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Purvis, you should feel ashamed of yourself.

Granted, that won't happen.

I'm sorry, I just had to. The voices made me do it!
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Like Romney's going to respect a "do not steal" tag. Hope he does tonight though, right guys?

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It depends on how much he learned from the last to do it... Though I'm not too informed on the relationship between Romney and Bush-senpai.

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dear god I am gonna regret this

Story backdrop:

Legend is written by the victors, and legend has it never been told was that there once existed something extraterrestrial in the human world we know today.

Legend has it that there was once a great battle, between 100 extraterrestrial beings called whom become known as Masked Riders today. They battled fiercely, and defended the world against a terror from another planet for the longest time, and finally, they have won out, and earth was saved.

Together, they fought a great battle, and then a great war took place where they have sacrificed their life force on this planet in order to prevent it from ever becoming the target of those creatures again, but the war was over, at least for now, and they have peace. The shield that they have made caused earth to be hidden from the sight of those creatures until due time in another 3500 years earth time, and if it was revealed, it would protect for a certain amount of time, which must be recharged for it to be of use again.

Left now without their life force that kept them alive and fit for battle so far, they asked mankind, whom was saved, to be their successors, and passed to them, the great technology that was from their home planet, and hoped that one day, mankind will be wise enough to use them, and protect themselves if the shield they have created ever fail.

The Egyptians, the Mesopotamians were the first to inherit these gifts of God, as they called it, and answered to it by revering, Earth saw a foundation of great peace and there was great development, as the Pharoahs, who wore the same armor, and wield the technology of the "Gods" brought forth eras of peace and flourish as the aliens who become Gods rested silently witnessing the great eras that passed, and soon become eternal sleepers. Among them, Osiris, judge of man, and representator of mankind, became the foundation to which the Egyptians reverred lay as the stone that stood within the oldest of the pyramids, a red colored pyramid standing among the others that now are in ruins, where the "gifts of God" has been kept by men who are chosen to protect it.

However, all eras eventually end, and dynasties soon degrade and demoralized, society breaks down, and war was beginning again, over selfish reasons and so on.

The Gifts of God, bracelets formulated to fit anyone who wields them with great powers able to protect the planet from the invasion in the beginning, was stolen, and was soon becoming the ultimate weapon to fuel mankind's desire for bloodshed and selfish gains. The worse, was of course, the rumor that these artifacts may grant the wearer an eternal life and hence was soon among the reasons for conflict. One of those most popular was Masked Rider Seht otherwise known as King Ramses, who stood and fought thousands of soldiers on his own riding his golden horse and chariot.


The wars went on, and eras and generations passed, until modern day 1921, in Germany, where a group of men, all dressed in white, came into a secret place within a secret church, stood witness to a ceremony of sealing, of the Gifts of God.

After much war and conflict, among the hundred, only 8 was left intact and usable, the battles wielded in secret between private gaains and for the greater good, has finally come together.

In that secret ceremony, 8 of the artifact holders are chosen men among their people to become the wielders of the powerful artifacts, they came together to do one thing, renew the oath, and to swear to never pass this gift to anyone who is not able to handle beyond the humanity flaw of their own. Together, they erected and named one among them, the eldest, wisest, and most powerful among them, as Koenig, Kamen Rider Koenig was thus born. 8 of these men each swore upon an oath and took with them the genetic codes embedded into their own cellular structure and DNA and adopted with them each a unique TRUE name. Their names shall be kept only a tradition, until which time comes to reveal the meaning behind their traditions.

Modern day 2012, Japan, an unsuspecting young adult, just coming out of school and college to look for a path of his own, finds himself staring at the will of his grandfather. "Go to my old house, look into the basement, and find a vault, inside, contains one gift you must carry with you at all times, and never fail, you will become the savior of our kind, promise me you will do it."

Yuuji Nagato (real name Khrysis because his parents are the descendants of aliens, and had a tradition of giving a 'secret' true name) , was of course, following the will. He arrived at the location, and found the artifact, and it was none other than the Artifact of Xavin.

No sooner has he left the old residence feeling bewildered by the strange looking thing on his hand, he was attacked by a group of strange creatures, and was forced to adapt to the situation, accidentally, he wore the bracelet on his hand so he can fight with both of his hands, and was transformed into Masked Rider Xavin...


The 8 Artifacts and Masked Riders.

Xavin: Our lead character, The Xavin provides the wielder with two broad swords as weapons, is an agility type hero, his special moves include lots of speed, and using his two broad swords for a variety of ways, including hooking the enemy's weapons away from them. Xavin is approximately 5 feet 12, has a slender but muscular frame of a professional swimmer, when not wearing a shirt, and not in Rider form, Xavin is also Yuuji Nagato/Khrysis and has a well sculpted body. This makes him as one of the boys the girls in school look dreamily at oftentimes, while so, many of girls also fear him and tend to avoid Yuuji as a person due to his strange antics to sleep in class. The school nurse classifies him as suffering from Narcolepsy, but actually Yuuji just had a terrible schedule to follow, including but not limited to fighting renegade Elementals that exist in the nature order of things since he adopted Xavin Artifact as his own Rider Henshin System.

