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东方时裂空 ~ Numerology of Artifacts. (Demo)
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:58:12 PM »
Hiya everyone!  I didn't see anyone making a thread about this new Chinese Danmaku Fangame I found, so I decided to do it myself and spread the word!  Mods please feel free to hijack my post and properly format this thread if necessary!  Translations are, as ever, very much welcome too!

(Much thanks to the Touhou Fangames discord for making me find out about this game!)

东方时裂空 ~ Numerology of Artifacts. (Demo ver.: 0.10)

Download Link for demo v0.10:

Yandex.Disk mirror:
MEGA mirror:!b2RFVCoI!Jar8dsq6Ve_KpzXRMwy1VaAbOQico22mjLedk5y-OLs

P.S.:  Unlike most fangames, this game needs you to open up a launcher before it executes, and apparently the graphics/sound options can be only changed there!
P.S.S.:  From my experience, the game crashes on the start of Stage 3 if you're playing on Hard mode.  Not sure if it is just me, but do be mindful of that if you play on Hard!

Re: 东方时裂空 ~ Numerology of Artifacts. (Demo)
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Posting my opinions here just so it doesn't clutter the thread, but overall:

-The shottypes are REALLY tricky, but not exactly in a bad way.  (Unless we're talking Marisa, I legit hated every single aspect of her shottype!)
-The bosses are all super cute
-The danmaku is incredibly fun and stages enjoy putting you in places where using your shots' gimmicks count, so things like Sanae's waves or Sakuya's bouncy focus shot actually do feel rewarding. 
-The bomb system is a bit strange, and from what I see you can pretty much regen the bomb gauge even during boss dialogue.
-OST is pretty nice, some meh themes, but some really neat ones too.  Nothing really stands out, but I personally -loved- the stage 2 boss' theme.  It's really beautiful!  Title theme is really cool too!
-Whoever designed the stage 3 REALLY liked revenge-bullets.
-The demo-end-cliffhanger looks really cool and it actually makes you look forward to the full version!

Re: 东方时裂空 ~ Numerology of Artifacts. (Demo)
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Pretty great demo, pretty much agreed with everything Shizzo said.
I do actually love most of the OST and shottypes, but I do agree, wth is with Marisa. I also feel like the game has better scoring than most games, which is a shame, because fangames are barely ever getting scored nowadays.

Really looking forward to this one, I really hope it's going to be more recognized and played after it's full release, kind of like Shining Shooting Star. A lot of high quality chinese fangames are initially overlooked over japanese or western ones sadly.
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