Author Topic: Touhou Project 17 「東方鬼形獣 ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.」  (Read 212841 times)


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Hello! Accompanied by a boy that won't stop following me around (4 y.o.) and a girl fiercely in her "no" phase (2 y.o.), I've been whirling around busy writing "The Grimoire of Usami Secret Sealing Club Otherworld Shooting Record"; releasing April 27th (advertisement).

Without even the time to go flower viewing the cherry blossoms have fallen, and without even feeling like spring the Heisei era is coming to an end.
It's in these little spare moments that I've stitched together a game.

Touhou Project 17th
  東方鬼形獣 (Touhou Kikeijuu)
    ~ Wily Beast and Weakest Creature.

It's a story where animal spirits from Hell are scheming to take over the surface world by force, and you join forces with friendly animal spirits that have come to warn you in order to stop them before it starts.
The ones going towards Hell are Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu.
It's going to be a shooting game that's darker than usual, filled with animal themes, and just a tiny bit aggressive.

It's crunch time, so the screenshots are extremely likely to change.

Full release should be the summer. Unless something happens, the trial will be released on May 5 of the first Reitaisai in Reiwa. I'll see you there.
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- original art by Aiけん | ウサホリ -

I'm already digging that art. Looks a lot like the style he used in 16 and I'm all for it. 2019 really just keeps giving, now to play the waiting game!

No Orin? Booooooo.

Youmu is cool. But Orin better be in a cameo at the very least!
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The art looks so GOOD, loving that title screen Reimu especially!

I wonder what the special mechanics will be this time around (aside from the "goast" subshots that is)  :3

too bad there's no cat goast rip me

Dream a dream so grand...that it becomes a nightmare.

Touhou + friendly animal spirit == Oh god those poor animal girl. Hope they don?t get Pachuned too early...


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Oh no the toehoes became furry.
I'm in.

Lmao oh my god this is definitely a twist from what I was expecting
Wolf Ghost
-Mega-powerful concentrated shot
-Wolf Mode time increased
-Personality becomes barbaric

Otter Ghost
-Mega-powerful bombs, default bomb count +1
-Otter Mode time increased
-Personality becomes opportunistic

Eagle Ghost
-Mega-powerful spread shot
-Eagle Mode time increased
-Personality becomes arrogant
Gameplay system evidently involves collecting animal items to fill that 5-icon meter in the corner. Simple enough, though it looks like the icons can also be filled with power and point items? 'Kay.

Judging by the diamond pattern on the lasers in gameplay screen 3, the player there is probably Marisa? Temporarily armed with huge Illusion Lasers thanks to Eagle Mode, I imagine

Normal Mode is titled "Shiba Inu Level" i love it


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As for my own thoughts, I really really like the stylization of the game title. It looks so good.

The stage shown looks to be somewhere around Muenzuka, from my guess. You might be heading towards Higan to end up in Hell as a kind of unexpected entrance.

The beast selection is labeled "choose the animal spirit that possesses you", using the same "possession" term as AoCF.

Literally hypers in my Touhou


also canonical reasons why these three characters are the ones playable:
- youmu: is half phantom
- reimu: has been to hell before no biggie
- marisa:
is fucking dead
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So now waiting for the release of "WBaWC"

Oh no the toehoes became furry.
I'm in.

Oh god, Touhou literally have Fursona now. The furry art will be thriving.

Also, barbaric is definitely Reimu, opportunistic is definitely Marisa, and you could kinda said that Youmu can be abit over her head I guess?

Yes! Ive waited so long for Youmu to return! Anyone who doubted me can suck it!

Seriously, Zun has really stepped up his style this time I like it!

"wily beast and weakest creature"...... hmMmMmM what if the players' spirit critters are lying and they're actually the ones plotting to beat up the other critters and take over hell?? makes u think

Also the JP title and logo might totally be a spoof of Parasyte (寄生獣 / kiseijuu) I just realized lol


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Oh boy. Animal-themed! In Hell! With Youmu! Wooo!


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So; it seems we're on some sort of 'Hell Saga' after Hecatia in 15 and now we're going to Hell. Following 10-13.5 all being connected directly and effectively a result of the Moriya Shrine's actions. Unsure how 16 fits in however. Although DDC is clearly some sort of filler plot-wise now.

Actually a little bit surprised there's no Sanae given the animal theme and her Frog-Snake shots from UFO. Would have been a good time to re-use those.

Also in before the obligatory Mima speculation because she debuted in HRTP's Hell Route.
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Those two facts sum me up pretty well.

im very excited!!! personally i love youmu so i am happy to see her here!

This game is looking fine! From the description, I'm getting extreme LoLk vibes. Hoping for some jamming tracks and a Steam release.

Let's hope that ZUN's learned from VD though and doesn't make the special activation on something stupid, though.


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Literally hypers in my Touhou

inb4 TouhouPachi DaiOuJou memes

Subshots do feel inspired by it though - Wolf is Shotia, Eagle is Leinyan, Otter is... anti-Exy. Nine combinations is cool, but balancing the game for them all gonna be a bitch (and ZUN probably won't spend enough time on it, as usual).

Actually a little bit surprised there's no Sanae given the animal theme and her Frog-Snake shots from UFO. Would have been a good time to re-use those.

