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Did you redo the stage this often or did she just refuse to die?

She refused to die. During the 'final spellcard' countdown. I just kept one shotting her and gained a truckload of exp and she revived with only 5k.10 HP each time. Also the countdown or however its supposed to work wouldn't happen... if that makes any sense.

I basically just kept killing
until he MAP attack card wiped everyone but the ship out. Then it counted down like normal.


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Her last Spellcard works pretty much like Yukari's in that it advances one phase per turn but also does so at certain damage thresholds.
And that sounds awfully like what happened to me with those small enemies.

Also something about Remilia and her never ending animation about which I posted a video earlier: It seems that animation is really bugged in 1.04
and she will never reach her target, stuck in endless flight if she performs that move as a support-attack.
So skip it. Which is unfortunate, because it looks really good.

This attack's name sounds like a soda's name

I find it to be a very nice deatail that
the Scarlet Sister's receive a 2 rank penalty on their Terrain Affinities on Stage 54. They get to E rank in water, wow. You can remedy it with Rumia's Nightstalker though. Then they get the boni from Night like normal.
But I find it even more interesting that Kurumi does not receive those penalties. Maybe she's actually some kind of advanced Vampire, way above Replica and Pudding and has just been playing around the entire time. Just like Rumia. Rumia is definitely plotting something. Just look at her devious smile whenever she dodges!

-Updated the Item-list. Wanted to update the character chart but Imgur is having issues and refuses to accept the file. It is getting rather large, I suppose.
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Wonder what they were thinking with Yuyu's ability. with so many mooks dying, she can basically be on Sense mode 24/7.


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Or Heal heavily scales off of the Skill-stat or something
The formula isn't 500+(60*level)? I guess they changed it.

I can't play these games. Despite being the biggest SRW nerd on the entire forum, I just can't deal with the bullshit the game throws at you. It's the danmaku mechanic, it's the stupid upgrade cap that you need to spend WP to remove, it's the obscene power discrepancy between player and enemy, it's the slow speed, it's's not for me. You guys can play it and have fun with it, but I'll stick to actual SRW.
I need an option, a reason, and some hope.


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Heal most likely still just scales off of level and it was just Eirin's special ability that made it heal so much.

Spending WP on a character doesn't remove the restrictions on the amount of level-ups they can get via points but instead acts as if you had given them 1 level in each category per Waifu-level. The maximum level of 5 gets lifted somewhere in Ei, making the highest possible level in that game 17 together with the W-level 7.

And I guess being so much into the original SWR games could be what makes you unable to play this since it sticks to many of the mechanics but heavily changes many other things.
To each their own.

Wonder what they were thinking with Yuyu's ability. with so many mooks dying, she can basically be on Sense mode 24/7.

It also gives your entire party full Power by turn 2 or 3. As a tradeoff that ability does nothing against most bosses.

What the hell is Stage54. It's awesome, but... what the hell that ending. I guess it clears up somehow later on.
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perhaps i'm blind, but are you, or are you going to have someone turn all this into into a actual patch? or atleast a eng copy to download? or is it just a moonspeak image adventure translation?

not that i mind to much, i've done moonspeak image adventures with games before (tales of destiny directors cut comes to mind, along with innocence R )

but being in game gives alot more immersion, tho i love reading forums and gameplay talk on here so whatever
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Making an actual patch for these games is nigh impossible due to the nature of how they are built.
The first game gave the translators huge troubles and it only got worse with the second one.
This problem leads to nobody even wanting to translate it since it would most likely never even get implemented. There used to be a small group here on the forums that wanted to try and do it for You but sadly nothing came out of it.
I mentioned this in the opening post as well.
Also I'm no programmer. :V But if someone wants to try they can go ahead and use what is posted here.

Stage55 made me really afraid at first sight, especially since she starts going after you at turn 3 or 4 but after figuring out the way she acts it was actually quite fun. And the first time I seriously used the Field-marker tool. :V
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Yeah, it's a huge shame we wont get to experience You and Eternal's story in english. The strongest point in GST is the story and how close to canon and intertwined they make all the plot arcs. Any game that tries its damnedest to ignore fanon gets huge points in my book.

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Yeah, this topic has been just for gameplay translations, since an english translation won't occur without the programming on this game being hacked into. A shame too, because I *really* want to be able to clearly understand the story, not just have the general gist.


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Since I finished I just finished the game I must say that while it is really good and surpasses You in the same way You surpasses Kou there's one thing this game did which I absolutely hated:
After giving me Yuuka into my party she leaves at one point, which is fine, really, but then the game leaves me there without me knowing when or even if she is going to rejoin my party.
After every mission (even if she didn't appear in dialogue) I checked the roster to see if she was there. It was the  worst feeling.
She made only one appearance in You but not having her join my party in the first place didn't give me that uncertainty about her returning or not.
In the penultimate stage
when Shiro fires that laser from offscreen I had hope for a split second.
Gah, this really made me sad.

