, the Oni who claimed to know me, sighed and patted my head.

[So? don?t be sad? we are one family, Reimu? me and you.]

Smiling at me, the Oni just ran her hand through my hair and my world collapsed just like that.

It was the start of the trickling of the dam, the dam that had held my previous memories?

[? S-Suika? Suika? SUIKA!!!]

Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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Re: The Shrine of Gensokyo
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A Dream?

How I wish this is just a dream? that the little Oni Girl, Ibuki Suika never appeared in front of me.

Never told me those things and of course, that I could deny them?

That I can strongly deny all of them?

All of the memories that I had lost?

But there? there is the benefit of doubt? the ?what if? kept repeating itself in front of me.

How I wish, with all my heart and soul that I could safely say that? I do not know you, Ibuki Suika? But I do?

I do?

The familiar feeling of her warmth, the cheeky smile that I find so nostalgic and her unmistakable scent and presence around the shrine.

It is her, that I am missing in the Shrine?

I remember her, very vaguely, the Ibuki Suika that was living with me?
Ibuki Suika, the oni girl did live with me!

Maybe not in the same place as now, maybe not in the same Shrine as now? I might look different from what I do now, I might think differently than then I do now.

But I did, I definitely did spent time with her?

She is? family? Ibuki Suika? family?

And so I awoke, to the sounds of snoring from my new-found family member, Ibuki Suika.

The memory might be hazy and the remembrance of that tough, but I won?t regret remembering who she is, the Oni who wanted to be a Shrine Maiden.

The oni who came to live with me? the oni who made life troublesome, interesting and fun at the same time, Ibuki Suika...

She was sleeping soundly beside me and she had kicked away the blankets that she no doubt should have covered herself a few hours ago.

Vaguely I could remember that fact and I looked all around me.

I could see mentally, that the same room I shared with Suika was the same as this room.

My choice of decorations was not particular but when I compared it to the mental image of the one in my memory, it was picture perfect and it dawned on me that subconsciously I was all the time chasing my past.

The many little things that I?ve done, was it due to my past?s habit?


Looking at Suika, I sighed and instead just smiled to myself.

It is no use to worry after all, I have time, as much time as I wanted to?

I didn?t know how wrong I was?

[Breakfast, Suika?]

Preparing breakfast, I brought it over to Suika and she woke up almost immediately.

 The way her hair was all mangled up and out of shape made me giggle and when she looked at herself in a mirror, she laughed to herself as well.

[I?m tucking in, Reimu!!]

Saying her prayers together with me, Suika smiled as she finished her portion in three minutes flat.

[Suika, you should enjoy your food more? Breakfast is important?]

[Nah, I?m youkai, I don?t really need breakfast ya?know?]

Laughing, Suika clapped her hands together with me and thanked the spirits for the meal.

[But ish? good. So I couldn?t help myself?]

As I looked at her smiling, I smiled back at her too before the both of us looked up at the blue sky that seemed to be welcoming the future.

[? say? what are youkai.]

[Spirits? super natural beings?demons? onis? vampires? they are youkai?]

[? ? oh?]

[Weird isn?t it. That you would be friends with a spirit.]

[Uh uh? I?ve seen spirits before? just none like you?]

[That?s good?.]

Turing serious, Suika turned towards me before clutching my hand.

[Reimu? I know it?s your choice to leave us? and I?ve never blamed you for that?]


As she looked at me, the silly childish twinkle that signaled that she was about to pull pranks was gone and it was replaced with a dark look that shocked me.

[? Gensokyo? needs you, Hakurei Shrine Maiden?]

Lowering her eyes as she did that, Suika?s shadow seemed to stretch much bigger than I thought possible and it totally covered me in it?s wake.

[You once said? Humans, will always be food for Youkai? and Humans shall be the one to exterminate Youkai?

thus forming a never ending loop? Just like between us and the humans.

We oni, like to see you human suffer and you human, shall be the one to defeat the Oni?]

Uncorking her bottle of sake, Suika pulled her bowl towards her and poured it full before drinking it all in a single gulp.

[? What if youkai, exterminated all humans?]

The dark, foreboding chill I felt when Suika muttered that to me scared me and I started trembling.

As if on cue, the sky darkened and clouds started to rain in front of the shrine.

[? the balance shall be disrupted? Youkai shall always start disasters? and humans would always resolve them?

the Rules of the Spellcard system? Reimu, you invented them?]

[? did I?]

[Yesh you did. Hic.]

It?s hard to treat Suika seriously, her face could make a 360 degree switch about in a manner of seconds and there was nothing I could do about it.

Her words surprised me and captivated me just like a good story would and I could not stop listening to her.

[Gensokyo? needs you, Reimu. Right now, right this moment? The Hakurei Maiden?]

Smiling, Suika begged me by clasping her hands with mine and I?
I shook my head?


[? What?]

I knew it was selfish of me to reject her without listening to her, but I do not want to know what is going on for now?

I was reunited with my family, a person that called me family and I wanted to cherish the time I have with her right now.

Not the past or the future, but right now.

The world can wait.

[? Not today? Suika? let? let me remember more? p-please?]

Begging her, I pulled at her hand and waited for her reply.

She was still sitting beside me and her face was troubled. I could tell that she was torn between the two current affairs

[? No.]

[Ah? b-but?]

Hearing her reject me was not what I was expecting but when I wanted to ask her why and as my hands touched hers I retracted immediately.

[? Reimu.]

Her eyes were hollow, filled with sadness as she crawled towards me. It was truly horrifying as she cried and not cried at the same time.

She was like a zombie wanting to eat me and as her hands touched me, I could feel that her body was cold and losing it?s color.

[I? I can?t stay here? long? I need to go back. The spiritual power here? is too weak to sustain me?]

Weakly, she smiled at me before offering a hand to me.

[Come Reimu? we must go? and save Gensokyo? or there will be no more Gensokyo for us to save? and? ?]

She never finished the sentence as I pounced on her and hugged her tightly.

[YES YES!! I?m sorry for being selfish? I? I will go? do anything I can? if it?s to save you?. And the Gensokyo you speak off.]

I was anxious at that time, reckless and foolish, trying to do everything in my power to save Suika.

How could I be so foolish? to give up my normal life just like this?


Clutching Suika?s hand, I gathered up the remaining amulets I have and my special lucky charm before I nodded to Suika, who was sitting by the shrine?s gates.

She was getting paler and paler by the second and by that I meant not her coloration which would reflect her physical condition, but she was really fading away.

Drinking sake all the way, she tried her best to muster a smile at me even though I knew that she must be feeling pretty helplessness now.

To disappear without a trace must be a fate worse than dying?

[? Okay, I am ready now? Shall we go? to? save? Gensoyo?]

[It?s Gensokyo!! I?ll fill you in when we get there?]

Struggling to stand now, I helped Suika up to her feet and clung on tightly to the little girl who had turned my life upside down.

[Let?s go Reimu.. back home, to Gensokyo and to the Shrine!!]

Bending to her knees to get some boost, I followed her example and followed her as she leapt towards the sky.

[I?m pulling the border now, Reimu!!]

I could only gasp and nod as I clamped my eyes shut in the sudden bright light that made spots appear in my eyes.

I have the weirdest feeling of knowing this feeling as the both of us flew into a colorful void that appeared in front of us.

That was my last thought as the next moment we struck earth and the both of us rolled on the ground for several seconds.

[Ah? aha? ahahaha~]

Giggling as she rolled in the dirt beside me, Suika grinned and I was glad that she had regained her vigor but in return for that, I had lost mine and my breakfast as well in the process.

Turning over, I emptied my stomach on the floor while Suika just stared and patted my back comfortingly.

[What?s wrong? Reimu?]

[I? might be air-sick?]

I have not travelled in an air-plane all my life and it was a new and yet familiar experience for me.

As Suika had dragged me along with her, the sound of the wind blowing through my hair and the way the air smelt seemed familiar to me.

But, I was unable to fly? ?


[Air-sick? You? Reimu you must be kidding!! You know how to fly!!]

Laughing so hard that she rolled on the floor, Suika was still hitting the ground with her fist in an attempt to calm herself down when I sat up again.

The taste of my own vomit did not taste that well with me and I sighed as I wiped my mouth with my handkerchief and offered a small prayer to any spirits that were nearby for forgiveness of soiling the ground in front of me.

[? I apologize for intruding on the earth?]

With my prayer done, I looked around me at my surroundings and was surprised at what I was seeing.

I was back at the shrine?

It was the almost exactly the same, the same positions of the donations box.

The same sakura trees that populated the back yard, even the same fading sign on the front of the shrine.

What was different though? was that?

[How beautiful?]

Looking up at the sky, I was rewarded with a beautiful sight as a colorful expanse greeted me. The usual blue sky was dotted and marred by colorful lights that seemed to dance off the sky.

As I observed them closer, I realize that it was a gigantic border that spread all around the shrine and beyond it.

I could perhaps pen it close to a cage or a wall that separated the Shrine?s Sky from something else.

[? Where am I??]

Asking myself and Suika at the same time, I was rewarded with Suika jumping on me and sitting on my lap, despite my protest of it hurting.

[You?re home? in Gensokyo? Reimu?]

Smiling, Suika jumped off me, casually avoided my vomit and pulled me to my feet.

[Let?s go in for a while?]

Turning back to smile at me, Suika dragged me along to the Familiar looking shrine and I could not help but take a deep breath in shock when I almost entered the shrine.

[? There are so many spirits!!]

Pulling on Suika?s hands, I looked all around the forest where the Shrine is located to see tens? of spirits looking at me curiously.

Their bodies were glowing white and as they saw me looking at them, they seemed to be at a loss to what to do as they looked at one another nervously.

[I?ve never seen so many spirits together before!!]

[W-Wait, Reimu!!]

Breaking out of Suika?s grip, I ran towards them and held a hand towards them.

Silly me, I should have remembered that Spirits are sometimes evil and prey on humans.

But those spirits, they looked like little lost children with their cute little faces and little dresses that I could not help myself.

My Shrine Maiden Heritage will not allow me to abandon small children and run away to safety if there is something that I can do about it.

[Come now? there?s no need to be afraid. Spirits are kind if you are kind to them too.]

Those are words of my teaching and befitting for a Shrine Maiden who regularly prays to spirit and borrows their strength to make amulets and charms.

Holding a hand out, I smiled at the three closest spirit before I whispered to them.

[Tell me, Spirits? what do you want me to do?]

Closing my eyes, I felt small tiny hands touch mine and I concentrated inside me, trying to reach out towards the other feelings, the other?s thoughts that I are so close towards mine.

I should have stopped Reimu but she ran away from me in a split second that I was at a lost to what to do.

[Wait, Reimu!!]

Trying to run after her, I fell down as my legs gave way suddenly.

[? tsk? I must still be a bit sick?]

Cursing the gods that I would be this weak after visiting the other human world, I called out for Reimu not to touch those vicious youkai as she might be eaten.

If? If Reimu was to be eaten by a youkai due to her willingness to help others..



What? is happening?

As Reimu held her hands out to them, a glowing light seemed to seep from her and as the small youkai fairies touched her, the glow increased in strength and intensity.

It was neither a threatening nor it was a powerful feeling that I could gather from it.

Rather, it was a peaceful feeling that emitted from Reimu and the spirits as they squatted there for several moments.

Before, I had thought Reimu had weakened by being away from Gensokyo for such a long time.

Her physical body has grown much bigger and she is a little stronger than before but?

Can Reimu, really save Gensokyo again?

The Hakurei Maiden, who will always save the day is not me, The Oni in The Miko Outfit, but the Shrine Maiden of Paradise; Hakurei Reimu.

The Hakurei Reimu who was not in Gensokyo for close to ten years now?

Would she be able?

[No? I must believe in her.]

Smiling grimly, I nodded to myself as I watched Reimu speak with the tiny youkai spirits.

She is special, she is the one... she has done it before, despite the odds that had been stacked against her.
She will again, for she is Hakurei Reimu...


They were afraid? afraid of something?

As I concentrated, the barriers that separated between us slowly faded away and I was able to feel what the spirit was thinking about.


It could think.

It was not a bright creature, I could sense no words from her or it and all I could feel was an influx of emotions no matter how hard I tried to concentrate.

The feelings of wanting to eat, of hunger and of pain were very strong in the three of them but there was one other image as well.

The Image of Death was in their consciousness.

Were they afraid of me? The Shrine maiden?

I will be too, if I see a big hulking creature that was hundreds of times my size walk over and tried to grab you.


It wasn?t me.

They did not fear me, the felt me and wanted to tell me that they were afraid of something that would eventually consume them.

[? What is it that you are afraid off?]

Whispering again, I waited for a reply and was immediately swept apart by the intensity of their words.


A picture appeared in my mind, a terrifying picture that spoke volumes of their deepest fears.

I was standing in a field that was full of dead flowers and as I walked through them, felt the dying flowers below my foot as I crushed them below me.

I felt guilt in doing that but they were dead in the first place. The chaotic sky, the feeling of death littered around me unnerved me.

Putting a hand forward to touch the dead flowers around me, all dried out and colorless were they and I sighed at the beauty that was lost here.

All life was seemingly drained for as far as I can see and I wondered what the Spirits wanted me to see by showing me this image.

Was this the future that will befall this land if I do not do something about it?

Or was this a re-collection of something that had already happened?


Feeling unsure of my answer, I looked towards the chaotic sky that was above me and stifled a gasp in horror. My lips went dry as I struggled not to scream and cower in fright.

[Lose not yourself in fear!]

Reminded of my teachings, I gritted my teeth and just stared at the sky in horror at the scene that was taking place.

Numerous spirits were being torn apart as I watched down from the ground, helpless to do anything at all.

The frantic cries of pain and of the last dying shriek emitting from their throats finally reached my ears and I covered them in pain.

[!! No.. .STOP!]

It was like a red plague that ripped through them no matter where they ran and it left behind a wake of disappearing tiny bodies as it continued on in their rampage.

Littering the skies with the bodies, the streaming ribbon of power paused and dived down to the ground just a few feet away from me.


The resulting explosion knocked me off my feet and when I regained my senses, I was surrounded by the red ribbon as if I was a little island in the middle of the chaos.

With such close proximity between us, I stared at the offending sight and wished I hadn?t almost immediately. The red ribbon was not a ribbon at all but a river of blood.

It was uncannily similar to the river of Styx, with it?s width changing every second and of it?s victim?s body parts and occasionally a human skull popping from it.

[A? A human skull?]

Realizing it too late, I sank down to my knees when I finally understood what was going to happen to this land?

The plants will go first, followed by the humans and then the Youkai, the spirits.


If there was any sign more ominous than the sky being torn apart above me, I would like to hear it right now as all around me, reality was being torn apart as I know it.

Despite me knowing that it is an illusion, it was sure a very good illusion that was coming from the tiny fairies that I had linked hands with as it felt very real.


I knew screaming was futile but I was helpless to do anything at all as I just watched everything around me crumble apart.

The field of dead flowers is was disintegrating as I speak, the ground sinking and cracking as the river of blood just went through it like a hot knife through butter.

The sky was not fairing well either as invisible hands tore it apart, revealing large gaping holes in the sky that was red in color, just like the river of blood that still surrounded me.

As I watched in horror, another group of spirits flew overhead and I saw that in the front of them was a large Blue Fairy that threw an ice block at the sudden expansion of the red tide that threatened to engulf them.


As I watched, the ice froze all around the rushing current but it was of no avail as it easily overcame the ice and plowed straight at the group of fairies.


Unable to witness the massacre any longer, I looked away and wiped away the tears that were forming in my eyes before closing them and doing what a Miko always do.

[? Spirits? may you rest in peace.., I am sorry for not being able to save you? but let me, let me gather your strength?

your strength and willingness to fight for what you believe in?

May you be part of me and bless me as well? I lay my life for you as well? I, who serve the Hakurei Shrine? wants to borrow your power!!]

Raising my hands up in the air, I prayed and tried as hard as I can to find the spirit of the Blue Fairy I had seen earlier that had fought so valiantly.

Spirits never truly died as they are spirits, embodiment of magic and of beliefs.

If I believe in her survival, she will survive and she probably might still survive if I did not do it, it will just take a longer time.

This must be the ultimate hell for the spirits as they, who cannot truly die, will have to face an endless cycle of life and death till the end of time.


Feeling another presence in my own body, I smiled and spread my hands open to welcome the tiny spirit.


Looking at her, I just could not help but cradle her in my arms, such a valiant spirit who risks her life to save her friends even knowing that it is pointless.

[Go now?]

Letting her go, I just shook my head as the world around me just continued to fell apart.

By lending strength from the spirit, I do not mean that I will have their powers or their attributes.

I will simply borrow their personality for a short period of time and in turn, save myself and the spirit from whatever injuries that come might way. It is called invoking a spirit and borrowing it's strength.

As my body is a vessel to contain a spirit, it is possible.

Previously, I would borrow power only to create charms in which a spirit would bless the charm with it?s powers. Now, I am using my own body as a vessel to save the spirit.

With nothing to lose, I gritted my teeth and jumped straight into the bloody current that was destroying the land.




When I awoke, all I could see was Suika crying out at me as I shook my head gingerly.

[H-How long was I out?]

[? For about an hour?]

[It felt that way to me too? what happened to the little fairies??]

[They disappeared as their magical abilities were all used up? what happened?]

Looking down at the floor, I paused momentarily before clapping my hands together to pray to the spirits once again.

[? I am sorry, for my lack in ability to see your vision? I will not let you lose your life in vain?

I? I hoped that I did accurately know of your fears and your wants? forgive me?]

Finishing my prayer, I looked up and smiled grimly at Suika.

[The fairies? they told me? they showed me that? that they were afraid of the world ending.

A world where? the plants were dead? humans were gone and spirits were massacred daily and reborn? till the day the world breaks apart?]


I wanted to pray to the spirits, for the spirits to give me strength to tide over the crisis but it appeared that the spirits were afraid to and there were nothing they can do but to wait.

It scared me, that the spirits I had always thought were powers of nature would be afraid? afraid of their own fate and future.

[? Reimu. What happened to you?]

Contrary to what I had thought Suika would do; which was to not believe me, Suika was staring at me with confused eyes, disbelief and belief were fighting rationality as she just paced all around me.

Her chains, which were once hung around her neck was trailing all around her.

She looked very scruffy and she must have been that way out of worry for me.

[Reimu, I knew you had changed when I first saw you? but w-what?s this? the spirits I know would have attacked you with no questions ask? b-but they wanted to speak with you? t-that?]

Clutching her own arms, Suika looked at me before smiling and sitting down in front of me again.

Her eyes were not one of disbelief now, but rather of determination and of hope and I smiled back, each feeding on each other?s emotions.

[That?s incredible? you really are the Hakurei Shrine Maiden? and? you?re probably correct?]

Sliding another Shrine Door to the side, Suika gestured to the woods behind me and just as I feared, the trees were yellowing and their leaves were falling apart.

[Suika? what is going on? where is this place? and why? why did you drag me here.]

Finding my tongue, which was taken away by a cat after I witnessed that incredible sight,

I tugged at Suika?s sleeve to see that she was drinking sake from her bottle.

[? Hic. That is a long story, Reimu? l-listen.]


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Re: The Shrine of Gensokyo
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Ever since you left, Reimu? the world never changed?

Gensokyo never changed much? the people that were around never said much?

But the Youkai? they were saddened that you left, especially Yukari.
Marisa too was very sad, sad that her great friend was gone but..

She said that you will come back one day?

And when you did, she will be better than you.

Marisa she, she became the youkai exterminator of the Shrine?

While I took on the duties of the Shrine.

The days were peaceful and happy and more and more people came to worship at the shrine.

Youkai attacks were less frequent and even those who were attacked was not seriously hurt.

People were happy and the youkai were happy as well as they get along very well.

However, there was always this lack of energy in the high level Youkai.
Yukari especially seemed not to come out at all.

Remilia seemed less willing to let Sakuya out, preferring to stay in the mansion.Even China was subdued at times.

But life went on?

Till two months ago?

The trees started dying, the crops started failing and the youkai started fleeing the forested areas where they lived.

The people were not attacked but they were afraid of the large amount of youkai that appeared in crowds around their homes.

They started attacking the youkai and the youkai struck back out of fear and pain?

Many people were killed and I, as the acting Shrine Maiden tried to stop them?

But the people didn?t believe me and chased me out?

The people didn?t believe in the Hakurei Shrine anymore and?

When I visited Marisa?s house, she was not there and? her hat was found near Cirno?s Lake?

The situation worsened everyday as the grass started to turn yellow too.

Only the Hakurei Shrine remained immobile till last week.

The foundations started to shake and the plant started withering and the youkai came in droves to reside around us.

That?s when I decided to find you, Reimu?

At the end of her explanation, which she had done so very remarkably without any interruptions what so ever, I paused for a moment to digest all the facts.

[B-But? I don?t remember living here?]

[When you left? you forgot everything willingly? b-but you remember me, right?]

Shaking me, Suika begged me to look at her eyes and I did so willingly, trying to understand what she was thinking.

[? Yes, I remember you Suika? b-but I don?t remember Gensokyo? I? I don?t know what to do?

how am I supposed to save Gensokyo when I am so powerless? so powerless?]

Shaking, I denied everything and slammed my fist on to the tatami mat in frustration.

That was me, weak and powerless compared to her, to Suika who was standing straight, her face proud in front of me.


[What are you doing, Reimu! You are the Hakurei Shrine Maiden!]

