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Re: TouhouCon illustrator Guests of Honor: Banpai Akira, Sunao and Shinoasa
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Yuuhei Satellite panel
1. Saga Asuka - Manager of Yuuhei Satellite
2. Kamase-Tora - Lyricist of Yuuhei Satellite
3. Senya - Vocalist and the Deva of Yuuhei Satellite
4. Autobahn - Arranger and DJ of Yuuhei Satellite
5. ICEON - Arranger and Keyboardist of Yuuhei Satellite
6. Ikuo - Guitarist of Yuuhei Satellite
7. Onryo - Another guitarist of Yuuhei Satellite

The panel was driven by Saga Asuka, who showed the slide on what Yuuhei Satellite was, and then seeded question by Saga Asuka to members of Yuuhei Satellite.  There was no time for fans Q&A.

Summary of the slide
- Yuuhei Satellite was started by Saga Asuka, with starting members Senya, ICEON, and Autobahn
- The circle was established on 2010, which is considered relatively new circle in Touhou fandom.  Over 5 years, the circle has achieved great success with over 4.7 million views and has fandoms worldwide.  They collaborate with Manpuku Jinja, which they admit has contributed largely to their success.  They are still hiring for new members.
- Their first debut was Comiket 78, however they could not get their own booth, so they had to borrow from their friends for one.  They sold only 13 albums that day.
- They had their first live on Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai SP1, and continued to perform every year ever since.
- Since they were musicians based on Tokyo, they started expanding and made their names known by a small-scale Japan tour.
- 2011 was the start of their success.  They got their own Comiket booth.  They had a live concert on Japan Expo, which had 4000 attendees.
- They had a live concert on Zepp Tokyo 2012 with 2000 attendees, and had continuously did live show every year ever since.
- In 2013, they expanded overseas, and had concerts on Shanghai, China.  This was also when their first official autograph session took place.
- In 2014, they had lives from various stages, including Live for students, on TV commercials in Osaka, Touhougakusan, Japan Tour
- In 2015, they attended Hong Kong Festival, and did a live.  And now their first live in North America is happening through Touhoucon
- They have took part in the theme song of new anime "komori san wa kotowarenai", which will air later this year

Seeded Question Q&A, prepared by Saga Asuka
To Senya:
Q: What is your attitude towards taking the responsibility of being a vocalist in Yuuhei Satellite?
A: It is very important to take care of your vocal cords throughout the season.  Especially if the season renders the weather too dry, my voice won't come out.  Usually, many vocalists will drink healthy things like tea to soothe their neck, but for me, I prefer drinking coffee.  I really like Starbucks.
Q: What is the secret behind your vocal skills?
A: I practiced a lot in Karaoke.  I really like the isolated space where I can sing as loud and freely as I want.
Q: What message do you have for your fans here?
A: Thank you for attending this panel, everyone!  I'll see you on Yuuhei Satellite Live Concert, and please come to our booths as well!

To Kamase-Tora:
Q: As Lyricist of Yuuhei Satellite, how do you create lyrics for the songs?
A: The lyrics are embodiment of my experiences.  The relationship that never worked out or that got smashed to pieces, the sad departures that followed after... Both good and bad experiences that I have accumulated gets written into words in my lyrics. 

Q: What is the most difficult challenge you faced as you stepped into the doujin market?
A: I found it extremely hard for songs from Touhou games to be re-arranged into a quality that creates a completely different image in your head.  I pursue for an image that can tremble the body with complicated emotions.

To Autobahn:
Q: What was your most important lesson you learned while doing doujin circle?
A: Album Chemistry of Emotions, which was the first album Yuuhei Satellite released, was an important experience for me.

Q: What would you like to say to the fans here?
A: This is my first solo DJ concert ever in my life (In Yuuhei Satellite Live, Autobahn started off with his DJ).  I'm very nervous, and I would be very encouraged if people supported me with the glowing sticks we sell on our booth.

Ikuo was pretty much skipped.  Something about his favorite song in Yuuhei Satellite.
For Onryo, he's a relatively new member in the circle, and wants to prove his worth to the great senpais.