I won't do a run with Reimu too soon (especially considering how I'd have Yuuka for an even shorter time. It's already putting me off they better have her return in the next installment but she will since she's important.) but her WP-boni have all been posted already anyway and that Reimu-route-only item is pseudo-integrated into the item-list already.

I'll update items and skills one last time for now, since Yukari learned yet another thing during the final stage.

One other thing though:

Not sure where and when I got the first item pictured, but it had to be around the time the IN plot got resolved. (I remember having it on the moon)

Who drops that second item, the red crystal? I don't have that.
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What the hell is Stage54. It's awesome, but... what the hell that ending. I guess it clears up somehow later on.

Only read this spoiler if you have beaten both Stage 54 and 55.

Shiro has to ruin everything doesn't it? However we would have gotten a dull final boss fight without it since her first 4 cards were rather lack luster. I was like where the hell is my Hell's Tokamak and Subterranean Sun. But when stage 55 came around i was like aww yesssssssss. They both appeared and even Peta flare, which you know i guess works since mega and giga were both in the first fight. People on my stream were telling me OMG it needs to end with Koishi. I just told them that'd be a horrible decision because really there isn't a battle with this much on the line in canon as the Utsuho battle and boy did it end amazingly. It was cool how they managed to consolidate the final fight into 2 chapters, because lets be real a boss with 9 cards in one chapter would be a bit ridiculous.

Also on Yuuka, i had a feeling she or Mima wasn't coming back because during the intermission a few members left and i noticed i had Yuuka's sunflower and the item i equipped Mima with so i just assumed they were gone for the rest of the game. (I had declined to remove equipment on not active party members.)


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Nothing beats the last stage of this game in terms of atmosphere, that much is true. In a way this series is like Gurren Lagann with how it just goes more and more over the top each time.
But I guess that's the soul of SRW after all.

The fight was also really intense in terms of mechanics. I mean, she had 3 Map spells, one of which she had access to the entire time. I could play around that one since she only uses it if 4 or more people can be hit with it. But at her powered-up Yatagarasu Dive (more like Yatagarasu Pilvedriver) she was again able to move through people so I had to decide if I want to either take a hit from Hell's Tokamak (which I went with in the end but it only cost me Parsee, thanks to Nue's nice Seishin) or have her run around and mess up my formation since even bombing only prevents her from moving on 1 of her 3 or so actions. And, just like the rest of the games, the music also did its part. I wasn't sure if they were going to end if with Koishi but I agree that it would inevitably have ended on a lesser note like that.

It's also amazing how Alice manages it to be the one with the most kills at the end of every game. Yuuka managed to catch up to her in the short time she was with me, Elly is only 8 behind.
I don't even get it. It's not like I'm putting her into the enemy army and have her slaughter everything. She just sneakily gets those.

The thing with Yuuka's Sunflower: I don't remember if I had the people who left leave their equipment with me or not. I just didn't want it to be true that she's gone.
I had Elly hold onto it for the remainder of the game...
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I just bombed twice for Hell's Tokamak to survive that first turn with all of my troops then lowered her hp to zero on the second. Also for Subterranean Sun i was like well its the last card, i'll let someone die to see how much damage it does. And HOLY CRAP it did so much damage.

And regarding Yuuka/mima again: I think they'll probably reappear as bosses again next game, the game has strongly been alluding to a
battle. I have a feeling that
will appear on the same map as
Byakuren due to the fact that she has one of her cards which isn't a coincidence in my opinion.


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I have a feeling as well that that new "mystery person in the shadows" would probably be her, since the next game will most likely definitely wrap up the UFO plot and she's also connected to the two.
And we never had a proper fight against Yuuka. (We're all just to low for her to be considered a challenge. :V) I'd like a fight against her. LLS Style.
But if they appear as bosses during the UFO arc then that better comes first so that they can come back as soon as possible. :P

And I didn't have the proper people in the right positions at that time to bomb that card in a benefitial way. I bombed the one that makes her ignore Grit & Alert so that I could properly damage her without suiciding and something else I bombed as well. Don't remember. But it already made me worry so much when I saw that 5 of the mooks on that stage carried bombs...
But I must say that the fight against a certain someone who has been the topic of many discussions on this thread was more bullshit than the final battle but the final battle was in a way harder, since it heavily restricted my positioning due to the fact that she would just blow up the entire battlefield should I do that wrong.
In the end I guess I played both down like any other fight. I even managed to save enough SP to double Experience and Money for all phases both times. Was quite a strain on me nonetheless. Was really afraid at the start of the final stage just seeing her abilities and attacks. (It's also really great that I saved up all of my 10 Daunts for her last phase only to have that happen. Still helped, since it ensured me being able to finish the second-to-last Spellcard and the last in one go.

