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How to get to grips with Touhou - general hints, tips and advice!
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Again, thanks for the feedback! And good idea, I knew there was something I'd forgotten. :V I'll go write something up about that.
It could probably use a mention about how to switch direction while streaming (see: Source of Rains) since I don't think that is something that a new player will know how to do.
Silent Harmony:
Excellent guide; i wish this was here when I started.

As for suggestions, I would mention practicing a stage at a higher difficulty if you get "stuck" at a certain point (and are close to a 1cc). Once you get used to the higher bullet density, it makes what you were stuck on a lot easier to read.
Mention twitch dodging, restarting a stream to go the other direction, and Great Fairy Wars tips as parts of the game are meant for freezing.
Might be worth mentioning manipulation of Rainbow UFOs: how the UFO Tokens a Rainbow UFO spits out will start as the color of the last Token in your RGB chain. Also, blinking UFOs change color in Red -> Blue -> Green -> Red, etc. When a blinking UFO Token starts blinking rapidly, it's about to change color, and staying near it will keep it its current color. This is a good tactic for keeping UFOs certain colors until you get to a place with sufficient items to fill it up completely.

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