Slapping me, Suika?s whole body was shaking as she tried to contain her disbelief and disappointment at me.

Her small frame was shaking so much that I was afraid that she will fall apart at any moment.

[If it?s you? you will know what to do? S-Save Gensokyo, Reimu! You are the one who can!!]

[? I? I?]

Looking away, I thought to myself, how in the world did I get dragged into this mess when I remembered.

[It shall be easy for Youkai to cause disasters? and it shall be easy for Humans to resolve disasters?]

Was that? another part that I had forgotten?

I? am a Shrine Maiden?

[? I draw power, from the spirits?]

Closing my eyes, I looked around me and found that it was indeed familiar.

The same room that had appeared to me in my home was exactly the same here but what was different was the feeling of history.

I had once treaded on this tatami mats, slept at the futon on the other side and?

I was here, put of it?s history.

[? I am? Hakurei Reimu.]


Standing up, I made my decision firmly and absolutely with no touch of regret.

If it is not for the World Call Gensokyo, if not for the Fairies that told me of their fears, if not for Suika, who had brought me here? but?

For the pride and the responsibility of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, the Hakurei Reimu that I had forgotten and they always remembered.

[The Hakurei Shrine in Gensokyo. Right, Suika?]

Smiling, I held her hands with mine and I nodded to her.


Sobbing now, Suika tackled me to the floor and for a few minutes, I allowed her to cry to me as I tried to remember all the things that I had forgotten here?


There was the figure that had predominantly appeared in front of me, a smiling and friendly person that was here at the shrine beside me and Suika.


[Yo, Reimu, I came to play, ze!]


Her sunny exterior and her unlimited confidence was what differentiated her from all the shadows in my memories.

She was something important to me, an important friend but? who is she?


[So? you?re setting off already?]

Looking back at Suika, who had changed into a outfit similar to mine, I nodded to her and said that I wanted to do what I can, no matter the costs.

[? Reimu. I know you can do it? I will help too.]

Still sniffing, Suika passed me a few amulets that she explained as Spellcards, magical amulets that would enable me to fire projectiles.

[The youkai, especially the stronger ones who might get in your way will definitely want to danmaku with you, Reimu? so if they do, play by the Spell card rules?]

[S-Spell card rules? I invented them? right?]

The Spellcard rules, something that I recalled vaguely but I could not grab my hands on was of importance to me, as Suika would explain.

[Well, it?s just that when the other side declare the spell-card, you have to dodge and graze every single one of them before hitting them.

That?s about it.]

Somehow, it didn?t seem that simple to me but seeing her confident face, I was relieved at that.

[Reimu you never lost to anyone so you should be fine.]

Nodding her head, Suika finally passed me something that I immediately realized.

[That?s the Hakurei?s Shrine Yin-Yang Duality Orb!]

[T-that?s right?]

Seeing surprised that I could recognize it, Suika laughed when she placed the box on the floor beside me.

[It's yours, Reimu. You can use it but I can?t.]

[Why not? It is a treasure of the Hakurei shrine? right?]

It was found in a few old texts that was in my home and so I was familiar with it.

The yin-yang orb?s ability was wel known to be used to defeat spirits and can be used as a shield of sorts against impure thoughts.

[Only one of the Hakurei Blood can use the Yin-Yang orbs.]

[? if I could use it?]

Then I am truly the Shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine?

Taking the twin orbs from the box, I placed my palms on them before concentrating on my own spiritual power, begging for them to be of use.

[? I beseech you, power of yin and power of yang that flows within my body?]

[The Hakurei Shrine Maiden calls for your strength.]

[The Strength of Yin and the Durability of Yang, may both of them lend me your strength.]

The words came naturally to me and the box glowed momentarily as my exact words were carved on the cover of the box as the both of us just watched, awestruck at the display of strength.

The twin-orbs disappeared and a pair of bracelets appeared around my hands.

[I guess? I really am the Hakurei Shrine Maiden? after all.]

Laughing weakly, I nodded to Suika and was about to take off when Suika passed me something that I had forgotten.

[Take this, Reimu. Your gohei?]

[Thank you, Suika. I will be back? soon, hopefully.]

[I?m sorry Reimu, I haven?t quite recovered? but I will join you soon? Save Gensokyo and Save Marisa? they need you now.]

Bowing back to me, Suika waved goodbye as I ran down the steps of the Hakurei Shrine.

[Good bye, Suika!!]

I only hoped that it will not be the final farewell for me as I wiped away the tears in my eyes.

[R-Reimu, why don?t you fly?!]

Hearing her call out at me, I take it as she must be kidding and continued my way down on foot.


[Here you go, Reimu. Your amulets and your charms?]

[Thank you?]

Pulling out a mountain full of them, I caressed them with my hands and felt for once, the spiritual presence of them just jump and shock me.

[?are they, really mine?]

Picking a few up, I studied them and indeed, they were written in my handwriting and I accepted them as my own.

My outfit was surprisingly good for storing those amulets and ofudas and I took as many of them as I can.

If the people I am going to meet were spirits, or youkai as Suika put it, I am going to need them.

[Here, your blow gun.]

Passing me a box full of needles and a blow-gun, I took it and had a practice shot which was a perfect dead-centre bulls-eye.

[? Was this where I got my archery skills from?]

Wondering to myself, I took out my previous amulets and to my surprise, they too had the same charging spiritual presence about them.

[Wow, Reimu, you came up with new amulets? This is one for removing spirits and this? for good luck?! Why do you need that!]

Gazing over my shoulder at them, Suika praised me before diving deep into the box that was labeled: Reimu?s Stuff.

[This is what Marisa left you, Reimu. She said it was a gift for you when you come back.]

[M? Marisa??]

[You'll know when you see her, Reimu. She?s quite the character and the magician~.]

When I heard the term magician, I started as the foggy image I had of her dissipated for a second, leaving me a strong impression of the Blond hair, the cheeky smile and her voice as she called to me.

[Reimu, I will beat you next time!]


-Girls are Preparing for the Fight of their Lives.

It is certainly a curtain fire game but?

The Fate of Gensokyo depends on it.

Do you fear it?

The Future and the Past that you seek?

Grab hold of it, Young Maiden and one shall see the future and the past that you have given up.

The Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine?

show the others your faith!


[Whew? I?ve made it thus far?]

After leaving the Hakurei Shrine, I was clueless to where I was going and I was afraid that I would be lost if I kept off the road.

Surprisingly thou, I knew exactly where we were all the time even though this was the first time I was here.

No, A correction, I?ve been here before.

[Oh yea, I suppose so.]

Laughing to myself, I closed my eyes and concentrated inside me, hoping to find the intuition of the Shrine Maiden that Suika said I have.

[If it is you, you would be able to find the culprit no matter where they are!]

[Well, I can?t disappoint Suika?]

Raising a finger to the air, I sensed for any spiritual strength around me and I found none, there were no youkai around the area to give me clues and I just shrugged and continued running through the maze of a forest that I had encountered.

[? what is this feeling?]

As I brushed through the branches and the leaves, I felt some sort of power that I was pushing across all the time.

It did not came from the many trees that populated the area but rather from the air itself.

The air seemed to be thick and as I plowed through, it materialized in a dazzling fog that was shining with different colors in the sunlight.

It strongly represented the Hakurei Border, and I stopped for a moment to marvel at it?s sight.

[It?s so beautiful?]

[yes it is, isn?t it, Reimu.]


Feeling a strong spiritual presence behind me, I turned around to find the owner of the voice and I was greeted with a blonde girl, clad in a blue blouse who was smiling at me.

In her hands, she held a large book that I recognized as a Grimoire and she brushed her hair up, revealing that it was held in place by a pretty white hair-band.

[? Reimu? do you? remember me?]

As she walked closer, I found myself not being afraid of her but rather intimidated by her looks.

She was very beautiful and had a beautiful figure but one thing still struck out.

Her eyes were crystal blue in color but they appeared to be strained and she was shaking very subtly.


[? It?s Alice, Alice Margatroid, Reimu.]

Smiling in relief as I recognized her, Alice ran forward and hugged me before planting a kiss on my cheeks for good measure.

[Welcome back, Reimu.]

[Thank you?]

The petite girl that was named Alice, she was not human, that I was know as I could sense strong spiritual powers coming from her.

[Y? you are youkai?]

[Yes I am, you must not have remembered quite a lot?]

Sighing, Alice nonetheless smiled as she gestured to the rainbow cloud in front of us before turning back at me.

[Such a wonderful sight? a beautiful sight worthy of the both of us seeing?]

[? mm..]

[? It is a wonderful thing, the seven colors that seemed to resemble me?but they are fading away? fading away as I speak?

I? I might not be the Seven Colored Puppeteer any longer, Reimu]


Sensing her pain, I held on to her as she suddenly collapsed to the floor, mumbling as she said so.

[S-Shanghai? get Shanghai for me?]


Weakly, Alice pushed her book to me before imploring me to get Shanghai for her.

[Please Reimu? it must be fate that you found me? please, get Shanghai and save her?she?s?]

Falling into a faint, Alice collapsed and I finally nodded to her request as I placed her on the floor in a comfortable position.

[? Oh no? she might get attacked?]

Reminded of the warning by Suika that youkai might attack me, I clapped my hands together and prayed to the spirits nearby.

[Please, spirits of the forest hear my call? My friend, Alice is weak and powerless by herself?

May you? I beg of all of you, to protect and watch over her?]

Drawing a circle around her, I focused on the spiritual power around and channeled it through me to the circle around Alice.

It was a risky gamble as I did not know the extent of my powers but it worked as a green glow appeared to circle around Alice.

[Thank you? Spirits of the Forest!]

Running off in the direction that I thought of immediately, I held on to Alice?s book tightly to my chest as I looked around for Shanghai, the mystery person that I was supposed to find.

[Shanghai? SHANGHAI!!]

Calling out her name, I paused for a second as I suddenly recognized a path that I had came across.

[This? is Alice?s Home!!]

Coming into a conclusion as I followed the path, I just placed all my heart and soul into running and in a split second, I reached a clearing.


Looking at the western themed house in front of me, I cautiously approached as the mist was thick around this parts, if I get ambushed here, I would not stand a chance.

The garden was as well kept as I had remembered it to be and I winced as I felt a sharp pain rock my mind.

[Ow? that really hurts?]

Falling to my knees, I noticed that my hand was touching something and I pulled it up, only to get the shock of my life.


In my hands was a headless doll, it?s stuffing spewed all around the floor and as the fog cleared around me, I saw many of the same scene scattered around Alice?s house.


As I clutched on to a doll, I got up to my feet but I was overwhelmed by a sudden flashback.

[Say, Reimu? This is the reason I?m better than you!!]

[Is this it?]

Dodging the bullets that Alice shot at me, I grinned as I flicked a finger on Shanghai, Alice?s doll to make it?s aim go way off before grabbing it and threatening Alice with it.

[I?ve got Shanghai! Stop your fire or I will twist it?s neck off!]

[AHH! Shanghai! Give it back to me, Reimu!!]


Shanghai is a doll?

With that vision, I slowly got up, my faith renewed and I announced my intentions to the spirits around me.

[I shall be entering your house now, Alice!]

Diving for the door, I at the same time avoided the barrage of bullets that was shot at me from the top of the small house.

The tiny sized bullets shot through the earth and as I slammed the door behind me, I could still feel the heat that they had emitted as I narrowly grazed them.

[If? if this is what Suika meant by dodging them? I might die!]

Sighing as I nervously opened the door again, I slammed it back when I saw the small figure that lowered itself from the rooftop.

It?s eyes were shining red in color and it scared me as it slowly advanced like a zombie toward?s it?s prey, holding it?s tiny arms out stretched.

[I? Is that Shanghai?]

The doll that was hovering dangerously outside looks remarkably like Alice.

It had blonde hair and orange eyes and was wearing a long purple dress that was covered with a white apron.

It looked very adorable, if it was not coming after my life.

Raising it?s arms, it summoned another army of dolls behind it and with a single command, called for me to come out.

[Come out, Red-white!! I do not want to destroy Mistress?s Home! Come out!!]

Looks like Shanghai is more worried for the house than my own personal well-being.

Trying not to laugh, I dropped the grimoire to the floor and to my utmost surprise, it was unlocked and the book fell wide open to a page Alice has marked in it.


Written on the book was both her?s and Shanghai?s name but it was written in her blood.

The title of the chapter was:

[Equivalent Exchange: Chapter Four; the Price]

Discovering that stunned me but as I picked up the book, numerous lasers struck all around the house and I shrieked in surprised.

It seems diving into the house when I sensed danger was the right thing to do after all but this was getting nowhere and I called back to her.

[A-Alright.. Shanghai? I? I give up!!]

Pushing the grimoire out the door, I came out of it with my hands raised above me and waited for any further instructions from the tiny doll.

The last I remembered of shanghai was that Shanghai? ?


[Reimu, one day I will make an independent doll. That is a promise between us, Reimu.]


Shanghai couldn?t speak, right?


Calling out it?s name as the doll army poked me with their tiny lances, I pushed the grimoire closer to the doll before telling her the message that Alice wanted me to tell her.

[Shanghai! Alice wanted me to find you, she?s hurt!]


Pausing as she looked at the book and then at me, Shanghai gave me a suspicious look as she crossed her arms and told the doll army to back off.



Closing my eyes, I waited for the end as all the dolls just readied their lances.


Once again, fate has intervened as all the dolls suddenly stopped and started fizzing around their heads.


Panicking, Shanghai grabbed a lance from one of the malfunctioning dolls before lunging towards me, hatred and anger evident in her eyes.

[Oh no you don?t!!]

Dodging her attack, I grabbed Shanghai?s collar and lifted her up in the air with one fluid motion of my hand.

As I did so, I felt strong spiritual power within her.

[? Shanghai? did Alice know you can move?]

[? No.]

[? W-Wait a minute?]

Looking closely at her, I came to a sudden conclusion and started sprinting away from the spot.

[Where are you taking me, you red-white!!]

[Shanghai, you? you couldn?t have!]

Fearing the impossible, I pulled out an amulet and placed it on Shanghai?s forehead and chanted a small charm.

[Tell me your name, the owner of the soul you carry? a doll you are but? a doll you are not!!]

A doll is an empty vessel that can contain spirits, just like an effigy and it can be used to curse people.

My body is a vessel too, a vessel to contain my soul.

Alice?s plans always failed as in order for a doll to move of it?s own will, it must create a conscious mind whether intelligent or not.

But? the spirit that I sensed in the little doll? it couldn?t be.

[Shanghai.. a? are you Alice?]


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Author's Note:
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Staring at the little doll, I chanted the spell again as I tried to reaffirm what I had suspected, that Alice?s soul was somehow being absorbed by the tiny doll.
[No I am not!! I am SHANGHAI!!]
A doll wouldn?t be able to speak unless Alice wills it to and Shanghai is not able to as Alice is so far away? not to mention that she has no vocal cords. This is magic and magic is not among Shanghai?s abilities!!


[Say Alice, what can Shanghai do?]
[Well, she can do anything I want it to do as I channel my magic through her.]


[Shanghai, tell me the truth!!]

Desperately, I racked my mind for where I had left Alice while I held the little doll in my arms.

Wrapping my fingers around her all the time, I stopped her from doing anything at all as her arms were unable to free themselves, being stubby little extensions sewed on to the body.


[I?m bringing you to Alice, Shanghai! Keep quiet or the Youkai will hear us!!]

I am remembering more and more of Gensokyo as I walked around this land.

It was like a journey of discovery spurred on by Suika. Things that I have forgotten were slowly coming back to me, if only in small details but I do remember know Alice and Shanghai.

The two of them? we were friends, although Shanghai was a doll then.


Stopping suddenly, Shanghai looked away as I glared at her, my suspicions confirmed.

[You leave me with no choice? Shanghai. As the Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, I have to remove the spirit you have stolen from Alice.]

Reaching for my gohei, I tapped Shanghai?s forehead with it and chanted to the spirits around me once more.


[Spirits of the Forest, I beseech you to listen to my selfish request once more? my friend, who had lost her soul to the vessel she cherished the most?

she might have wished; to allow her greatest treasure? to follow her for as long as she can? But? not in this manner, spirits!! I beseech all of you, to grant her wish in a different manner!!]

Feeling a large surge of spiritual power enter me again, I touched Shanghai?s forehead and light exploded from her every pore, blinding me momentarily as I gritted my teeth and slowly pulled at the glowing form that was coming out of Shanghai?s little body.

[? ?]

Till the end, the little doll did not as much as struggled as it looked at me with it?s orange eyes.

It must have dawned on her too that if she kept the body that she has now, she will cause the death of her owner.

Alice has unwittingly given her soul to Shanghai, so she could move. It must have felt fine at first but it finally weakened her till she was close to losing her powers.

The Glittering Cloud that Alice and I had witnessed earlier must be her source of energy, the last source of energy that she had left before her whole soul would be given to Shanghai.

Equivalent exchange; the price for a soul to be given to the Soul of another would undoubtedly be another Soul.

[Alice you dummy!!]





Calling out to my favorite doll, I placed a hand on my chest and waited for death to take me away from this helpless state that I had carved out myself.

It might be a curse? a curse that I had inflicted on myself.

Oh well, I guess? this is what I deserve? after all the time I was sacrificing all my dolls.

All the talk about, my dolls are my life? looking after them were my life.

But weren?t they? my tools too? My slaves?

They fought for me, not because they wanted to? but because? they had to.

They sacrificed themselves for me, not because they want to.


Because they have to.

How can I face anyone who says that I love my dolls?

And Reimu, she came back? I must thank her? for coming back to see me? even if there is nothing she can do, if she figures it out.

After all, I will never admit that she is stronger than me, not in a million years will I do that?

Haha? it seems that I will end this way?

My dream would not be realized.. I.. I won't surpass her...


[? Alice?]

Sitting beside the motionless Alice, I placed Shanghai beside her before I looked at her again.

She had moved herself so that she was facing the sky that could be seen peeping through the gaps in the canopy and I shook my head at the effort that she had put into it.

After releasing Alice?s broken soul from Shanghai, Shanghai had returned to normal, a doll and I hurriedly ran back to where Alice was to check on her.

Thankfully she was fine and I breathed a sigh of relief that the barrier was still present around her.

The first connection between the truth was when I first looked at Alice?s Eyes,

They were blue instead of the familiar Orange and I had wondered what had happened so.

They turn blue when she is angry or when she is extremely powerful but Alice was weak and losing her powers even as she spoke to me.

The magical cloud that I had seen was her powers and it was being drained away from her, thus her comment on being the seven colored puppeteer.

[? Thank goodness? if I were a second slower?you might have really died? Alice? well then.]

Shaking my head at her foolishness, I wanted to do something for her too and I placed another amulet on Shanghai?s head before placing a hand on her chest and waving my gohei with the other.

[? Grant my friend this wish, oh spirits of the forest? You must have watched over her as she lived her all her life?

her power is your powers and despite herself, she wishes for company? Spirits who can hear me, I beseech you to answer her call?
Give this doll life, one of yours? RETURN ANIMATENESS!!]

Recalling one spell that Alice tried to use, I was surprised when a slip of paper flew from her pocket and activated itself in a blinding flash of light.


When the spell ended, a light glow surrounded Shanghai and as I watched, a tiny spirit flew up beside it and bowed to me.

[? are you? one who will be Alice?s friend?]

I had spoken with countless spirits before but they all did not reply me as vigorously as this little one did.

Flying all around Shanghai, it seemed to be satisfied with the tiny body and nodded to me.

[? don?t tell Alice that I did this? alright?]

Smiling as I touched the tiny spirit on it?s head, I got up and started to leave when Shanghai, no, the tiny spirit grabbed me by the sleeve and shook it?s head.

[No, Shanghai? you are Alice?s friend now? keep her company? okay?]

Pushing the tiny doll away from me, I took my leave and started running in the other direction, a direction from which I smelt water and strong spiritual presence abound.




Walking along the path that my instincts told me to, I passed a small spring and I decided to take a break there to have a small drink.


The memory of me drinking from that spring came to mind and I laughed as I took off my slippers and soaked my long suffering feet in the spring.

It had been a while since I had ran for such a long distance and I was quite tired.

Saving the world is hard work and taking a small break would not hurt?

As I looked all around me, I felt that I was reliving my past as I ran around Gensokyo.

More faces were familiar to me now, Alice, Suika and? ... ...

Watching the sky and the clouds drift too and fro, I felt at peace with the world in more ways than one.

In the Hakurei Shrine where I spent my days, the sky were beautiful but I never expected the skies of Gensokyo to be so clear and beautiful.

They were absolutely stunning as I could even make out the spirits that were floating about in the air.

In Gensokyo, spirits are a common sight and that made me felt at ease even more.

When I was home, sometimes I know I am different, isolated from the small town that I made weekly visits to.

They were not friends but rather associates that spoke briefly when we met.

Think of it in this perceptive.

A week is not that long, it is seven days, 168 Hours, 10080 minutes or 604800 seconds long.

With my small weekly visit, which might take a maximum of ten minutes, that is not even a fraction of their time at all.

How many things could I learn from them while being isolated from the Shrine?

How many people could I be familiar with while being away at the shrine, minding the responsibilities of the Shrine?

[? I have family here?]

Perhaps that is the reason I came with Suika here. The mere thought of someone being my family was enough for me to abandon the life that I had lived.

I was lonely?

[? Perhaps, I was afraid too? that people know of me being able to see spirits?]

If they knew I could see spirits, I would likely be rejected from the people of the Town. Even with my status as a Shrine Maiden, being a deviant is never a good thing?