I just want my Yuuka. That's not such an impossible thing to ask for, is it? But I'm already happy about having the rest of the Mugenkan crew in my team.
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Well when the real fight against Yuuka happens she'll probably have 2 cards so she won't be too high up on the enemy list. If i were to venture a guess i would say it would happen after the first major arc. For the UFO arc we're probably looking at a kogasa fight, maybe 2 more nue fights (assuming the ship stays your ally). This opens up the developers for another major arc like TD or DDC. All i know is the last game is guaranteed to have UFO and PoFV, so it would be great if we can get the events of SWR or one of the other 2. Also did you get horrible lag during
Hell's Tokamak

Maybe you'll get a super buffed up yuuka in the final game as reward for being so patient :c


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Yeah, that card lagged always between the animations of the Map-attack activation and her giving her line consisting of nothing but dots.

They started in Kou with EoSD, had PCB in You and IN in Ei so if they go with that pattern the next game will have PoFV.
They also absolutely have to include SWR just to have Iku perform a Giga Drill Breaker. That's mandatory.
Also about the length of the game: Kou had 15 Stages, You 19 and Ei 21 so I guess the next will be even longer and that gives them quite some room.

And I don't even want a super buffed up Yuuka considering that she was practically not killable by anything that wasn't a boss. :V Even if she'd be really bad and borderline unusable I'd still take her with me.
She was hella strong now with her Mirror Images, Pattern Type, Parry, Block and on top of that having the Luck skill to amplify it. I could just have her walk into enemy armies and they not only had to not have Yuuka trigger Pattern Type and oneshot them but also get through Parry and Bunshin to try and damage her and then they wouldn't even hit hard if they even got through her Shield Block.
But if she becomes a boss and then joins you she'll definitely have more attacks at her disposal, even though she doesn't really need anything beyond what she already had.
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I think that when Yuuka is defeated she'll drop master spark for good because of what she said in the first game. So we'd be getting her spell cards instead of master spark.


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Well, she's best at 2 distance in Ei because of her Spark having 2 min. range and Flower Shooting. It's also actually somewhat different to Marisa's Final Spark in having less base damage but being practically spammable and more flexible (and firing it from 2 distance with Yuuka's stats makes it more damaging in the end anyway).
We'll see about that, I wouldn't really miss it but I also wouldn't mind if she kept it.

But the Master Spark is to Yuuka really just another laser. She bothered enough about one of her other phases in PoFV to name it for use in Danmaku battles ("Phantasm - Beauty of Nature" strongly resembles one of her other memorable phases in LLS) but didn't use the Spark since it's nothing special. She didn't meet Marisa in between LLS and PoFV (at least there's nothing about that) so she didn't get to see her Master Spark or hear about the name.
If it was something special for her she would've come up with a name for it to properly use it as a Spellcard conform to the Spellcard-rules. Naming Beauty of Nature but not Master Spark would mean that she would think of that as a more worthy move than her spark.
At least that's what I think about it. Also, the way she just calmly states the name when using it makes it look like she's joking about Marisa being so proud of it.
Marisa exerts so much power to use it, and she uses it well. I don't think of Yuuka as a person to be so full of pride to just stop using "that one attack she used once out of all the ones she has" only because "a lowly human" copied it.

I guess the gist of all of this rambling is that I think that Master Spark to Yuuka is what something like Illusion Laser or Narrow Spark is to Marisa. Just another move. It's like as if someone were to start holding the handles of his bike in the same weird way I do it. "So what" Were Yuuka to forsake the Spark then not because of Marisa but just because she has other moves she likes better.

About her dialogue with Marisa in Kou about it: She mentioned that if Marisa wants a monopoly on it she'd have to surpass her first. She also said that she'd like the name. To me it doesn't really sound like she would just stop using it like that because of such a statement, since we know from PoFV that Yuuka enjoys lying to people and I doubt she cares enough or takes Marisa seriously enough to be honest with her about the matter. :V
And Sanbondo also seems to like to include things from the PC98 era and considering that it is kinda Yuuka's most memorable attack there it would be somewhat weird for her to not have it.

I guess she'll have her PoFV Spells then, so we'd get Beauty of Nature & Reflowering of Gensokyo. But it would also be possible to use some of her phases she had in LLS as some standard attacks, since it would be odd for her to only have her Spellcards as attacks.
But for standard attacks they'll probably keep Flower Shooting and her Parasol Strike.

Also a spontaneous idea: They could give Yuuka 2 forms between which you can have her switch like you can switch between FA- and normal Nitori:
PC98-style-Yuuka, who is much faster, dodgier and shotgunning-range oriented but more frail and obviously has her PC98 outfit and Windows-style-Yuuka which is the one we have right now.
She basically just switches outfits and exchanges her Parasol for the Baton she has in MS. They could then also give PC98-style-Yuuka the theme she had in Kou.
I'd find that to be really awesome but highly unlikely and it's also just unnecessary. :V

I have to stop here because I just tend to write annoyingly long text-walls when it's about Yuuka and I'd feel silly going on about this idea. Nothing else will be added to this post by me. Promise.
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Going back to the
theory for the next game, I would say she'd have to be the ultimate final boss of the series. I mean UFO's finale takes place in Makai, which is also where the last PC-98 games occured. Also Alice has been writing to her since the first game, so that's already some heavy foreshadowing. Everything would come around full circle.

