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Hello everyone. Anyone paying attention to the Triple-Nuzlocke run of Touhoumon 1.8 going may have noticed I felt a little bit left out of the fun, and me mentioning I'm a Nuzlocker of my own accord, and actually completed a challenge in the game before.

As such, I'm going to do a Nuzlocke run of Touhoumon Emerald 1.8. However, this will be different to the other runs:

1: I'm randomizing catches, as a large amount of lines are Safari-Zone exclusive, or would not normally be encountered. This should give variety that the Trio-run will not give you. I'm going to cut out non-Little girl catches, however. So we don't have the Magic Stones, and other semi-spoiler stuff showing up.
2: I'm not so much going to talk about what is happening [Although I will]. I'll more be talking about the game itself. Consider this a type of walkthrough as well as a Let's Play.
3: I will be playing Agaysta's recently released 'Challenge Mode'. Agaysta has not specified what changed, although the level curve is apparently the same. I played a tiny bit, and noticed natures are replaced with ?????, meaning you can't tell natures.

Anyway; the rules:

1: One shot at catching the random encounter per area. Encounters before balls are obtained will be ignored. Only the first encounter will be randomed.
Note, if the Randomiser does not work while surfing [Which it can sometimes], the following will count as subsitute areas:
Safari Zone: Each 'Zone' where 'Safari Zone' appears will count seperate. There are 4 in total
Mt.Pyre: Interior and Exterior will count seperate.

If the RNG works while surfing, these areas will only count once. I will not know if it works until much later.

2: Duplicate RNG results are ignored for variety's sake.
3: Nickname everything caught
4: Gift puppets are not allowed to be used, with the exception of the starter until the first three areas have been RNG'ed, at which point they will be boxed. Starters do not count as duplicates for the sake of the RNG. If I start with Sanae, and then RNG a Sanae, I can use the caught Sanae.
5: If it faints, it is dead.
6: HM slaves and a 'Thief Slave' Chen can be caught if needed, due to the importance of Thief for obtaining many items, such as evolution items.

The Random system:

Every Chibi form [Or equivalent in the case of Shanghai/Hourai] is added to a list [With the exception of Hourai, as it shares the same evolution as Shanghai]
I have made a list of 1-118, based on the order the characters appear in the files. I will RNG numbers from 1-118, and the result will be the encounter.

Now, to save going back all the time, I'll make a non-repeating list of 118 numbers now, obviously, I will not need all 118. I will strike-through them as I proceed.

115 48 59 64 67 96 53 70 43 28 12 76 52 57 30 38 55 90 113 110 68 35 16 98 51 56 36 83 66 4 32 109 107 42 84 9 58 1 65 50 47 86 22 23 14 10 71 100 114 99 31 26 106 7 94 46 112 17 44 19 45 81 105 77 21 15 54 117 20 25 49 5 118 18 2 3 72 89 33 93 34 103 61 80 63 101 88 69 24 87 79 78 73 108 11 116 102 62 92 85 111 95 60 75 104 13 39 74 6 8 82 27 41 37 40 29 91 97 [Poor Mugetsu]

Random numbers generated Jul 2 2013 at 14:8:3 by 


I had a bit of a bug, where the 3rd catch bugged the game and every encounter became them on every route afterwards, so I lost a bunch of screenshots due to having to reset and fix the bug, so I'll tell you what happened:

1: I picked Reisen, to allow the rival to have Sanae, who I see as the hardest starter to fight due to her type coverage
2: Reisen started with a Macho Brace, instead of an Oran Berry like in the normal version.
3: Beat rival's Lv 6 CSanae with CReisen
So, we start out with #115 out of 118. This is naturally something hidden away in the recessess of the dex... and it turns out to be something I can assure you that the other runs will not even see:

Yes, a CMima.

You see, Mima is usually found in the place of... one of the Regis. And it has a baby form, CMima. However, the only 'real' legendary-power puppets in this game are the 'X' trio, the weather trio. Mima is no stronger than any other puppet, in fact, if anything, it's pretty weak.

Note the nature...

Anyway, CMima is not 'NO WEAK', this isn't normal types. She's weak to quite a few types, such as Steel, and Beast. Did I mention the first Gym is Beast and Tackle is Beast-type?

Next up is #48; which turns out to be:

CSakuya. Usually confined to the Safari Zone.

