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It's time for a Touhou Consumer Survey!

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Letty Whiterock:
Greetings, everyone! It's your wintery friend with an amazing figure, Letty Whiterock! How have you been enjoying your stay at MotK? Don't answer that! I already know! With people like me on the board, it can only be a good time! Well, enough chit-chat. Let's get down to business... literally!

I have a friend in Japan... and it's not J-List! He's a good friend of mine who provides an excellent service: he will get things for you in Japan, such as Touhou merchandise (games and doujinshi and what-not), for absolutely no mark-up! You pay what he pays, straight from whatever source, plus shipping, which is pretty good since many a doujin shop and convention dealer are known to be ridiculous as far as that goes. In fact, allow me to post his words straight from the AIM conversation I'm having with him right now!

--- Quote ---I mean, I know there are ways to get Touhou games and random stuff in America, but I want to be an affordable alternative. The games are cool and all, but paying more than $30 for one is a crime.
--- End quote ---

But Letty, you say, why should I trust a random stranger with my money? Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm actually a satisfied customer! (I use customer lightly, since he's not really profiting off of this.) Take a lot at what I got thanks to him. Oh yes. Also, he provides this service for various Bemani forums, so a lot of people have gotten stuff from him with excellent results. So I ask you wonderful people, are you interested?

On a related note, would you guys be interested in creating a Marketplace-style forum for buying/selling whatever amongst each other? It'll give us a place to put his service thread, and it'll give you guys a chance to also barter amongst yourselves for stuff.

Please reply soon, my pretties!

Yeah, hey there. I am the friend Letty mentioned, and allow me to clarify a few more things. I'd be willing to buy not only Touhou stuff, but pretty much anything else in Japan provided I can find it. However, I won't buy anything I don't feel comfortable sending through the mail. This includes hentai, which should go without saying. Anything else goes though. I've seen all kinds of stuff in various stores in Akihabara: keychains, cards, straps, buttons, games, you name it. I can even buy and pre-order certain figures.

Also, since I'm not doing this for a profit or anything, I only ask for patience. I live fairly close to Tokyo and Akihabara, but it might still take a little while to buy and ship orders out. I'll use air mail to ship which takes about a week, unless you're willing to pay for EMS shipping. I'll give a more detailed outline of the process if this takes off.

Personally I wouldn't see any use for such a board.

I would just have your friend run a stickied thread in the TARC or something.

Err, how would we go about paying you?

If it ships to RSA, secure payment options available, I'm happy.


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