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Gold is a somewhat unhinged pok?mon master that ends up in Gensokyo during an incident called 'The Great Danmaku War'. Hundreds of Youkai are rebelling, refusing to follow the danmaku rules the Hakurei shrine and Yukari set and are attacking humans and those that try to stand in their way. The Hakurei shrine still stands but Reimu is having trouble dealing with all those bothersome youkai by her lonesome. She has some help, but currently most peaceful youkai already have their hands full protecting their own zones from these violent instigators.

When Gold enters the world of Gensokyo he begins to sense something calling to him, something deep in his soul is fighting to reach the surface. What were those urges? What were these odd cravings? Hopefully he will find someone that can give him some answers...

This is...
Gotta catch 'em all, The Great Danmaku War

Better quality of the image found here:
Gold's current team:
Lv: 88: Omastar
Lv. 84: Absol
Lv. 84: Charizard
Lv. 84: Latios
Lv: 82: Deoxys
Lv: 80: Gengar

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I will always link to the higher quality version at the places they should be viewed. Think about this as a blend between a novel and a graphic novel where the images help as much immersing you into the story as they are part of the story.

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Protagonist and companions

Name: Gold
Sex: Male
Health: All'right!
Mentality: In battling mood as always

Description: Pok?mon League Champion 2 years running, Gold is somewhat of a celebrity in the pok?mon world, particularly in Johto and Hoenn. He has a charismatic if a rather intense personality. Preferring to stay on the move, never stopping in one place for too long.
Early in his career he developed a method that allowed him to 'link' up with his pok?mon via . Allowing him to see through their eyes and guide them without saying a word, increasing the team's effectiveness and teamwork immeasurably.

The drawback was that the pain and injury inflicted on them he would feel as well. For most trainers that would undoubtedly deter them from using it. But not for Gold. He saw this as even greater reason for using it. Since how were you supposed to understand your comrades if you weren't willing to experience the same things they did? One for All, All for One.

...More to come



10xMax Potion
10xFull Restore
15xMax Revive

Various assortment of herbs and homemade balms/ointments
27xUltra Balls (reusable)
1xMaster Ball (unique)
Super Rod
Sleeping Bag
"Standard" Climbing gear
Foldable Solar Panel
Traveling micro-healing-unit (requires electricity)
Rations: 1 Week

Pok?mon Companions

Level: 88

He is a sky-blue Ammonoidea Pok?mon, with several tentacles and a pale yellow, helix spiralled shell with spikes on its back. Its shell constantly grows, getting heavier over time and thus limiting its mobility. Several sharp spikes line the shell's midsection, spanning from its forefront to just a little towards its back. The shell's hem has two circular indents where Omastar's eyes come out. Its eyes have yellow sclera, with vertically-slit pupils. It has an oval mouth with a four-way jawed, fang-like beak. Once caught, it never lets go of prey, immediately biting down on its victim with immense power.

I am the mighty H. O. Omastar! Bow before me... or suffer the consequences!
I am a resilient and powerful being of importance much greater than you humans can comprehend. In my younger days, ages past, I spend great deal of time studying you, learning your culture and traditions. Soon I even learned how to speak your crude and simplistic language. You should be grateful that I did. If I hadn't, I might have decided to end your miserable race. When Gold caught me, I suspected that he was sent by one of the organizations whose aim is to end my my rule. But I was grateful when it turned out that I was wrong. Gold is a great being, don't even try to compare him to the rest of you pitiful humans!

Omastar, or H. O. Omastar as he prefers to call himself* is a lone survivor of the now extinct Omanyte and Omastar species. How he has managed to survive 'till now is unknown but his massive size may play a factor in it. Unlike most known remains of Omastars, H. is over 2.3 meters in height, dwarfing all found remains of his race up to date. Due to his size he is much stronger than a normal omastar would be. Not much is known about his past, as when asked he will only reply by saying "You humans wouldn't understand.". Although suffering from 'Delusion of Grandeur' he is quite adept at various fields of combat. He has likewise displayed surprising knowledge about other pok?mon... even species that have only been recently discovered.

    HP:     273
    Attack:     220
    Defense:     360
    Sp.Atk:     290
    Sp.Def:     264
    Speed     150
When in combat he prefers to tire his opponents out. Enduring their onslaught until he sees an opening, wherein he will strike surprising ferocity. His attacks mainly consist of using his own body to crush his foes but he has been known to use both water and ground types attack if his foes survives more than two of his normal attacks.

Carrying: Life Orb

*He has been known to call himself: Lord Helix, The Almighty One, The Ruler of the Ocean and... Arthur

Level: 84

Absol is a quadruped, mammalian Pok?mon with a dark blue to gray body covered in white fur. It has a ruff around its neck and chest and a tuft on the top of its head adorned with a single blue-black oval. It has a feline face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a scythe-like tail, and a sickle-shaped horn on the side of its head. Its broad feet are equipped with three claws each, and spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its front legs.
Absol lives in the mountains far from civilization, and rarely ventures down from its alpine home. Using its horn, Absol is able to sense even subtle changes in the sky and the land to predict when a natural disaster will occur, and will try to warn people when one is approaching. This often has the unfortunate effect of Absol itself being blamed for the disaster.
Adamant and serious. Absol will follow Gold's commands to the letter. She is one of Gold's first pok?mon and is a paramount member of the team. After Feraligatr's death she took it upon herself to prevent such disasters from happening again. Using her keen senses to keep both Gold and his comrades out of danger. She is distrustful of humans other than Gold and will actively try to scare them away.

    Hp:     284
    Attack:     332
    Defense:     182
    Sp.Atk:     183
    Sp.Def:     163
    Speed:     190
Her methods are direct and brutal. From the start she will aim to take out her foe with well placed attacks that cause the foe to lose his balance and concentration. Her natural immunity against psychic attacks also means that she has seen a lot of action against psychic types. Perhaps due to that, she instinctively knows when someone nearby is using such abilities, be it human or pok?mon.

Carrying: Dread Plate

Level: 84

Charizard is a draconic, bipedal Pok?mon. It is primarily orange with a cream underside from the chest to the tip of its tail, which burns with a sizable flame. Charizard has a long neck, small blue eyes, raised nostrils, and two blunt horns protruding from the back of its rectangular head. There are two fangs visible in the upper jaw when its mouth is closed. Two large wings with teal undersides sprout from its back, and a horn-like appendage juts out from the third joint of each wing. Charizard's arms are short and skinny compared to its robust belly, and each limb has three white claws. It has stocky legs and cream-colored soles under its feet.

Rash to the point of fault. Gold's Charizard is as close to being a powerhouse all by himself. And he would be one if it wasn't for his tendency of rushing into battles blindly, making him easy prey by the more cool and composed opponents. Nevertheless, this imposing creature is one of the largest of his kind. Standing good 3.2 meters (excluding his tail). The reason, or perhaps the cause of his unusual size is due to him being an Alpha-type charizard. He is hot heated and extremely territorial and once he has marked an area or creature as his he will protect it to his death. (So far the only thing he has marked is one of his temmates, Absol)

    Hp:     304
    Attack:     223
    Defense:     207
    Sp.Atk:     298
    Sp.Def:     190
    Speed     270
A very aggressive fighter, Charizard relies on his devastating firebreath and air superiority to take down his foes. His fiery breath is capable of melting boulders, massive glaciers, and burn whole forests if not kept in check. His claws are also extremely sharp. Capable of cutting through thick steel with relative ease.