I see the scenario as the entire cast assembled in Makai for Byakuren's resurrection. (Whether or not they're there to prevent it or not is up in the air, but the cast in this game isn't shoot first ask question later as they are in the canon games so they'd probably help Shou and others) And then
shows up for the final battle.

I'm sure Koishi's battle is going to be thrown in somewhere. (I think the events of Ei caused her to close her third eye to set up her boss battle later)

I can also see PoFV and SWR happening as well. In dealing with the Yama and Heaven, those plot points would relate to Byakuren and Makai as well. (In my mind at least)


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Considering how we've been flying around in the Palanquin Ship for quite a while now and become rather friendly with the Seirensen Crew I doubt Reimu, Marisa & company would suddenly turn on them.
And it would indeed all come together pretty nicely.
We'd also potentially get a Sakuya vs. Yumeko battle and that would be something really interesting with Yumeko/Shinki being the prototype Sakuya/Replica.
But I don't want to think about this game series to end. :V It's so nice.


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who knows, it could always have a 'extra stage' (game)

or atleast a 'compilation release with the entire series as one game with a lot more stages secrets, upped difficulty and ect
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I love it when the game does not even try to tell me what is it doing.

What is
ability during her spell doing?  Halve all Damage?  All I know is that the danmaku gave her an ability... which I cannot see.
If that is the case, then fuck this WP, you have to carry like all the Direct Hit Seishins up the ass just to beat
and her natural bulk when you deplete her health.


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I don't remember her having any memorable abilities during her Spellcard. No problems hitting or damaging her, and I would've remembered if she had given me any troubles.
She's frail enough to be taken down in a few hits anyway and the rest of the stage isn't that long so your resources shouldn't be all depleted already.
If she pulls some shenanigans that I forgot then probably because I simply bypassed it via Fury which like every other damage-dealer in my team has for some reason.
certainly can take a lot of damage before going down thanks to her Size, item and Berserk. But that was to be expected. I beat her up second though after setting everything up.

Not denying that this game contains some bullshit-moments though. But they are rare, far apart and if you know they are coming some of them aren't all that bullshit-y anymore. Maybe I'm just tolerant towards such things.
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c l e a r

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Dude, my Fantasy Heaven did a whooping 1100 Damage on her at FULL HEALTH, AFTER Hatate's Damage Debuff.
Something is obviously off.

But I don't want to think about this game series to end. :V It's so nice.

Me either, its rare to find a 2hu fan game that attempts to portray the characters like they really are in the actual games. Its part of the reason i like it so much. I dislike most of the fan tropes that characters get so its a nice change of pace for me. Well last game coming out in around 2 years so get hype :3

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Stage 48: Oh boy.  I just got to this.  It is
At the start of the Stage, you are presented immediately with 2 dialogue choice.
1) We did not come here to fight
2) No, you give her back right now!

If you picked the first, only your side will start with boosted Power.
If you picked the second, you get another dialogue choice. If you pick the first she starts at 130 Power. The second, 150. The third, 170. Her HP is boosted as well.

I believe this is a Super Robot Wars Z 2-1 reference where you can do the same thing with the final boss if you have all skills points

I do have the Hourai Branch (actually obvious original wielder is actually obvious. :P), I just didn't update the list for a long time. :V It doesn't even have the actual Cat Tail in it yet, so yeah. It's been forever.
(It allows the one who carries it to perform 1 (additional) Support Attack & Defense each)

I believe the second line say the effects stack with the Support skills. Is it the case?

I wonder if it will bite me one day that I neglect the Palanquin Ship. I just never was a fan of the Battleships in the original games either.

Stages usually requires your ship to survive so it might be good to not underlevel it.
Also, the pilot tends to get some support skills for your team.
Finally, the ship allow you to have access to recovery, giving you some leeway

She refused to die. During the 'final spellcard' countdown. I just kept one shotting her and gained a truckload of exp and she revived with only 5k.10 HP each time. Also the countdown or however its supposed to work wouldn't happen... if that makes any sense.

I basically just kept killing
until he MAP attack card wiped everyone but the ship out. Then it counted down like normal.

Allow me to explain the whole deal. Watching Muii's steam at twitch, I saw how the stage went.
final spell card just goes on and goes on eternally.
If you check the win condition, the game basically tell you to solve the final Spellcard making her a puzzle boss.
That being said, you can farm her meanwhile if you need to level up.
Just be wary of the effect that nullify the "automatic evade" effect from spirits command.
Each turn, the boss will use a MAP attack with a huge range that does decent damage.
That being said, if you pay attention, you might notice
it doesn't affect the characters outside the spellcard zone.
You could luck up by bombing like crazy or getting enough people killed but basically, once you understand what's going on,
you must
escape the spellcard by going outside its range
In fact, the boss will
change the zone of effect of the spellcard as you progress through it
I hopes it helps explaining the inconsistencies among various players. ^^

Oh wow they finally unlocked upgrades beyond level 5. Guess I know where my next 600k Points are going then. Sorry Hatatatate, nothing for you.

