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Touhoumon World Link Battle Tower help?
« on: June 03, 2019, 11:27:22 AM »
a question here for fans of the Touhoumon games. I'm playing World Link, all was going well, did the Elite Four, the Gensokyo League, and the Java League, and all the rematches with everyone having stronger teams, and all the trainers in the Trainer Hall in Java, all without issues, even facing off against several ZBoneka, however, I'm at the Battle Frontier trying to do the 100 straight battles in the Battle Tower, and it's giving me trouble, especially since you could only take 3 members with you from a full team of 6, so I don't have my full move sets to counter everything, and no items could be used.

Maximum I got to was battle 70, Saturday and yesterday tried another 2 attempts and got to 48 and 49 respectively. It takes about 2 hours to get to battle 48, so it's very time consuming when a loss happens cause it's back to the beginning again. I'm currently taking in a LTenshi, LChiyuri, and LSanae. I also have LReimu and LYuyuko, but finding more success with the main 3 I mentioned. It starts getting difficult from match 40+ when everyone basically just uses L Boneka.

So, LTenshi has: Earthquake (Ground), Hisou Sword (Ground but misses a turn after attacking), Rock Slide (Rock), and Rock Blast (Rock) (Rock Blast could be replaced if someone knows a better replacement)
LChiyuri has: Thunderbolt (Electric), Chair Smack (Water), Kero Destiny (Water but misses a turn after attacking), and Thunder Wave (Thunder Wave could be replaced for something more beneficial)
LSanae has: Miracle Wind (Water, very useful for raising stats due to Sanae's Serence Grace ability), Hydro Pump (Water), Aeroblast (Flying), and Energy Light (Grass)

The main problem comes from LUtsuho, LSuwako, and LKanako, so those are the main ones I need to counter. I'm thinking of switching LChiyuri for LMarisa, since she could cover Electric and Fire, which will handle LKanako, and her Electric attacks could help against LUtsuho also. However I'm asking for some advice here before starting the process to EV train and level up the LMarisa to level 100, cause from her stats, it's clear that LMarisa is more of a sweeper, with low HP and defenses, but high Special Attack and Speed, so I need to make sure she'll manage to stick through an encounter with the other Last Word Boneka.

Any ideas from someone that managed to pull off this feat? Note, LUtsuho, LSuwako, LMomiji, and Angel Vivit are not allowed in the Battle Tower, although the game uses them against you x_X That would have made life so much easier. . .

EDIT: Hmm, reading through the Touhoumon World Link wiki, I just discovered a TM called Bride Study, which basically acts like Soft-boiled/Recover. I'll have to experiment a bit with this, could really help since I can't heal myself with items in the Battle Tower.
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Re: Touhoumon World Link Battle Tower help?
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So, an update, put Bride Study on 2 of my members, while being a nice healing move, doesn't work as well as I wanted it to in the later rounds. I heal for half my HP, I get hit again for a little less than the amount I healed, so I heal again, and I'll be able to risk attacking next turn. (Simplified numbers as an example: get hit for 100, heal for 150, get hit again for 100, heal again for 150, so I could nullify a 100 hit that way on my 3rd turn). This is assuming I don't get caught against something that's super effective on me, cause there healing is useless. (i.e. taking more damage than healing)

So, I raised up an LMarisa focused on Sp. Atk and Speed. She came out quite nicely I think with 469 Sp. Atk, and 330 Speed. Thing is, her defences are beyond horrible, she could barely take a hit or two, clearly a special sweeper just meant to deal damage only.

Had another run through yesterday, got to battle 58 due to an unexpected Counter from Kongala which crippled my LTenshi, and an unlucky Judgement from LEiki (Judgement is 30% accuracy, if it hits, instant KO, basically like Sheer Cold in Pokemon).

Gonna give a couple more tries with my newly trained LMarisa, but I didn't get the results I was hoping for with her, so I don't know, maybe I need a staller? Thinking LYuyuko built to be a tank (so EVs in HP, Def and Sp. Def) with Toxic, Confuse Ray, Bride Study and Butterfly (80 Ghost move which heals half the damage dealt) to heal? Or maybe LKana with Lost Dreams (sleep) and Dream Eater? Can't have Toxic on Kana though cause Sleep will heal Toxic.

Uhh something always has to go wrong, cause I managed to take out LUtsuho yesterday which was one of my main concerns, now I'm stumped against this LEiki's Judgement. Tough to have a counter for everything for 100 battles (i.e. 300 opponents) with just a team of 3 :/

Any opinions or ideas would be welcome. I don't want to use an LFlandre with Destroy (100% one-hit KO, only 1PP though), feels like I'm cheesing it out that way.