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["informative" Video] "The instruments that ZUN uses"
« on: November 29, 2016, 01:39:14 AM »
I didn't wanted to post it here because of personal reasons... I don't want moar ban alerts and this is risky nooo
Many people here knows what's coming with a title like that, and the basic knowledges are like general culture in this forum thanks to guys like Romantique Tp and DX7_EP, but there's still a part of the Touhou community that still does know about this and still uses this so-called "Touhou Soundfont" when we know that's not "touhou" sounding. This part of the community is the outside of this forum (main reason I didn't wanted to publish it here) and seeing people selling songs with this THFont like Toby Fox is making that group even stronger. Even japanese beginner composers use it (but not for the same reasons the western "remixers" are)

There's videos about it but in japanese and in niconico, and many of them doesn't want to make an account (or can't understand anything but hey, it shows instruments!) so I had an idea in my mind: Why not do your own version of the video in english and spam it into the "remixers"' faces?

And this is how I started making a video series about the instruments that ZUN uses in his music.

At first, I don't have any of the SDs so I had to beg many people to render it, I only owned some stuff it could help in some specific renders but not more than that, I did even beg Misaki Rindou and Mana Kazami (actual owners of an SD-90) to render me 2 of the planned 4 Special instruments of this video.

Note that there's a lot of flaws in the video, and by flaws I don't mean SD20s used, but some information errors or bad instrument desciptions. Please be kind with me and give constructive reviews and things like that.

I want to make more episodes for this series but I think this will only reach episode 3 because none of my friends own either Groove Agent 4, Halion Sonic 2 or The Grand 3 to give them an entire episode, and I can't buy an Elicenser until I get a job in some years...

I'm also working in a page similar to this japanese wiki but with better graphics and information, for the moment it's a free wix page and I didn't finished it (I'm working on it).
And that's all for now, see you later! (if we see again ^-^u).
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Re: ["informative" Video] "The instruments that ZUN uses"
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Thanks, anyone knows a website that list the sd 90 instruments used by zun?