Attention would seek for me and I was never an attention seeker in the first place?

I just?

Want to be normal?

Is that a crime?

[Ah? let?s go?]

Deciding that a five minute breather was enough, I got up and started walking down the path again.

The path was stony and very little travelled, as seen by the lack of maintenance; which reminded me of another thing, I had not seen a single human up till now.

Perhaps they were further ahead?

[?Youkai are everywhere thou?]

True to my words, youkai were everywhere.

There were some playing about in the fields, some of them drifting lazily in the air current and some of them just popping their heads from the trees in which they reside to look at me.

Like scared animals, those fairy like youkai ran away when their eye-contact clashed with mine.

[They are so cute? but they are youkai.]

Like caged animals, youkai are wild and we don?t even know whether they have any rationality or any memory of sorts.

They could really be wild animals; just that they can never die and is formed out of beliefs and of spiritual power.

[? Speaking of spiritual power?]

Muttering to myself as another large lake came into view, I reached into my sleeves to draw out one of my amulets, which was the one I had placed on Shanghai?s head.

It was an amulet used to help in possession by forcing the spirit out of the spirit by creating a barrier that will expel the spirit out of the body.

I did not know that it will so successful as this was the first time I had actually tried it out in a doll.

All the other attempts involved people who wanted the spirit to be out of their bodies, thus it was much easier as both our combine efforts would make it easy for the spirit to be removed.

Once a spirit is too attached to a body, the harder it is for the exorcist which is me, to conduct it.

Shanghai must be very willing to return as the Alice?s spirit and power was quickly restored to it.

Perhaps it still retained some of Alice?s Memories as well as I could have sworn I heard Shanghai cry while I was holding her.

[Well, at least there is someone with Alice now?]

[? How am I going to cross this lake?]

Looking at the gigantic expanse of water, I was troubled as to what to do.

Beyond the lake was a great white mansion with an European clock tower that held some youkai that had enormous power.

If I recalled accurately, Marisa?s hat was found here, no matter who Marisa is, she is my friend, a friend that I had lost with me memories and I was going to save her.

Rule One of the Miko: Do not just think of yourself

Reminded of that rule, I slapped myself and sat down on a nearby rock to complement my thoughts.

Why was I here?

What should I do?

And is it right?

Up till now, all my actions were not for me but for others and I was happy about that fact too.

Serving others is a Shrine Maiden?s Job. Before I had knew it, I was serving the spirits and the people and now? the world.

But I am happy about it?

[? Let?s go? time to find a way to get pass this lake.]

Looking at the waves that were crashing up to shore and the murky, muddy water,

I knew swimming was not an option and I would probably drown before I get half-way across.

[? maybe I can borrow a boat?]

Looking around, I gave up almost immediately as there was no human in sight, not even shadows of a human like me.

[? well? guess I have to swim after all?]

Shaking my head, I decided against it again and attempted to walk along the shoreline to find a way pass the river.

[Well, I suppose I can always call upon a spirit? but that would be cheating?]

Communicating with the spirits takes a lot out of me in the past but as I slowly cultivated myself, speaking and praying with spirits had became very much easier and for me now, it is a sort of routine for me.

I take it very seriously as usual but at times, I wonder what it would be like to actually have a conversation with a spirit just for that, a casual conversation.

My calling for spirits usually involves speaking to the Great spirit that resides in the Hakurei Shrine, a spirit who has been there for hundreds of years to bless worshippers and to forgive them for their mistakes.

Charms for repelling curses, amulets for good luck etc all is gone through the process of speaking with the Spirits, thus our role: We serve the spirits and they serve us.

Actually it?s more of the spirits serving us and we doing the housework for them?

But as I stressed, spirits are embodiments of faith, beliefs and spiritual power.

Spiritual power is a source of energy that is within a person and is formed when one tunes himself or herself to nature.

It allows man and nature to coexists in harmony and is also known as Qi or aura to some people.

It is a natural process that everyone has spiritual power but what differs is how one uses the power. People might unconsciously give out lots of Spiritual power just by being happy, making it a lively atmosphere for everyone.

Spirits are embodiment of that power and it takes form only when it is attached to a belief. Fear for example creates the most spirits, as many people fear snakes, it is logical for many snake spirits to form as all of the spirits that were exhaled and given out will collect to become spirits.

However, the people turned to science and stopped believing in gods and spirits to protect themselves, thus the amount of spiritual power decreased as a result of people becoming more and more uncaring and does not like to exist peacefully with one another.

It is such a shame that it has come to this state in the Hakurei Shrine? but I always do my best to retain faith and harmony around the people.

[Who goes there!!]

Hearing someone call out to me, I looked all around me for the source of the voice but turned upped with nothing.


Hearing the scream, I was startled when a couple of icicles rained down on me and I hurriedly took a step back.

[? W-Wha?]

Flying on top of me was another fairy but this fairy has a stronger and larger physical body then the rest.

Wearing a blue one-pieced dress, she had matching hair and eyes with a green ribbon tied on her hair. Her wings were unique as it was shaped liked an icicle.

[? What are you doing there?! I know! You came to ambush Cirno!]

[Cirno, is that your name?]

Looking at her, I found that she was quite adorable and I smiled up at the little fairy, something which she did not expect at all.

[W-Why are you smiling at cirno, Red-white?! Cirno is Cirno. Cirno is the ice-fairy of the lake.]

[? Okay, Cirno? You?re the ice-fairy of the lake.]

[Yes, Cirno is the ice-fairy of the lake! The ONLY ice-fairy of the lake!]

Sticking her chest out proudly, Cirno flew down towards me before staring at me fiercely.

[What does the Red-white wants with Cirno! Did she come to pay Cirno a visit?]

[? Well? Not exactly? and why are you calling me Red-White?]

[Red-White is Red-white! Cirno remembers you!]

[? Do I know you?]

Tilting my head in confusion and staring at her, I racked my brain for an answer as I paced all around her, looking at her distinct features as I did so?


For some reason, this tiny blue fairy did not come into mind when I hear the name Cirno?


[? the strongest?]


I must have hit a sore sport as the ice fairy suddenly dived at me with her teeth bearing out at me.

The sight of the tiny ice fairy being so vicious shocked me and I was unable to dodge in time and she collided head first into my stomach and the both of us rolled around in the dirt for a second.


Getting my wind back first, I rubbed my head and dusted my miko outfit off before looking at the sprawled out ice-fairy beside me.

She was knocked out with her face buried in the dirt and I laughed at her pitiful sight before pulling out of the dirt and shaking her awake.

She was real tiny, just a tad bigger than Shanghai and an attitude and ego that was way above her small frame could ever contain.


Looking at her dazed expression, I tried once again to remember who she was. I know her, sort of? there were pieces in my recovering memory that contained her but I just could not place her.

[? well. Rest for now.]

Placing her near a small rock, I jumped up on another and scanned the whole area for any clues to where I was.

The Large Mansion was still visible over the thick fog but it was hopeless to get across there without some kind of help.

The surroundings were familiar but it seem different somehow, as if I was viewing them from a long way away instead of in such close proximity.

As I looked at the Mansion, I was reminded of Maids and Door Guards for no particular reason and I chided myself for being so foolish.

[? there wouldn?t be any maids here..]



Crying out as the ice-fairy somehow rejuvenated herself in a matter of seconds, she sat up and glared fiercely around her before tilting her head in confusion.

[Why is Cirno mad?? And where is Red-White?]

I was just above her eye-level and she couldn?t see me from where she was. Cirno must not be that bright after all as I just sighed and laughed softly.

[?ha ha~]

Hearing my voice, Cirno looked up and saw me and the way her face contorted totally blew the cute out of Cirno as she lunged at me again.


[Ahh? AH no!]

Jumping away just in the nick of time, I paused and looked up at her before I called out.

[Cirno, I don?t want to hurt you!]


Throwing a temper tantrum in the air, Cirno wheeled around for a moment before she raised her arms up and shouted at me.


Is? this danmaku?

Running from the ice-fairy as she threw blocks of ice at me, I barely scrapped it through when a large icicle block smashed to the ground beside me, causing dirt to fly everywhere.


Diving back again as a stream of small icicles were coming straight at me, I took cover behind a large boulder and screamed when they riddled the boulder full of little holes.

It was like a pin cushion when I left it, riddled with tiny holes that the icicles had made in them.

[Well, it?s just that when the other side declare the spell-card, you have to dodge and graze every single one of them before hitting them.
That?s about it.]

Suika?s words came to haunt me again and I wanted to scream at her at not warning me about the danger that will involve danmaku play.

[Well? at least it?s just one spell?]

Breathing a sigh of relief that at least it was quite easy to avoid all the icicles, I suddenly leapt back on to a fallen icicle to face Cirno.

Up till now, Cirno was still mad and when she saw me doing that, her face turned red in anger and she screamed at me again.


Ready for the attack, I leapt from that particular icicle to the other and reached into my sleeves for my blow gun.

[? I?m sorry Cirno!]

It was like shooting fish in a barrel as I shot a stream of tiny needles straight at Cirno before diving down for cover as the larger icicles struck where I was momentarily.


Hearing her cry of pain, I wrongly assumed that that had taken care of her and popped my head out, only to see Cirno trembling with rage as she raised both her hands up.


[Ah? No?]

Watching in shock and disbelief as tens and hundreds of icicles form above her, I muttered a curse and started running for as fast as my legs can carry me.


The sounds of icicles crashing behind me never ceased at all even when I ran back towards the place where I first met Cirno.

I was panting like crazy after running a crazy marathon around the edges of the leg.

Even now I could still hear Cirno?s enraged cries as I made yet another fast turnaround another icicle.

Cirno has conveniently modeled her icicles to fall with gaps between them for me to hide between them and it was like a maze, a maze that I could not hope to get out of.

For a few times I had dodged away from sight and launched a few needles at her but they seemed to bear no effect what so ever.

Amulets would be a much better choice but they kept being knocked out of air by Cirno?s small ice needles. If this kept up, I will definitely be killed.

[What?s with the spell-card rule? I don?t have any?]

My sentence trailing off, I sighed when I remembered that I did have spell cards, it was just that I did not know how to use them.

[? and the yin-yang orbs, I still do not know how too? Well? I just have to make the best out of it.]

Drawing my blow-gun again, I dived behind yet another icicle as Cirno circled passed me, calling out my name as she did so.

[RED-WHITE! We are not playing hide-seek! We are danmaku-ing!!]

Giggle at the term: [Danmaku-ing], I readied myself and did a spectacular roll behind Cirno and shot her at the back once again.


This time however, I threw a few amulets between me and her and muttered:


The two slips of paper converged to form a small barrier between us and that effectively stopped all the ice-needles that she threw at me.


It was an amulet that I recognized among the lot that Suika gave me, it was used primarily as a sort of prevention for spirits and who knew it would be so effective.

[Red-white. Cirno is the strongest!]

Sensing something was wrong when Cirno never even faltered at the sight of the tables being turned, I was about to take off again when Cirno pulled out another slip of paper and declared.



Realizing too late, I felt the area around me starting to freeze and I fell to my knees, numbness hitting me from all parts of the body.

[??! ?]


[? heh..]

Feeling my strength leave me, I recalled someone telling me that a second lost might be a difference between life and death.

How fitting?

Kneeling on the Ground in front of the Ice-fairy, it must have looked as if I was praying to her, praying to Cirno, the ice-fairy.

I should have been mad, mad at myself for losing to her but I didn?t?

I had underestimated her and underestimated the Spell Card rules and of course,

I had overestimated myself.

The moment that I had been challenged by Cirno, I had not given a thought on how I was supposed to defeat her or even stop the battle from starting.

After my previous success in helping Alice, talking with spirits and usage of the amulets, I must have gotten cocky all of a sudden and over confident in my abilities.

The words of encouragement that Suika had told me: [Reimu never loses] must have gotten into my head and made me accept this battle immediately.

[Never be proud, you are serving the people, Reimu.]

My teacher?s teaching once more rang inside me and I swore, swore loudly inside me that I had made so many mistakes, forgotten so many teachings within such a short time.

I really am changing?


[? yes, you are? you are the strongest? huh?]

Watching helplessly as she formed thousands and thousands of small ice needles around her and me, I just shook my head and laughed.

[Well, nothing like being bested by someone better than you?]


[Rule Three of the Spellcard System: It shall Negate The Doctrine of absolute Power.]


[? what use is of remembering that?]


[I?ll get you Red-white! One day I shall make you pay!!]
[Okay, I will be waiting, Cirno.]


[Promises? looks like she made me pay alright?]

Closing my eyes, I gingerly stood up and spread my hands apart, welcoming the barrage that will come at me.


[? well, it would be rude for me not to take the invitation right?]


[Rule Four of the Spellcard System: It is unsurpassed in beauty and in thought.]

Opening my eyes, I leapt to the sky and willed my body to move and to move it did.

[? wow? so? I can really fly?]

Or so I thought as I crashed back to the earth in the next second.


But I was out of the Freezing spot and the strength returned back to my body gradually.

The icicles that were aimed at me were gone behind me too and I grinned in temporary triumph as Cirno dived down at me again.


[Well? I?ve got nothing to lose?]


[? What is it like to be a fairy, Cirno?]

[?Cirno don?t understand what Red-white means.]

Flying past the lake, I casually called out at the grumpy idiot that usually sits by herself in the middle of the lake and I flew over to wave at her.

[Up to another lost, Cirno?]


Looking at the lonely face is not a very happy sight and I played along with her for a while, giving in some pretense that she was getting better before I whacked her with my gohei.

Truth was, she is getting better. It?s just that I am getting better faster than her.


[Later, Cirno.]


[? Cirno, you are the strongest? right?]

[Yes, Cirno is the strongest!]

Remembering her face at last as the island in the middle of the lake became visible in the afternoon sun, I lowered my head and smiled at her.

[Well? then I should show you how strong I am.]

It?s all or nothing. If I can?t get at Cirno, she will kill me.

[? Red-white?]

It probably must be the first time that she was seeing me so terrified, my hands were shaking and I was trying so hard to preserve my dignity as a shrine Maiden.

[It? is alright, to give in to your fears sometimes? Cirno?]

Smiling, I was reminded of the time that had happened to me a long time ago.

I had lied to Suika that I had gotten Air-sick and I had lied to myself saying that I had not taken an air-plane before in my life?

how could I not know I get air-sick by not going on an air-craft?

The reason why my teacher, the other Hakurei Maidens was gone was cause of an accident that happened in the air to cause the air-craft we were on to crash.

It was a horrible, horrible incident that only I survived.

Till that day on, I vowed never to get on an airplane and fly in the air again.

If anyone tried to bring me on one, I would say I get air-sick?

[? Cirno?]

[? ??]

[? Let?s Danmaku, for real.]

Clenching my eyes shut, I leapt from the ledge I was to the air and just as easily as that, I flew.



Feeling the new revelations strike me, I struggled to keep my heartbeat normal as I soared in the sky, as carefree as..

Well. A large vulture as I looked kinda silly.

With my hands spread wide open, I did not really look like flying but sort of gliding as I flew along.

[Aww? how am I going to steer?]

Wondering that random thought, I heard Cirno cry out from behind me and I instinctively turned.

[Red-white, take this again! Ice Sign: Icicle fall!]

[? how many times must she do that?]

Wondering to myself as the image of the icicle?s path came to me, I narrowed my eyes and dived towards the formation.

Words could not describe how I knew how to fly but it is deeply rooted in my brain, kind of like riding a bicycle, once you mastered it, it is easy and natural to you.

The image of the path I was supposed to take is clear in my mind too and I almost casually grazed every single Icicle to greet Cirno.

[Now Cirno, this is the? AIEE!!]

Losing concentration for a moment, I completely missed Cirno and instead crashed into a nearby tree.

[Ow? that was really not cool?]

Rubbing my head, I sighed and flew out of the tree to meet Cirno again.

She had the same clueless expression she always has when I and Marisa?


A sudden image of her appeared in my mind and I groaned in pain and dipped down lower in mid-flight.

[T-That hurt?]

Seeing that I was distracted, Cirno took the opportunity to attack me again but I easily grazed all of them by twitching about in the air.


Diving like a bullet, I reached into my sleeves for a particular ofuda that I had kept and slammed it right on Cirno?s forehead, calling out it?s incantation as I did so.


It was a single strike, the minimum requirement to end a danmaku fight and I had done it picture perfectly as Cirno, her body paralyzed, fell from the sky.


What have I done?!

Watching in horror as Cirno fell lifeless from the sky, I struggled to turn my body around and with no hesitation whatsoever dived in after her.

As I approached closer and closer and with the wind screaming at me, I shielded my eyes when she plunged into the murky depths of the lake.

[Cirno?! CIRNO!!]

As an ice-fairy I imagined she would float but there was no body in sight even after a few seconds.

[I?ve got to save her!]

The binding spell will bind almost all her powers, I had forgotten about it as Cirno looked too much like a normal person?

Taking a deep breath, I plunged into the depths and searched furiously for the little fairy, hoping against hope that I would be able to see at least a trace of her.

[please, Cirno be fine!! I? I didn?t want a little danmaku battle to turn out like this!!]

Praying deep in my heart, I stretched my arms furiously to see if I can touch anything that remotely resemble an arm or wing? or anything!


Feeling an arm after flailing in the water for several moments, I grabbed hold of it and desperately swam for the surface with her in tow.

[Whew!! Cough? cough]

Breaking the surface for air, I pulled the little Ice-fairy with me to the surface and removed the ofuda from her forehead, rendering her powers back to her.

[? well? what did you know? I had to swim after all?]

Laughing, I towed Cirno with me as I swam for the little island in the middle of the lake; an island that I knew was Cirno?s home.


As I watched Cirno sleeping off the shock of the water, I took the opportunity to think about what would have happened if I had lost to the little fairy in front of me.

She was egoistic, very confident and very arrogant. Calling herself the strongest tend to do things to people but what about me?

I call myself the Hakurei Shrine Maiden if not out of pride but of what?

A shrine maiden should never be proud and always should be humble.

I should be confident of my abilities and not be PROUD of my abilities as a Shrine Maiden.

I recalled the instant I was flying, the jubilant feeling of being free and riding the air like it was nothing.

The first experience is always the best experience of all? if I could keep that feeling everything I fly, it would be terrific.

But that?s not to be? the next time I fly I would probably be excited at most and eventually? I would be accustomed to it.

That is like my character, the first experience of being a Shrine Maiden will definitely be ecstatically great and I would be proud of myself.

For how long could I keep the enthusiasm up as the Shrine Maiden?
I wouldn?t know for sure?

But as I look at Cirno, the Ice-fairy, I remembered the countless times she fired Icicle Fall at me, the same pattern and the same intensity.

She never gets sick of the move and she is very confident in the move all the time, even knowing how many times I had broken the pattern, she still uses it.

Perhaps I had made the wrong call in calling her arrogant.

Her innocence is something that I wouldn?t have in a million years.

She?s not proud or arrogant, she is just, Cirno.

Well, she?s definitely not the strongest of Gensokyo, yet anyway.

She?s Cirno, the Ice-Fairy of the Lake and an adorable youkai Fairy that I know.

The world might not end without this little fairy, but at least there will be more color in it with her.

If I lost it will be up to this little fairy to save the world then?


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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[Are you awake?]


Looking up, I touched myself to see that I wasn?t dead yet.


Looking at her, I hurriedly got up only to find that her hand was resting on my head and I pushed her hand away roughly.

[Cirno doesn?t need your help!]

[You?re energetic? I?m glad.]

That damn red-white, she will pay!!

Raising my hand, I stopped when I saw that she was not wearing much of her clothes and her clothes were hanging by a stick at the side.

[? Red-white is wet? and Cirno is?]

Touching myself, I found that much of my clothes were taken off too.


[? I?m sorry, they just looked wet so I dried them for you.]

Smiling, the red-white threw my clothes back to me and I put them on in a hurry.


Fluttering my wings, I circled around red-white to listen to her.

I had remembered that she had appeared before me in a split second and after that I had fallen down to the lake.

I could swim, but my body felt weak? too weak to swim.

[? because it would be wrong not to?]

[? Cirno won?t die, Cirno is youkai!]

[What if you did?]

That stopped me as I watched the red-white leak in front of me.

[I?m sorry Cirno, I didn?t mean to really hurt you? it just? it just happened.]

[? Cirno is not hurt, Cirno is the strongest!!]

[When you wanted to play with me, I did my best? so? so?]

[? Cirno ask Red-white again, why did Red-white save Cirno?]

[? I didn?t want you to die, Cirno.]

[Cirno told Red-white, Cirno can?t die!]

[? I don?t want to take the risk?]

[? Red-white is the idiot!]

Laughing as I flew all around the red-white, I paused for a moment as the Red-white just shook her head and shouted at me.

[Cirno, you really are an idiot? wasting all my effort for you?]

As I looked at red-white, I had to turn away as it felt very uncomfortable as I looked at her. She was leaking and her face was red, something that I would never do.

[Stupid, Red-white! Cirno is the strongest! So don?t leak anymore.

[It?s call crying?]

[? Don?t leak anymore, Red-white!! Cirno is the strongest!]

The red-white is really weird today as she suddenly started laughing and nodding her head.

[? yes, Cirno you are the strongest? in many ways.]

[See Red-white, Cirno is the strongest!]

[? Reimu.]


[Call me Reimu.]

[Red-white is Red-White.]

[Call me Reimu?]

Flying down to look at the red-white in the eye, I tried to look serious but I failed when I just sorta babbled to her.

