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Re: Wild and Horned Hermit latest chapter discussion
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I haven't looked into WaHH myself apart from what I picked up from this discussion, but given how excited everyone was about its finale and the curveball near its end, I'm hoping this series gets considered for printed localization more than any other. Now that Forbidden Scrollery has been wrapped up by Yen Press, wouldn't something like WaHH be a logical next step?
Probably depends on how successful the former actually was.
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Re: Wild and Horned Hermit latest chapter discussion
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Okay, that was a pretty satisfying conclusion. My respect.

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Re: Wild and Horned Hermit latest chapter discussion
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Not a perfect finale, but definitely not nearly as underwhelming as the FS one.

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Re: Wild and Horned Hermit latest chapter discussion
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And there we go, WaHH, the end. 9 years in the running and an ending that I'd also consider pretty satisfactory : not only does it answer the how, why and when of the everything that suddenly got Reimu
in Hell
, but it also make obvious Kasen's standing when it comes to her arm :
although she does treat it with respect, she acknowledges how dangerous it is and how that dangerousness sorta goes against her current worldview
. Questions sorta gets answered, and the final chapter aptly puts Kasen in the limelight, showing her thoughts and feelings on stuff. I especially liked the way the story was told this time, its like the style completely changed. Things seems a bit ... melodramatic  :wat: ? Dunno, but it's got a very unusual tone.

Now, regarding the ending, except the fact that a Reimu and Tenshi properly confronted Kasen and know for a fact that she is an Oni, Kasen's identity as a Hermit is still pretty much preserved, and so is her relation to other people (since Reimu and Tenshi seems to want to keep it secret anyway) : stuff happened, but things managed to be tied out neatly in a way that lead back to the status quo where Reimu gets to put the arm on display for monies, similar to her previous business (?) ventures.

Now there are some people for whom the notion of status quo itself means, uhh, bad words, in Touhou, I think it's actually pretty fitting for this series, not only owing to its Slice of Life nature, but also something else about what WaHH is at its core : let's consider a few things : you've got an established setting, a clear and identified cast whose personality and motivations you're familiar AND familiarised with, along with some random events that happens in their "world" that lead them to react to it, generally in a silly and comedic way. What exactly is that formula specificaly ? Why, a SITCOM's, of course. WaHH is, at its core, a Sitcom (Situational Comedy), and it's not uncommon for these type of work to "end" when part of the setting changes, the setting being, in this case, Kasen searching for her arm for whatever purpose while hiding her true identity : she
got what she wanted and got exposed to Reimu : regardless of how ignorant everybody else may be, this is sure to permanently alter her relationship with Reimu :
while the status quo is respected and allow the series in general to go business as a usual, things cannot simply be the same for WaHH's "cast".

Now, there are probably a lot of thing to be said regarding how WaHH goes from it's first chapter up to the last, but for me personally, two things : 1/ the art, most obviously, which evolved a lot. Actually, just check and compare for yourself ; and 2/ regarding everything else in the light of the ending, while I've little doubt that ZUN sorta knew where he wanted to go and what kind of conclusion he wanted to go for, a fair number of chapters seem fairly inconsequential in regard to the chapters that lead up to the last one. I guess these ones are probably the ones that give out that Slice of Life, Sitcom vibe the most ? At any rate, seeing some of the various characters that were new at the time the chapters they cameo'd in was released makes me think that WaHH was for the MOST part a bunch of stories that do not necessarily contribute to some kind of greater, overarching story arc and theme. Like, it was more about winging it than planning. Which is fine I guess ?

So yeah, it was nice while it lasted  :)
More Touhou material is always good for me, so seeing one going away is soooooo gonna make the wait before the MONTHS of wait between VFiS publications feel longer. Hopefully we get new stuff, manga specifically, somewhere down the line.
... I guess this is a partner that's gonna be missin' for a while

Also, on a not-so-unrelated note ...
remember the theories about Ex Kasen (aye, that's who I'm gonna call Kasen + her arm HUHHH U GOT A BETTER IDEA ?!!!) potentially popping in TH 17 ? Well,let's just say that Kasen's right arm was not the only thing that got cut this time lol. ZUN seems to throw suspicious curveballs of that kind from time to time (like with ULiL demo's Sumireko silhouette and the Fortune Teller's coincidentally leaked appearance back around the time of ULiL's demo), so, even with Kasen relationship with animals or not, dunno but things ain't quite look stellar for this theory the way I see it ...
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