She only used those because they represent her goddesses. Dealing with generic animal spirits doesn't really fit her. Reimu is more open about her methods so she fits anywhere, Youmu is there likely because they're spirits (same reasoning as 10D, pretty much), and Marisa is, well, Marisa.
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[22:40:12] <Drake> "guys i donwloaded esod but its not workan"
[22:40:21] <Drake> REPORTED
[22:40:25] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> PROBATED
[22:40:30] <Drake> ORGASM
[22:40:32] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> FUCK YEAH

[22:28:39] <Edible> Mafia would be a much easier game if we were playing "spot the asshole"


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Otter goasts AND Youmu? This is shaping up to be pretty good already.

(Also hi I'm still alive)


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Took 'em long enough! Maybe in five years his children can help out with the process.

Jokes aside, I'm looking forward to May 5th. <3
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Is youmu's phantom half a fire-breathing dragon???

Suspicious person

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New game, yay ~ <3

Sooooo ... can you say that ... what we're getting this time is a ... bullet hell ?!!! *WINK WINK WINK WINK WINK*
You'd figure that someone who knows unusual words like phantasmagoria, trilithon and tokamak would know how to spell ghost but apparently not. Not that I'm complaining tho, what with there being an etanity since the release of the last integer game, so, hey.

From what I can gather from the screeshots, getting at the very least 3 animal "goasts" of the same type enable you to use some sort of power up shot. Maybe it's one of these things where the more you have of one certain type of thing, the longer the effect for the bonus that type of thing grant is gonna be longer or something around these lines ? At any rate, it seems to me that the shot power up this time might potentially be reminiscent of the fangame Riverbed Soul Saver's hyper mode.

What I'm a bit curious of are the things on the bottom left of the screenshots that look like a paw shaped power item (pawer item ? *WINK WI-) for one, and a paw shaped point item (pawint item ?) for the other. Like, do activating whatever gimmick this game's got while you got 3 pawer items's is gonna get you lives or something else and would an activation with 3 pawint item earns you some kind of score related bonus during activation ? And what happens to the excess items you have (the ones different from the 3 similar items) during activation ? Do they get tossed in the garbage can if they're animal items or do they give some kind of bonus (As in, bomb shards / items for otter "goasts", life shards / items for pawer items, PIV items for pawint items) ? And if so, what happens to the Wolf and Eagle items (since they're supposed to give a bonus to the Mega focused shots or Mega unfocused shots duration respectively)

And more questions ...

Anyway, regarding gameplay mechanics, what I'm the most curious of is the way [animal name] mode thingy is gonna work : does it make you invulnerable or not ? And do you have control over when to stop it ? Cuz depending on how these questions are answered, this game may either be one of the more balanced ones in terms of mechanics or very, VERY brokexploitable. Like, very. Also, speaking of shots power ups, I wonder if it's possible we're gonna get a repeat of HSiFS demo's Winter release bazillions damage or something much more modest.

Also I'm pretty glad Youmu's back. I was a pretty big fan of her charged attacks from TD, which served me really well in its extra stage, so I hope she'll still have it.

Anyway, uncertain gameplay speculation aside, if there is something that I would "want" or "not want" regarding how things are gonna work for this game, then I hope that if a character from a previous game is to make an appearance, then I'd hope it would be as a midboss rather than a stage boss, that way it won't take a spot nor conversation away from new characters.

And while Hell stuff has been more relevant in the manga, I hope the story and the in-universe conversations going to explain things that were already brought in the mangas but for the game, like, the story should manage to stand up by itself and not need to be complemented by OUTSIDE, extraneous work in order to make sense as a story. Dunno if I'm clear.

Also, the animal parts of the japanese title on the title screen seems a bit suspicious to me. Like, what if they're hinting a wee bit towards the identity of the big bad this time ? Someone from Hell with those animal motifs ... or not.
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Is youmu's phantom half a fire-breathing dragon???

Good catch. I'd say it's likely that the selected beast goast spirit will somehow influence the character sprite, since according to glide's translation it'll influence their personality as well.

But given how prominently the "dragon" shape is shown on the title and main menu, the final boss will probably NOT be a dragon. I mean, when did ZUN ever spoil the plot of his games that much in advance?


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The ones going towards Hell...

...darker than usual, filled with animal themes, and just a tiny bit aggressive.
*SA flashbacks*

Holy cow. Everything looks really nice, especially that logo (mmm yes). I'm curious who will be responsible for the incident this time...

The animal system gives me UFO vibes, but with shots? That sounds cool.

Also, hi Youmu. I don't use you but it's great to see you again.

I've just noticed spell practice hallelujah
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Wow, the art is really cute this time around. I'm really hyped for this new release. The last 2 Touhou games have been the most fun for since MOF and I'm hoping that this one will keep the streak running. Having seen Youmu in a dream recently makes me especially hyped to see her back too. I even think that the title artwork is really cool this tine around.

I won't be able to judge a game properly until the trial though so I'm looking forward to that. The soundtracks have been on point recently so I'm once again hoping for the best on this one.
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Was it just me that read "Wily" as "Wild" then thought "Cool title" the reread it correctly as "Wily" then went "wtf this title"?

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ZUN's art just keeps getting better every year. Also I did misread the title too.

Maybe "goast" is actually a fusion of "ghost" and "beast"?

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Beasts from Hell, huh? Looks like we're going back to the underground. Sounds like some beasts took up Okuu's mantle and wants to pick up where she was gonna start off at in SA.

Either way, I'm lookin forward to seeing what new characters we encounter along the way.
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Maybe "goast" is actually a fusion of "ghost" and "beast"?
Now I feel so stupid for thinking it was a typo...