[? R-Red-white is Red-white! Don?t tell Cirno what to do!!]

[Call me Reimu, please, Cirno?]

[... ...]

[? Reimu?]

[Thank you, Cirno?]

Seeing the red-white smile made me happy for some reason and I found that I wasn?t mad anymore.

[CIrno is the strongest, Reimu! Cirno is!]

[? yes you are, Cirno? yes you are?]


Waving goodbye to Cirno, I watched for the wind and took off towards the mansion that was right in front of me.

Perhaps I can get some information from there?

As I did so, I experimented with my new found ability of being able to fly and I did a twirl and a loop around to see my control over flight.

[Woo hoo!~]

It worked perfectly and I was very pleased with my results which led to me accelerating my speed as I the mansion gate became larger and larger.

All around me, a scarlet mist was gathering around and I prayed for my safety among the spirits that were nearby.

[? there?s the gate alright!]

Dodging a couple of small fairies that were swooping down at me, I flew close to the ground and came to a stop just a few feet away from the main doors.

The doors were impressively built with steel and it looked pretty sturdy as I slowly approached it.

[? is anyone there?]

Trying to muster as much confidence I had as I approached it, I hated to admit it but it was quite intimidating the way the mansion seemed to glow in the scarlet hue around it.


Screaming out loud, I waited for a response from the mansion and I immediately got one from a person that appeared casually from the side of the gigantic metal doors.

[? w-what is it? just as I was going to turn in to have a quick snack?]

Yawning, the door guard noticed me and I bowed politely to her.

[Good evening?]

[? R-Reimu?!]

Calling my name, the door guard ran closer to me and as she approached, I could make out her features more clearly.

She had crimson colored hair and was wearing something that was similar to a Chinese Qi pao that I had seen before, only it was green and it looked very much modified as she looked as if she was wearing a dress and a qi pao simultaneously.

Taking off her beret, the gate guard wiped away tears from her eyes before hugging me while I just stood there, stunned at her welcome.

[Reimu! You came back! I?m so glad to see you again!! You?ve grown too and you?re so mature looking now, Look at you, you?re the same height as me.]

[? erm? may I know your name?]

Patting her shoulder awkwardly, I waited for a moment and she hurriedly pulled herself away.

[Oh my gosh, what have I done? The mistress will be so mad at me for doing that?]

Sticking her tongue out, the girl took off her beret before bowing formally back to me.

[Welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, I am Hong Mei? erm? you can call me China, Reimu?]

Stuttering half way, China paused nervously before she just sort of shrugged as she placed her hands on her hips.

[Well, Reimu? what brings you here? That?s going to be the first thing you are going to tell me after such a long time?
I didn?t hear that you are coming back?]

Nodding my head at her friendliness, I bowed again to her before requesting that she continue.

[May I? enquire your name? You stopped half way?]

[M-My name?]

Looking at me as if I was crazy, the crimson colored gate guard pointed to herself once more and I nodded my head at her.

[Yes, your name please?]

[? My name is Hong Meiling.]

[Then, Ms Hong Meiling, may I request an audience with the Owner of the Mansion?]

[? You called my name?!]

[? yes I did, Miss Hong Meiling?]

I was surprised that calling her name made such a huge fuss as she fell to her knees and started crying out loud in joy.


[? Erm, Miss Hong Meiling?]

[Yes, yes of course Reimu. If it?s you, the mistress will definitely let you in. But? you?re weird today? oh wait.]

Tilting her head, Meiling paused for a second before she snapped her fingers together as if she had figured out something very important.

[That?s right.. I had forgotten, Reimu do you know who I am, I am asking very seriously and I am not joking with you.]

Crossing her arms, Meiling stamped a foot on the floor before waiting for my reply.

What kind of reply would be the right answer?

This was a dilemma as Shrine Maiden?s do not lie.

[No? I have a feeling that I had seen you before? but that is about it? I am sorry.]


She seemed kind of sad as I said that, her shoulders slumped but the smile on her face never wavered as she rubbed her nose for a bit.

[Well, I guess that should be expected, that stuff you drank was some potent stuff?

Well, at least you?re back home, that?s what matters. Now? of course?]

Sensing the intent in her voice, I jumped back and drew a couple of amulets in alarm when she stamped her foot again, this time with more force.

[Even if I agree to let you in, it?s not going to be for free.

What?ll be free is that I?ll personally escort you to the mistress, if you win me?]

Taunting me by flexing her fingers in my general direction and asking me to make the first move, Meiling readied her stance and I was suddenly awash with new pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that was my past.


[Say China, what is the exercise that you do everyday?]

[It?s Tai-chi, it makes the Qi flows better.]


Sitting beside me, I poured China a cup of tea and laughed when China accidentally spilled some of it as she screamed.

[Hot hot!!]

[Cat?s tongue, China?]

[I?m Hong Meiling! Your tea is so hot!]


[? Danmaku again?]

[What else, Reimu? I might actually get to beat you this time?]

Grinning wryly, Meiling leapt on top of the Pair of Metal Doors before clapping her hands together in concentration.

[? Well, okay?]

Reluctantly, I nodded to Meiling and flew up to meet her face to face, me threading air and she threading metal.

[? A Single hit?]

[A Single hit. A limit of five spell cards.]

[Okay, you?re on.]

Closing both our eyes, Meiling threw a coin in the air and we immediately understood what she meant.

The moment the coin hits the floor is the moment the match begins!


Meiling was the first person to respond to the coin hitting the floor and as I dived down below her, she twisted her body like a cocoon and slammed both her feet on the floor, causing a mini-earthquake to strike the earth and a big crater to appear just inches away from me.

[WOW!! That was close!!]

Patting my own chest as I skidded to a halt a few feet away from the impact, I dusted myself off before diving to the side as Meiling charged after me, her fist raised up in a combat stance.

[Take this!!]

Kicking up in the air after me, I was sure that I got out of the way when a rainbow colored swirl homed in after me, forcing me to do a backflip behind it.

[That?s amazing, Meiling!]

With my back facing her, I pulled out a couple of ofudas and chanted softly to them before releasing them in the air.

[Hakurei Homing Amulet, go!]

Releasing a stream of it at once, I did another backflip to behind Meiling to watch her response.

As I expected, the ofuda?s chased after Meiling relentlessly till Meiling kicked back at the whole stream with a well timed burst of danmaku.


Emitting ?chi? casually, Meiling knocked back all the bullets and responded in turn with a dazzling cloud of rainbow colored shurikens that converged all around me, trapping me in a circle.


[I got you now, Reimu!]

Calling out in glee as she landed on the ground, I just shrugged before raising a hand up and chanting.

[Reveal yourself, Sealing Amulet: Border!]
Light burst from the amulet I had casually placed below on her floor and it bursts around Meiling, trapping her in a self-imposed box.

Miss Meiling, with her seemingly lack of ability to fly was not supposed to be able to defend against that, but she did as she grinned at me.

[You?re amazing as always, Reimu~ But not enough, I?ve been training! MOUNTAIN BREAKER!]

Balling her hand into a fist, Meiling swung mightily at the Border and smashed it like it was glass.


Silently impressed by the display, I was knocked back into the battle when the circling shurikens started coming at me and I hurriedly twitched my body in all directions to get out of the way.

It was like playing dodgeball and it took a fair bit of effort before I finally was rid of all those shurikens.

Soaring up into the sky, I shot a stream of needles on towards Meiling, who was concentrating her power on the ground.

[Not so fast, Reimu! Flower Sign: Gorgeous Sweet Flower!]

Calling out the spellcard, which I recognized almost immediately as it shone with the colors of the rainbow, a circle of white shots appeared around her in a shape of a flower and it rose to me as one.

[You?re amazing as always, but it isn?t enough, Meiling!]

As I danced all around the sky, dodging whatever that Meiling shot at me, my memories returned to me slowly about my encounter with Meiling.

[I am the Scarlet Mansion Door Guard, you shall not past!
The many who have tried is countless and you shall be my next victim!]

She had first struck me as a cocky, arrogant person.


[Argh? you are truly powerful! Come? let me show you my true power!!]

As we played around in the evening sun, I realized that she was holding back all the time, all her feelings of being alone all the time.

She, who lives her life as a doorguard was confined to the post for all of eternity.

Doomed not to have any friends, only to have her duty to keep her company.

Even the slight time she spends on her day off would undoubtedly be met with nothing to do.

[AHh! Forgive me, mistress!!]

She has dedicated her life to Remilia? scarlet...


My thoughts about Meiling came to an abrupt end as I fell from the sky, clutching my head in pain.

Seeing me in distress, Meiling broke from her attack and ran below me to catch me.

[Reimu! Are you alright?]

Catching me with her powerful arms, Meiling breathed a sigh of relief when I nodded my head and gingerly got back up to my feet.

[That doesn?t count as I didn?t strike you. Come on, let?s continue! Nothing like a good warm up, eh, Reimu?]

The both of us were panting at this point of time, Meiling from excitement and of exerting her own strength for the moment but I was truly tired.

The battle was intense and I was not used to skipping about in the air, diving to avoid a new barrage while trying to hit Meiling all at the same time.

It was a losing affair? unless.

Readying her stance, Meiling was definitely caught off guard when I lunged at her, my fists aiming at the bottom half of her body.


Exclaiming as I revealed my strike as a feint, I attempted to strike her on the chest but she managed to block it with both her hands.

[That still smarts, Reimu! You can fight hand to hand? This shall be interesting!!]

Provoking her was part of my strategy as angered foes to tend to make many mistakes and I and her exchanged over fifty blows together.

Most of the time Meiling was much stronger in her strikes while I was more accurate.

She however never misses a beat even when I stopped a strike that should have struck me and she would continue on to pummel me with never-ending strikes.

It was tiring to counter and launch the attacks with such repetition but I endured it all, ignoring the beads of sweat that were forming on my forehead.

Meiling too should be feeling the pressure as I parried her next strike, blocked her kick and attempted an elbow to her face all at the same time.


Trying to get me with a roundabout kick to my head, I ducked under the move and attempted to reposition my hands to flip her up.

[You are a hundred years too young, Reimu!]

Figures, she was more than a hundred years older than me and she stopped my attempt with a sliding movement that almost brought me to my knees if not for me quickly forcing my whole weight unto a hand for support.


In a stalemate, the both of us panted in unison until Meiling raised a thumbs-up to me.

[You?re great Reimu. Even if it had been a while and you forgetting everything, you still are amazing.

You can still dodge all of my danmaku and you learnt how to fight in par with me in Hand-to-Hand combat. You?re amazing?]

[You as well, Miss Meiling?]

She was definitely praising me too vigorously, and I bowed to her politely only to see her bow back in return.

[? In return for you showing me your display of power, FEAR THIS!]

Clapping her hands together, Meiling?s eyes turned scarlet for a second and I involuntarily took a step back.


Those eyes, they? they remind me of?

Remilia Scarlet!!

[Ultimate Flowery Sign: Finishing Mountain Breaker!]

In a split second, Meiling disappeared into mid-air and I could no longer see her, despite looking all over the place.


Pulling out a couple of amulets, I hurriedly leapt up into the air and aimed the amulets on the ground, hoping to catch Meiling.

Unfortunately, that wasn?t where Meiling was.

Appearing behind me in the air, Meiling grinned triumphantly while I just had to marvel at her technique.

She had not disappeared but in a matter of less than ten seconds had increased her speed to such a rate that my eyes could not keep up with her.

It must be a temporary maneuver as she was panting hard as her fist swung towards me and I was powerless to stop it.


In reflex, I raise my gohei to stop the first strike and Meiling knocked it away with nary a pause.

The second strike came and I raised a small border by pulling out an Ofuda from my sleeve with my other hand.

She too knocked it away before the last strike barreled in.


There was a colorful explosion that rocked my vision and at the same time, sent me flying to the ground.


Laying dazed on the floor, I was shocked beyond words to find that I had felt no pain when the blow was struck and the only injury that I had sustained was due to me crashing to the ground.

I was lying in a crater that was larger than me and I breathed a sigh of relief at still being alive when I felt something cold on my stomach.



[Ow ow! That hurt, Reimu!]

Rubbing her head as she grinned at me, Cirno flew up before pointing a hand at Meiling, her wings fluttering dangerously fast as she did so.

[? What is this, neighbor? I thought you never leave your lake, Cirno?]

Looking politely confused, Meiling stopped for a moment as she glided gracefully back to air with Cirno in hot pursuit.

[I came to save Reimu! Reimu is weak! So Cirno, who is the strongest will save Reimu!]

[? t-thank you? Cirno?]

I was touched that she came to save me but the way she puts it seem so wrong after I just defeated her with a single strike.

But I am not about to complain as she did save my life from being ended prematurely by Meiling.

[Reimu is too weak, so Cirno will take over now!]


Struggling to stop her, I tried to grab her hand but she flew out of reach and grinned confidently at Meiling.


W-wait? Meiling is not rainbow?





Gods, this could go on forever?

As the two of them squabbled, I took the opportunity to rest and to concentrate on what had happened.

Just earlier, Meiling was so fast that I could barely hear her, the sounds of her foot hitting the ground was not even heard before she appeared behind me.


Cirno was amazing too. She had approached like a bullet and had raised a barrier of ice in front of me and Meiling?s punch in a matter of seconds to dampen the blow.

Closing my eyes, I prayed for Cirno?s safety from where I was, helpless and powerless in the dirt as Cirno shouted at Meiling.


She really is an innocent child and as I watched, a brain wave came to me.

[Well, it will boost her confidence so it?ll be fine?]

Smiling to myself, I raised a few charms in the air and chanted to them softly.

[Listen to my call, spirits that are bound to the lake. The ice fairy of the lake requires your help.

I am not that selfish to ask you all to personally come to aid, rather, I would myself be off her aid.

So, hear my humble request? grant me strength, to aid your friend in need... I beg of you, spirits... hear my call?]

As I chanted, the charms flew from my arm and circled straight towards Cirno.

[? Let them be her wings, her strength and her shield? let her be the strongest as she wants to be? Christening Shikigami!]

Christening it in more ways than one, I closed my eyes and focused on helping Cirno the best way I can, by boosting her powers with my own.

[This is my first spell card while Meiling has used three, the odds are with us.]


As the amulets circled around her, I could sense Cirno?s thoughts and as I had expected, they were pure and direct.
She wanted to get this over and done with and she dived straight like a bullet for Meiling.


Dodging the first dive by Cirno, Meiling was surprised when Cirno did an about turn and crashed into her headfirst, knocking her wind out.

I suppose that is considered a single hit but Meiling certainly did not think so as she recovered quickly from the blow to launch another straight fist at Cirno.

Cirno, being Cirno didn?t bother to dodge it and instead grabbed it with her tiny hands and surprisingly stopped it.

[Cirno is the strongest and Cirno has a hard head!]

Grinning now as my power mingled with her, Cirno kicked at Meiling?s gut and even as she blocked every one of them, it quickly became clear that Cirno was stronger than I am and she drove Meiling back to a corner by raw strength alone.


Just as Cirno and I thought we had Meiling on the ropes, Meiling responded viciously by dodging behind a feint kick and smashing Cirno?s right hand to bits.

[I believe I WIN!]

Pumping a hand in the air, I was about to give in too when Cirno?s words just brought me back to the fight.

[Cirno is tough! Cirno is the strongest!]

With the amulets still circling around her, her hand reformed itself by freezing water droplets around and she flexed her arm to show that it was working.


Flicking a finger, Cirno launched the simple icicle barrage at Meiling and I sighed too when she grazed them without breaking a sweat.

[You?re weak, Cirno!]


Blocking a strike from Meiling with her hands, Cirno smashed her head into Meiling?s chest again and she faltered back, giving Cirno a second chance.

Not that she needed it.

The amulets circling around her gave her a boost spiritually and mentally as I could control to some extent the influx of her unstable power and control over ice.

Her body is stronger and her attacks more accurate due to my power being mingled with her.

I am like a shikigami to her, a boost to her abilities even though I am not present in form to help her.

I took her and Cirno by surprised when I made the falling icicles broke into smaller needles behind her and shot back at Meiling in a dazzling criss-crossing movement.


Noticing too late, Meiling declared another spell-card, her fourth in an attempt to break out of the trap.

[Extreme Color: Colorful light chaotic Dance!]

Spinning herself in a circle and spreading danmaku all around her, Meiling repelled all the circles but she did not stop Cirno?s Last attack, which was simultaneously launched by me and her.



As the both of us called out the spells, it bring out total tally to five and that could have been much better to end it with a big bang, or in this case, a big freeze.

The amulets that I had sent out as a boost to Cirno now glowed with an eerie white light before they bursts into small orbs that were colored red, green and blue before circling around Meiling.

Likewise, some of them turned into icicles that formed around Meiling, trapping and cornering her.

Glowing white, Cirno raised her hands and punched straight at Meiling?s guts as she got slammed all around by the orbs I had used and the icicles were freezing any portion of the body that came in contact with it.

The punch connected true and she was slammed into the walls surrounding the gate.

Before she could cry out in pain thou, the surrounding air started to freeze around Meiling.


As Meiling cried out in horror, I just prayed for her to forgive me as she was frozen into a large ice monument the second later.

[I am the strongest!]

Proudly sticking out her chest, I hated to admit it but Cirno really looks like she might be strongest with her raw power over ice.

Even thou it took a bit of assistance from me, Cirno?s raw talent in using ice as a weapon are pretty deadly as it took care of Meiling so effortlessly if not without finesse.

After she struck a pose to me, Cirno flew back and pulled me back to my feet, laughing as she did so.

[Reimu is weak! Cirno is strong! If Cirno did not come to save Reimu, Reimu would be dead.]

[No doubt about that, Cirno?]

Walking towards the hole in the wall that held Meiling, I apologetically clapped my hands together and bowed towards the frozen Meiling before starting to chip at the monument slowly and carefully with a rock I had found on the ground.

[What is Reimu doing?]

Tilting her head, Cirno flew around me even as I broke the ice slowly and painfully.

[I?m chipping the ice, Cirno.]

Patiently explaining to her, I winced when I cut my hand with a sharp corner of the stone and I sighed to myself and Cirno.

[Cirno, you shouldn?t have frozen Meiling into a large snowball?]

Looking at Meiling, I had to stifle a giggle as I saw the pose in which Meiling was frozen.

It was absolutely hilarious as she had a look of utter disbelief as she crossed her arms and sorta resembled a cross between a chicken taking flight and a girl having her photographs taken without permission.

It was really too hilarious to pass up but I pinched myself to stop myself from laughing.

[Rule of the Shrine Maiden: Do not poke fun at other?s Misfortune]

Lowering my head, I prayed for forgiveness from the Spirits before continuing my tasks to get Meiling out of the Ice.

[I?m sorry Meiling? Cirno did too good a job this time? I?ll get you out in no time!]

[Reimu, the Rainbow-colored girl will attack Reimu again! Cirno will protect Reimu as Reimu is weak and Cirno is strong but Cirno thinks it is stupid for Reimu to let her out!]

Turning to Cirno, I reprimanded her like I would to a small child as I continued to chip at the ice-block.

[Look Cirno, I know you coming to save me is very commendable. In fact, I owe me life to Cirno, Thank you for saving me Cirno.]

[HMPH! Cirno always saves her friends!!]

Puffing her chest out again, Cirno blushed when I patted her head and her small ice body seemed to shrink a little in disappointment when I continued to speak, chipping away as I did so.

[But, this is too far. Miss Meiling and I agreed to have a danmaku battle and the first person to strike wins.

Although Cirno interceded into the battle, you struck her twice. Once when you hit her with your head?]

My voice trailing off when I was reminded of the sight, I shook my head and vigorously continued to smash at the Gigantic Meiling Snowball while trying hard not to laugh at that particular sight.

[And the other when you punched her in the stomach. So one for me and one for you.]

Pulling her fingers, I suddenly struck her on her head as a punishment, something which Cirno must not be expecting as tears started to form around her eyes.


Losing her train of thought, Cirno sobbed as she sank to her knees and I watched on as tears from her eyes froze up and became ice-crystals on her cheeks.

[? Cirno. You must be more responsible.]

[? R-Responsible?]

[Yes, you must be more responsible, Cirno. You could have killed Meiling there when you froze her in the block.

Cirno, even if you are the strongest, you must keep from using your powers too much.]

Patting her head comfortingly, I gave Cirno a little hug before persuading her to stand in front of the Frozen Meiling and bowing with her in apology.

[C-Cirno is sorry, rainbow colored-girl?]

[? We are sorry, Miss Meiling.]


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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[Call her China would do, Reimu. And she won?t die so easily, being the Scarlet Mansion?s Door guard.
Do you think we would not choose durable things to guard our door?]

Hearing a soft, out-of-breath voice calling out from the large iron doors, I whipped my head around to see that the door was creaking open slowly.

They must not have been opened recently as they shrieked and screamed as they finally came to a stop.

What surprised me thou was when no one seemed to be pushing against the door and the owner of the voice was still staying hidden behind the scarlet mist.

[Fire Sign: Agnis Shine!!!]

Crimson Fireballs came shooting out of the mist and I nervously jumped back to grab Cirno.

The little ice-fairy, who had been apologizing to Meiling just a second ago, was making faces at her when I grabbed her and flew up towards the sky to avoid the fire-balls.

Being a ice-fairy, it would be logically that she would not survive the fireballs but I was surprised when the fireballs veered away and instead struck Meiling.