Possibly a Super Robot Wars F Final reference where the same thing happens.

I can't play these games. Despite being the biggest SRW nerd on the entire forum, I just can't deal with the bullshit the game throws at you. It's the danmaku mechanic, it's the stupid upgrade cap that you need to spend WP to remove, it's the obscene power discrepancy between player and enemy, it's the slow speed, it's's not for me. You guys can play it and have fun with it, but I'll stick to actual SRW.

I don't want to be harsh but... Um, how many super robot wars game did you play?
About the upgrade cap, have you played MX? OG (ps2 generation?) F  and F Final?
Not all Super Robot Wars games has a even upgrade cap for all units. In MX your favorites series get an higher cap but that it.
In F/F Final it's unlocked as you progress. In OG (ps2), you unlocked the cap boost by clearing the games several times in various modes! X D
You're taking the upgrade cap for granted.
Let put thing this way : you have a regular cap like it always has been but then you are given the bonus of being able to push it even further for your favorite units. ^^
About the power discrepencies : from what I have seen on streaming, OG had bigger small fries unit than this game, at least up to 46 as I have not seen further.
The lack of SP recovery is too bad but then again some people in OG 1 complained it was OP and you have a ship for emergency healing.
And a single being able to be defeated in 2-3 turns by ganging up on it is standard in term of Super Robot Wars if we count each spell card as a new boss.
The Snes super robot wars 3 Inspectors bosses were a lot more trouble and the game didn't had any guilt backing them with numerous Big Zams. X D
As for the game be slower, maybe? Maybe it's not as bad if you use the super quick quick save and quick load?
But hey, that's only my personal opinion. You don't have to agree.

You can wish for anything!


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I believe the second line say the effects stack with the Support skills. Is it the case?

It does. If you equip it it enables the Supports at lvl 1 if you don't have them and gives you an additional one if you already have levels in them.
But I think I found a good way to describe it in a short manner that can't be misunderstood in the graphic.

Stages usually requires your ship to survive so it might be good to not underlevel it. [...]

It was fine in the end. You can usually just have it hang back in safety. There were only 2 stages where I was forced to have it engage in combat and on one of them I could probably have avoided it with clever positioning.
I also never used it to have characters recover. :V


That's strange. I just beat her up like any other boss and it ended. Didn't bomb either and finished it in 1 turn.

Possibly a Super Robot Wars F Final reference where the same thing happens.

I originally wanted to pick up
for my team and as such would've upgraded her Mobility & MP but then the upgrade cap got removed and I noticed that I needed 600k Points to fully upgrade
Yuuka (Yes, even her Mobility. Because I just am like that.)
. In the end I didn't have enough room for her anyway.
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The thing with Kaguya's final card was actually just a bug which has been fixed as of 1.03. You can take her out like any normal spellcard witht he gimmick being that she limits damage to 5000.

Dude, my Fantasy Heaven did a whooping 1100 Damage on her at FULL HEALTH, AFTER Hatate's Damage Debuff.
Something is obviously off.

Parsee's gimmick is that she gets boosts depending on how many upgrades you've sunk into the attacking unit so you want to attack with the units you've upgraded the least.

W.r.t. Gensou Shoujo Taisen Eternal.

