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[WC3 - Dots] A new adventure in dots (now as second-hand)
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Sora Deus:
Where dots? I can/t see this
it is just sad
Thanks Helepolis

Dots2 is real



Short note: Dots2 is based on 0.967!!! no lolification, hurray

--- Quote ---TouHou Dots2 1.0 alpha

a dota-like team versus map based on Touhou-Project characters. In-game models and icons are taken from the WC3 TouHou Dots so model details may not be very fine. At this alpha test stage there may be a small amount of BUGs so if you got one please report to me by comments.

Further models and effects are still in progress,if you have ability, patience and willing to join us,please contact me.

If you wanna play online match, you may got stuck at the loading screen because the D2 editor is still in test stage.I made a summary of resolution and some notice to that, hopefully this will work for you guys.
1.host computer must be in high performance, with high amount of bandwidth. Otherwise it'll be laggy even if everyone is connected.
2.If you launched game and got stuck at the loading screen, you got no sound and you cannot get into the match. Just close the dota2 windows and it'll bring you back to dota2 main menu. Click 'reconnect' and try this several times, basically you'll get connected in.
3.Just don't use fullscreen, you cannot enter game in fullscreen mode because of some unknown problems.
4.DO NOT randomly use alt+tab during the loading stage, wait patiently until you enter the match.

Since D2 tools are not quite fully functional, running RPG maps properly is still a problem.So thank you all guys for waiting in such patience. We're actually working hard to make this map perfect before the official launch of D2 workshop tools come out. Keeping an eye on us by clicking subscribe. Your support is the greatest impetus for us.

English Board:http://www.dota2rpg.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=111
--- End quote ---

There is a Stream Community Group aswell
Today we gonna playtest DotS2 for Dota2


01.10.2014 23:00 GMT+1


Join IRC and Teamspeak
TS: triela.shrinemaiden.org:9988

How to play?

Follow the Dota 2 Custom Game Guide:

- Go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310066170 with steam (or when you have your browser verified)
- Click on Subscribe
- ???
- Profit

More details on Teamspeak or IRC
We won't have best host, but we have Helepolis (90down / 9 upload, located in the Netherlands)

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