[Do not fear, I have no reason to harm you as you are a guest here, Reimu.
Still, I would appreciate it if you kept your distance while I thaw China out?]

Floating casually from the mist, a small figure presented herself with a light nod of her head as she placed the book she was reading down to look at me.

Dressed totally in purple and in something that looked like night-gowns, the purple colored girl smiled slightly before pulling her small beret down to cover half her face.

[It has been 14 years, Reimu. It is nice to see that you are well.]

[? y-you as well? Miss?]

[? Patchouli, Patchouli Knowledge.]

[Well then, Miss Knowledge?]

Bowing to her, I flew down in front of her and bowed down deep to show my apologies.

[I have been awfully rude to treat your door-guard in this manner, I sincerely hope you would accept my apologies.]


Not raising my head, I hoped beyond hope that she would accept my apologies and as I looked up slightly to see the expression on her face,
I was both surprised and scandalized when her mouth was hanging wide open.

Noticing me staring at her, she snapped back to attention and just sort of smiled at me as she replied.

[? I could not even imagine this scene? you, Hakurei Reimu, apologizing to me about hurting China.

That is unheard of, not to mention you even considering youkai as friends, judging from the little Fairy you have hanging on your arm.]

Without Miss Knowledge?s reminder, I had totally forgotten about Cirno and she was hanging onto my arm as if her life depended on it.

Judging by how casually she fired those fireballs that are still burning away at the Ice-ball that was Miss Meiling, she is not a person to be trifled with and Cirno?s life would probably depend on me if she decided to attack.

[well then, as I thaw China out, shall you be our honored guest for the evening?
After all, it is approaching the night and I am sure you would not be willing to stay out after the dark.
You, Reimu have some business with the Mistress, do you not?]

Her eyes glinting maliciously as she gestured towards the door, I hesitated for a second till Miss Knowledge started to cough up blood right in front of us.

[! Miss Knowledge!]

Running forward, I helped her to stay on her feet as she patted her own chest in pain.

[? i? should be fine? in a moment?]

Huffing and wheezing, she hardly looked fine and I shook my head vigorously as she told me to let go off her.

[I will not, I insist in escorting you in.]

[? Fine? as you wish. The little one might want to follow us as well.]

Narrowing her eyes after she sighed in defeat at me, Miss Knowledge pointed to Cirno and just as Cirno was about to make another comeback, Miss Knowledge coughed up blood again and this caused Cirno to fly behind me, crying out in fear.


[? Youkai don?t die, Cirno?]

Rebutting her lightly, I lifted her shoulders over mine and slowly walked towards the large mansion when I paused and turned to look at the Ice-ball again.

[I?m sorry, Miss Meiling, leaving you out in the cold?]

[Quite literally too?]

Huffing between her coughs, Miss Knowledge managed a small wise-crack before she pointed out the entrance for me in the dark, scarlet mist.

[It is surprising, Reimu. I know you might be accustomed to be saved by friends in the past, but to be saved by a Youkai, that must be a first?]

[? saved?]

[By Marisa of course, the theif?]


Grumbling between her breaths, I paused for a second as my mind and everything around me went blank.




[You there, Ice-fairy! Go, get help from the mansion!]


[You dense fool! Get help or you would be near her grave! NOW MOVE!!]


[Say, Reimu? why were you getting beat by that old hag of a maid?]

[? I don?t know?]

[Aw C?mon, you?re going easy on her aren?t you? You could have flatten her in a moment~]

[? ?]

[Reimu~ Are you listening to me?]

Looking up at the clear sky on top of me, I just grinned before sitting up and smiling at the person that was lying beside me.

[Nah, I just wanted you to save me, that?s all~]


The blonde hair girl that looked surprised, then scandalous still escaped my memories. Her face was a blank even as the rest of her was slowly being filled into my memories.

She always carried a broom with her, always wore an apron above her large black outfit and had a hat that resembled a witch.

She was pretty and she was someone important to me?

But why couldn?t I remember her?


[Well, that is a surprise, Sakuya?]

Laughing lightly as I took the tea that Sakuya passed me, I smiled and tried hard not to cough again as I sipped the tea casually from the table.

Sleeping beside me with a ice-fairy below her covers was Hakurei Reimu, the self-proclaimed Shrine Maiden of Paradise.

[Yes, that certainly is.]

The unusually silent head-maid beside me did not offer any other comment and I continued on myself.

[Seeing her appear in front of the mansion was shocking enough, seeing how she had left us.

But, seeing her bow to China was another surprising sight. What would really make the others cringe in surprise was when she actually had difficulty to defeat China and was twice almost outgunned by her.

But the one thing that takes the cake is?]

Taking another sip of tea, I glanced at Sakuya only to see her still staring at Reimu, one of her hand pulling on her sleeve as she did so and I laughed silently at that lonely sight.

Remi will sure be jealous when she sees that?

[? the look of confusion and shock when we mentioned Marisa? Of all the people in the world, I would have imagined that she would remember Marisa rather than someone like Cirno.]

Breaking the ice, Sakuya suddenly spoke and I smiled after the end of her sentence.

[? no, I haven?t ask her. It is an interesting question? why would you ask that, Sakuya?]


Again, the head maid turned silent and I laughed again, not at her but at the tiny ice-fairy that was snuggled beside her.

[Treat both of them like they are guests of the mansion, Sakuya. If not for Remi?s guest but for mine as well.]

Nodding to her, I waited for a reply from Sakuya and I smiled as she nodded and took her leave by bowing at me.

[But Sakuya, I must warn you. Whatever measures you take, Reimu is more than a match for that now?]

Seeing her pause, I saw the glint of a dagger being drawn before it was sheathed again in an instant.

Her eyes, which were normally bright blue was scarlet for a second, as scarlet as her mistress and I took a deep breath out of nervousness of that fact.

[Reimu has matured over the course of her leaving us, her strength has increased tremendously and her wisdom as well.

The many wise-calls she made as she danmaku-ed with Meiling is noticeable even from a distance. She would not be able to make it this far without some degree of skill and even with all her memories erased.
She might not even know anyone here? but she did return here, to Gensokyo? and she danmaku-ed.

That by itself is very commendable, if not miraculous.]

[She is?the Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, Miss Patchouli.]

[Yes, even so, with one?s memories non-existing, is it even possible to call yourself a shrine maiden?
She does not remember danmaku play, yet she is so efficient with it that it makes it look like a dance. I hate to admit it, Sakuya but she is leaps and bounds above what I and you can achieve. ? she is in a different level?]

[Miss Patchouli?]

[? Still, that is not the end of it all.]

Pausing to take a short break and to calm my heaving chest, I looked at Reimu and the ice-fairy till Sakuya followed my lead to look at the both of them.

[? her spiritual powers? are the least a hundred times stronger than before.]

The sound of crashing porcelain did not surprise me nor was the fact that Sakuya immediately appeared beside me, a shocked and doubtful expression on her face.

[? Miss Patchouli, I hope that you are not pulling my leg?]

[I am not, Sakuya. She is indeed one of the strongest, if not the strongest person in Gensokyo? if we do not overestimate the other one?]

[? ah yes, the other one?]

Laughing suddenly, Sakuya seemed less troubled now before she pulled the curtains wide open.

[I will begin preparations for dinner, do take care of Reimu for me? not as a maid?s request, but as a friend.]

[yes, I would do that most eagerly.]

Laughing as I bid farewell to the mansion?s head maid, I turned my eyes to Reimu for a moment  before starting on yet another book.

[Ahh yes, to be the perfect host?]


[So, you?re awake?]

Hearing a sigh of relief as I struggled to get up, I winced as my eyes were not suited to the darkness around me.

Feeling around, I felt comforted very slightly when I felt Cirno?s little body beside me and I breathed a sigh of relief.

[? Thank you for asking, Miss Knowledge.]

Recognizing the voice as Miss Knowledge, I calmed myself down and waited patiently for my eyes to be accustomed to the darkness before nodding to her.

She was seated right beside me, a heavy book in her hand and an emotionless expression on her face.

[It is right for a hostess to be concern about a guest?s well being, Reimu.
How are you feeling? Do you need a cup of water?]

[No, I am fine? I am just apologetic about having caused so much trouble to all of you?]

Trying to get out of bed, I was stopped when Miss Knowledge?s hand stopped me and she shook her head at me.

[Please, do not force your body beyond it?s limits. I seriously recommend you staying in bed for at least another hour to rest your body.]


[You had been straining yourself for the whole day as I calculated from your level fatigue.

I am sure you had not had your lunch and was planning to skip dinner as well, judging from how your stomach had rumbled for the past hour.
I would like to invite you to dinner in the Scarlet Devil?s Mansion with my Mistress.]

[? I?]

Finding myself speechless in front of such an intellectual, I just smiled sheepishly before bowing to her in bed.

[I? humbly accept your invitation for dinner, Miss Knowledge.]

[Please, call me Patchouli, we are of course, not just newly acquainted, Reimu.]

A smile appearing on her face as well, Miss Knowledge slammed her book shut before placing it at the small table beside the bed and I finally had a chance to look around the room.

It was huge and the furnishing extravagant.

The walls were painted scarlet and with the exception of some cream coloration in the edges, the whole room was scarlet red in color, making the atmosphere somewhat different from a normal room.

I could almost swore I smelt blood in the area but I am sure it was my imagination in such a weird surroundings.

[? the Mansion?s Owner? is? it Remilia Scarlet? by any chance?]

Hesitating as I asked Miss Knowledge, I presumed she was surprised as for a split second, her eyes widened but she seemed to have accepted it as she nodded to me slowly.

[yes it is? how may I inquire did you find out?]


Racking my brain for the answer, I came up with none and just confessed to her.

[I remembered the name from my past? and since the whole room is scarlet in color, I was tempted to believe that I knew the Mistress of the Mansion.]

Twiddling my arms, I was relieved when Miss Knowledge just laughed at my response.

[Very quick and accurate judgment, Reimu. I could not have accepted anything other than that from you, you are as sharp as I remembered you to be.]

Pausing for a moment, Miss Knowledge?s tone suddenly turned hostile and my hair raised in alarm when she huffed and laughed at the same time.

[Fufufu? I wonder, Reimu? can you tell me about vampires?]

[? vampires?]

Surprised at her question, I nonetheless responded to her by counting out the ways that I could identify a vampire.

[Well, a vampire is a being that lives in darkness, is mostly associated with bats, sucks blood for survival and is afraid of darkness and crosses and garlic?

That is what the Western assumption of Vampires are. Vampires to me are supernatural beings who feasts on blood.]

[? Good deduction Reimu.]

The expression on Miss Knowledge sent more shivers down her shrine when she smiled more maliciously and I placed a hand on Cirno, ready to take flight at any given moment.

[Well, do you believe Vampire?s Exist?]


[Remember Reimu, Spirits exists because of beliefs and the faith people have in the spirits]

In short, the more faith the people believe in it, the stronger the spirit and the more the people believe in the spirit, the more often it will appear before people.


[? the possibility sure is high? I believe in vampires so I am certain one will appear before me.]

Laughing, I showed that I was serious when I narrowed my eyes back at Miss Knowledge.

Although I do not know what she is planning, she certainly is planning something and I am determined not to let her intimidate me despite of the overwhelming odds against me.

[? Alright Reimu? I will ask you another question? do you know who am I.]

[You?re Miss Patchouli Knowledge? are you not?]

[True, but not the answer I am waiting for.]


Seeing that she is serious, I shook my head finally and resolutely before admitting that I really had no idea who she is, but I am sure that I had known her in the past.

[I see, your memory is fragmented into many bits, Reimu. There are parts where you undoubted find familiar but unfamiliar at the same time.

A good example would be your surroundings now, would it not? You had seen this place before, your memories are reminding you of that fact but you could not place where or what this place is.]

Smiling again, I nodded in earnest as I listened to her detail my predicament with such vivid detail that I would be surprised if she had not had the same experience as I did.

[? then, do you know that? you have willingly walked into the lion?s den?]

[? how do you want to put it, Miss Knowledge?]

[Patchouli, if you will?]

Both of us were smiling at each other too sweetly for my liking but I believe we were in a stalemate as the both of us were not able to make any moves at all.

Her demeanor spooked me but I refused to be intimidated by her as I just calmly spoke with her, matching wit with wit.

[Then, Patchouli, how do you wish to put it?]

[By willingly walking into an open invitation that easily, do you put so much faith in the Youkai of Gensokyo?
After all, youkai are dangerous.

Rule One of the Spell Card System: It shall be easy for Youkai to cause Disasters.

That saying does come to mind.]

[Yes, but I have faith in my sense in judging people.

If I, the Shrine Maiden who is supposed to serve the people and youkai alike is to falter and distrust an invitation offered out of goodwill, I will not be fit to serve anyone, not the least the people.]

[? still, you sure have faith in yourself and your judgment to walk into the lion?s den.]

[If this is the Lion?s Den, then it shall be a very pampered lion indeed, Miss Knowledge.]

[I shall concede that remark to you, Reimu. After all, it is the truth that our Mistress is pampered. Yet, I hope to reveal that fact that we are enemies in the past.]

Trying to veil her amusement as she told me that evenly, my heart raced when I heard that news first hand.

I was tempted to dismiss it as a bad joke but judging from her expression earlier, Miss Patchouli knowledge was not kidding around when she said that for me.

Panic rose through my system but I just as simply pushed down the rising tides of my emotions with ease.

My Shrine Maiden training involves Meditating, something that I had mentioned earlier and it was easy for me to keep my emotions in track.

One?s emotion can really determine what one will act at times of crisis.

Having a cool head will more than likely keep one out of trouble unless they flare up at the most crucial time.

I must not make that mistake as I struggled to cope with not fear but panic and confusion as my enemy, as she puts it, sat casually in front of me.

[Well then, I have to pray that my prayer is answered now, would it not?]

Smiling as I closed my eyes and placed my arm together as I prayed silently to the spirits for assistance while I just responded to her.

[Even a condemned man get?s a last meal and? I trust you as?]

Opening my eyes wide, I never even flinched when her eyes turned crimson for a moment and I swore that fangs appeared in the corners of her mouth as she stared at me.

[I knew, I could trust you by looking at you? Patchouli.]

[? flattery will get you nowhere in the world with youkai, Reimu.]

Almost bitterly, Miss Knowledge raised a hand and I just sighed in response to that. Perhaps my end is coming in her hands?

But, if that is the truth, the least I could do was to protect Cirno as I dragged her into it.


Narrowing her eyes as I placed an arm in front of the Little ice-fairy, I lowered my head down even as I silently drew a spell-card from my sleeves before opening my mouth to speak.

[Well, it seems that your prayers were heard, in more than one way?]

Laughing suddenly, the doors swung open and from the doorway came another figure, a figure that I was able to match her name with almost immediately.



[? You recognize me, Reimu?]

Sounding surprised. Izayoi Sakuya, for that was her name, stared at me for a second before she broke eye contact and just as casually served some tea to Miss Knowledge and me.

[Yes, you are ? very striking?]

Admitting with a blush on my face, I could not help but stare at the perfect elegance in front of me.

Her skin was flawless and white with no signs of any perfection what so ever. T

hat perfect figure was to die for and I suddenly stopped and slapped myself in the forehead for almost drooling at her sight.


[Yes, our Sakuya does have the effect on people.]

Starting to laugh, Miss Knowledge gestured for Sakuya to sit by her side before continuing her sentence.

[It is perhaps too sudden, but I have to repeat myself, Reimu.
Welcome, once again to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

I am the resident Magician of the Mansion, Patchouli Knowledge and I believe you have met the Door guard, China.]

[And, I am Izayoi Sakuya, the Chief Maid of the Mansion, On behalf of the maids, I welcome you, Hakurei Reimu to the Mansion as a guest, not an enemy.]

Waiting for Miss Knowledge to finish her sentence, Sakuya bowed to me and I returned the gesture from the bed, something which was not polite.

But as I had no say in the matter, I had no refrain from jumping out of bed.

[And I extend my thanks for you to visit us, even without your memory, to see the Mistress.]

[? I? I hope I can meet your expectations.]

My Shrine Maiden instincts notwithstanding, there was a favor to be asked when I am thanked for visiting someone but there was still, no way for me to refuse their invitation.

It was as Miss Knowledge told me, I had willingly walked myself into the Lion?s Den, into it?s mouth and was entering the stomach very soon.

[On behalf of the Mistress, Remilia Scarlet, I welcome you.]

Bowing as well, Miss knowledge regained her calm and silent demeanor before returning to her book, a sign for Sakuya to speak to me.

[It has been a while, Reimu. You have grown?]

Looking at the Silver-Haired maid, I was inclined to dismiss the fact that such an elegant lady would ever escape my memories but it did and I wondered for a moment how am I suppose to converse with her if I do not know anything about her.


[That is right, you have more or less forgotten me. The fact remains that you remembered my name is such a blessing in disguise.]

Laughing, she poured me a cup of tea and offered it to me on a saucer and I took it gratefully.

My throat was getting dry and my stomach famished as I saw the cakes she had brought in for us.

[Thank you?]

[? It is my profession, Reimu. I am, surprised to see that you have changed so much.]

[H-Have I?]

[Of course you have.]

[Acting with no impulse whatsoever, willing to understand and care for youkai, spiritually powers over your preferred Spellcards and Yin-Yang Orbs. The list goes on and on.]

With a gleam in her eyes, Sakuya paused before looking at Cirno, still sleeping beside me.

[Well, it is changes for the better? you have matured, both as a person and physically as well, Reimu.]

Blushing as she complimented me, I shook my head and graciously denied all her words.

[No, I have a long way to go before I am truly a Shrine Maiden, flaws still exists in me.]

[Modest as well, that is certainly a change.]

Laughing, Sakuya took out a slice of cake from the tray she carried in and offered it to me.

[Here, I am sure you are famished. Dinner will be served in a few minutes so use this to tide through.]

The corners of her mouth rising up in a definitive smile, I gingerly nodded and took the plate from her hands.

[I am tucking in then, I am sorry to intrude?]

[If all intruders are like you that would be most desirable.]

Scoffing from her position, Miss Knowledge rebutted me while in the midst of her reading and I was rewarded with Sakuya just smiling apologetically at me.

[She has been on edge lately, not off Meiling not doing a good job but rather doing too good a job.]

Whispering to me, Sakuya giggled when she told me of Miss Knowledge?s infatuation with the Blonde Magician and I struggled to follow the conversation while racking my mind for the knowledge of the person named Marisa.

[? that is certainly odd. You remembered me, Meiling, Miss Patchouli, Mistress Remilia, the idiot sleeping beside you? Alice and Suika but do not remember Marisa?]

[? That is certainly a mystery.]

Looking at me now, the both of them was in deep thought when Miss Knowledge finally broke the silence.

[It must have something to do about why you left us, Reimu.]


It felt like the both of them were interrogating me and I tried to maintain my calm composure below those scrutinizing eyes of theirs, one of bright purple and the other of a mixture that looked like glass.

[? I? I am?]

[Do not be sorry. It is something that is beyond your control.]

Waving a hand impatiently in the air, Miss Knowledge got up and pulled Sakuya with her before declaring her intentions.

[Come, let us have dinner together.]

[Yes, I have almost forgotten. I shall wake up the little Fairy, you and Miss Patchouli go on ahead.]

Smiling warmly at me and at Cirno, she ushered me and Miss Knowledge out the door before closing the door behind me.

[Come, dinner is getting cold.]

Repeating herself, she led me to another grand room with a table that had a feast that was feat for a king.

[I assume you do not get such royal treatment in the Shrine, do you, Reimu?]

Snickering as she took a seat, Miss Knowledge gestured for me to sit opposite her before ringing a bell on the table.

[Yes, I am here, Miss Patchouli.]

Appearing suddenly, Sakuya bowed to us before helping us tie our napkins and serving glasses of water.

[Join us, just for this occasion.]

[Yes, please?]

Begging her, I felt awkward in such a position and to my delight; Sakuya reluctantly joined us for dinner, dragging a protesting Cirno behind her.



After successfully filling CIrno with ice-cream and a very brief confession by Sakuya that she had not dealt with someone as childish as Cirno for the past 10 years, we had a very peaceful dinner, filled with small talk and mostly of me digging into the food.

I was vegetarian, as expected from a Shrine Maiden and I politely refused most of the food that Miss Knowledge recommended to me.

[If you insist.]

But as I watched Miss Knowledge eating, I was struck by her weak body and questioned her on her diet.

To which she responded that she would only dine on Udon, which is a healthy dish.


To that, I had plenty to say and by the end of dinner, she had promised Sakuya that she would from now on, start a healthy and balanced diet, much to the amusement of Sakuya and she remarked to me later on, behind my back that she had not seen Miss Knowledge put down as much as today.


Sitting together in front of the fireplace, I patted Cirno?s head softly before opening my mouth to speak but it was Miss Knowledge that beat me to it.

[Well, I suppose I can hold it off no longer, I shall begin explain the history of the Scarlet Devil?s Mansion.

You, Hakurei Reimu are intricately wrapped in it and I would do a great dishonor to you not to fill you in the gaps for you?]

Laughing like a grandmother who was telling a tale to her grandchild, Miss Knowledge raised a hand to summon a nearby fairy before whispering to her.

[Well then, how do we begin?]

[From the beginning would be a good place to start?]

Retorting her dryly, Sakuya appeared beside her before dumping a large book on Miss Knowledge?s lap and settling down beside me.

[Well, that is true. But first, I rather you know us better, Reimu. Or rather, remember us better, it will help in linking one image to the other.]

[I will listen eagerly?]

