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CPSS7: Embodiment of Secret Santa REVEAL POSTED
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Hello Purvis:
Go frustrated parliamentarian on them.

As for me...I just had no idea what tot get Zirene, we've pretty much never interacted. So I just got some Magic cards, which he seems to esteem to quite heavily, and a stuffed dog since his list included dog stuff (I assumed it wasn't toys for dogs, but I wondered sometimes! Then a can of Cincinnati-style chili, because he listed foodstuffs, and that is literally the only regional dish we have. Then I spend ages fretting that my note my have come off as chiding or mean, rather than good-natured friendly frustration. Cost me more than I anticipated to ship it, but I was being super optimistic on that front anyways.

Also: Thank you again, Forza. All that stuff was great, and more than I deserved ;_;

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Nietz is that all you think of
shipping story: ran out a few hours before a final while sick to ship it totally forgetting a box and packing it right at the shipping center

bun finals this year were kinda hell but next year i won't even have them!

I'm glad you liked the tea and chocolate though, I keep forgetting to ask about allergies/likes when I do this.

My only real regret is not getting the same tea holder my father got me. That thing is just adorably dumb.
Shipping of what got there:  Entirely uneventful.

The originally planned "other thing":  Hoo boy.  Apparently the place I ordered the intended thing from had a really ancient address on file; I hadn't realized I made the account so long ago and coulda sworn I had to  put in my actual address, but apparently not and that's the end of that.

Still working on figuring out how I wanna rectify this(and don't tell me not to because I SAID THERE'D BE ANOTHER THING THERE'S GONNA BE ANOTHER THING. >=(  ).
I sent the Kokoro and Koishi poster to Raik, but got the address mixed up. The only bigger issue with that is that for some reason, Amazon wouldn't give me an applicable tracking number, so I spent something like a week trying to find until they sent an email with the name of the company that shipped it. I was lost because I thought they provided all the info I needed, until I realized a few days later that they never gave me the correct TRACKING number for the international shipping. It was only until later that Raik got his gift (I am so sorry for what happened).
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