Carrying: Choice Specs

Level: 84

Latios is a bird-like, dragon Pok?mon with an aerodynamic body. The lower half of its body is blue with jet-plane wings and fin-like feet. It has a red triangular marking on its chest. By tucking its wings and forelimbs, it can fly faster than a jet (but has difficulty reacting to objects flying in his directions while he is at that speed). It has white and blue arms that can be tucked into its body. The upper-half of its body is white. It has triangular ears and a blue face with a white pentagon in the middle. Latios is a male only species; Latias is the female counterpart.

He is a Dragon/Psychic pokemon with levitation and shape-shifting abilities (aka. he is capable of make himself appear human). He dislikes fighting and will avoid a fight if able. He has a rather playful and lighthearted personality most of the time. He will, however go into a rage-like state if his trainer is being threatened/being attacked. During those moments he will not stop attacking of unless his trainers orders him to do so. Even though he is male he tends to prefer shape-shifting into a human female. You (the trainer) aren't sure why he does that.

    Hp:     307
    Attack:     230
    Defense:     211
    Sp.Atk:     317
    Sp.Def:     270
    Speed:     296
His main powers are dragon and physic related though he is capable of learning a wide variety of different skills (more about that after first update). Latios is an extremely powerful being capable of devastating attacks that can leave both foes and surroundings utterly annihilated. His abilities are most effective from range, but if forced into a corner he is more than capable of using physical force against his foes.

Carrying: Soul Dew

Level: 82

Deoxys is an alien-like bipedal Pok?mon that has four formes, each focused on a different stat. The main components that are constant for all four formes are a dominant reddish orange color, a bluish-green face, and three bluish-green dots on its back arranged in a triangle. Typically, there is a purple stripe running down the center of its face and a purple, crystalline organ in its chest. Its white, circular eyes are set inside rectangular, black eye sockets.
In its Attack Forme, its legs remain tapered. However, its blue stripes are no longer segmented and run the entire length of the leg and there is now a large spike on the knee. Two pairs of whip-like tentacles with pointed tips, one reddish-orange and one blue, replace its previous coiled, blunted tentacles. The protrusion on its head are now triangular with an additional one extending for the top of its head. Most of its reddish-orange skin has receded, revealing a striated, black chest and abdomen. Finally, its tail is now longer and more pointed.

He is a powerful psychic pok?mon that evolved from an alien virus (how is unknown). He is a smart strategist that quickly spots his opponents weak points and strikes quickly and effectively. As much as he appears to be cool and distant he is naturally curious about his surrounding (an effect of only having been on Earth for handful of years) and has the bad habit of flying of to check something out if it catches his attention (much to the dismay of his trainer). He generally doesn't understand the concept of morality, though he knows that something that hurts his master or fellow pok?mon is wrong while helping his master is right. He cares for his trainer, a curious feeling he hasn't felt for anything else.

Even though he is highly intelligent his mind is fundamentally different from humans and other pok?mon and thus tricks that would work on another sentient being will not work on him. He is completely immune to mind tricks, mind control, compulsions and things of similar nature. And unless someone is capable of telepathy and mind reading and can understand the core working of his mind then that is unlikely to change.

    Hp:     251
    Attack:     390
    Defense:     103
    Sp.Atk:     390
    Sp.Def:     103
    Speed:     360
His strength and power depend on his forme. In his attack forme he is extremely dangerous, fast striking opponent. He is the epitome of offense, a true powerhouse in every sense of the word. Lethal both in ranged and in close range. In this mode he will strike quickly and brutally before retreating a distance back to observe the foe (if he survives). He is a psychic type, though the categorization is a bit of a stretch. He does not, in fact, fit any categorization. He is capable of learning an extreme range of various powers from most types. It is true that he is an extremely powerful psychic, but other than that he doesn't fit into any type category.

Carrying: Focus Sash

Level: 80

Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pok?mon with a roundish body. It has red eyes and a wide mouth that is usually curled into a sinister grin. Multiple spikes cover its back, and it has large pointed ears. Its arms and legs are short with three digits on both its hands and feet. It also has a stubby tail.

Gengar is very mischievous, and at times, malicious. It enjoys playing practical jokes and casting curses, such as pretending to be one's shadow, then behaving erratically. When the quarry notices, the Gengar takes delight in its victim's terror. However, Gengar is very loyal to Gold and will only rarely play pranks on him. Gengar prefers to stay in the shadows in rooms, caves, and generally dark places. Oddly enough, Gold's Gengar seems to have a particular interest in appearing in locations where you would least want him to be. Such as; Bathrooms, hot springs, photoshoots and under tables... much to the dismay of everyone.

    Hp:     261
    Attack:     184
    Defense:     179
    Sp.Atk:     290
    Sp.Def:     205
    Speed:     267
Gengar has the ability to hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth. However, Gengar's body acts as a heat sink; its presence cools the temperature of the surrounding area by nearly 10?F, because it absorbs the warmth. In addition, Gengar possesses the ability to fly through the air. Because of his incorporeal nature most foes have a hard time dealing with him. He takes great pleasure in sneaking up to his opponents while they are unaware and taking them by surprise with devastating attacks.

Carrying: Black Sludge

Chapter 1: The Fall

YES!!! Gold had just cracked the toughest nut out there, Red himself! It had been a lot of work and Gold had spent a long time training his pok?mon to be up on par with Red's... And it had finally paid off! Training great companions that had followed him through thick and thin. Even with his... quirks they supported him through their whole adventure, never giving up. And now Gold had beaten the best of the best. Eat that, Silver!
"...Well done." The near mythical trainer says as he extends his hand. Even now Gold could hardly believe that he had won. Red's team had been amazing, if it hadn't been for the nearly 4 years of constant travels and battling he wouldn't have been able to beat the myth. Gold shakes Red's hand cheerfully as he grins.

"It was a fun battle! We have to do this again someday."

He tips his cap, hiding a small smile. "...maybe."

Gold glances around, the battle had momentarily taken his thoughts off the creepy atmosphere in the cave. Once the battle ended this feeling of wrongness had returned hundredfold. Everywhere he looked inside Mt. Silver (who names his kid after a mountain anyways?) he could swear he could see shadows moving. It might just be his imagination... a trick of the mind. But something was telling him that wasn't the case.  "So... I have a question..." He starts, eager to break the uncomfortable silence. "Why have you been staying up here for all these years? I mean, there must be better things for a Master to do than hang around on a remote mountain all day... Like traveling and battling people!" Gold finishes with a raised fist, fire burning in his eyes.
"..." His eyes turn cold.

Gold scratches his chin embarrassingly. "Sorry, bad habit. Forget that I asked."

"..." Red stares at him for couple moments before sighing.

"... guess there is no harm in telling you."

Gold's eyes start gleaming, taking on the form of stars as he grab Red's hand excitedly. "You can trust me! I swear I won't tell anyone!" This was awesome! Red was actually trusting him for something important. It was like a dream come true.

Red appears a bit surprised by Gold's familiarity but continues. "...I have been searching for signs of people that went missing here." he explains gravely. "Over the last 8 years people have gone missing in the area surrounding Mt. Silver. I came here because..." he trails off.

Gold's smile falters. '...because one of the missing person was someone he knew'. That would explain why he was so dead set on staying here. This person must be really important to him. Not many would isolate themselves from the rest of the world like he did. 5 years is a long time to be staying one place. If it had been Gold, he would have gone insane from boredom in less than a week.

"Found any clues?" He asks seriously. Red had trusted him enough to answer his question. It was only right that he returned the favor and offered his help... though hopefully it didn't require him to sit still for hours watching grass grow.