Nodding my head, I got into a comfortable position before Miss Knowledge cleared her throat and started.


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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[It was a story about a small vampire girl, a vampire girl that had a big home in a mansion that resided over a lake.

She liked leaving in the mansion as she had her maids and her friends with her.

The librarian in the library, the beautiful and awesome chief maid, the worthless but hardworking door guard and her little sister who was still young with her.

So? one day she decided to make the world know she existed by visiting out.]

Speaking in a sing-song tone, Miss Knowledge paused for a second before smiling at me, her purple eyes glinting in the light of the fire.

[My Mistress, Remilia Scarlet is a Vampire. Well, are you afraid?]

The same taunting expression on her face and I was surprised by my response. It came to me naturally, without thinking or any consideration whatsoever.

I just, said out what I felt about the two of them.

[No, I am not afraid. I am more afraid? of the unknown? my past? then about the two of you.]

Hearing so much about oneself, oneself that I should know the most, myself, was a very daunting task.

There were many things I had to come to terms with, the extent of my powers? the expectations of the people and how? how do I be myself again after knowing all this.

This question has been lingering in my mind like a bad aftertaste but I know, that rather than waiting in the dark, I would want to face it head on and so I just gestured for her to continue.

Miss Knowledge, for her benefit seemed surprised but continued with no hint of hesitation whatsoever.

[If you insist.]

[When the Little Vampire Girl stepped out of the Mansion, she felt her skin burn and she ran back to the mansion, crying to the head maid that she did not like the sun.]

Interrupted by a sudden fit of coughing, Miss Knowledge took a few seconds to recover before continuing with much difficulty.

[The Head Maid ?cough-, who was very apologetic, told her that she would get a cute little umbrella for her.]

[I did not. It was after the incident that I-]

Cutting her off, Sakuya blushed when Miss Knowledge stared daggers at her before clearing her throat again.

[I apologize, Miss Patchouli, please continue.]

[The Little Vampire girl, who was not used to being bullied said that she would make the sun disappear and with her all inspiring power, created a mist that ?cough- s-spread all over the world.]

Looking at me for a response, I just smiled apologetically before asking her to continue. Her coughing fits, which had returned suddenly, was worse than ever before and I clung to Cirno.

Cirno however, who had fallen asleep long ago, was still sitting on my lap and I felt chilled to the bone till Sakuya placed a blanket over me.

[Thank you?]

[You are welcome, Reimu.]

The more I looked at Sakuya, the more I realized that the two of us must have been friends, close friends for us to speak so casually with one another.

Sakuya seemed to know everything that I was thinking about and the same goes for me as I observed her every little action. There is a saying that opposite attracts, does this hold for the two of us?


Holding on to that thought, I focused my attention on Miss Knowledge?s Story again as she continued casually.

[The people of the world were very troubled by the new development but they did not know what to do.

Day after day, the sun looked less bright and the people were very worried. Till? one day, someone decided to help out after all.]

Pointing a finger at me, Miss Knowledge smiled before telling me the impossible.

[You, Hakurei Reimu, resolved the Incident of the Scarlet Mists, defeated Miss Remilia and although it was your partner, Kirisame Marisa who defeated Flandre Scarlet, it is you who played the crucial role there as well.]

[I? I? That couldn?t be?!]

Putting a hand over my mouth, I was stunned at what I had just heard.

Even though Suika had said that I was the Hakurei Shrine Maiden and that I had resolved plenty of disasters and has never lost, I never would have imagined that?

Imagined that I could have gone up against such amazingly powerful beings and lived, not to even beginning to fathom besting them.

[You made it past all of us, with nary any difficulty I must add. It might seem that I am sore about my loss, but you did catch me while I was having a bad day.]

Narrowing her eyes, Miss Knowledge turned beet red when Sakuya retorted her once more.

[You do seem to have that day more often than not, Miss Patchouli.]

[Silence, Sakuya, do I have to prove to you my worth?]

Pulling a spell-card from her sleeves, Miss Knowledge glared at Sakuya; who just as casually drew a spell-card of her own and smiling confidently back at her.

[If you are willing to destroy the living quarters for such a trivial matter, I would find it part of my duty to punish you after I have successfully subdued you.]

The atmosphere was heated and I was at a loss to what to do, caught between the two powerful beings that, for a moment before was getting along fine.

[Please? do not fight! Harmony is always a key to a good relationship!!]

Quoting from my training, which emphasizes part of my teaching on harmony between the people and nature, I placed a hand on each of them before coaxing them to break it up.

[Please, violence is not needed here?]


[? tsk.]

Scoffing, Miss Knowledge was about to rebut me when I just smiled and countered her with a saying of my own.

[it takes two hands to clap and two people to start an argument? so if one of you just stop arguing?]

Using my smile as a weapon as much as anything else, I managed to defuse the situation before it got out of hand and I breathed a sigh of relief deep in my chest, happy that I had prevented a fire that had threatened to engulf.

[?Hmph, you are surely a different person, Reimu. But the charm still remains, I am glad.]

Gesturing for Sakuya to come towards her, Miss Knowledge wrote something on her book before reluctantly tearing out the page for Sakuya.

Sakuya like me was stunned by the gesture and her expression immediately changed when she saw what was written on the piece of paper and she opened her mouth as if to speak.

[Give this to China and instruct her to get it as soon as possible.]

[? B-But?]

[No buts, this is a direct order from me.]

[? I understand. If you are so adamant on this matter, I shall not argue further, but?]

Biting her lip, Sakuya seemed she wanted to say something more but she paused and silenced herself.

Putting a hand on her chest, she looked pained as she looked at me and just as quickly took her leave and left the room.

[I will be back shortly?]


[Now, Reimu, do you understand who you are? You are the Shrine Maiden who saved Gensokyo not once, but four times.

The incident of the Scarlet Mists, the Incident of the Fake Moon and the Incident of the Freak Flowering of Gensokyo and finally, the Incident at Youkai Mountain.]

[? am I? the same person?]

I was totally not prepared for the bombshell that had just been dropped on me.

All my Shrine Maiden training was swept away at the magnitude of my previous accomplishments.

I had considered myself quite lucky to be able to survive the entire onslaught that Miss Meiling and Cirno had thrown at me and here she was, saying that I had gotten past all of them with ease and had bested even their Mistress, who was the Scarlet Devil of the mansion?

[T? you must be lying?]

Weakly, I begged her to tell me that she was lying but Miss Knowledge shook her head and said that she was not lying at all.

[It is the fact and it is recorded in history, no matter how unhappy I am.]


Lowering my head, I tried to rethink through my values and commitments and to my relief I found them all intact among the information that Miss Knowledge has provided me with.

[I? I couldn?t be the one who resolved all of this? I am just Reimu?]

[Hakurei Reimu of the Hakurei Shrine, that in itself is prove enough.

In your bloods runs the bloodline of generations of Shrine Maidens who have the same skills and prowess as you, if in either a stronger or lesser scale.]


Cupping both my hands over my head, I desperately did not want to hear what she was telling me.

If what she said is true, the responsibility that is placed on me has increased tremendously and I was afraid of it crushing me with it?s weight.

How could I ever cope with this stress? How could I ever live with such expectations from the people around me? how could I possibly?



[You?re wrong, all of that is wrong, Reimu.]

Hearing my own voice screaming at the end of the tunnel of my life, I turned back to see a younger me, more energetic and youthful that was waving her gohei about in her arms.

[I, Hakurei Reimu had lived this life before.]

Stamping her feet on the ground, the younger me paused before looking up and staring into my eyes, all her concentration on me.

[I have lived this life before. And? you can do it too, Reimu.]

Holding a hand out to me, she smiled beautifully and I found myself charmed by myself, no matter how weird that might seem and I smiled back at her, the questions gone as if like the wind that had just caressed me.

[? That?s how I should be!]

Winking, she pulled me through the dark surroundings and into the colorful world in which she resided before dragging me towards the shrine.

[Everyone is waiting for you.]


I never got to the end of that dream as I awoke in Miss Knowledge?s arm for the second time today.

This time however, I did not immediately spring out of bed and I just stared at the ceiling for a moment, trying to collect my thoughts together.

[ Reimu, are you fine?]

Ignoring her, I closed my eyes again as I took a deep breath.

Yes, there is no need to worry; I have lived this life before, a long time ago?

I am the servant of the people, living to serve the people for as long as I can.

Spiritually linking them to the Spirits that lived among them?

That is my role, if I don?t do it, who will?

It is not that I am arrogant or proud that I am a Shrine Maiden?

It might not be a choice that I am born the Shrine Maiden or that I have the blood that flow through my veins.

But, it is how I cultivate myself to use the power that I am granted.

Power, begets responsibility.

If I am a lesser person, would I be corrupted by the power that I have wield?

If I am a greater person, would I be still serving the people?

I am Hakurei Reimu, the past and now, my faith to the Hakurei Shrine has not weakened,

Has it?

[? I can?t say it is my fate? or my destiny? but?]

Feeling my lips move, I whispered to remind myself of who I am, Hakurei Reimu, no one else can call claim to be and I am proud to have that name, no matter what power I weld.

[I am always carrying the burden of the name with me? right?]

Asking Miss Knowledge, I was surprised when I saw her looking at the door, her eyes deep in concentration before urging me to stand up.

[? I guess it is time.]

[? time?]

[For you to meet the Mistress? she has woken up?]

Sensing that Miss Knowledge was afraid of the presence, I felt my nerves tighten too as she turned to look at me, a strained smile on her face as the clock struck midnight, chiming twelve times continuously.

[? whether you are ready for her, she will definitely be ready for you, Hakurei Reimu.]

Nervously, I swallowed as I sensed the tone in her voice, very akin to fear and very akin to awe at the same time.

She had dropped her formal way of speaking and was making it more casual and easy to understand, something that I am very very happy about.

[One false move and she will have you for breakfast, crush you between her hands and dig out your insides like scooping ice-cream from a tub. ?]

[? I hope not.]

[Be aware thou, that you might be the one most suited to overwhelm her than anyone one of us here.]


I missed the last sentence that she said before pushing the door open and leaving the room.

[The power of kindness?]



Roaring my disapproval from my bedroom, I called for Sakuya as I rubbed my eyes irritably in the light of the moon that was shining at me.

Normally, I would be happy that the moon was there, as it showed me the endless expanse of power I have yet to achieved.

If I could just make it to the moon?

But today, it just made me feel irritable, not that I was in a good mood very often now.

[Yes, Mistress.]

She appeared almost instantly, clever girl. If she was a second late, I would be tempted to suck her bone dry.

Gnashing my teeth, I questioned her about the strange and familiar presence that I had felt just a second ago and I expected an answer from her.

Izayoi Sakuya, the Head Maid of my mansion and my most important subordinate.

Beside the librarian, she is the only person who can perform tasks that are as fast and efficient in my liking.

No one, gets the best of Remilia Scarlet and lives to tell the tale.

My bed, which was made of the finest silk and dyed red by the blood of my vanquished foes, gleamed in tandem to my scarlet eyes as I rose into the air, spreading my hands out as I did so.

[Well, Sakuya? Who is it that we are honored to host? Is it the Teacher?]

[No, Mistress, Miss Keine is not scheduled to visit for at least another week.]

Nervously and with good reason to be, Sakuya took a nervous step back when I raised a hand up in annoyance to bat at a fly that just happened to be there.

Crimson magic erupted from my hands and I obliterated the fly to tiny bits, leaving a burnt crater to the side of the room.

[Is it any of our acquaintances? The Border Youkai?

If it is her, tell her I have to give her a piece of my mind, or a fist to her face, which ever you prefer.]

Shrugging, I shrugged off the thought as I floated off to my window and glaring at the scene that greeted me.

[? no, it is not the Border Youkai, Mistress.]

[The Rat? Tell Flandre that she might have fun with her, I have no mood to tend to such a vermin like her.]

Spitting on the floor, I whirled around when Sakuya visibly hesitated as she shook her head again?


Roaring, my scream reverberated around the room and it bowled Sakuya over and I grinned as I flexed my muscles.

It felt good to see my power at work and I floated over her, enjoying the sight of my shadow creeping up at her as I pointed a finger at her.

[The Doll-Freak?! Ask Patchey to keep her entertained. If it is anyone of the Immortals, leave them be and reject them away.]

[? no?]

[? Who is it. Don?t you dare keep me in suspense.]

[? it?s?]

Looking nervously, Sakuya got up and pulled open the door and inviting the mystery guest into the room, MY ROOM.

[? Hakurei Reimu.]

Time stopped and I screamed, screamed so vigorously that I felt my heart shake and my whole body tremble with rage.

[HAKUREI REIMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


I was standing nervously at the other end of the door and I just smiled nervously as Miss Knowledge just stood patiently beside me.

Cirno was holding Miss Knowledge?s Hand as she trembled beside her. The little Ice-fairy had woken up just prior to us leaving the room and had, to mine and Miss Knowledge?s amusement, had hid her head into Miss Knowledge?s Night clothes and whispered softly to us.

[Cirno is scared. Cirno is strongest, but Cirno is scared? Cirno doesn?t know why!!]

Wailing, it took a while for us to calm the small fairy down and surprisingly, it was Miss Knowledge who made her stop wailing.

[To fear, is a proof of one?s existence. Although the older term of this is: I think, therefore I am. ?]

Pausing as she gave a hoarse cough, Miss Knowledge took her hand and slowly walked down the aisle.

[I believe that is so? Still, let us return to the original Question.

If you fear, do you fear fear? Or do you fear being feared?

Or do you just fear, because you fear another being stronger than you.]

[? Cino doesn?t understand Purple-Colored Girl.]

[You, Cirno, Fear because you fear fear. You are afraid of fear as it is unknown to you.

Only when one experiences strength that is overpowering can one understands how meek one can be.]

As I followed the two of them, the fear that I had felt when the overwhelming presence swept through the Mansion was justified.

I feared her as she is stronger, it is logically.

But, do I really fear her strength or do I fear being killed by her?

I feared being killed by her, the most common type of fear that is regarding my existence. I fear being killed, as with any other people in the world.

[So Cirno, you have the right to fear people who are stronger as it is the basic instinct of any living being.]

Looking down at her, Miss Knowledge managed a smile as she trembled, trembled like a shaking leaf as she stood by the grandest door of all.

[If you do not fear, you are truly an idiot who does not fear for your life?]


As I saw the door open and heard Sakuya introduce my name to her mistress, I stepped into the room and bowed.
That was all the time I had before the whole room blew apart.


Coughing to get rid of the dust that I had inhaled when the explosion took place, I groaned in pain and then in shock to see that Sakuya had used her body as a shield to protect me from the falling debris that was once the roof a second ago.


Prying her off me, I tried not to rouse her awake as she lay limply on my lap.


Throwing her body over me, she had saved me from a large chunk of the roof as the room just simply blew apart when an ear-shattering scream that uttered my name just bowled the two of us over.

With her body full of cuts and bruises, I was secretly thankful that that was all she had suffered at the aftermaths of such a powerful blast.

Looking around, I was unable to see anything else due to the crimson fog appearing all around me, isolating me and Sakuya from the rest of the world.



Hearing the two anxious cries from the other side of the fog, I felt a wave of relief broke through my mind that I was safe but I knew too, deep inside that the worst was far from over.


A voice like a lash struck out through the mist and I flinched when I saw two pinpoints of crimson light materialize from the fog.


Nervously standing up, the pair of eyes descended from the heavens and stopped just a few feet away from me, threading air like it was the most natural thing to do.

Her shadow, large and ominous covered my entire form and I swallowed when she spoke again.

[You, came back.]

The volume decreased but the venom in her voice never wavered as the crimson mist slowly dissipated around her, revealing her small frame.

Her red dress first came to light, appearing in great contrast to the crimson mist all over her.

It was beautiful yet grotesque at the same time as traces of blood was visible even from the height she was.

The trail of blood started slowly below her chest and I could see the trail of blood as it dripped off the dress.

More horrifying was that I could see a bloody handprint on the right of her skirt, her victim?s last desperate attempts as his hand pulled down futilely on her dress.


Her eyes, a crimson red in color stared at me and she licked her fangs slowly and purposely, just like a predator showing of it?s fangs before they chowed down on their helpless prey.

[? Yes? Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, I have came to pay my respects to you?]

Bowing deeply to her, I tucked my gohei between my obi and I placed both my hands on my lap respectfully as I waited for her to speak.

A fool would stand in front of such a being and not cower and I trembled at the foot of such a powerful being.

[Pay your respects? TO ME?]

Laughing, she clenched her fists so tightly that it turned white with effort before screaming out to me.


Bits of vampire spittle flew towards me and I flinched at her scream.


[? Still, It is foolish of me not to do so, Miss Remilia Scarlet.]

She seemed to complement that for a moment as she placed a hand on her lap while floating on the crimson air.

Levitating, she is like a goddess, all powerful in her power and absolute strength with herself.

[? Wise of you, Hakurei Reimu. BUT. YOU HAVE DEFIED ME!]

Pointing a clawed finger at me, her eyes turned feral as she roared and dived at me, intent in wiping me off the face of the world.


Not having time to give a shout of surprise, I dived away from the danger by instinct alone as my body just moved by itself.

[? Ha.. ha?]

Huffing from the effort of getting away, I leapt into the air to confront that was standing in the mile-wide crater that she had just created by smashing her fist into the earth and I nervously tried again.

[Miss? Remilia Scarlet?]

[? DIE!]

Dashing at me again with her claws out stretched, I was prepared this time and I dashed to the side of her attack and breathed again when she skidded to a halt in mid-air.

[? Tsk?.]

Spitting, Remilia Scarlet raised a hand up into the air and as I watched in horror, scarlet energy started streaming towards her hand into a shape of a spear.


Roaring in age, she threw the spear straight towards me and another in repeated succession as I sped through the remains of the Mansion.

[Miss Remilia Scarlet, Please, Calm down!!]


Screaming, her eyes almost turn fully crimson in color as she threw yet another Spear at me.

The Spears, which were magical in nature, pierced through every border I set up and I had to try harder to avoid every single throw by her.

As the Spear embedded themselves into the earth, it would break free of it?s magical bonds and explode in a fiery explosion of Crimson Magic that obliterated everything close to it.


Wincing in pain as a stray piece of debris hit me, I clutched my right arm before looking up at the Little Vampire who was still howling in anger.

[DIE, DIE, DIE!!!]

Launching round after round of Magical Spears, Remilia Scarlet was not even panting and she still looked as if she had more to throw at me.

[? I?m sorry?]

Bowing, I raised a hand and started chanting loudly to any spirits that might be nearby.

[The Spirits of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, I beg of you to hear my call. Your Mistress, whose strength is unrivaled has lost her once rational Mind.

I, The Hakurei Shrine Maiden, wish not to be stronger than your mistress, but please, hear my plea.]

Taking a deep breath as Remilia Scarlet flung another Spear at me, I closed my eyes and screamed out my prayer.


For a wonder my prayer was heard and tiny fairies formed a barrier between me and the Spear and it stopped the spear just an inch before me, it?s tip radiating energy that was enough to fry me in an instant.



Raising her arms up in the air, an ancient looking spell circle appeared below her and I quickly dashed away from it, knowing that it spelt doom for all who stepped in the circle.


As I expected, the circle glowed of unholy magic and streams of magic forcefully erupted from the sphere and into the sky above, obliterating everything within it to dusts.

Debris from the roof, the mink carpeting and her own bed, was all erased in a single instant, leaving a field that was dotted with pitholes, proof of her awesome power.

[? Please, Calm down!!]

Glowing white, I leaped into the air to follow her flight as I racked my mind for anything, anything I could do to calm her down but I came up with nil.

Dealing with such a powerful being is beyond me and as she is a vampire, I doubt that I can fully understand her feelings.
If she were only human?

[Wait.. what am I thinking? No matter what, my service is to the people, youkai or not!]

Realizing that I was thinking negative thoughts, I took a deep breath and paused in mid-air as I watched Remilia Scarlet glaring at me, her hands still held up in the air.

Magical energy was gathering on her finger tips in a shape of a large sphere and as I prayed hard for power from the spirits, she sent the Magical Orb in my direction just as I waved my hands in front of me to shoot a collection of ofudas straight at her.

[Drawing strength from the Spirit of the Hakurei Shrine, BORDER!]

Forming a barrier with the amulets around her, I chanted loudly again as I grazed the Magical Sphere with ease.

[May the Devil, the Crimson Devil of the Mansion relate to the Great Spirit of the Hakurei Shrine.

May rationality return to whence you belong, may the demon that caused you such pain and suffering be banished from the body,

May the hatred that you have held in your heart be banished, may the pain you have felt be soothed.

In Body and in spirit, you do not belong here, leave now!!]

Trying an exorcism, I raised my gohei in the air and then swiftly redirected it to point at the border that was shining around Remilia Scarlet.


Shining brightly, the barrier slowly disappeared around her but not before turning a deep red, reflecting the hate and the anger of Remilia Scarlet that it had absorbed.

Steam was coming from the border and it blinded me for a second but I was not afraid of her now.

The hatred and pain that she was feeling was supposed to be removed from her and now, perhaps I could talk with her and to understand her better?


I did not know how wrong I was when she dived through the mist and struck me squarely on the cheek with a tremendous slap that sent me wheeling to crash on the floor below her.


I was hurting and bruising where I was slapped but that did not reflect my pain when I saw how Remilia Scarlet was staring at me, her eyes full of hatred and beyond that, I could sense sadness, something I could not feel before I used the border on her.

