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Eh, just get Dorminoob to host it or something.  It'll work out.

That said, I nominate Dora to wrangle everyone together to do this, I certainly wouldn't mind playing this a few times for old times' sake.
I vote Pesco for besthost :V

By the way guys, don't forget about the model pack. Wc3 can't contain all the toe-hoes in a single map anymore.
I could host but I can't anymore. Not my house and not my router to mess around with.

--- Quote from: Helepolis on April 18, 2014, 09:43:54 AM ---What happened to Hakurei, did they got run over by the Lunarians or something?

--- End quote ---

Genji is an endangered species now.

Pesco is nolonger in South Afrika, so best host is Dormio or Infinity. I could host aswell, but I'm not best host.

Registration: http://app.eurobattle.net/register
Account Activation: http://app.eurobattle.net/activate

For those who don't have it anymore, here is 0.967g (rated R for Rage) http://tinyurl.com/k2nyo7j

The only problem will be the time when we will play. Singapure, US West and Australia, it will be difficult.
I assume battle.net with Aph's bots won't work for this?

I could be Classic Host like good old days. My internet connection goes up to ⑨0mbit down and ⑨mbit up.
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