CSakuya is a steel type who starts out with a High Crit-rate Base 50 STAB, called Knife Throw. She'll probobly be my main muscle for the first gym, even if she doesn't resist Beast.

#59 is next, and is:

Something that you can normally catch in Petalburg Woods. Well, can't win them all, can we?

CStar stars out pretty much dead weight, but she'll be useful after Lv 7 when she learns Bubble. Water is SE on Beasts...

At this point I box the Reisen.

And go to Petalburg, where we do the whole Wally thing, and he catches an Ellen.

To finish off this update, we have #64 and #67, which are CWriggle and CNue respectively. While Wriggle is usually a Petalburg Woods encounter, CNue isn't until Weather Institute, and even then, only in it's evolved form, as it's Keckleon.

The Wriggle was pretty easy to catch, and likewise, is pretty weak atm, although Nature types do a number of Beasts, resisting it. [I forgot if they hit SE]

The Nue, on the other hand, wasn't easy. I knew she was fragile, and I thought she was a Dark-type, so was hesitant to use Knife Throw on her, lest an SE OHKO. Water-types are weak to Maisma, so Star almost fainted, and I wasn't sure on if Mima could weaken it, and Wriggle was still low HP from the catch.

Ended up catching it on the last ball I had on me at the time. CNue is one of not-that-many duel-typed Chibis.

Anyway, next time we'll get to the point of the game where I actually start to talk about what is going on, and not what I am doing.
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Those two facts sum me up pretty well.

3: I will be playing Agaysta's recently released 'Challenge Mode'. Agaysta has not specified what changed, although the level curve is apparently the same. I played a tiny bit, and noticed natures are replaced with ?????, meaning you can't tell natures.
This is a thing? I should get around to trying it.
And CReisen, nice pick. I'll be following this LP


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Just doing a small update of what I've done so far. Just got a little grinding to do for the gym:

I find this change in text a nice touch. Bug Catchers are also 'Fairy Catchers'

Speaking of 'Fairy Catchers', the guy with 4 Wurmple usually showed me something I did not notice before.

Set mode is forced on you in this 'Hard Mode'. This will be !!FUN!! later.

Anyway, as for the Team Aqua Grunt...

While he only has a Momiji, it is actually a fairly high level for this point of the game. In addittion, it has high physical defense, attack, and an Oran Berry. While it is easy to dispatch of in a normal run if you have a Sunny or Star with Ember/Bubble, which hit it's low Sp.Def, and for Super-effective, it can be an issue otherwise.

As a beast type, you would normally think to use a Flying-type against it, such as a Tokiko or a Mystia. However, between it's good defense stat, and it's Oran Berry, it can easily use Howl once or twice, and then use Blade Flash, a priority Steel-type move, which hits Flying-types SE, and can then sweep if you came here expecting something around Lv 6~7 like the local trainers. The catch is, CMomiji usually don't learn Blade Flash until later, it's on it's moveset from breeding!

This can be a surprisingly difficult boss if caught off guard! Luckily I had a Bubble CStar, but if I had used my CNue, it probobly would have fainted.

TM 09 is Decision, a Swift-Equivalent for the Faith type.

Moving past Rustbourough, we have #96. Now, if #97 is Mugetsu, that means #96 is...

The PC-98 extra boss before her  :V

I for one am happy about having a Rika. However I am not happy about having her NOW.

As you can see:

1: She's a Steel type like Sakuya
2: She has no STAB, unlike Sakuya
3: Her physical attack is non-existent, yet she has no special moves

She gets better later, when she gets movepool out of her rear and better stats after evolution, but that's quite a late evolution. I'll probobly box her and pull her out later and EXP.Share her.

That and I had a Rika in my Nuzlocke run which finished. [She died. To Aqua Admin Matt of all people. But her lifespan for that run's average was pretty long]

Now for #53, which is...

Ooh, it won't be useful at this Gym dueto being part Faith [Faith is weak to Beast] but a Faith/Nature type is cool.

Or I can throw the Great Ball, my Premier Ball, and 3 Poke'Balls at it, before attempting to weaken it further and critting it to death.
I don't even remember who put the above in my sig. [Wasn't me] Nor do I understand why I keep it here anymore.
Those two facts sum me up pretty well.


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Ugh, fucking internet connection ate my post.

Anyway... here's what I know...

  • Permanent "Set"
  • Can't use items except for Orbs, no Heaven Orb
  • Hidden natures
  • No EV growth
  • Improved enemy AI

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