She hates me,

For some reason, she hates me, Hakurei Reimu to the core and she could do nothing except kill me to be rid off her pain.

At first, I imagined it was a disrespectful act by me that got her so riled up and she was screaming my name in anger.

But even after dispelling most of her hatred and pain, she still would not let me go. It was like a dog that had grabbed hold of my sleeve and refused to let go to save her life.

Raising her hand, Remilia Scarlet?s Spellcard had not ended and I prepared myself for the end as she raised her hands to form a shape like a cross and she shot magical energy from her fingertips to all areas surrounding her.

The areas where the magical energy struck blew up and I was covered with dust as explosion after explosion struck the mansion.

I fear that the mansion will soon be leveled if I do not do something, anything at all.

Reaching into my sleeve, I prayed again for strength before declaring reciting the incantations on the Spellcard and declaring it, hoping it might work.

[Spirits, lend me your strength. From the colors of the rainbow, may you grant power to the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, if only for a few seconds to rid the world of the Spirit that you see before me?]

[Spirit Sign: Fantasy Orb!!]

Glowing with energy, I raised my hands up in the air with my gohei and directed the orbs, five of them in different colors that had emerged from all around me towards Remilia Scarlet.


Mockingly, she just shrugged off the energy from the spirit orbs and gathered a orb by herself, infusing her own crimson magic into it.


Laughing manically, she threw the orb at me and it exploded right in front of me, throwing me back once again.


My body slamming against a concrete slab, I felt my vision swim as I stared up blankly at the Scarlet Devil, the Devil that surely will take my life away.


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[The Moon tonight is Red? you have guts to even try to face me, mere human.]

[?so you can do something?]

[You don?t live for five hundred years without being powerful.]

The casual smile that appeared on her face made me mad and I raised my gohei to challenge her.

[You?re being a nuisance! Let?s get this over with!]

[Yes, let?s get you little pest out of my mansion.]

Scoffing, she raised her arms in reply to my challenge and the both of us charged at one another.


The same image of her appeared in my memories and I raised a finger, trying to reach out to her.


Screaming, she was Remilia Scarlet, the Devil that I had known before, that was reaffirmed when my memories started to return to me.

The red eyes that had spent so much time staring at me, the small bat-like wings that was pressing against me as she slept on my lap.


O..On my lap?

Fearing there was a lapse in my broken memory or the world was playing a cruel joke on me, I tried to stand but I coughed blood instead and I sank back to my knees, clutching my chest in pain.

[? heh?]

Hearing her giggle beside me, I swung around, trying to catch sight of her but I only saw the brief flittering of her wings as she sped away when I moved.

[?Your blood, is so? tantalizing?]

Feeling a pair of hands, freezing cold clutch my neck, I froze immediately as she traced a finger down my neck, laughing as she did so.

[? Never would I Dream you would fall so easily, Hakurei Reimu? WAS YOUR STRENGTH JUST A FLUKE?!]

Releasing me, she pushed me to the floor before dragging a finger through the pool of blood and licking it off her fingers.

[? Mm~ Such? fragrance?]

Turning towards me, her eyes narrowed and her pupils dilated even further as drool dripped from her fangs.

It so frightened me that my limbs all froze up in fear, not wanting any part of the Scarlet Devil.

[K-Keep away!!! NO!]

Screaming, I tried desperately to scuttle back from her, wanting as much distance as I could from the Devil.


Fear is contagious and it must prove exciting for vampires as she got more excited while I scrambled away, clutching my chest as I did so.

[Fear weakens you, Reimu.]

My mind, the ever rational piece of machinery, screamed at me and I struggled to keep myself in check.

[B-Begone, Devil!]

Pulling out a stack of amulets, I raised them above my forehead before tossing them all around me.

[Be my shining light!! Barrier!!]

Usage of barriers and borders are the Hakure Shrine Maiden?s greatest assets, as recorded in my Master?s Manual and I was familiar with many spells and charms.

The amulets shone to form a barrier separating me and the Devil but I was not done yet.

[Please, forgive me, Remilia!]

Falling to my knees, I bowed at the startled devil before firmly placing a Spell-card on the ground in front of me.

[Dream Sign: Evil Sealing Circle!]

Suddenly, a circle of holy fire erupted around Remilia and engulfed her totally.

Mixing in with the sound of the flames, was the Devil?s Scream of fury and pain while I just prayed for her forgiveness.

[Please forgive me, Remilia Scarlet, for the pain I had inflicted on you?]

That was my last words as a speeding bullet, crimson in color and with claws outstretched, barreled into me.



Erecting a powerful barrier to protect the both of us, I was shocked when I heard Reimu call out Sakuya?s name.

With her strength she was supposed to be stronger and agile than Reimu and should logically be able to avoid everything that even Remi throws at her.

Apparently some error was made when I made that assumption and that margin for error was Hakurei Reimu.

She was not prepared for the onslaught and as I dragged Sakuya?s unconscious body back to relative safety of what was left of the mansion.

The explosion of energy was not powerful enough to rock my shield the slightest but it did overpower every other single defense and reinforcing I had done off the mansion.

The fairy maids were all taking cover down at the vault, and a wise-move indeed as the barrage of magic by Remi never subsided for an instant.


I, Patchouli Knowledge had beforehand estimated the outcome of this particular encounter but this was dragging on far longer than I ever expected it to last.

Remi?s power is strong enough to immediately obliterate Reimu, but the fact that she was still screaming in rage meant that she, at the least had not defeated Reimu at the moment and I breathed a sign of relief.

[? Thank goodness?]

Looking down at the little ice-fairy, who was hanging on to my arm, I faked a sigh of annoyance and tried to shake my hand free of her.

[Let go, you?re making it hard for me to maintain the Shield.]

Besides maintaining the shield, I was curing Sakuya?s wounds using the same magical spells that the Lunarian has taught me.


A blinding flash of light erupted from the middle of the disaster zone and I shielded my eyes from the sight.

The pillar of light seemed to shoot towards the moon as it blazed upwards towards infinity.


Hearing screaming from Remi again, I closed my eyes and prayed when I saw the worst possible sight I could ever think of.

The Crimson form that broke through the wall of holy fire slammed to another figure that was a few feet away and the both of them hurtled towards the forests and as quickly as it came, it ended in an explosion of dust.


Lowering my head, I prayed for her and our safety even as Sakuya stirred below my feet.


Looking at the shrine maiden below me, my foot placed squarely on her chest as she coughed weakly only made me more excited about her impending death.

Looking at her blood-rimmed hair, lips and body, I silently was impressed at her willpower to be able to stay awake even with such injuries.

Feeling the searing pain from her futile struggle, I had lost all patience and wanted to kill her right then and now, thus the spellcard I used,

[Dracula Cradle.]

Dracula Cradle is a unique spellcard as it brings the user, in this case in a state where bodily harm is very real.

I twirled my body like a top, scattering energy all the way as I plowed straight towards the enemy.

Spinning around and round, the energy focuses itself on the speared end of the projectile, my head and it most likely will cause instant death, more so when I and her crashed through a concrete wall and several trees before coming to a halt after dragging her body several feet through the ground.


Laughing manically I released her life-less body for a moment as I turned to look at the moon shining behind me.


In the peak of my power, I was literally overflowing with strength and when I looked back at the frail human in front of me, I just had to laugh.


Pacing around her, the corpse of a human was nothing but pure ecstasy for me.

Her body was warm and her pulse was racing, things that I absolutely adore before I sink my teeth into my prey and she was much more than that.

She is a delicacy like no other.

Who else can lay claim that one has eaten the Hakurei Shrine Maiden?




Barely controlling myself, I grabbed her hair and pulled her up to look at me. Groaning weakly, she tried to resist but there was no longer any strength in her body and her eyes had no life in them, the lights gone from them.


Screaming and screaming, my vocal cords were hoarse and the nourishment I needed was just in front of me, just mine for the thinking.

[? I?m going to suck you dry? even if I am not able to drink all of you?

I will drain you? see the blood pool all over your proud shrine maiden clothes, see your face turn white slowly and then? slowly devour your flesh? Ehehe? EHEHEHEHE? WAHAHAHAHAHA!]

The situation from before was totally reversed and I had her right where I want her, with no one to stop me or no one to save her.


Grinning, I leaned towards her neck and was about to chow down when her hand weakly grabbed mine.

[R? Re? Remilia?]

Feeling her touch, I was reminded of a time, a time when everything was different and I hesitated, something that I would not have done before.


Flinching from her touch, I clutched my hand in a mixture of horror and guilt before raising an arm.

Crimson power gathered around my fingers in a shape of a spear and I balanced it carefully while glaring at her.

[?I? I?m sorry?]



All I felt was pain, nothing but pain as a second after I regained consciousness, I was staring at Remilia?s face while my body felt and was a wreck.

Having the dim memory of crashing through a couple of things, I could not even scream in pain as it was just too overpowering, even suppressing my thoughts as I just groaned and tried to get away.

Every sense in my body was telling me that it hurts, pain was over flooding my senses and it was telling me that my body was broken.


Barely able to breathe, I tried to move my fingers but it hurt so much that I gave up, my arm lying limply to my side.

Needless to say, I was not even able to raise my head up, not to mention the rest of my body.

[? ugh?]

I wanted to give up on life now, to release the stubborn hold I have on the ledge of life and plunge down to the depths of hell?

But I couldn?t.

Some part of me stubbornly urged me to live on. It could be responsibility, the responsibility of saving Gensokyo still hung on my shoulders and it might want urge me to keep living.

The same responsibility that I had felt so troublesome might be turning out to be a lifesaver for me?

That I do not agree with as? if I died, I would be rid off the burden? right?

There are many more powerful beings ready to take the place of such a defenseless and powerless Shrine Maiden such as myself.

Even with Miss Knowledge?s reassurance that I am the strongest, I do not believe her, not totally.

Truths always must be taken with a grain of salt and till I see proof, I will not truly believe that fact.

Responsibility is not urging me to live and neither is the Shrine Maiden?s Teaching that had guided me so far?

No, it was another feeling.

The Feeling of guilt?

I have something that I needed to do, something that was regarding a poor girl?s heart being broken? and it was all my fault.

[I? I?m sorry?]

Even though that could be my last breath, I still managed to apologize to her.

After all?

Everything must have a beginning? and that beginning began with me.


[Argh? I can?t believe I lost?]

Looking at the defeated Vampire before me, I panted for a moment before placing my amulets back in place inside my sleeves before I started reprimanding her.

[You?re just being selfish, you stupid vampire!]


Seeing her flare up, I struck the Vampire on her head before she could cast another spell before scolding her.

My rage too, is not something to be trifled with as she had wasted so much of my precious time.


I was sure I made myself clear as my voice echoed around her bedroom that the both of us had crashed into in the midst of our showdown.

She was really an irritating little girl, welding her power almost carelessly, I had grazed all of her bullets without worry till right in the middle when she just dived straight at me.

Well, to cut things short, I slammed my gohei on her forehead and she crashed landed after seeing stars for quite some time after the blow.

It was a blessing in disguise as I had ended the battle prematurely.
Well, she deserved it!

I remember our first meeting now.

It was like what she had said and it had taken place right under the same full moon right now as we had declared our spellcards to one another.

Her strength was incredible but so was the number of mistakes that she made while creating her patterns.

There would be the tiny gap left between her attacks that allowed me to dodge her next stream of attacks.

It was remarkably easy when I danmaku-ed with her.

When it came to physical power however, the battle dragged on and it was only when I blasted her with the Hakurei Sanctifier Orb did I manage a victory.

I did not dislike her, she as a spoiled brat but she still retained the class of a refined lady as she admitted defeat very readily.

She herself was not childish, just very spoilt and immature for her age of 500 years.

She has the power to be so spoilt but when I met her and defeated her, I supposed that brought her world to a spiraling halt.

She had the power over fate, to view it and to manipulate it to her own will.

She had sealed her own age away, sealing her fate of growing older and thus she will never age, something is unique to vampires and she does not necessarily need blood to remain alive, it is a prized dish perhaps, but not a necessary one.

Before meeting me, Remilia Scarlet was the Mistress of her own fate and perhaps all the fate of the people in the Scarlet Mansion.

Sakuya, Miss Knowledge, all the fairies and even Miss Meiling.

All of their fates were governed by her.

She had the power over everyone, the authority and the strength to carry out all that she wanted.

She was the overlord of the mansion and everyone knows that and accepted that.

They did not know their lives any other way before I came and barged my way through into their lives.

It so resembles the saying of the Frog who had lived it?s life in the well. He thought he knew the whole world, the world of his well till he was told of the whole wide-world that laid beyond the well.

It is a pitiful story, and it was happening to Remilia Scarlet.

By besting her, I challenged her definition of fate.

Being the ruler of fate, she could not possibly lose and? she could NOT possibly and WILL not possibly lose.

But she did lose, to me.

That must have shattered her whole world.

[? so you?re here again?]

[The day is cloudy, so I decided to drop by.]

[Any donations for the shrine?]

[Why would I bother to donate to such a run-down shrine.]

[No tea for you then.]

[EH!? Reimu is mean towards me!!]

[C?mon, stop resting your head on my lap, it?s irritating!]

[The heart feel warm when I do that!]

[? eh, whatever you want?]

But it didn?t.

She found an unexpected life-line, me. I, the one who had destroyed her world became her world.

I was the one who led her to meet the many other people that she would later reaffirm as associates and even some as friends.

People like the Lunarians were frequent visitors to the Mansion and even Remilia herself came down to grace the Hakurei Festival with her presence, stunning the crowd who was gathered there.

If I had not crashed into their life, as troublesome as it might be now, she would not have met all of the people that surrounds her right now.

It was another blessing in disguise that she had the strength to think positively and maturely to cope with her world being shattered.

The absoluteness of her power is not real and is just an illusion was the lesson that was learnt when she faced me.

It made her realize that people around her do not live for her and people should live for herself.

She herself confided to me one summer night as I was sharing a cup of wine with her.

She cried and said that she was happy that she had met me and was happy of her life now in Gensokyo.

[Despite the difficulties that I have now, dealing with the likes of Marisa, the visits of Alice and the Lunarians.

I am happy, happy for the first time in 500 years.]

She was still stubborn, refusing to outright admit that she had lost to me but she still hung on close to me, claiming to like me all the time.

But I had broken her heart.


The more I remembered, the clearer the picture came to me off her actions.

The cries of rage, the cries of pain and the blood curdling scream of my name were of someone that had her loved one betrayed her.

I had betrayed her? left her and in the same time, shattered her world the second time.

Her absoluteness in strength makes her a formidable foe, restrained or not.

But now, with her rage and pain overpowering her rationality, she was an unrestrained animal and that amount of destructive power was akin to a child throwing a temper tantrum and flattening the grass as she jumped up and down to show her frustration.

It must have hurt, to have your world shattered twice and by the person that she had loved, me.

[? I?m sorry?]

As I calm my mind to think about her actions, the more convinced I am that it was my fault to begin with.


[I shouldn?t have left you? Remilia? a-at?]

Coughing up blood, I weakly tried again as Remilia started taking small steps away from me, shaking her head as she did so.

Without me noticing, tears had started to fall from my eyes and they trickled slowly to the ground, just like the blood that was still seeping from my broken body.

The pain that I had felt was so overwhelming that I could not feel the pain at all.

It was a surreal feeling, pain still screamed at me from every part of my body but I felt no pain at all.

This pain is nothing compared to what she had been through for the past 14 years.

[At all? I?m sorry?]

Trying so hard to speak, I was rewarded by a small shake of the head from Remilia?s side and I tightened my grip on her hand just a bit more.


Covering her ears, Remilia went to her knees and tried desperately to pry my hands away as she just screamed out loud to the night sky.


Even as she shook her head, I continued and for a wonder she heard me.

[A-At the very least? I? I should have? -coughs-? told you? th-that? t-that? I?-coughs- was lea-leaving?]

[I?m? sorry? it mu-must have hurt? ? h-hurt? hasn?t it? i? I wish? I h-had known a-about this? -coughs- I-If I did? i?]

Cutting me off, Remilia screamed again as she pressed her nails against my neck, causing me to squirm in pain, my vocal cords not able to gather enough air to scream.


Bits of vampire spittle struck me but I laid firm as I forced my hand to caress her face, leaving bloody trails behind it as I winced as excruciating pain shot through me even from that effort.

[I? I k-know the p-pain? I-coughs- am f-f-fee-feeling now? -coughs- can?t ?com-compare? to what y-you have been through? R-Remilia?]


Releasing me, I saw Remilia?s eyes turning back to normal and I struggled to smile as Remilia just backed away from me.

[I?m ? s-sorry? f-for hurting you? --for-for taking away? e-everything t-that you have known?]

I had taken away her world, her world of absolute control over fate and gave her Gensokyo, the paradise for youkai and for humans alike before abandoning her all at once..

I am guilty, I am at fault?

So? the least I can do? is?

[y-you must h-have r-relied on me? -l-loved me?-coughs-]

Smiling and crying despite the pain that still wrecked me, I watched as Remilia started crying as well, red tears started flowing from her eyes as she sank to her knees a mere hands-length away.

[b-but ? I-? I didn??t r-return y-your feel-ings? a-and even betr-ayed y-you? Remilia?]

[F-For all? f-for all that? f-forgive me?]

[NO, STOP IT! DON?T SAY ANYMORE, NOT? not? not after?]

Wiping her tears away, Remilia?s eyes finally returned to what I remembered her to have and she finally, finally called me.

[Not after I made my decision? REIMU!]

Punching the earth, Remilia moaned again.

[I-It?s not fair? t-that your fate? is so easily changed? w-why?!

I was about to kill you? I steeled my heart to kill you? to let you feel the pain that I felt? s-so why? can you escape fate a-again?!



Smiling, I gestured her to come closer as my body started failing me. My vision started failing and I felt that my time was about up.

As broken and hurt as I was, there is no way that I could possibly survive this time.

[I? I have-coughs? t-taken your a-abili?ability to con-trol? fate? t-this time? but?. I?m giving it to? back to you?]


[M-? My fate? is? in your hands now? k-kill me?]


Her eyes widening in surprise, she was about to speak when I, despite all the pain I was feeling, raised my hand to caress her chin again.

[I? I lo-love you?. Too? r-remilia? s? so? kill me? I? I don?t? want to suff-fer t-this pain anymore?]

[REIMU? NO! NO!! It-It?s?]

[M-my f-fate? is? is in your hands?]

From my fading vision; I saw Remilia sobbing even more as she exclaimed to me.

[No? NO! you c-can?t!! Reimu! Y-You can?t g-give me that? it?s?. I don?t own your fate, REIMU!

It?s not owning? you? your leaving me with no choice? It?s not fair! R-Reimu! NO!! D-Don?t!!]

[S-Smile? please? I? I want to see your smiling face?]

Down to my last breath as I felt my chest heave with effort, I whispered to her.

[I? m-my fate? d-depends on y-you?R-Remilia?]

?to return her life to her?




Screaming loudly in the night sky, I, Remilia Scarlet knew that her fate was not in my hands despite her delivering it to me in a silver platter.

It wasn?t fair, that Reimu had the chance to change fate?

Once when she defeated me all those moons ago and now?

The Second time when she escaped? escaped my hatred? No? B-But? No?


From the instant that I had hit her, her fate was towards death?

I knew it? despite all my wishes of it not being true now? it did not change the fact? that? -that?

She is going to leave me, AGAIN!

Despite me saying that she was able to change her fate, fate by itself is not changeable?


Feeling the tears increase in intensity, I screamed louder than ever before to lessen the sadness in my heart as I watched Reimu?s life slowly disappear from her.

Was? it my fault too that she died?

? or was it solely her fault?

I?I do not want to know?

All? all I want? is for Reimu to come back to me!!


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2


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But no promises for other updates here, for more gurantees, try, unfortunately...


[? uh?]

Wincing in pain, I pried my eyes open and then just as quickly closed them in the glare of the lights.

My vision was hazy and I could only make out individual colors but not individual shapes when everything just struck me like a speeding bullet?

Am I alive?

Trying to raise a hand to pinch myself, I gave up when all my sensation returned to me. It was a like the dam to all the pain was opened and I screamed in pain and clutched at the covers that were covering me in a desperate bid to distract my attention from the pain.



[You?re awake?]

Hearing a soft voice appear near me, I turned towards the general direction of the voice and I called out weakly to the person.

[A-Am I alive?]


There was a minute of silence where I just clutched to the covers and futilely tried to grab a comforting hand that was in the general direction of the voice.

[? yes?]

A relieved sigh was heard and I weakly tried to smile, but my muscles were aching too much for me and I gave up.

[H-How? w-who?]

[? hmm. How to answer that question? yes indeed?]

As I waited for an answer, my vision returned to me slowly and familiar shapes came to view around me.

[? ahh?]

Recognizing the same bed that I and Cirno had woke up in, I gingerly touched my chest and screamed at the jolt of pain that rocked me.

[I wouldn?t do that if I were you? Reimu. Well, I suppose I can go alert the Mistress about this?]

Recognizing the voice that spoke, I shook my head and tried to make Sakuya stay in the room to no avail. She was determined to leave and she apologetically brushed my hands off before bowing to me.

[Please excuse me? and? do not try to move?]

In a second, Sakuya disappeared and as I groaned and tried to move, not willing to meet Remilia just yet.

I had embarrassed myself by saying such?. Such embarrassing things and I could feel my face heat up as I recalled the conversation I had when I was on my deathbed.

[? ahh? I? I should have died?]

