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Cirno's Perfect Secret Santa 5: A Good Day To Secret Hard

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--- Quote from: Mishou Maisuri on February 28, 2014, 01:03:09 AM ---Has everyone even got their gifts yet? :/

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--- Quote from: helvetica ---lol

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A man with the kindest of hearts. Altruism flows in his veins and generosity is the very air he breathes.

Many say that he is good to eat. Well, to those I say bollocks! It is more than likely that he would eat you. With love. And a lion heart.

For he has taken over the task of spreading the joy of christmas in his hands, and joined arms with a man who travelled to the far east, the exotic orient, the land of the rising sun, in order to accomplish this noble task.

He goes by the curious alias of Edible, and his quest right-hand is known as N-Forza.

Together they arranged to send me a package, with goods beyond what I could wish for. I now present you with a glimpse of the contents of such package:

I got a bit carried away with opening this before I remembered to take pictures, so here's a shot of the empty box

Fuck. Yes.
I've wanted these since like 2006, and for one reason or the other never quite got the opportunity to buy them. Jesus christdfagfdfgad <3

First up, Mai Waifu:

Mai-HiME is probably the major contributor for my teenage self moving from casual Narutard to full-on weeaboo, and certainly the one show I watched the most times. I don't really remember how many times that is, but it's a lot. I make it a point to re-watch it at least once a year, sometimes more. Fuck yeah, Mai.

Next up is her spin-off protagonist

Arika, gurl will beat shit up
Oh, her skirt comes off, obviously. Doesn't reveal much more though, bodysuit and everything.
Interesting foot mount, though

Side by side. Arika is quite a bit bigger than I expected.

Nuclear bombs bad

What this, there's something hidden in the newspaper!

Was not expecting this one at all. Edible says it's Forza shenanigans, bonus item+++
Didn't run here in this machine I'm borrowing, but it looks awesome. I'll figure it out when I get my hands on a computer of my own again, I have an obligation to play this through

And to wrap it up, mandatory yearly kazoku picture:

Now two pictures, because vegeta what does(ry
Family's grown a lot, now they take two shelves!

This was seriously awesome, thanks you two, you're bloody awesome!
Thanks to Merp too, who gave me the Mikoto(DeLorean's mine though!), and the Eva stuff

... and now that it's march, I guess we can wrap this Christmas up :V Vic where

e: I'm taking pose suggestions for the figmas, still not quite satisfied there

[Y]oukai [J]esus:
did i just get outplayed

Shizumarashi Mayuzumi:
I didn't know you liked Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome man, that's cool. I've been thinking of rewatching them sometime but oh god so much to watch. :V

Wow, I didn't even notice that page had a message from that political party/cult on it lol



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