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Re: TouhouCon illustrator Guests of Honor: Banpai Akira, Sunao and Shinoasa
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Marasy Panel
Marasy starts with English comment - I love America!

Fans Q&A session
Q: What tips would you like to give to people who wants to play piano as good as you?
A: Don't try to become "good".  If you find yourself stressed wanting to do better, then quit piano and do something else for a while.  That's what I do.

Q: What do you do when you feel like not want to play piano as you described before?
A: I play a lot of games!  I play Touhou and Kantai Collection a lot.

Q: What is your favorite Kantai Collection girl?
A: It's Kongou.

Q: What song did you find most difficult to master?
A: My first Touhou song ever I uploaded to Youtube, which is Native Faith.

Q: What song that you mastered in your favorite?
A: It's all of them!

Q: What is your work environment like and?
A: My room is basically me surrounded by a bed, my computer, and piano.  I don't have to move around much at all.

Q: Who was recording your first Native Faith performance?
A: I have younger sister and younger brother who both play piano.  My younger sister was holding up the camcorder.

Q: What is the history behind the Pink Monkey?
A: This is actually my sister's.  While I was doing live streaming in Nico Nico Douga, my sister just for some reason put the pink monkey on my piano.  All the people who were watching my stream was shouting, "pink monkey is amazing!" so I got attached to it ever since.  The monkey's name is "Saru" (which means monkey).

Q: How do you feel composing for piano solo and for orchestra is different?
A: For orchestra, piano is just a small part of the whole band, and you really have to give up a lot of parts.  For solo, there's no boundary, so you can be free to compose whatever you like.

Q: How do you select for the songs to put into the album?
A: It's based on impulse, and based on my favorite characters at that time.

Q: What Touhou songs would you play on Touhou 14 and 15?
A: I haven't played any of those.  But I want to play them all.  Please be patient with me.

Q: Who is your motivation, or who do you idolize the most?
A: I really idolize Beat Mario from Cool and Create.  I was really honored from collaborating with him 2 years ago.

Q: There are a lot of fans who would like to steal your hand.  What do you have to say for that?
A: Thank you very much.  But please don't take my hand.

Q: How were you first introduced to Touhou?
A: I am a heavy gamer.  One day, my friend made me listen to Native Faith, and I fell in love with the melody instantly. 

Q: If you were not playing piano, what other instruments would you have played?
A: Shamisen

Q: What was it like to collaborate on Toyota Commercial?
A: I believe the CM of Toyota Commerical found me over Nico Nico Douga.  We shot the entire thing over just 3 hours.  I got some helpful feedbacks like that I was playing my part way too strongly.  It was fun.

Q: What was it like to collaborate with Logical Emotion?
A: The members are all from Nagoya, actually.  So we went straight for Ramen.  Without even talking about how our collaboration would work, eating ramen together and talking about our favorite ramens made us good friends.

Q: What was it like to find your works be ported to Rhythm Games like Maimai and Groove Coaster?
A: I was really happy!

Q: With which Vocaloid producer would you like to collaborate most?
A: Ryo who made Black Rock Shooter

Q: Did you have any professional lessons on piano, or have you learned it all by yourself?
A: I had lessons for 10 years.  Then I had a fight with my piano teacher, and haven't played piano since.  I got back to piano through wanting to play Native Faith after falling love with the tune.

Q: How long does it take you to master the song?
A: Depending on the song.  It can take from 30 minutes to 2 weeks.

Q: What other countries would you like to go to perform?
A: Actually, I have already played live on Hong Kong and Taiwan.  But I would like to go to Las Vegas, but not to perform.  I want to have some fun there.

Q: Who is your favorite Touhou Characters?
A: That's very difficult, so I'll choose five.  Suwako, Momiji, Ran, Chen, and I'll reserve the 5th.

After this, Marasy had performed with ICEON's keyboard, which was left on stage for Yuuhei Satellite concert.  He played a medley of Native Faith, The Fantastic Tales of Tono, Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend, U.N. Owen Was Her? and Beloved Tomboyish Girl.