Red pauses and stares into the dark ravine at the edge of the cave. "Yes and no.... I am not sure... It is more a feeling after years of investigation than anything else." He touches the pok?balls on his bells softly. He looks Gold directly in the eyes. "I think there is something supernatural behind the disappearances. All of them."

Gold blinks. "You mean something like the myths about Haunter and Gengar?" He knew from experience that that was just hogwash. Folktales to scare children. Sure, Gengar enjoyed scaring and tricking people, but draining their life? Not likely.

Red  shakes his head. "No, that's exactly it. It has nothing to do with pok?mon. I am sure of it."

"How can you be so sure?"

He glares back at the pitch black ravine. "I have seen it with my own eyes. It was not a pok?mon."

Gold gulped nervously. "What was it?"

Red opens his mouth but hesitates. "I... am not sure." He takes a deep breath. "It looked like a rift. A rift with hundreds of disembodied eyes on the other side."

Gold shudders. This sounded more like a horror flick than reality. He had never liked those. He hated stories about ghosts, they creeped the hell out of him. "Y-you think it might be ghosts?" Gold ask worryingly.

He gives Gold a weird look. "Didn't you fight me with a Gengar? That is a ghost type pok?mon."

Gold shrugs "Yeah, it is a ghost type. That just means he is incorporeal, not that he is an actual ghost" (dead things don't evolve) In all honesty he had been terrified of Gengar when he caught him as Gastly, but over time on his travels he had learned that the ghost type was just a category of pok?mon, not actual ghosts. Honestly, Incorporeal type would be closer to the mark. "If it isn't ghosts then what is it?" Gold asks, dreading the answer.

Red looks away. "...I don't know..." He mutters.

A brisk gust flows through the cave, sending chills up Gold's spine. He swallows nervously. Stay calm, stay calm... Deep breaths, deep breaths. Puu- ahh, Puu- ahh.

Red stares at him "You okay?"

"Just fine'!" Gold replies, his smile returning. "As I said, don't like ghosts." he chuckles embarrassed as he scratch the back of his head.

Red smiles thinly. "... Everyone has something they dislike." There is an awkward pause as Gold waited for him to continue.

"Anyways!" Gold starts, unwilling to let the silence stretch out longer. "I am wondering if I could be of any help with... well, your search?"

Red appears surprised but quickly shakes his head. "Thanks for the offer but no. I work better alone." Red states "I have to do this by myself."

Gold was kind of relieved to hear that. Honestly this place was as dreary and dark as dreary, dark places could be. He wasn't going to be able to relax until he was far away from this place. He also had an 'appointment' with Annette late tomorrow and he couldn't dream about missing that. Just thinking about her cooking made him salivate near uncontrollably. "If you say so Red!" he replies cheerfully as he extends his hand out to Red. "Thanks again for the fight. It was great! Now, if you could excuse me, I am going to be leaving this obviously haunted and evil mountain."

He chuckles softly. "...Likewise. It was nice change of pace. I do hope you have an enjoyable journey" He says as he shakes Gold's hand for the second time.

Gold's smile widens. "Will do!" Turning around he starts walking down the worn stone stairs. "Adios!" He shouts raising his hand in goodbye.


Not good notgoodnotgood! His chat with Red had left him unnerved and now he was seeing movements in the corner of his eyes at/on every turn. This cave system wasn't especially complicated but it took fair time to get out.

Light! Finally! A shout of relief escapes Gold's lip as he spots the exit of the cave. Without pausing he sprinted rest of the distance to it. Ah, glorious sunset! Now, if I walk through the night I am sure I wi-

Gold comes to an abrupt halt. He hadn't stopped because of the beautiful sunset... No. He was frozen on the spot because of the giant crack in the sky just above the treeline. It was expanding rapidly, and like pieces from a mirror, fragments of reality seemed to be falling down to the ground. That wasn't the worst of it though, the most distressing part of the situation... was the giant red eye looking directly at Gold through the crack.
Gold did what any sane man/person would do. Run the hell away from the eldritch horror. Holding back a high-pitched scream he dashes back into the cave. Whatever this thing was it shouldn't fit into the cave... right?

He continues running further in, not daring to look back. Gold had seen enough horror movies to know it wasn't a good idea. He also needed to warn Red. Whatever this thing was, it didn't look friendly. Maybe this is the thing that has been spiriting people away? Gold wonders and shudders at the thought.

Rushing back into the chamber he and Red had battled in Gold looks frantically around. To his relief Red was still there, typing something on a small, odd looking device.

"Red! Danger!" He shouts, causing Red to look up startled.

"What is wrong? You look like you saw a ghost."

Gold comes to a halt in front of him. Taking a deep breath he explain to Red what he had seen. Red's expression hardens as Gold describes the crack.

"Yeah, that uncannily similar to the thing I saw before. And it was at the entrance of the cave you say?"

Gold nods. "Yeah, it looked more like a crack than a rift. And there was only one large eye, not hundreds of small one."

"Nevertheless, this could be what I have been looking for."  Red glances at him. "You stay here, I will go alone."

"Not a chance!" Gold refuses. "The thing may scare the shit out of me but I am not going to let you go by yourself."

His expression softens somewhat. "Very well let u-" Red is cut off as his legs disappear through a rift that appeared underneath him.

"Watch out!" Reflexively Gold grabs onto Red's hand. Preventing more of him from disappearing through the redish dark tear.

"...Thanks." Red grunts. "Can you yank me up?"

"I will try." Gold replies. He hadn't gotten where he was without staying in good shape. But much to his frustration he wasn't making any progress. It was like something was pulling at Red from the other end. Which was a problem since gravity was definitely not on their side.

"There is.. something... pulling... you... from... the other... side." Gold groans between clenched teeth. It was taking him everything just to keep Red from being swallowed further into the rift. And it didn't help that the entity pulling him on the other side was using increasingly more force.

"That is weird. I don't feel anything." Red mutters. "You sure something is pulling me at the other side?" His calmness kind of boggled Gold's mind. His lower half was at this point completely absorbed by the unnatural darkness inside the rift, the only thing preventing him from disappearing completely was someone he had just met an hour ago. If it had been Gold he would have been screaming out his lungs right now.

"Yeah... 100%... sure..." Gold grunts between breaths. He could feel the strain this was having on his body. Soon he would not have enough strength to pull Gold up.

"If that is true then..." Red shifts a bit and Gold feels the weight lessen substantially.

"What did you do?" He asks Red, surprised.

He shrugs "I just kicked as hard as I could."

Glad he did. I should be able to get him up now. Gold thinks as he begins to drag his body out of the rift. It was a slow and arduous progress, but soon the rift only reached up to Red's hips.

"Just a bit more..." Gold mutters as he prepares for one final pull.


Everything happened in an instant. The rift under Red closed, leaving Red's hips and legs shorter, with another rift opening beneath Gold, sending him sprawling down into utter darkness. In shock he releases his grip on Red. "Oh Fu-"

"...!" Red shouts something but Gold isunable to hear it as his body plunges into the world of the rift.

"-uuuu-" Gold screams, falling through the unending dark red world of the rift.

"-uuu... eeeeeh!?!" Before his brain could take in the scenery the darkness disappeared, replaced by a clear reddish sky. The sun just barely visible on the horizon between unfamiliar mountains. Gold would be stunned by the beautiful scenery if it wasn't for the tiny fact that he was still plunging to his death.
Okay, calm down! Think! You have some time before you plummet to your death. We are still quite a distance from the ground. Okay, no need to panic. I have my pok?mon with me so this shouldn't be any issue if I jus-

"Out of the way ~ze!"