Bosses' spell card ailments:
(slashes denote respective values on Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic difficulty; when unspecified, ailments act on player units; some ailments are repeated in more than one spell card of one character and are omitted)
Luna: Final accuracy for enemy units +20/30/35/40%
Star: Evasion for enemy units +15/20/25/30%
Rumia: Accuracy -15/20/25/30%
Mystia: Accuracy -15/20/25/30%; Zero accuracy (Strike does not work)
Wriggle: Evasion for enemy units +10/15/20/25%; All insect units can perform Support Attacks and Support Defenses
Nue: HP restores by 15/20/25/30% for enemy units
Tewi: Power -40/50/60/70; Enemies always perform Support Defense for Tewi regardless of distance
Reisen (Reimu route stage 39): Strike has no effect
Reimu: Character skill "Instinct Dodge" is disabled; Zero evasion (Alert will work)
Marisa: Final evasion -15/25/30/35%
(other ailments from stage 40 skipped)
Keine: Damage of melee weapons dealt +10/15/20/25% for enemy units; during calculation, decrease player's level by 15/25/35/99
Mokou: HP restores by 50% for herself, stacks with HP Regen; Adjustments due to Berserk and Instinct Dodge multiplies by 150/200/250/300% for herself
Reisen (stage 42): Half accuracy and evasion
Eirin (stage 42): When calculating damage, character's Defense stat becomes zero; Always critical hit for herself
Eirin (stage 43): HP restores by 20/30/40/50% for enemy units
Kaguya: Evasion -15/30/40/50%; Kaguya nullifies 2/3/4/4 attacks in every turn (Fury works); MP consumption +20/25/33/40%; When Kaguya gets hit, her HP Regen increases by 5/5/10/10% for the next turn (Fury works); SP consumption +20/30/40/50%; Alert has no effect, Grit has no effect (End of Imperishable Night was redone in version 1.0.3)
Flandre: Final damage dealt +500/1000/1500/2000 for enemy units; Accuracy +10/20/30/40% for enemy units; Remilia cannot pass through danmaku squares
Utsuho (stage 45): Final damage dealt +50 for enemy units
Orin (stage 45): HP restores by 10/15/20/25% for all vengeful spirits
Yorihime: Movement range -2/2/3/3; Final damage dealt +800/1200/1600/2000 for herself; Yorihime evades all ranged weapons (Fury works, Strike does not); Yorihime casts Accelerate, can move through player units, and can reach over 100% accuracy by which point final damage dealt is multiplied by accuracy; Yorihime casts Zeal and all of her character stats +30/40/50/60
Kisume: Damage received -50/60/70/80% for enemy units
Yamame: All character stats -10/15/20/25; Weapon power -350/500/650/800; Mobility and Armor -40/50/60/75% (new in 1.0.4? her ailment in 1.0.2 does the same thing as Hakutaku Keine)
Parsee: Evasion -10/15/20/25%; During battles, accuracy and final damage dealt +10/15/20/25%, final damage received -10/15/20/25% (maximum -40/50/60/70%), all for herself for the weighted upgrade level of the player unit with 1 normal upgrade level = 0.2 and 1 Waifu level = 2
Yuugi: Damage of melee weapons dealt +15/20/30/40% for enemy units; Weapon power +300/500/700/1000 for enemy units; Damage of ranged weapons dealt -30/60/70/80%, movement range -1/1/1/2, Yuugi casts Strike and Fury
Satori: Final evasion -20/30/40/50%
Satori (Reimu route): Satori receives no damage from non-adjacent units
Satori (Marisa route): Mobility +30/40/50/60, movement range +1/2/2/3; Satori cannot be attacked
Orin (stage 53): All character stats +30/40/60/80 for vengeful spirits; HP -300/500/750/1000 at beginning of player phase; HP full regeneration for zombie fairies, damage dealt -75/100/120/150% proportional to remaining HP
Utsuho (stage 54): Final damage dealt +450/700/900/1200 for enemy units; Alert has no effect, MP full restoration for Utsuho has beginning of enemy phase; Utsuho can move through player units, damage +10/15/20/30% every time Utsuho hits a player unit (resets to +0% at player phase); Movement range -1/1/2/2, HP restores by 10/20/30/40% for herself at beginning of enemy phase; Power +5/10/15/20 for enemy units at beginning of enemy phase
Utsuho (stage 55): Final damage dealt +500/850/1000/1500 for enemy units; Alert has no effect, Grit has no effect; Movement range -1/2/2/2, final evasion -25/50/75/100%; Utsuho can move through player units, casts Fury, and gains one extra move whenever she hits a player unit (maximum 1/2/3/4 extra moves); Movement range -2, weapon range -2, bomb range -1/1/2/2; Utsuho's specific skill "Corruption" changes to "Reactor of Life", Power +25/50/75/100 for herself at beginning of enemy phase (maximum 500 Power), bomb range -1/2/2/2

Character-specific skills missing or incorrect from the two images:
First Image, left 2 columns
(3rd) Goddess of Moriya: When Sanae is on the map:
- Weapon power +50 for every 20% of Sanae's faith gauge.
- Weapon hit adjustment +5 at 20% or above of Sanae's faith gauge; +10 at 60% or above; +15 at maximum faith.
- Armor +50 at 20% or above of Sanae's faith gauge; +100 at 60% or above; +150 at maximum faith.
- Weapon maximum range +1 at maximum faith.

(1st) Goddess of Earth: Doubles terrain effects including defense, evasion, and HP / MP restoration.
(3rd) Goddess of Moreya: When Sanae is on the map:
- Weapon power +50 for every 20% of Sanae's faith gauge.
- Weapon hit adjustment +5 at 20% or above of Sanae's faith gauge; +10 at 60% or above; +15 at maximum faith.
- Mobility +5 at 20% or above of Sanae's faith gauge; +10 at 60% or above; +15 at maximum faith.
- Movement +1 at maximum faith.

Golden Autumn: +5 Power to self every time Shizuha performs a Support Attack.
(2nd) Nice Onee-chan: Ignores damage reduction due to Support Attack or Assist Attack.

Barrage Breakthrough: Halves the movement range reduction due to danmaku.

(2nd) Impregnable Wolf L1-3: While defending, when the enemy is within 4 squares away from Momiji, chance of blocking +(5/7/9)?(5 - distance).

(1st) Devil's Contract: +10% MP and -5 Power at the beginning of every turn for some player unit. Two uses.

(1st): 100% accuracy when performing Support Attack, Assist Attack, or when the enemy cannot counterattack.

