Author Topic: Fan Animation: Hifuu Club's Theatre ~ Utopia Hides Beneath a Starry Night  (Read 14151 times)


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A movie about the Sealing Club. Apparently a collaboration between TUMENECO and Kyoto Fantasy Troupe, which might be why we aren't getting a Hifuu Club Activity Record episode this year.

I walk one step, and I?m visiting a shrine
I continue two steps, and I?m spirited away
I tread three steps, and I?m playing god
I arrive with four steps, and ****


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Small correction: It is a collaboration between TUMENECO (planning and music) and Shimensoka (writing), with animation done by Kyoto Fantasy Troupe. TUMENECO and Shimensoka has quite a few collaborations in the past. And there is not actually a full-length animation. It's just this trailer.

It also comes with a 2-disk music album (hi, fu), a lot of art and a novel.
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