Something smashes into Gold with tremendous force.
His eyes go blank, tears running down them and all color drains from his face as the excruciating pain in his nether region nearly makes him lose consciousness.

"Auuhghhh..." He moans... something had just struck him in a vital spot. His eyes water up. Mother, I am sorry... I don't think you will be getting any grandchildren... tears running down his face.

"Not good ~ze!" Someone curses, but Gold is too occupied with regretting his life's choices to notice.

"Grab on!"

...I should have just stayed home... settled down... *sniffle* I should have stopped after I beat the Elite 4 and the champ... A horrible thought crosses his mind. ...What if I won't be able to use it anymore...? A shiver runs down his spine. That was fate even worse than plummeting to hi-

Gold blinks. Wait... wasn't he still falling? He is about to panic when something jerks on his shirt.

"Are mushrooms growin' out of your ears?!? I said grab on!" For the first time Gold notices a strangely dressed, golden haired girl pulling at his shirt. For some reason she was waving a bamboo stick right in front of Gold. An angry scowl on her face. "Grab. It. Now!" She shouts angrily. Her voice somehow clear through the howling wind.

Not questioning her, Gold immediately follows her instruction.

"Hold tight!" The girl shouts again and  Gold wraps his arms more tightly around the bamboo. Gradually he feels them slowing down and finally stopping. Glancing down he is surprised to see that they were only few meters above the ground. He could hear the girl heave a sigh of relief. "Didn' expect someone to crash into me like that ~ze." She pokes his arm. "So, how long are you going to hang like that?"

"Ah, oh, sorry." he fumbles as he lets himself fall into the soft grass below. Glancing up he stares at the girl in surprise once he realizes she was hovering above the ground... using nothing but a broomstick.
She notices his stare and checks herself. "Eh? Do I have somethin' stuck on me?"

Gold shakes his head forcefully. "No... it is nothing." He quickly replies. Maybe the broom is some sort of pok?mon? He nearly laughs at the thought. Hah! That's rich. What next? A pok?mon that is a key-chain?

She jumps off the broom and lands nimbly beside him. "Hello stranger! I am Ma-"

"One sec," He cuts her off "need to check something vital." He says with a painful grunt. Turning around he unzips his pants, loosening them just enough so he could stretch his underwear. Hopefully nothing was irredeemably damaged.

She looks at him puzzled. "Err... what are ye doin'? Go behind some bushes if you want to relieve yourself ~ze."

"Just... making sure everything is intact." Gold mutters as he confirms that he had indeed not become a eunuch. He sighs from relief. "Thank god..." Zipping his pants up he turns around. "Sorry about that. You were saying?"

"Alh right!" She grins "I am Marisa Kirisame. Nice to meet'ya!" she says as she extends an arm

"I am Gold." he replies as he returns the gesture. "Now, if you wouldn't mind. Could you explain where in the Mew's name I am?" He asks, glancing around. This was definitely not Johto or Hoenn.
A mischievous glint appears in her eyes. "Oh, you are one of the snack Yukari brought here?"

"S-snack?" Gold echoes worriedly.

Marisa lifts her hands and shrugs innocently. "It's somethin' she does once in a while to keep some of the youkai content."

Gold swallow nervously. "Youkais? The monsters and beasts from the old myths?"

She moves closer to him, her eyes staring intently at him. "Yes. Those be the ones." She replies, her eyes turning deep red. "Who knows... one of them might be right. In. Front. Of. You." Gold gulps again as he slowly reaches for his belt. If she was planning to eat him, he sure as hell wasn't going to make it easy.

She stares at him for a moment longer before bursting out into laughter. "Bwahahhaha! You should've seen your face! It's priceless!"

Gold looks at her dumbfounded as she continues laughing. "...You were just messing with me?"

She wipes a tear from her eye. "A bit. Sure, there are youkai that eat humans but they are not common in this area. Not this close to the shrine."

She puts a fist into her palm. "That's it! I can just take you to Reimu. She can explain stuff for you." Her broom flies into her hand. She begins to hover up when she pauses. "...but I migth be able to teach him a bit  how to defend himself... yes... I think that might be fun..." She mutters something under her breath that Gold can't quite hear. She turns to him. "Hey, boy, are you interested in being able to defend yourself? I can teach you a trick or two in Danmaku that should help even a newbie like you stay alive. How does that sound ~ze?"

Chapter 1, part 1 end

Okay, this took 5 times longer to copy and change over than it took to convert the entirety of the text from 2nd person to 3rd person. And considering this first part is somewhat light in the usage of images I honestly am not sure I will continue posting the story here. Sorry. I might post here when I have time to spare, but at the current "effort to result" cost it really isn't that good of an option. Shame really since this place was honestly my first choice to post the story version. : (

I will try, but no promises.

Chapter 1, Part 2: The Challenge

What's danmaku? "Sure, anything battle related is worth learning." Gold answers with an eager smile.
She grins. "It is isn't it?"

"Can I make an unrelated request first?"

She looks at him warily "So long as you aren't askin' me to loan you something."

He shakes his head. "No, nothing like that. It is just... Umm. If you see a lower half of a person... that is, not attached to the upper body. Can you pass it to me? Or at least alert me of it? It might belong to a friend of mine. And I am pretty sure he'd like it back."

"No problem" she replies nonchalantly. "I can't promise anythin' but I will let you know if I see something like that ~ze."

Gold is a bit surprised that she didn't even blink an eye at this request. Maybe weird situations like those were common here?

She takes a seat on her broom and lifts up a bit above the ground. "Now listen. There are a couple of things you need to know about Danmaku..."

...a while later

" you got that?" she waves a finger with a smug smile "Currently there is an uprising among the youkai going on. The village, the Mansion and the temples are well defended so the youkais are avoiding them right now, but anything outside of them is a high danger zone for humans... That includes this place." She adds "These bastards won't be following the rules of Danmaku either and will do everything in their power to get a hold on your delicious flesh so if you value your life I recommend stayin' in the village ~ze."

Gold nods. So things were like that eh? He hides a wicked grin. I think I am liking this place more and more. Now I have access to two new and widely different ways to fight. He could feel the excitement run through his body. Nothing got him more fired up than the idea of fighting for his life... well,nothing explicit at least. He looks up to her with stars in his eyes. "So, are you going to teach me how to create those spirit bullets now?"

"Ufufufu, I suspected you were the type." She drifts up above the trees. "I am going to show you a simple pattern of danmaku, so watch carefully!"

A familiar presence touches Gold's mind. You have my consent, go ahead Latios, he answers the probing presence as he looks up on Marisa. He suddenly feels slightly fidgety as 6 pair of eyes connect to his consciousness.

She lifts up her arm and out of a sphere in her palm fly hundreds of star shaped 'bullets' who immediately start spiraling around her in complicated, yet beautiful patterns.
"This is how you create danmakus!" she shouts smugly. "It is easier once you get the hang on it ~ze ." She waves her hand and the 'stars' scatter, some flying away into the distance while other strike the ground with a soft *twing*.

She flies down to him. "Now you try." she encourages. "Focus the energy into your hand and imagine arrows flying out of it." She moves a slight distance away. "Oh and since you will likely fail or send out an undampened danmaku I will be staying behind you just in case."

Gold nods, she had explained how this worked earlier, now it was just matter of actually doing it. Focus your mind... He closes his eyes and visualizes arrows made out blue energy flying out of his hand. He feels a surge of something running through his arm. Golden opens his eyes to see...


