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Welcome to HME! (READ ME FIRST) (Updated 23/04/2014)
« on: March 09, 2011, 09:05:16 PM »
Welcome to Help Me, Eirin!

This is MotK's hub for Touhou games, whether part of the official series or doujin games of any genre. Here you can share strategies, celebrate accomplishments, discuss news about the latest doujin games, and more!

A couple of things to take note of before posting:

  • Gameplay discussion only, please! Fandom/story related chat lives in TARC.
  • Uploading replays of your runs in the official games is highly encouraged - a replay allows other people to watch your accomplishments and give you advice on how to improve your playstyle. The most popular places to upload your scores and replays are (in English) and (in Japanese). Feel free to use either of these.
  • Being competitive is fine, of course, but don't make fun of other people's accomplishments even if you can do better - keep it civil.
  • Don't submit TAS (tool assisted slowdown) runs as real runs. If you do, expect to be caught and called out on it.
  • It's already stated in the main rules, but just to reiterate - no discussion of piracy whatsoever.

And that's all of them. It'd be awesome if you guys could follow these.

Now that that's over with, here are some of the things you should check out while here!

<Karisa> This list of links is rather outdated, please wait warmly. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  • The Accomplishments Thread - probably the most popular thread in HME, in its 20th iteration at the time of editing. This is the place to post all your successes and congratulate others!
  • The Rage Thread - the opposite. Here's where you vent when this happens.
  • The Spellcard Help Thread - exactly what it says on the tin. If something's got you stumped, here's where you can ask for advice!
  • The Lucky Dodges Thread - for those impossible-to-replicate miracle moments.
  • General Hints, Tips and Advice - a guide aimed at newbies still getting accustomed to shooters, detailing the basic tactics you'll need to progress.
  • Uploading Touhou Videos Guide - a guide made by forum member Drake about (surprise surprise) how to record and upload videos of your replays. This is a pretty excellent guide, very handy for those who want to upload to YouTube and the like.
  • The various tournament threads - run by forum members, these usually contain a series of challenges for the purpose of competing with your fellow players. Aim for the top!
  • High Score Entry - these are MotK's official scoreboards for all the official Touhou games, plus a few extras. Compete here for the all-time highest scores!
  • #pc-99 - an MotK IRC channel with Touhou-playing regulars, excellent for game discussion. This can be accessed via webchat or through a normal IRC client at, channel #pc-99.
  • Fully unlocked score.dats - Some members of the community have put together a collection of fully unlocked score.dats. You can find the ones we have here!
  • Vsync patches - many players have issues find these useful as they remove the input lag often present in these games, particularly the older ones such as EoSD or PCB. They can be found on the Touhou wiki here - use at your own discretion.

That's enough to get you started, I think. Have fun!
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