(1st) Flowering Declaration: At 150 Power, final damage dealt +15%.
(2nd) Vengeful Flower: Damage dealt +15% during counterattack.

(2nd) Get Ready! (cf. PCB Marisa Stage 4 dialogue): Support attack for all adjacent player units regardless of whether Lyrica has the Support Attack skill.
First image, right 2 columns
(1st) Bad Fortune Returning: Any enemy unit hit by Hina will always receive critical hits for the entire turn.
(not shown) Scapegoat Hina: Support Defense for two times for any player regardless of whether they are adjacent.

(2nd): While not performing Support Attack or Assist Attack, always critical hit when the enemy cannot counterattack.

(2nd) All Spectrum: Minimum range for all weapons becomes 1.

(1st): Effective when Yuugi is adjacent to an enemy unit.
(2nd): Increases the damage dealt of all weapons.
(3rd): Always cast Strike and Fury.

(1st) Jealously of the Kind: Damage dealt +10/20/27/34/39/44% towards enemy with 1-6 character skills respectively.
(2nd) Grudge Returning: +15% damage dealt during counterattack.
Second Image
(1st) Fixed Star on Earth L1-3: Remove Night terrain attribute for 1/2/3 squares away from Wriggle.

Effective when Youmu is adjacent to an enemy unit.

Trickster: Reverses the sign of the evasion adjustments due to danmaku for some 2 battles.
(4th): Receives one Support Defense per turn from any adjacent player unit without regard of whether that unit has the Support Defense skill.

Invitation to Afterlife: Does not work against named characters.
Sense of Elegance: Double the values of restorative items.
Ghost Spot: Yes.

Bird Strike (possible parody of Twin Bird Strike from SRWOG), Opened Human Cage, BB (Blind Bird?) Chicken Heart, Furious Anti-Grilled, [Process of] Civilization and Taste of Love.

Scarlet's Charisma: Power +20 for all Scarlet Devil Mansion members upon sortie.

(1st) Magical Girl L1/2/3: Same effect as Magician L2/4/6 (weapon power +100/150/200, weapon hit adjustment +5/10/15).
Missing / Enemy
Crystallize: For one turn, disables counterattacks while attacking, and disables attacks while counterattacking if Pattern Type activates. 3 uses.

R-Phoenix: Resurrects twice; HP +20% during resurrection.
R-Volcano: Resurrects once; uses Valor, Grit, Strike, Drive upon resurrection.

(1st): Increases the SP cost for Restoration by 5 (to 35) such that Restoration affects both units in a team.

Arch Youkai of Heian: Reduces the SP cost for Confusion (from 70) to 50.

Yatagarasu Guide: +60% final accuracy when Power is 130 or above.
Corruption: Gains 1/1/1/2 extra moves and increases final accuracy by 25/40/55/70% on Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic difficulty.
Reactor of Life: Final damage dealt +50/100/150/200% proportional to lost HP on Easy/Normal/Hard/Lunatic difficulty; loses HP Regen (M).

Personalities of new characters and selected existing characters: (bold type indicates changes in existing characters)
Strong-willed: Aya, Chen, Hatate, Ichirin, Orin, Wriggle, Yamame, Youmu, Yukari
Resolute: Flandre, Kanako, Keine (Hakutaku), Murasa, Mystia, Nue, Remilia, Suika, Suwako, Yuugi, Yuuka
Calm: Eirin, Lunasa, Mima, Parsee, Ran
Cautious: Akyu, Kisume, Lily White, Luna, Nazrin, Reisen
Easy-going: Merlin
Superior: Kaguya, Yuyuko
Cunning: Lyrica, Tewi
Lunatic: (removed from Flandre)
Sadist: (removed from Yuuka)
Weak: Daiyousei
Missing Spirit Commands:
(Column 4, Row 3) Intense Fight: Final damage dealt ?1.2 for whole turn, no critical hits. Obtained by Flandre, Sakuya, Kaguya, Suika.
(Column 4, Row 7) Sacrifice: Final damage dealt ?1.8 for the next attack, no critical hit; ignores movement range reduction due to danmaku, but must get hit by enemy for the next attack. Obtained by Hina.
(Column 5, Row 7) Confusion: Halves final accuracy of all enemies for one turn, but Strike has higher priority (nobody uses that when Nue joins the player anyway).
Soul: Final damage dealt ?1.8 for the next attack, no critical hit. Used by Yorihime only during the map event in stage 49; the command's description is invalid.
Missing or incorrect Items:
(4th page, 9th item) Cucumber: Restores 25 MP. Obtained by Minoriko's character-specific skill "Harvest" at the end of episode 49 or before.
Enemy Marker: Range +1 for all weapons except weapons with range 1 and MAP weapons. There are no other effects.
Eirin's Medicine: Also restores full ammunition.
Scarlet Soul: Increases final damage dealt regardless of distance between the user and the enemy.
(Last page, 3rd item) Eternal Yonder: Grants Hit & Away; allows movement if the user attacks without moving. This can never be obtained, and this does not even work, but shall appear in the inventory when the player carries over progress to the fourth and final installment of GST. See below.
Missing or incorrect WP bonus conditions:
Stage 38 (Marisa): Obtain Tewi's spell card on the last turn of its declaration.
Stage 39 (Reimu): Defeat Reisen last.
Stage 39 (Marisa): After Marisa acquires her new equipment, use at least 3 different weapons of Marisa, then fulfill the victory condition using Marisa.
Stage 46: Same on all difficulties.

