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Brothers' Grimm - Dystopian Fantasy Shorts
« on: January 29, 2017, 08:47:29 PM »
I'll just start off by saying that this thread is for mature audiences only (18+) and is not for the faint of heart, or if you don't want to see your waifu get harmed in any way, shape, or form.
This thread will include a lot of dark undertones, meanings, and implications (that does not include any NSFW content)


I'm just starting to upload some of my writings ever since I've been bored at the hospital with almost nothing better to do, (along with the fact that this is my first upload) so I just thought 'Hey, why don't I write some dark fanfics?' Well, I mean that the atmosphere and mood inside the place I was at was pretty depressing and dark to begin with;
and lo and behold with the dark atmosphere of the wards, I've come up with ... something. Keep in mind that this is just an experiment of sorts, and I will continue to upload shorts as a start before I can make a full-fledged fanfic. Also that these were originally ideas and just excerpts before they're anything else. Constructive criticism is welcome. Anyways, enjoy!


She was alone. There was nobody left in her world left to fight, as she decimated the last of the Youkai Rebellion that formed an alliance to try and bring balance back to the land once loved by her. She became extremely power hungry over time, copying abilities and finally draining the life-force from their leader holding the leader up by the throat in front of her comrades and her two Shikigami, and claiming that ability as hers. Once the deed was done, nobody could withstand her relentless wrath as all knelt before her or died a martyr. Now there is always an overcast over the land that the black-hearted dreamer now ruled with an iron fist. She became known as "The Dark One". The trees became barren, as all the greenery was gone. There were no more seasons as The Dark One also dictated the weather, as relentless droughts plagued the land when it wasn't an overcast, the human village, now a ghost town; and as the dimensional shift in power all went to her, The Dark One, she tried time and time again to find a challenge worthy of her notice. Anybody that came to her 'shrine' seeking any sort of reprieve was usually denied, and nobody that was powerless dared look her in the eye, as she took that as an act of defiance. This went on for years. Until... she was finally alone.
Then, on a moonless night. She had a dream, of a world identical to hers called Gensokyo. Much more powerful youkai, spirits, gods, oni, and even humans resided there, protected by an extremely potent border. When she woke up, she was presented with a challenge to her by the Dragon God... If she can make it past the border...
Rumors turned into murmurs, as whispers in the wind finally caught Reimu's attention that a dark version of herself wandered the village at night on a full moon committing acts that were illegal in all of Gensokyo. No wonder there were more challengers. Some youkai even stopped coming to the shrine entirely and had taken full hostility to Reimu. But Reimu knows well enough to never break the rules set by herself and her mother from before, along with select few powerful youkai. Reimu started losing important allies to her shrine. Marisa was still her friend, and once they were against everyone in this conspiracy, they couldn't trust anyone anymore. Reimu was public enemy number 1. The two of them tried to get to the bottom of these strange incidents, but to no avail. All of their investigations either ended in defeat or came up fruitless that brought more questions than answers. Marisa and Reimu couldn't even get close to the heavily guarded human village because of all the fear and rumors that spread like a wildfire.
Immense battles took place in the village on a full moon against shadows and darkness, that would relentlessly and viciously attack anyone and everyone in sight. Bird-eyed youkai would see the main shade of black. A silhouette of what looked like Reimu. The defenders would always hold fast against this foe, nearly fighting for their lives. Every full moon, and the shadow would come back stronger than before and with better counters and tactics. The Tengu had to step in the last time; they had the last straw as they decided to keep Reimu under lock and key. Reimu turned herself in peacefully. Until the night of the full moon arrived, when most of the youkai thought the problem was solved. All but three youkai decided to defend the village by themselves. And once the dawn came, the collateral damage was so great, that everyone was shocked to hear the exact same report.
A Shadow version of Reimu was attacking the village again. Despite the fact the real Reimu was locked up. Evacuations were underway as everyone in Gensokyo were on full alert of a volatile infiltrator of a shadow dopple ganger.
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Brothers' Grimm - Dystopian Fantasy Shorts
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2017, 10:20:03 PM »
 :] Hey, people I'm back with a Halloween special edition. The disclaimer still stands and is in effect.

The Final Doll

Alice Margatroid poured her love and affection into the doll experiment known as:


She made the doll with the help of the other shanghai and hourai dolls. But she did most of the work on handcrafting the beautifully, uniquely, detailed doll. Alice did her usual thing giving the doll certain magic powders in order for it to do her bidding, but this time she changed up the recipe. Exchanging a few things going completely out of her way, and comfort zone, in order to create her dream doll. The last ingredient that Alice used was a soul of the lost dead. That can be found everywhere at this time of year. When she was finished, Alice stared into the eyes of the finely crafted doll seated before her; as she gave it a command, "Speak,"


She rejoiced as she finally attained her life goal which was to create a sentient doll. Little did she know, that would be the last doll she would ever make. Even though the soul power of the doll was weak, she could feel the energy ebb and flow between the two of them. Through further experimentation, Alice pitted the Paradox doll in combat in order for training for danmakufu battles. She started easy on the doll with only one shanghai doll versus the Paradox doll. The Paradox doll decimated the shanghai doll with no effort. She upped the ante with two hourai dolls this time, and ended up with the same result. She kept throwing more dolls at it, until Alice had to use her last resort: The Final Goliath Doll. They fought for a solid 2 hours until the Paradox doll nearly figured out that dolls were being controlled by Alice herself. So she stopped the fight short.

"Take a break," Alice said aloud. And without a word both the Final Goliath Doll and Paradox went into her house.
Alice went to the Scarlet Devil Mansion to tell Patchouli about her success and was given a warning:
"If I remember correctly, I read somewhere... that if you torture another creature be it a lion or a simple dog. It may turn on you..."
Alice was confused after hearing this. Arguing that it was training and even gave the Paradox doll a simple explanation of how the training will work. Although, when Alice returned to her house, there was something amiss. There was a lack of dolls flying around her house and under her present control. When she went inside her own house, Alice was horrified to see most of her shanghai and hourai dolls' mutilated and scattered about. She saw sitting on the counter Paradox and a knife. After the initial shock of the whole scene subsided within Alice, she ordered a time out for Paradox.

After that incident she kept a close eye on Paradox, and tried to do some reparations to her own house, along with the upkeep of her dolls. Paradox was not to leave the house until further notice and was not allowed any weapons of any sort, or any fighting of any kind. Shortly afterwards she heard a whisper from the doll that sent chills up her spine:


When repairs to her house were done, it was late and around midnight. Alice paced around her house anxious and unable to sleep. Every time that she passed Paradox, its' eyes and head would always follow and inspect her every movement, tilted at an angle in a curious way. When Alice made her next pass around Paradox something caught her eye that was not in the original plans for the design of Paradox. There, was a tear across the face of Paradox as if it were a toothy white grin, still at an angle. Alice froze at the sight of this, as the candles and oil lamps went out without warning. Alice backed herself into a corner terrified as the moonlight through the window still showed the evil grin. She blinked choking on a scream, and suddenly, Paradox was in a crawling position head twisted upside-down on the floor closer. Alice blinked again and felt a killing intention from the doll still in the same position except closer. Alice tried kicking the doll, but, the doll caught her kick as it started to climb up her leg and bite into her. Alice screamed... as she woke up.

There right in front of her was Paradox, with a smile stitched across its' face.
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