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Re: TouhouCon illustrator Guests of Honor: Banpai Akira, Sunao and Shinoasa
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TAM and Akai Ryuusei Panel
Started with Fans Q&A
Q: How did you like your American Live Concert yesterday?
Akai Ryuusei - I was surprised on how many people were there
TAM - It was very tiring, but it was very fun

Q: How do you like America so far?
TAM - So hot, much passion, lot of love!
Akai Ryuusei - Unlike Japanese, people are very outgoing here.  Thanks for such friendly audience!

Q: Do you have anyone you look up to, or an inspiration that you follow?
Akai Ryuusei - I am quite confident about myself, so I don't have any
TAM - I am GOD, and the divine spirits channel me with great artistic talent and beauty
Akai Ryuusei - Well, I guess I am very much influenced by game music.  Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy for example.  Nobuo Uematsu would be one.  I also like Japanese Jazz musicians, like Hiromi and Blue Note.

Q: How did you get to know Touhou?
TAM - When I was living as a NEET, I was a PC game mania.  I got to know Touhou then.  Then my friends wanted to orchestrate some game music performing group, and then started out with Touhou.  This was 12 years ago.  I was really dazzled by the melody of Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea.  I wasn't too good at Touhou, so I heard Septette for the Dead Princess a bit later of my life.
Ryuusei - This is a long story.  I got into my circle Tokyo Active NEETs 8 years ago.  We weren't doing Touhou back then.  The leader put me in charge of composing various kinds of music.  When we got a bit successful and made some money, the leader apparently took the money and ran away.  After he was gone, I had to take charge of the group, and didn't know what to do.  Then I discovered Touhou and found that our group can go with this by arranging the songs for this game.  Ever since then, Tokyo Active NEETs and I grew up together with Touhou, enjoying great successes even now.

Q: What is your advice on how to get into a doujin market, or create a doujin circle?
TAM - What I think most important is the love and passion for the genre.  I didn't have any professional training, and I was a NEET, but with passion, I trained and honed my skill and made myself of who I am today.
Ryuusei - With help of internet, there's a lot of different ways available.  You can upload on Youtube or Nico Nico Douga.  Find what your originality is, practice upon it and make it your identity & strength.  If you got some confidence, then start your doujin circle.

Q: What is the difference between amateur and professional?
TAM - That professional has a manager, and amateur does not.  For many doujin artists, you are considered amateur, which means you have to manage everything yourself.  Being able to perform your music is only a part of what it means to be a doujin artist.
Ryuusei - If you are professional, you absolutely must become number one in that field.  I was the first place in music starting from Elementary School to High School.   All that effort and confidence I have built made me a professional musician.

Q: Do you tend to arrange the music to the essence of the characters?
Ryuusei - It's important to know the difference between composition and arrangement.  If you are composing, you interpret the characters the way you wish and play around with the tune in order to bring a certain theme to the field.  But if you are arranging, you are pretty much stuck with the original tune, and stick to it as close as possible to appeal the fans who want their tunes to be respected.

Q: How would you like to be remembered by the world?
TAM - That's a very American Question.  If anything, I would like to be known as the GOD.
Ryuusei - I just hope people will be able to remember me and the circle.  Someone who can be relied upon to bring new materials next year, so I can keep getting the Like button on Youtube or Nico Nico Douga.

Q: Is there a special meaning in your nickname, Akai Ryuusei?
Ryuusei - It's based on Gundam.  It's a homage to Akai Suisei, Char Aznable's nickname.  Also, the color red (Akai) coincidentally had a lot of things related to me, like my clothes or the color of my keyboards.

Q: Who is your favorite Touhou character?
TAM - Yuyuko
Ryuusei - Sakuya

Q: If you were to collaborate with ZUN, what would you do?
TAM - Well, ZUN is already a GOD...
Ryuusei - I would really like to go drink beer with him.

Q: What is your favorite American food?
TAM - Hamburger.  Hamburger.  Hamburger. 
Ryuusei - Hamburger, but I like steak as well.