Out of his hand came... nothing. Well, mostly nothing, it was a faint image of something that might have possibly maybe been something resembling an arrow at one point.

Gold hears Marisa snicker behind him. His cheeks start to heat up.

She claps him on the back. "Sorry, sorry. I just didn't expect that sound." She gives Gold an encouraging smile. "Try again, I will give you some pointers as you continue trying ~ze."

...10 minutes later

He was sweating like mad. This was a lot more exhausting than he had expected, but at least he could finally shoot out a danmaku... kind of. It wasn't nearly as powerful as even the weakest of Marisa's stars but it was a start. Though your max was 5 spiritual attack at once, which wasn't much considering.

"Well, you got the basics down at least." Marisa reassures him. "That shows that you have at least some talent for it. That is something."

Gold. Deoxys touches his mind. Hmm? Something wrong? Gold feels a pattern of images go through his mind, they were all of Marisa explaining and showing how to create Danmakus. He quickly deciphers Deoxys intentions. Latios also voices his interest. Very well, I will ask her. Gold replies to them.

I hope she will be okay with this... "Hey, Marisa...?"

"Hmm?" she looks at him curiously, wearing a smug grin as her hands rest on her hip, giving her somewhat arrogant demeanor.

"At the moment I am no good at this, so is it okay if one of my companions fill in the role of the combatant for me?"

"Sure...?" She looks around. "But you sure they are okay? I mean, the only one I saw plunging to the ground was you."

Gold shakes your head. "They are right here." He says as he lifts up a pok?ball containing Deoxys

"Whatsthat?" she asks, her curiosity piqued. She moves in closer to get a better look at it. "Some sort of barrier contraption?"

Wow, actually kind of a close guess. "Well, not exactly... I think it is better to just show you." Gold replies and throw the ball up in air. "Deoxys, come out!"

With a flash the pok?ball opens up and the reddish energy shoots out and forms into Deoxys.
She stares at Deoxys dumbfounded. It gave Gold some amount of satisfaction knowing that he had managed to surprise her.

"What is that..." She mutters wide eyed.

He walks over to Deoxys. "This is Deoxys, a companion of mine. He is a pok?mon."

"Pokiimun?" she tilts her head in confusion.

Sigh, this is might take a while. Gold explains to her how pok?mon differ from normal animals with their unique characteristics and capability to affect the world in a different way from what a normal animal does. How they are a lot closer to human intelligence than other creatures. How most of them can understand human language (to a point) and that some can even speak it.

Marisa catches on surprisingly fast. "And so you keep them in those gadgets?" She asks as she points to one the balls on his belt. "They don't mind being stuck in there?"

Gold shrugs. "Depends on the trainer and the pok?mon. I know that mine don't mind but there may be others that completely refuse to stay inside a pok?ball."

She nods. Then she gives the balls a greedy look. "Hey..." she starts. "Since I am helping you, you wouldn't mind loaning some of them to me ~ka ze?"
Gold shakes his head immediately and put a hand over his belt. "Not an option. They are my irreplaceable friends. I will not let us be separated." He softens his tone. "But I do owe you. That is true. Tell you what. If you ever need aid I will be more than ready to help."

She grins and lifts up her hands. "No need. I was just kidding." She states in not-so-believable manner. She then glances at Deoxys. "You sure he can do this better than you? "

It was Gold's turn to be smug. "Without question. He is on a completely different level." He gives her a provocative smile. "He might even be stronger than you."

"Hoo..." She replies, her grin widening. "Are you confident enough to put that to the test?"

"Any day." Gold replies confidently, his smile mirroring hers. It was nice to know that even in other worlds there were people that loved battling as much as him.

Gold. Deoxys starts. Gold turns to him. "Yes, I will link up with you. Just give me a moment." Deoxys nods and starts investigating his surrounding with interest.

"What was that about ~ze?" she asks curious.

"When we fight we bind our minds together. That allows me to see through his eyes, guide him, give him orders and such, it also means that any damaged inflicted on him I will feel as well."

"Why would you do that? ~ka"

"If I am going to let someone fight in my stead I should be ready to pay the price. Don't you agree?"

She laughs. "I like how you think, boy." Her smile looking dazzling in the twilight. "I think we will be getting along swimmingly." Her eyes gleam with excitement. "Want to bet somethin' on this fight? I don't mind if you don't, but always adds an edge if one has something to lose. ~da ze"

Gold opens his mouth. "Well..."

Okay, I will be posting the danmaku fight itself here this weekend. It is a huge fight so expect a lot of image and gif links. I also thoroughly advice actually checking the links as they come in the text, as they are context sensitive to the dialogue around it. ^^,

It is a doozie so look forward to it.  :D

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"...sure! But let's not bet our souls, something small we can live without would be the best."

"Fine by me."

Gold takes off his backpack and rummages through it while Marisa comes closer to see what he was doing. Hmm... I don't have much, but one of the Max Potions should do the trick. Out of the bag he lifts up the small square spray bottle.

"What's that ~ze?" She asks as she bends over to get a better look at the bottle in the boy's hand.

"This is a healing potion. During fights pok?mon can become severely injured and using this you can bring them back to full health."

Stars appear in her eyes. "Really?! So it instantly heals wounds? Does it leave scarring? Does it heal scarring? Does it regrow lost limbs? Does it work on people?!" she continues bombarding him with questions as she moves closer and closer to him.

Surprised by her enthusiasm gold takes a step back. He didn't mind having beautiful girls up in his face, but that hungry look on her was actually making him slightly nervous. "Woah, calm down, calm down! You are salivating on me!"

"Sorry" she apologizes in not-sorry-at-all kind of way.

"Ahem.... yes, it heals instantly. No, it doesn't leave scarring. It doesn't heal scarring. It can't heal lost limbs. And it does work on people... to a point." Gold explains. "The reason why it works so well on pok?mon is due to their unique connection to the elements. I don't know the specific, but somehow the content of the bottle resonates and restores... or reverts the pok?mon back to the point where they were unharmed." He glances at her cautiously. "What will you be offering against it?"

She strokes her chin thoughtfully. "Let me see..." A smile flashes across her face. "I know, if you win you can pick any item I have for sale back in my shop."

Somehow I feel like I got the short end of the stick. "Very well, lets have it that way."

"Great! Let's shake on it."

Well, I am in it for the battle so I win either way. Gold grins as he grabs her hand. "Yeah. Lets have a great fight!"

She smiles with delight as she floats off the ground. "I will be waiting for you in the air... I assume that guy can fly?"

"He sure can" He replies laughing as he turns to Deoxys. "Okay Deoxys, if we are going to do this we need to watch everything she does and find ways to counter her attacks. Lets observe the first round and try to strike her when we see an opening."

Deoxys nods. Yes, Gold.

Latios touches Gold's mind. Hmm? Let you out so you can protect my body while I am fighting with Deoxys? Chills run down his neck. You are right. We are in a dangerous world. We have no idea whether something dangerous might appear while we are occupied with the fight. Thank Arceus he had pointed that out.

He let Latios out of his ball. Gold watches with amusement as he stretches out his wings. "Sorry about that. I know you prefer the more refined type of balls but we were going up Mt. Silver..." Gold cringes at the name "And I wanted to make sure that I had the most resilient balls possible. I can't even think about what I would do if I lost you guys."

Latios nods warmly. Want me to change form so I stand less out? he asks.

"Yeah, it is probably for the best. You also have permission to let out the rest of the guys out if hostile creatures show up."

