Author Topic: Rika and Nitori?s garage is holding a contest!  (Read 3484 times)


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Rika and Nitori?s garage is holding a contest!
« on: August 28, 2013, 11:02:05 AM »

Artist: Drake

Did you thought being a Touhou fan was all about playing the official games or fan-made games from Japan? You might be slightly wrong. Our forum community has a wide support and knowledge base for creating your own touhou games, mainly using Danmakufu an engine for making your own boss fights. Over the years, with the hell of various people from the community of MotK, we have been creating a large and vast knowledge base for newcomers who want to script their own fanmade touhou games.

Thanks to community suggestion, a 10th contest has been summoned being a milestone and unique event. Our last official contest was approximated 2 years ago. Now that has been quite the time, hasn't it? Because this contest is unique we decided to involve real life prizes as well! Have you been lurking in the shadows and are knowledgeable with Danmakufu? Why not reveal yourself and join the spell card battle among the programmers, questing for the spotlight and a place on the podium.

Contest thread and details

Even if you're not a programmer, why not browse Rika & Nitori's section? You will find a large variety of fan-made scripts, boss fights and rare full fan-made games like the famous Concealed the Conclusion game. Perhaps you can provide useful feedback and constructive criticism to our learning scripters to help improve their work.