Q: How do you keep the flame of love towards music and Touhou?  What keeps you so passionate over all these years?
TAM - Well, music is a part of humanity.  We have always lived with it, like we breathe air.  It is essential to our survival, and we use music to express ourselves.  So, just having that thought, "I really want to do this!" is important to keep yourself going.
Ryuusei - I really like cute girls, games, and music, and they continuously give me motivation to follow through.

Q: What is your last message to the fans and audiences?
TAM - I am very happy that we were able to be connected.  Thanks for your great support on yesterday's live performance!
Ryuusei - In Japan, the chance to be connected and talking with fans is very rare.  There's only enough rooms for concerts.  I am very grateful for this time in the panel where I can get to know my fans and to be able to answer your questions.  Thanks a lot!


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Re: TouhouCon illustrator Guests of Honor: Banpai Akira, Sunao and Shinoasa
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ARM, Nomico, REDALiCE, Masayoshi Minoshima Panel
Straight to Fans Q&A:

Q: Are you full time musicians?
ARM, REDALiCE, Masayoshi Minoshima - Yes
Nomico - Half and half.  I also dance.

Q: How do you work with your genre, and how do you get motivation to do it?
Minoshima - I envy Zedd, and follow his footsteps to be like him.
REDALiCE - I talk with my people in the record labels, and follow the latest trend.
Nomico - As a vocalist, I think of myself as a storyteller.  I have a younger brother who's in a visual band, and I learn from him a lot.
ARM - I want to make crazy dance music, and want to reference different genres like classic, world music, fusion, etc.

Q: Do you play any rhythm games?
ARM - I suck at it.
Nomico - I suck at it as well, so I cheer my friends who are good at it.
REDALiCE - I play DDR.
Minoshima - Music Festival

Q: Is there any secret to sing like Nomico?
Nomico - The secret is to eat well, drink well, and sleep well.  If there's any more unique secret, it must be the honey.  I drink it by the bottle.

Q: Are there any more songs that will be out on Bemani series?
REDALiCE - Top Secret.

Q: Who are your favorite Touhou Characters?
Minoshima - Konpaku Youmu
REDALiCE - Remilia Scarlet
Nomico - Hakurei Reimu
ARM - Futatsuiwa Mamizou

Q: What is your motivation behind making music?
ARM - It's LOVE.  I want to make crazy music.
Nomico - We are talking about money, right?
REDALiCE - I don't want to work, so I want to make lots of money now, so I don't have to work anymore.
Minoshima - I want to become famous and make lots of money so I can travel with my private jet.

Q: Who are your favorite American artists?
Minoshima - deadmau5
REDALiCE - Michael Jackson
Nomico - Marilyn Manson
ARM - Slipknot

Q: What is the process behind getting your music out there in rhythm games?
ARM - It's actually hard for them to contact me. But once contacted, it has been series of labours as my songs needed to be revised here and there.
REDALiCE - Like Minoshima, we were selected by the producer of BeatMania who were looking for promising new artists.

Q: What is your favorite creation in your career?
Minoshima - Bad Apple!!
REDALiCE - Express Emotion
ARM - Cirno's Perfect Math Class

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment in your career?
Minoshima - When I pooped my pants
REDALiCE - Actually, just yesterday, I lost my USB that had my music mix for the upcoming dance party today.
Nomico - My life is full of mistakes because I'm clumsy.
ARM - On plane, because I really had to go pee, the flight was delayed for 20 minutes.

Q: What do you feel is different between Japanese Touhou fans and American Touhou fans?
Minoshima - The power of male cosplayers are...
REDALiCE - Otakus are all the same.
ARM - They are very simliar.

Q: What is the last message you want to give to the fans?
Minoshima - Please look forward to the DJ dance party happening on 10PM today.
REDALiCE - Same.  I'll do fine without my USB, so don't worry.
Nomico - Nice to meet everyone.  Let's have some fun tonight!
ARM - I'm going to get some ideas for my next denpa song, complete with English words right here, so please look forward to it!