Sanae's faith gauge in Eternal:
- Hitting an enemy, avoiding an enemy's attack, moving: +1
- Grazing, performing a critical hit, performing Support Attack or Support Defend: +2
- Getting hit by an enemy, missing an enemy: -1
- Ending a turn without doing anything: -10
- Enemy defeated: +4
- Ally defeated: -4
- Cured by an ally: +3

Cure restores HP by (500 + 40 ? level). The Palanquin Ship replenishes 15% of HP and MP for every unit within. Daiyousei's cure skill reaches L6 (amount of restoration +40%) by
Lv 58

There is no penalty for defeated player units.

Friendship bonuses increase final accuracy and evasion by 5% for each of the first three levels, and by 3% for each level starting from the 4th. The Three Fairies of Light can reach L10 (2+4+4, 36%), the Prismriver sisters L9 (3+3+3, 33%).

The special ability "Special Resistance" (特殊耐性) disables
Yamame's "Miasma Field", Hatate's "Psychographic Assault", and Letty's "Crystallize"

Enemy Ace characters do not have the initial +5 Power boost.

Maximum character level in Eternal is 60, maximum Yome/Waifu level is 7, maximum upgrade level is 5 until episode 40 and becomes 10 upon episode 41 sortie. Weapon upgrade increments different amounts of power starting from 11th level; total increment at 17th level can be anything between 2000 and 2450 depending on the character's cost. Full upgrade bonuses include:
Column 1: Maximum HP +2000, maximum MP +100, Mobility +20, Armor +300, movement range +1, MP consumption for barrier type abilities -50%
Column 2: Weapon accuracy +20%, weapon critical rate +20%, weapon maximum range +1, weapon power +200, Air terrain affinity becomes S, Land and Water terrain affinities become S

Reimu invoking Fantasy Nature as seen during the episode 49 endgame.

Stage 37 from the trial version remains roughly the same in the full release as stage 100 for debugging purposes with the exception that all enemies are at level 60.

Nue has 24000 HP, 250 MP, 120 Mobility, and 1000 Armor in Reimu route stage 38.

During the conversation before Marisa route stage 29 of GST Cherry, the player is required to let Sakuya choose one character among Alice, Nitori and Patchouli; this affects the dialog in Marisa route stage 39 of GST Eternal. There is also an entire set of assets for an unused Marisa route stage 39 in which Marisa's Hakkero was stolen by the earth rabbits instead of being unable to fire up.

Most of those precise numerical values are obtained by decompiling the executable and decrypting the asset archives (however as of now I am unable to compile the main executable again). I have no idea what the previous translators said regarding hacking GST, but the game engine of Eternal remains virtually the same as Cherry, and differs only slightly from Scarlet. Most texts are stored separately in data4.dat and data5.dat, the more important ones like win/loss conditions and menu interface texts are stored within the main executable, but compiling that may require a Japanese version of Windows (which I don't have) to overcome encoding issues. don't think I have the time to translate every dialog anyway. also using Arial instead of the SRW Alpha-like raster numerals sucks lmao

By the way, I have waited for WEEKS for all of these to happen. Same deal since Scarlet.

Opinions on final boss:
Until now GST seems to pay zero attention to the PC-98 cast other than LLS (TD and DDC too, but they weren't even out when GST Scarlet was released). Thus, unless GST4 has some 30 stages, the final boss could as well be the LLS Extra bosses rather than Shinki; for Sanbondo having created such a dream-related OC as Shiro, and the berserk Utsuho, they could make as much sense by, say, fuse Gengetsu and Mugetsu into one homogeneous unit for the final boss, though this is clearly a wild guess. (cf. Ghostelo/Gosterro from Layzner, piloting Devil Gundam from G Gundam, as the final boss of Shin SRW)
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Good work, I was going to comb through all of that after i finished the game, but welp, you did it before me. (And it looks like the Copyright Police got to your channel...)

I am never good with dealing with broken MAP attacks and
Berserk Utsuho
is no exception.  I have only 2 questions:
- How do I move in without too many units dying?
- Does she stop her Giga Flare MAP when she goes into her spell mode?

The AI uses her MAP whenever she sees two or more of my units she can kill. ignoring her allies.  There is like, no conceivable way to control the power either (intentional).  The real problem is the she actually proactively goes after you, and does not give you ample time to position yourself correctly or get enough power.  Not to mention she is extremely accurate, Yukari back in You had the same problem, but at least she did not start with a MAP attack at 200 Power that blows everyone away.

Would casting Disturbance (with
) help me get into position?