Latios nods just before his body is engulfed in soft light. In mere seconds an attractive young woman was standing where Latios had been.

"Is this sufficient, master?" He asks you with a feminine voice, his head tilting slightly as he asks.

Gold blushes slightly. He could never understand why Latios always transformed into a female. "Err... yes. That will do just fine. Just stay close to me and make sure nothing and no one attempts to eat me. K'?"

Sh- He nods and walks up to Gold. For some reason that made him even more uncomfortable.

"Hrrrmmm!" Gold clears his throat and turns to Deoxys "Deoxys!" He gestures to him. "Let's go!"

Very well

Gold experiences certain weightlessness as his mind is pulled out of his own body and into Deoxys. The experience was not exactly what he would describe as pleasant. Gold opens his eyes and feel Deoxys own thoughts race past. Paying them no mind he focuses on what Deoxys was seeing. Everything looked so much sharper through his eyes. It was kind of bizarre experience. Even some plants that appeared golden from Gold's own eyes looked slightly purple through his.


Yeah! Lets go! Gold senses Deoxys body rise off the ground. Feeling the cool breeze flow past his body as they rose. There were some clouds in the distance and... wait? Hadn't the sun been setting when he arrived in this world? How was it that she was starting to rise already? Mentally Gold shakes his head in disbelief. Hmm, maybe it wasn't setting when I arrived but rising. He nods (mentally) to himself. Yes, that must have been it.

"Heeey!" Gold hears a shout in the distance and spot Marisa waving cheerfully. "You in there?!"

Deoxys, please imitate her waving with your left appendages. Deoxys immediately responds. As of late the latency between Gold's orders and Deoxys reaction had been getting shorter. A proof of their constant training and fights together no doubt.

She spots Gold/Deoxys waving back and takes up a position. "Then take a position and we will start!"

Gold guides Deoxys to the same height as Marisa. They were roughly 500 meters above the ground now and the wind was a bit chillier there, but not to intolerable levels. He watches as she takes something out of her pouch, for a split moment it looked like the item itself was pulsing, gathering light from the surrounding into itself, gloving with soft green light. Before Gold got a clear look at the device she puts it back in her belt pouch.

"Okay! Ready or not, here I come!" She announces.
Music to listen to alongside the fight

Stars of every colour and shape burst out from her. Not from her hands but rather her whole body. Hundreds, if not thousands of stars scattering in every direction in a magnificent spiral formation. It was terrifying and a terrifying spectacle at the same time. Gold smiles to himself. So this is the real deal eh? He senses Deoxys tensing up. Even he was feeling excited.

Try to avoid getting hit. Until we know what the stars actual touch range is I think we should err on the side of caution. We will strike back when we have gotten used to their movements. He had to admit that trying to keep up with everything was a bit overwhelming... but he should manage. Thankfully the danmakus were moving quite slowly and should cause no real danger to to him or Deoxys.

Will do. Deoxys responds and starts flying towards the spiraling stars.

"Uhuhuhu! What do you think?" Gold hears her call from the other side. "Impressive isn't it?" He asks Deoxys to send her this thought 'Yeah, this lightshow is so beautiful... and slow moving enough that I could fall asleep' There! If she was even a tiny bit like himself, just those words should be enough. Especially with Deoxys flying with apparent ease between her danmakus.

"Is that so?" she shouts confidently. "I thought I should go easy on you guys since it's your first time, but as you said, it is obvious that there is no need for that ~ze."

The stars fade away. And he could see her floating there, no more than 50 meters away. Her eyes burning and a wide excited grin on her face. This is it. Gold felt ecstatic. This is what I want! Show me your best! He felt the adrenaline run through him and Deoxys. Everything, even the colours in the world became sharper. It is for moments like this that I fight!

"...meso... irah...." She was muttering something under her breath. He knew he should be using this chance to strike at her but he had the feeling it was a trap. And what little Gold knew about her supported this. The wind started picking up and gathering around her, complicated magical signs appearing around Marisa as she stared at you and Deoxys unblinking.

Then Gold felt it.

Uh oh, move back Deoxys! I have a bad feeling about this.

As Deoxys reacts to Gold's order Marisa lifts up a card. "Black Magic "Event Horizon!"" She shouts, the card in her hand burning up.

A whirpool of stars and spheres start blasting out of the magical circles, creating colorful tornadoes of light. Even from here you could feel them rip through the air. This wasn't an attack, this was an execution. They were approaching them at impossible speeds. They only had couple of heartbeats to react.

Gold smiles.

Deoxys! Use Cosmic Power, Calm Mind and Reflect!

A dark aura covers Deoxys body and for a single heartbeat, thousands of stars surrounded them. This should be enough for us to endure her attack.

All too late he notices the confident smirk on Marisa's face. Not good. Deoxys senses it as well and looks around. Clever

The magic circles around Marisa were just a fraction of the attack. Her intention had been to distract Gold enough to miss this. Well, she had certainly succeeded. The pulsing circles all around them had already pumped out their fair share of spheres and stars, creating a single globe of light around them, closing them in. Gold clicks his tongue. They were trapped. Stuck between Regirock and a Hard Stone.

This isn't good. Avoiding all of them would be nearly impossible. Gold scowls. He and Deoxys would just have to toughen it out long enough to find an escape then!

The wall of light was upon them. It was now or never. Dodge! Gold mentally shouts. If they got caught in the full brunt it would mean the end of this fight.

Deoxys reacts and shoots through small gaps between the stars. Gold feels a burning sensation as one of the stars strikes them. He felt a bit tired. So it works like that. He thinks bitterly. The danmakus wear out our spirit until you are unable to fight any more. Deoxys ignores the handful of stars striking his body as he inches further and further out towards freedom. Just a bit further...

"Like I am going to let you!" Marisa shouts. She lifts up her hand and points it in Deoxys direction. Hundreds of stars shoot out of her hand.

Gold curses. They only had split seconds. We have no choice anymore... Deoxys! True Substitution, Teleport!

Gold experiences it as part of Deoxys considerable life force parts way with him, creating a near perfect clone. The light of the sphere were just inches away from them, the danmakus creating a complete enclosure of light.

Then they were out. He and Deoxys didn't come out unscathed, but at least they were still standing. For a moment Gold senses it when the clone is utterly annihilated by the attack. Marisa turns around startled. "How-" she starts.

Our turn Deoxys! Gold thinks as Deoxys thunders towards Marisa. Marisa begins to lift her hands. As I would let you do that! Use Shock Wave!

The attack strikes her squarely in the chest, sending her flying backwards small streaks of electricity running through her body. If this had been the real deal she would have been dead. Instead she only looked slightly disoriented.

It was only matter of seconds before she would recover. Gold wasn't about to allow that "Aerial Ace!" he shouts mentally. With a mighty roar that only Gold could hear, Deoxys shoots towards Marisa again.

For a split second Gold sees Marisa's surprised face before deoxys sends her flying away again, then again... and again. It was a barrage of blows, each containing a bit of psychic energy. Deoxys wasn't going to let her recover, and neither was gold.

"Kuh! She coughs as she wipes her mouth. "Pretty go-" Deoxys. Full Swipe! Using an attack Gold and Deoxys had created a while back, Deoxys extends his feelers and swings them around like whips, veering them towards Marisa at alarming speed.

"Don't... underestimate me ~ze!" Marisa shouts and breaks away from Deoxys onslaught. Even with him following her he only manages to land couple of glancing hits before she gets out of his range.