Sobbing, I turned over and subsequently bit myself on my lip as I stifled a scream.

[? t-that hurt?]

Lying on the bed, I felt a sense of relief and dread that I was alive. I had expected not to survive after that night and was prepared to live my fate to Remilia, whether to kill me herself or to let me die slowly and painfully.

She has chosen the other route, to save me and now, my fate is still in her hands.

That thought unnerved me and I twitched in bed, unable to toss and turn in fear of the pain that will surely come and haunt me.

I was not dressed in my Shrine Maiden attire but in another pair of nightclothes and I blushed, not wanting to think about who had undressed and dressed me.

I hope that it was not Remilia but I do not mind if it is Sakuya?

Thinking those thoughts were not befitting of a shrine maiden and I hit my own head in embarrassment.

My clothes were logically too stained and torn to wear again but I was worried more about the amulets and the ofudas that was tucked in the sleeves of my outfit.

[? I? wonder what Suika is doing?]

As I lay on the bed, I had the time to think about a great many things and I allowed my mind to wander just a bit.


Feeling the house rock, I braced myself as the door?s hinges just flew off when Remilia Scarlet bursts into the scene.

With her hair in a mess and dark eye-bags below her eyes, she flew and flung herself at me while screaming my name.


Covering my face in shock and as a form of protection as hurricane a la Remilia stuck the coast.

[? Mistress, you shouldn?t do that.]

Muttering below her breath, I praised the spirits that at least Sakuya noticed my plight as my face turned white from overexposure to pain.

My mouth was wide open but no sound came out of it as I just so badly wanted to pry her off me as her crushing hug tore open my wounds.

[A-AHh! I?m sorry, Reimu!!]

Releasing me, I got a short reprieve of peace before she could not resist herself again and hugged me once more, this time much more gentler.

[? you woke up, Reimu!]

[? y-yes? fortunately?]

And unfortunately? I might want to add.


With Remilia sitting beside me and Sakuya serving tea, I had found the strength to sit up after Miss Knowledge casted a wind spell that decreased the burden on my broken bones.

After hearing Miss Knowledge?s medical report of my injuries, I fought the urge to get to my knees and prayed to god for allowing me to live.

Almost all my bones were either broken or fractured by Remilia?s Spell card; the fractured ends of my ribcage nearly punctured my heart and lungs or that was not the end of it.

[Your spine was a few centimeters away from being completely severed. If it had happened, even I or the Lunarian would not be able to prevent total paralysis from the hip downwards.

Thankfully however, it was not and I was able to rejoin all of your nerves ends as they were all alive.]

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Miss Knowledge remarked again as she stared at me, her purple eyes showing something akin to sorrow and happiness mixed together.

[Another fact that you should know is that you suffered a cerebral concussion and a blood clot that was deep in your inner brain.

It took a while before we removed that and I was afraid there wil be further complications.

Do you feel any striking pain in your head? Any temporary loss of vision, memory or color? It would be best if we nip the bud of the problem before it blossoms.]

She had arrived moments after Remilia and amazingly without a book in tow; explaining later on that she barely had the time to grab her hat before forcing all her magical abilities in flying to greet me.

[? Patchey is so cute when she is embarrassed.]

Putting a hand proudly on her hip, Remilia tried to spoon-feed me a slice of cake as she giggled at my scandalous face.

[Here, open up, Reimu!]

[? erm?]
[You gave me your fate. And so your fate is to reimburse the 10+ years that you had gone away.]

Smiling sweetly, I had conceded to her childish smile and I gingerly took a bite of the cake that she offered me.

[Good girl! You?re grown so much, Reimu!]

Patting my head, I felt my face burn in embarrassment as the corner?s of Remilia mouth curled up in amusement.

[It is thankful, that you have grown Reimu.]

Interrupting her, Miss Knowledge placed a restraining hand on her before continuing her medical report.

[Most of your bones were broken and we painstakingly took care to set your bones as much as I can.

Sakuya sped up your recovery with her abilities but I reckoned it would heal better if we do not deplete your resources so.

Thus, I advise you to take these Calcium Supplements first.]

Pushing me a few tablets, Miss Knowledge pushed a glass of water and winked at her, giving me a bad feeling as Remilia caught on.

[As you can?t swallow yet, let? me.. feed? you~]

Blushing, Remilia leaned towards me and popped the tablets in her mouth.

[Say, Ahhh~]


Screaming out in surprise, a full crimson blush erupted and I stuttered in the face of Remilia Scarlet.

[I? I couldn?t? I?]

[A Shrine Maiden must be a virgin, Remi.]

Looking away, I could see that Miss Knowledge was trying desperately not to laugh outright as her shoulders shook with effort and her voice was laced with mirth.

[Kissing is not taking away her virginity, Patchey!!]

Foiling her defense, I had to wonder which side she was on when Remilia, catching me unaware, kissed me and forced the tablets down my throat.



Giggling as she broke away from the kiss, I was unsure of my reaction or the facial expression on my face as I slumped down the bed and under the covers, wanting to hide myself in disgrace.

[See what you have done, Remi? She?s all red, like how Flandre liked to call her.]

[She should be honored to be able to touch my lips.]

Below the covers, I was dumb to everything else and I was not prepared to give any reply when Miss Knowledge pulled the covers off.


[? well, I suppose by your reaction that was your first kiss?]

Speechlessly, I nodded before openly weeping in bed.

[Look what you have done, Remi? she?s crying. She?s not a virgin anymore?]

[Hehe~ I took Reimu?s first kiss~]


Losing her temper, the silent librarian smacked Remilia?s head while I just whimpered and looked at the both of them. I feel like a dog now, bowing meekly to the two of them as I was overpowered by the two of them.

One, with her awesome strength and the other with her intellectual.
I was being driven to a corner and there was nothing I can do about it.
How I wished for a savior to come out of the blue now.

[? What are the two of you doing?]

A low, mono-tone voice suddenly stopped everything in the room and I glanced up to see Sakuya, tapping her foot impatiently with a few anger crosses on her face as she stared at Remilia and Miss Knowledge.

[?. Eh? Sakuya?]

Remaining silent, Miss Knowledge gently eased away from Remilia while Remilia just raised her hands up, trying to prove her innocence.

[It?s nothing, really nothing! Right, Patchey?]

Turning to her only ally, I managed a weak grin as I saw Miss Knowledge attempting an escape from the other door only to be stopped by a dagger that struck within inches of her nightcap.

[I want an explanation. NOW!]

Appearing much more ferocious than I remembered her to be, Sakuya seemed to tower above the two culprits before launching into a full lecture that stretched for nearly an hour.



After the lecture, Sakuya was still holding my hand and serving generally as a comforting form for me to relate to while the other two devils in disguise just lowered their head and apologized to me.

[I am apologetic for being so insensitive?this is very sudden? I admit that?]

[That?s not the point! A kiss to a maiden is a very important thing, is that right, Reimu?]

Blushing suddenly, I was at a loss to what to say when Remiia suddenly appeared behind Sakuya and placed her hands dramatically around her shoulder, startling her.

[So, that?s why Sakuya is so worked up. She is a girl after all? she?]

Wiping a false tear from her eyes, Remilia dramatically played out a fantasy for us to say, in Sakuya?s expense of course as we watched on.

[The young Sakuya, devoid of love would always dream of her prince charming, riding on a white horse to ask for her hand and then? and then..]

Dragging the moment longer for her discomfort, Remilia grinned while Sakuya just pulled out a dagger to threaten her mistress.

[Mistress, I am warning you. Do not tarnish my name!!]

Raising her voice in a bid to look threatening, I am afraid to say that Sakuya failed again as Remilia just giggled as she patted Sakuya?s fringe down.

[THE KISS! The melting of Sakuya?s heart as she melted into the arms of the unknown prince, knowing her future is in his hands~


Ending the sentence with a dramatic stomping of her feet, hugging of her own body and a loud giggle, Remilia laughed as Sakuya blushed even deeper before she tugged at my sleeves, apparently wanting to join me in hiding below the covers.

Oh woe is us, being cornered by two beings older and more worldly wise than us.

[There is something to be said about a Maiden?s Kiss. Especially a Shrine Maiden?s Kiss?]

Laughing so much that tears were coming out of her eyes, Miss Knowledge coughed and regained her normal demeanor before continuing what she had said.

[It is said to turn a frog to a prince?]


With tears flowing freely out of the excessive teasing, I reached for my gohei and flung it straight at Remilia?s head, striking her between the eyes while Sakuya threw a dagger that nicked Miss Knowledge?s cheek, causing the both of them to retreat out of the room.


Huffing in anger, Sakuya slammed the door behind them and locked it from the inside before sliding down the door in exhaustion and probably exasperation as well.

[I? -huff- must apologize?]

[? no? I share your pain?]

Suddenly it all seemed so amusing that I just laughed and laughed, wanting to believe that all that happened the night before was not real.

Meeting a real magician, a maid and being invited to a vampire?s mansion as a guest.

Being treated royally by the hosts and joked and laughed with them over dinner.

Learning that I was the Savior of a unknown world not once, but four times?

Facing a vampire at the stroke of midnight?

Remembering that I indeed, know all of these?

All of these people?

All of previous life that had been a blank?

Were coming together like a jig-saw puzzle? right before my eyes and it was?.

It was amazing? the things that I knew before? the talents and skills I had.

[What you have once learnt, is all that you need to know]

My teacher?s saying came to me and I bitterly laughed at how true that was.

During the difficult time with Remilia, I had instinctively pulled out my charms, ofudas and used them without hesitation.

It was as if it was programmed into me and I recited the incantations with nary a pause.

Looking at my hands, I sighed as I saw them all bandaged and wounded.

I should have died then, died at the hands of the Vampire? the Scarlet Devil after I had placed my fate in her hands.

But I did not? and here I was? sleeping in the Bed of the Scarlet Devil?

[? I?m? sorry about the mess?]

Smiling weakly at Sakuya, I gently eased the covers off me to face Sakuya, who was still trying to recover her composure.

Seeing that I was talking to her, Sakuya shook her head and bowed at me.

[I should be? apologizing? Reimu. Not you?]

[How?s the mansion?]

Meekly, I winced when Sakuya just looked away and replied.

[? It?ll be fine after some touching up?]

[? I am awfully sorry?]

Clapping my hands together, I wondered if all the money at the shrine would be enough to repair the damages when Sakuya suddenly bowed to me and went to her knees.

[Ah! Sakuya, w-what are you do-?]

Trying to coax her back up, I fell back to bed in pain when a sharp pain ripped through me, making tears appear in my eyes.

[I am really apologetic, for not telling you about the Mistress?s condition.]

With her head facing the floor, Sakuya did a full 90 degree bow of apology and her silver hair even touched the floor as she held that position for several seconds.

[Please, S-sakuya?d-don?t bow? -ow-]

Trying desperately to get up, I was stopped by my own aching body and when Sakuya finally got up, I saw tears in her eyes as she sat beside me and held my hand in hers.

[Reimu? it is us who has caused you such pain? we should be apologizing? not you?]

Not showing me her face out of shame, Sakuya fell silent and allowed me the chance to ask her.

[Apologize for? Sakuya? you did not do anything wrong?]

Trying my best to smile, I failed as the pain that still plagued my body was too much and all I do was to bit my own lip in a desperate bid not to scream.

[? I? I?]

Shaking her head, Sakuya was about to reply as she turned to look at me but her eyes just went wide in horror.

[Oh my gosh! I forgot about your pain-killers!]

Putting a hand over her mouth, Sakuya disappeared and re-appeared in a split second with a couple of tablets and helped me to drink it down.


[? does that feel better now?]
For a few seconds after I had taken the pain-killers, nothing seemed to happen but after a few minutes, the pain slowly but surely started to subside, starting with the upper half of my body.

[? y-yes? thank you?]

[You suffered many injuries? at our expense? words? can?t describe how I? we apologetic we were? and still am?

if you had died because of our selfish act? we would not have forgiven ourselves?]

Furiously wiping the tears from her eyes, Sakuya never released my hand as she spoke, explaining everything to me.

[When you left, Reimu? everyone was surprised but? the one that took it the most badly was Mistress Remilia and Marisa.

Marisa cried for days, not believing that you left and? she later decided that she would wait for you? She?s such an optimistic person?]

Hearing her description of Marisa, I mentally took notes and waited for her to continue.

[Miss Remilia? she hid her sadness and anguish for days as she wandered about Gensokyo like normal? she would even go out on sunny days, despite Miss Patchouli and my warnings, all alone?

She lost her temper due to despair and? somehow she remained that way for several years?]

Bitterly, Sakuya took a sip of tea and helped me to some as well before continuing her story.

[the young Mistress, Flandre Scarlet is much more energetic then Mistress Remilia as she was not that attached to you as Remilia is, Reimu?

her powers grew over the years and her self-control matured as well, something that we were happy and excited about? but Miss Remilia suddenly began keeping to herself in the mansion, sleeping through the day and waking up later and later? just like before.

Her powers, which were powerful, began to lose control as well, making a red-mist appear around the mansion?]

Getting up, Sakuya pulled the curtains away and I could see that the red mist was gone and I smiled to Sakuya happily.

[Although her powers slowly lost their control, Mistress Remilia herself did not lose her rationality like the Young Mistress and all of us in the mansion were very much relieved but still concerned about her.

She rarely left the mansion now and the only one who did regularly were the Young Mistress, Me, China and Miss Patchouli. The fairy maids were afraid to venture out and supplies could only come in through the few of us?

Even so, life in the Mansion never changed much? with the Young Mistress filling the gap of the Mistress?]

Sakuya almost smiled, remembering the fun and joy that the young mistress used to bring there.

[But overlooking all of that was a feeling of unease that the Mistress will eventually lose herself? and she did? gradually she lost all aspects of rationality.

I? I did not know when it happened? why it happened but she started forbidding us to exit the mansion unless it was to gather supplies? soon only I was allowed to leave the entrance and only I was allowed to see the Mistress.

Even Miss Keine, the teacher that Miss Remilia hired, would find it difficult to visit her to report on Flandre?s progress.]

Reaching the climax of her story, Sakuya stared at me while I licked my lips to speak.

[Yes, Sakuya?]

[? are you mad at us? for not telling this to you? Reimu? If you had even an inkling? you would have protected yourself more?

b-but? if we told you? told you, the Reimu who did not know about herself? her powers? you would have ran away? and so?]

[? no?]

Shaking my head, I struggled to sit up so that I could meet her eyes and I confidently told her.

[It was right of you? to fear that I might run away from the situation? but? I wouldn?t.

I definitely would not have left you, if you had cried out for help? told me that I can help? I am a Shrine Maiden, Sakuya.]

Smiling at her, I clapped both my hands together to pray and pray I did.

[Bless this home, it?s inhabitants, it?s every inch and every pore?

The faith that the people here?

the love that the people here?

the trust that the people here have?

Spirits, heed my call, the Hakurei Shrine Maiden?s call?

answer the call of the people here, answer their faith,

love and trust for each other and watch over them?]

Finishing my prayer, my unease in my heart cleared and I smiled again to the speechless Sakuya, her mouth hanging wide open.

[A Shrine Maiden will serve the people and the spirits? and I won?t leave a person in need?]


[Even with all the odds? the spirits will lead me through? my faith will persevere and?. Even if I fail? others will follow my lead?

Such is the way of faith.]

Waving my hand in front of me, I pointed to Sakuya before smiling at her.

[Do you? have faith?]


Posing the question to her, I was sure Sakuya must find it amusing as she buckled over, giggling as she did so.

But I was proved wrong when her arm squeezed mine.

[? Thank you? Reimu?]

[? ?]

I expected no thanks from her and I shook my head, urging her to continue.]


[Mistress seemed more and more irrational as the days, weeks and months pass.
When it finally turned to the worst, she forbid the young mistress to leave the mansion and when she tried to challenge her will, Mistress crushed her powers with nary a thought, something that horrified us.

Her powers seemed to multiply when she is not rational, the same way Flandre is and we cowered in fear at her feet? it was horrible? Reimu? the mistress that I knew had disappeared and we could not do anything about it, helpless as we are?]

Shaking her head, Sakuya continued after helping me with another sip of tea.

[When you came? we thought that you? perhaps? if it was you, you could talk some sense into Mistress Remilia? that was why?. We withheld her condition from you, in fear of spooking you?]

[Can? you ever forgive us?]

Lowering her head, Sakuya seemed to have reached the end of her story and she looked up, eyes swelling from all her crying and her lips dry from explaining.

She was a wreck but her own mind and soul must be a wreck too.

Guilt is forever the greatest corrosive to the person?s soul; one which consumes oneself the easiest and the one which is hardest to remove.

But, from her cries, I could hear her love for her mistress and her love for all the members in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Love too, is the greatest strength of people; the one that can force people to do crazy and amazing things.

The motivation might not be good, depending on how you judge it, but it is the best motivator of all time.

For a Shrine Maiden, a person looks and ability does not matter.
What matters is the soul as the soul will reflect a person?s true intentions.

Whether she is kind, cruel, happy or sad, a soul will reflect that?

Guilt corrodes away a person?s soul, making him or her more susceptible to corruption by other people, influences from other people and to events that happen to other people.

Love increases faith and the better traits of people?

But, is that always true?

[? Sakuya? of course I will forgive you?]

Looking at Sakuya, who was still begging me, I did not want to know the answer to that anymore? she loved her mistress that much that she had disregarded me.


For a moment, a feeling like hatred appeared in my soul but I just as quickly feel it disappear.

[? Because? you did that as you loved your mistress? right?]

Smiling, I hugged Sakuya, ignoring the pain that ripped through me as I did so.

Jealousy is not needed in me, nor is hatred or pride?

Being? the shrine Maiden??

Lost in my own thoughts, I did not even realize when Sakuya had stopped crying till the first drop of tears dropped on her shoulder, my tears were falling down my cheeks.



Biting my lip, I tried to remain calm even as the tide of emotions threatened to overwhelm me in a moment.


Even Sakuya?s hands hugging me, which had felt so comforting a day ago, did close to nothing to calm me down.

It just made me feel even sadder.


Sadder at myself, for thinking this way?

I am the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, I live the Life of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden?

I am expected to be the Shrine Maiden?

I serve the people, only the people and the spirits?

I should not feel hatred, jealousy towards others.

I should not be proud of my own abilities, my own talents, my own status and forever be humble.

Love the people at all times.

Serve the Spirits at all time?

The teachings of the Shrine Maiden, to be exact the Hakurei Shrine Maiden echoes in my mind.

But? but, I do not want to know all of this?

Being with Sakuya? being with Patchoui and being with Cirno?

Being with Meiling and being with Suika?

All of them, are contradicting and making me doubt my belief as a Shrine Maiden.

Am I living, just solely for the people?

I am serving the people; that is no doubt that I am serving the people?

But, is that my purpose in the world? To serve the people?

To be the Hakurei Shrine Maiden? Is that my sole purpose in life?

Seeing Suika, loving me and loving being the Shrine Maiden made me happy for her and? maybe a bit exasperated of her existence, a youkai serving the people that do not believe in her?

But I had suppressed it, it is not befitting of me to be such a critic to a person of such faith.

Seeing Cirno, with his ever childish innocence that left me speechless and the confidence that sparkled throughout his whole being and soul, it made me feel so insignificant.

Can I boast of that innocence and the pureness in Cirno?

But I had stopped myself, not wanting to feel jealous of her and to hate her.

Then, hearing Sakuya confide in me, I fell apart to jealousy.

She could? forget about anyone else and give up everything she has just for her mistress.

I am sure, she would do it for everyone in the mansion, even if it was for Meiling, she would go all out.

She loves them that much?

I? I am jealous of her? she has the right to be herself along with her destiny, her fate? her purpose?

Sakuya is a maid and will forever be a maid. But that maid, Izayoi Sakuya has the right to love, the right to put everything aside and for a fleeing moment, be herself?

Unlike me? Hakurei Reimu, who has no other purpose in life, other then be the Hakurei Shrine Maiden.

Whatever I do, whenever I do it and whether conscious of the fact.

My actions will be linked to the Hakurei Shrine Maiden?

That? is my fate?



Feeling weird that Reimu did not reply me after a short moment, I looked down to see that Reimu had fallen asleep, tears visible in her eyes and I stopped, unsure what I should do for now.

I had assumed that the tears that had fallen were mostly mine but now I could see that Reimu shed little less than me.

Kept in the dark as of why she did that, I was puzzled at why she would cry as I tucked her to bed. Placing a hand on her head, I was relieved when I found that she was not feverish and then, I slowly ran a hand through that silky hair of hers.

Reimu sure has grown through the years and as I stared at her face, flushed pink, I could not help but feel just a bit jealous at the young lady in front of me.

Yes, Reimu was not a girl now and not the temperamental and selfish Miko she was in the past.

She had shot up in height, became more womanly and more importantly, more wise and matured.

How she carried herself is different from how she behaved in the past.

Always in the centre of the world, was our Reimu but now, she is like the servant of the world; always thinking of the people and displaying acts of kindness that would not be expected out of her, of all people.

Pausing for a moment, I placed both my hands on my lap as I just looked at her, wallowing in my own guilt as I did so.

All her injuries, from the small cut on her otherwise flawless face to her dislocated legs, were a direct consequence of my actions.

[? I?m sorry?]

For all I know, she might never forgive me, never forgive me for sending her into harm?s way when I did know of the current situation.

I? I truly am selfish? what right do I have in calling her selfish in the past?

After all, everyone is concerned only about themselves?


Defiant of Shrine Maiden Ver. 2