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Real-life Advancements In Negligence
« on: November 23, 2017, 09:04:40 AM »
(I'm very uncertain on where to put this thread, so I put it here.  If I'm in the wrong area, please do tell and I'll move it!  Thank you!  :ohdear:)

Hello!  I'm currently making a small collection of characters and scenarios.

Not a lot of progress has been done on it so far, but I'm working on it bit by bit!

The topics it'll focus on are:

  • The Outside World
  • Over Reliance on Modern Technology (or Rather, advancements)
  • Rain and Storms
  • The Occasional Urban Legend (To tie it with ULiL a bit)
  • Industry
  • Modern War
  • Modern Faith
  • Present-day Society

I hope for most of the events to take place in the outside world, and during winter or right before spring.

Here's the link to the main document.

and here's a link to the Stage 1 Character.

I plan to order the characters and scenarios as if it was like a game (Hence the reason I was unsure on where to put this thread), and I'm hoping to get drawings and their profiles filled out all the way.

A lot of things are subject to change, but I hope to make the most of this!

Any opinions are appreciated!
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