We need to do something quickly before she manages to increase the distance more. Deoxys voice echoes in Gold's mind. Use Gravity

He grins, through their connection Gold could feel various emotions course through Deoxys. Many, if not most he could not fully comprehend, but there was one that stood out among the rest right now. The desire to win. We will put her on the ground where her movements are confined then. Deoxys responds by nodding ever so slightly.

Lets do this! Deoxys. Use Gravity. For a moment nothing appears to happen, but then its effect becomes obvious. Like a rock Marisa starts crashing down towards the earth. Gold could sense the strain in Deoxys body. Whatever power held her up in the air was strong enough for him to have to exert himself by quite a lot.

"Grrrrhm!" She grinds her teeth as she fights to keep herself from crashing. Just before she hits the ground Deoxys lightens the load, causing her to tumble around in the grass.

Gold winces a bit as he watches her roll. Did they go too far? They had only been striking her with danmaku type attacks so far and that tumble looked like it hurt.

She comes to a stop, dust scattering in every direction, but she was still standing.... and relatively unharmed.

Want to give up now? Gold sends the message to her mentally. I promise I will stop if you do. She hides her expressions behind her ridiculously large hat for a moment. Gold is about to say something more when she looks up wearing a huge radiant smile.

"You kiddin'? I haven't had this much fun for ages!" She puts her hands on her hips confidently. "Just this isn't going to slow me down in the least ~ze."

"Good to know. Then we wo-"

"My turn!" She interrupts, waves of rainbow stars shooting out from her, ten times bigger than before. She extends her left hand to the side. Between her fingers was a card, a Spell Card.

Damn! We need to act quickly before she can cast it. Deoxys rushes down towards where Marisa was standing, dodging the stars while at it... Or that would have been the plan if one of them hadn't suddenly changed its course and struck them. Augh! Gold felt that hit. Even if it did no physical damage to him it certainly packed a punch... Then you notice that the left appendages on Deoxys had been blasted away from by the attack. How are you Deoxys? Gold asks worriedly.

Minimal Damage he responds as his 'arm' regrows back to its original shape.

"...uson..." She raises her voice dramatically. "Light Sign "Earth Light Ray!""

The ground cracks. Blue pillars of blue light rising up, cutting through the air, splitting trees and clouds alike. Most heading straight in Deoxys and Gold's direction.


On the last second Deoxys form disappears and reforms a short distance away. There was no time to relax, the next wave of these energy streaks were blasting towards them. For a moment Gold loses hold of himself and starts laughing.

This was great! This was perfect! Oh, it had been so long. So long since he fought this seriously. Red may have been challenging, but this was something else. This was more like Gold's encounters with Team Rocket and the weirdo terrorists in Hoenn region. Fighting dozen of trainers at the same time was one of the most thrilling thing that he had ever done. Saving the day in the process had just been a bonus.


Understanding that his trainer was unable to act at the moment, Deoxys takes it upon himself to work on a strategy. He was happy that his trainer was enjoying himself, but this was not the right time to lose focus. Gracefully he avoids the beams heading towards him, threatening to cut him up. They were bothersome. It was difficult to avoid them when you could not see their source and had to avoid these star... danmakus both at the same time. This was a dangerous game. But somehow he felt it was.... worthwhile? It was a feeling he was largely unfamiliar with. With the only occasions of it popping up when he was training with Gold... It was new, it was fascinating... it was interesting experience.

Deoxys shifts again, calculating roughly where the beams were about to appear next. This time the they missed them by good 2 meters. He was about to inch in closer when Gold suddenly shouts something alarming to him.


Cold sweat runs down Gold's body (figuratively). Whatever she was planning, it didn't bode well. She hardly expected that these beams would be enough once they got used to them. Of that he was certain. Her goal had to be something else. A way to overturn the situation to her favour...

His stomach drops. Something big was coming. He quickly warns Deoxys and orders him to move as fast and far away from Marisa as he could. Hopefully you weren't too late...


She grins. This felt nostalgic. It reminded her of the time Remilia and crew appeared in Gensokyo. To fight and meet new foes as great, or greater than yourself was the best feeling imaginable. That was all the reason she needed to fight. That was why she always came back, stronger than before.

She adjusts her stance. She had to stay focused. She didn't want to miss her chance. She bites her lip. Even now she wasn't sure this would work. They appeared to have something of a sixth sense. She shakes her head. No... this was experience. They had experience and it showed. It all came down to correctly guessing the opponents next step and finding a way to avoid or counter them. That was all that it was.

She lifts up her hand, the Mini-Hakkero resting perfectly in her palm.

Now she only had to activate the Spell Card. She looks up at Deoxys and Gold. Had they already seen through her plan? She smiles bitterly. Probably. But it was too late to do anything now. With practiced movement she lifts up the Spell Card and shouts...


Gold sees her raise her arm. Everything slows down. The stars forming around her start to spiral around the item resting in her hand faster and faster.

Damn! This isn't good. Deoxys was already moving away as fast as he could. They weren't going to get out of this one if they didn't think fast.


The Spell Card burns as her shout echoes through the forest. "Magicannon "Final Master Spark!""

The colossal energy gathered in the charged Mini-Hakkero is released. With thunderous roar the energy blasts out of the Hakkero, its beam so wide that trees meters away burn to crisp, the force great enough that it generates tornado of wind, blowing everything in the vicinity away. The continuous stream of energy shoots forwards faster than the eye can see. She watches with no small amount of glee as Gold and Deoxys get engulfed in the stream.

This is my victory.

A wicked grin spreads across her face. "Lets see how you deal with that ~ze!"


Gold roars in pain. The energy was hammering on his very being. Gold could feel how it was draining out all his strength. Deoxys was in no better state. He had to do something quick or they would lose this fight. Gold's mind goes into overdrive. There had to be something... Ah!

An idea flashes through his mind. Yes! That should do it!

Deoxys. Magic Coat asap! Gather as much of the reflected energy as you can to amplify your Hyper Beam!

Immediately the energy bashing on them subsides and Gold observes with fascination as it rebounds off them and back towards its original source. They had been very lucky that this had worked. He watches as Deoxys focuses as much of the rebounding energy into his own attack. Gold could feel Deoxys's core heat up as he uses it to power up the Hyper Beam. The sphere turns darker and darker until its appearance is that of a dark void, pulsing with boundless energy within.



Marisa stares with disbelief as the Master Spark is halted by a beam of pure black energy. These two destructive forces clash for a moment, neither giving way... then the black beam gains momentum, inching ever closer towards Her. She expels more magical energy into the Hakkuro but it was too late. Cursing she cuts the hakkuro off and dodges as fast as she could into the air. Only a moment later the beam strikes the ground where she had stood. Earth, grass, stones, everything the ray touches is annihilated. Once it finally stops there is a 10 meter deep hole where she had stood.

That was close. I don't think I would have survived that blast. And she truly felt that. That hadn't been just spiritual energy, that had been true, deadly force. Had she remained there she would have burned up. A fitting end for a witch, but not something she was especially keen of experiencing any time soon.

"Oi!" She shouts towards Deoxys with Gold ins- bah thinking it like that just complicating things. She would just think of it as Gold while the he was in there.

"You tryin' to get me killed?" She points down towards the 3 meter wide, 10 meter deep hole in the ground. "That was not just spiritual energy!"

"Ah! Sorry!" She could hear him mentally reply. "I asked Deoxys to add some of your attack into his own and the result were...well, that."

She chuckles. "Well I ain't dead so no harm done." She waves her hand dismissively. "However, what about you? Willing to give up and admit defeat?"

She could almost see an ghostly image behind Deoxys of Gold twitching at those words. After a short pause he replied.

"Sorry, but at my world, you don't give up until you black out. So no, I will not be giving up. I will, however make the same offer to you. As you saw we had a counter to that attack of yours. Seeing as it is probably your strongest attack, how about you give up?"

Nonchalantly she lifts up two spell cards "Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun!"". 4 multicolored globes start to orbit her. "Now, in this mode, these little guys..." She waves her hand in the general direction of the globes "...would be firing miniature versions of the Master Spark. But if I use the ritual again..." she smiles in a roguish manner. "Guess what happens ~ze."


"...uh oh"

She laughs. "Indeed!" Her eyes burning with excitement. "Prepare yourself!"


A good distance away...

"What's going on?"  the purple-ish haired rabbit girl wonders aloud, her ears twitching slightly.

"Probs Marisa riled someone up." Replies the shorter of the girls, her short, black wavy hair a sharp contrast to her white ears "Maybe Reimu?" She suggests with an impish smile.

"Maybe..." the taller girl replies doubtful. Her training back in the Lunar Capital had enhanced her eyesight considerably. She was sure. That wasn't Reimu...

"Whoever it is, Marisa is winning ~usa." The short rabbit girl states confidently and puts her hands behind her head. "Haaah, I wish we were closer. From here they are just dots." she complains as she puffs her cheeks in annoyance, one of her ear slouching down.

"Lets not." The other one replies immediately. She had a bad feeling about this. That previous explosion indicated that not only danmakus were being used in this fight.

"Boooo..." The short haired girl pouts. She looks up at the fight then back at the tall girl and a mischievous smile flashes across her face. "Ahhh! A giant ogre is approaching!" She suddenly screams and points towards the forest behind them.

Her training instantly kicking in the purple-ish haired girl goes into a fighting stance and faces the forest. "Where!? Where is he approaching from Tewi!?" The lack of response alarms her. "...Tewi?" Turning around she just about spots the black hair at the bottom of the hill.

"Bwahaha! How stupid can you be to fall for such an old trick?" She shouts as she keeps running at a surprising speed for someone of her size. "See ya! Gonna check out who Marisa is fighting...!"  Her voice fades away as she disappears behind the next hill.

The white haired girl rubs her temple tiredly. "Great... I am going to get scolded again..." She sighs and starts chasing after the other girl...


"You are insane!" Gold mentally shouts, barely holding back his gleeful laughter.

"Well, you said you wanted challenge!" She replies cheerfully. "I am surprised that you are still capable of dodging my attacks."

"I have experienced your attacks, I prefer to avoid getting hit by them again."

She laughs. "Well, good luck with that!" She nimbly stands up on her broom and takes out another Spell Card (how many does she have of those!?!) "Love Sign "Non-Directional Laser!""

Lasers, lasers everywhere! They just about manage to dodge them as some of them pass uncomfortably close them. Gold felt slightly annoyed. This was unfair! She was cheating. Too OP. Someone ban her!

"If you can't predict from where or what direction they are coming from, how will you dodge them?" She remarks with a mocking smile.

"Oh for the love of-. You are going to regret this!" Even as tired as he and Deoxys were, Gold was still burning with fighting spirit. Deoxys, your current state?

Bearable, continuous fight not recommended.

Huh, so he was exhausted. Better e- wooooahh! Deoxys only just avoids another master spark blast from Marisa. You look at her and she gives you mischievous wink.

That's it! I'ain't gonna have'er play around with me like this. Time to turn the tables! Gold focuses his mind completely on every movement she makes and on spotting every laser as it forms. Then he closes his eyes.

Deoxys... Gold could sense his core. Deoxys very being. His soul. He approaches it and softly touch it. It is pulsing, warm to the touch, yet so cold. He focuses on putting some of his own strength into it. He feels its pulse increase, the soft purple light increasing in intensity until it is nearly blinding. It is time. Gold retreats from Deoxys's depths and back to the surface.

Deoxys, Create Clones! As many as you are capable of!


Affirmative. He did not ask what his master had done nor why he felt this sudden surge of energy. Whatever his master had done had to be Right so the correct thing to do would be to go all out.

He opens up his arms...


She blinks, why were there suddenly 2 Deoxys? Wait, now there were 5, 16, 30....

Uh oh.

Those weren't illusions. She would know. Those were all... him?

She was surrounded. Hundred Deoxys on every side, blocking all means of escape. Her expression turns grim. Well, I ain't going to give up. That is not my way!

She takes out her last three Spell Cards. It was now or never!


Ohhh, no you aren't going to get away with that. Gold orders the Deoxys clones to charge into her at full speed.

Deoxys! Giga Impact!

Like a single entity the Deoxys clones launch their attacks. Their fists completely encased in a dark, pulsing energy. Marisa appears to be about to shout something, probably to activate her Spell Cards. Sadly she was just a second too slow.

Each punch strikes her with the power equivalent of a small meteor. Each punch throwing her around like a ragdoll. Gold is once again thankful that these were not physical attacks. Otherwise she would be dead.

"Kafffh! Achh! Ughhh!" Even though the punches weren't physical they were strong enough to punch the air out of her and leave her disoriented. Gold feels a pang of guilt watching this but quickly shakes the feeling off. He hadn't become a Pok?mon Champion by being soft. He became one by seeing things through to the end. She wasn't really getting physically hurt anyways.

Gold forces himself to focus. Time for the next step of the plan. If it failed then it would be her victory.

Deoxys. prepare for Psychic Storm.

They cease their attacks as one and start circling Marisa, increasing their speed to the point that they appear to be nothing more than blurs.

"Whuh... wah...?" Marisa's eyes flutter open but the lights within remain dim. She was obviously still a bit out of it. Not that you were going to give her time to get back up.

Activate Psychich Storm!

With that single order, everything changed. The ground below is ripped up from its place and nearby trees are thrown miles into the air. Such was the ferocity of the storm. And at its center was Marisa. Even if she wanted to, there was no escape. The storm continued the barrage and Gold watches as her strength is draining out of her.

A small smile spreads across his face. This had been a great fight of epic proportions. If he had been just a tiny bit slower it would have been their loss, not hers. At the back of his head Gold feels the links between Deoxys and the clones flicker. It was time for them to put an end to this.

Clones. Initiate Storm's End.

With a blinding flash, each and every clone explodes. Their destruction generating a chain reaction that causes the energy gathered in the center to go off with a magnificent bang that could be only be described as a 'Terrifying work of art'.

It is my win. Gold thinks cheerfully as he spots Marisa lying unconscious on her broom, softly gliding through the air. Ah. He had maaayybe gone a bit too far with that finisher, but only maybe.

Welp, best we get her down to the ground before we run out of fumes ourselves. Albeit their attacks hadn't truly been dangerous, that 20 meter drop probably was.

Suddenly Gold hears a scream coming from somewhere. It was at the place where his body was! He glances back at Marisa. Her unconscious body was slowly beginning to slide off the broom. If he didn't do something quickly she would be in danger.

Thank god there hasn't been another Danmaku fight yet. It is a huge work that requires days of research (both pok?mon lore/move wise and Touhou lore/move/personality wise). But yeah, this is my pride and joy.

In the Quest the players got to roll for Gold and Gold nearly failed if not for awfully bad luck on Marisa's side of the rolls. ^^,

Either way, any feedback, or just "hey, I thought this fight scene/danmaku was pretty well done!" is hugely appreciated.  :D