A large ominous organization known as the Zaibatsu also wants Xavin as their loyal slave-for-hire, intending to utilize Xavin as a kind of sniffer-dog to detect other Rider Systems in existence since they gotten knowledge of the Artifacts. The Artifacts are the organization Zaibatsu's quick fortune, believing that it will pave a way to a super army of the future utilize superior alien technology and combined with human users. The Zaibatsu also experimenting with the one and only Artifact that is already within their reach, and is causing enraged Elementals that tend to respond to abuses with the Artifact's RESONANCES which are generated when inappropriate usages were detected. These effectively create monsters known as Elementals which tend to come in twos, one which is born from the misuse of the Artifact, and the other normally a mirror image of its nature in the natural order of the world. Two elementals generally move on their own, and do not have influence onto one another's actions, but however regard defeating the source of the resonance as their ultimate goal, in this case the Artifacts and its user. A Rider can be such a user, or the Zaibatsu's experiments are also culprits. Only when a Rider utilizes their elemental charged moves can they defeat the Elementals. but not without first destroying the mirror images.

If in case a Rider defeats the Prime Source Elemental (the one created by the misuse of the sensitive Artifacts) the mirror image will simply spawn another from its abundance of natural resources depending on which nature of the Elemental belongs to. (a Koenig type for example may be born anywhere, due to the abundance of ore, or source of ore such as Tin, metal, etc)

Back on Xavin, Yuuji has a crop of brown wavy hair, atypical of boys his age, and tends to follow a T shirt and jeans with blazer style. Most of the time Yuuji retains a quiet air around him, but he has a secret he doesn't tell anyone and that is his obsession with dating sims. Despite his general popularity with the boys, his demeanor of drawing as and when he likes (usually pictures of girls, and cute animals occasionally) and his narcolepsy as diagnosed by the school nurse, his popularity is reserved in a rank of 'look but don't touch' among the opposite gender.

Yuuji also has an unhealthy like for melon pans. His daily meal would include a different flavor of melon pan which seems to be coincidentally available at the school canteen by a mysterious man who always wears a hat. No one else buys the man's melon pan other than Yuuji, earning Yuuji as the sole customer, and oftentimes, the one-sided listening end of wry wisdom that the mysterious melon pan man dispenses freely. Yuuji is also a swimmer, and while has not won anything thus far, talks about how swimming liberates him. Yuuji likes philosophy and spends lots of times reading until his sleep kicks in. It is also regularly that he gets locked in the library, and has to resort to his special exit that is the last window by the side which he has to step perilously to the next classroom to go through the main staircase and out the emergency door with a disabled alarm.

Yuuji keeps a cat, the cat is called Asobi, meaning 'Having Fun' apparently. The cat takes about as much pride in having an owner as one would take pride in stepping onto a puddle of mud. The cat hates his owner, and while only stopping to eat, has a tendency to lay turds under his bed, where Yuuji stores his adult magazines. His parents of course, are never in the house, and the house which he calls a home is self maintained, save for the cat. The neighbor, a beautiful girl called Miyuko is also the caretaker of the tiny apartment, and the other neighbors tend not to interact. Miyuko likes talking with Yuuji and occasionally would invite Yuuji to her home made meals of Nabe and chocolate cake feasts. this normally leads to a flustered Yuuji who has a crush on Miyuko but dares not admit anything. Miyuko has a tendency to read through most of Yuuji's pretensions and praises the good of Yuuji.

At school Yuuji when not falling asleep or falling into his dating sim world, he has a good score that keeps him safely in school and generally out of trouble, however, trouble follows him as the entire school is surrounded by nature, this effectively turns his entire school into a battlezone of both elementals and rogue Riders.
Koenig / Koenix Oldest of the masked riders, an 80 year old, but looks like a 27 year old man, was the one who became the Koenig in Germany, is born to royalty himself, not German, but speaks nearly every language in the known world of sophisticated international language today fluently. Uses a long sword, carved with an insignia of a golden leaf surrounded by thorns, representing the knowledgable and the powerful. Very strong and powerful, can cause earthquakes with his blade and slice an artifact in half and destroy them. (which is not possible with human weapons) Koenig is also the only rider who can charge with anything, any element, and any time without changing into rider form, thereby allowing him to retain his human outlook while fighting the creatures or riders, but has the ability to use his Koenig Sword. His general name was initially Kamen Rider Magnus.

Rovic Archer type rider, has a special Trike ( a 3 wheeled bike/buggy) rather than a bike for his ride, uses a crossbow, a spike/hunting net shoother from his left arm and right arm has shoots of three sets, which can fire at zero distance to give and explosive and armor piercing effect, is known to be the most agile of the 8, is a quick thinker, and a very good trapsetter. The person behind the rider is a scientist who lives in America, but born half chinese, half japanese, and speaks mostly in a strange habitual american tongue. Is also a loyal servant to Koenig, and follows his every order. Rovic joined this war under the impression of becoming the next Koenig if he successfully assassinate the current Koenig.
Zynos A Calbard wielder rider, who is skilled in long range weaponry almost as good as Rovic, learns modern electronics, and is known to be able to use explosives on his calbard ( a long spear like weapon, but used to cut and slash rather than pierce). Is also a deadly enemy to Ignis, who uses a rod. The person behind is a unsuspecting teen, who is caught between this war and wants out, is being hunted for his artifact, currently being protected by Xavin. Zynos also is the only rider who can render himself invisible in rider form, but this does not work against Vestige or Ignis, both can see him even with his invisibility powers on, generally, the way he got into the war was because at one stage, he was working for Aerios to steal information from the administry of medical publications to work against the people who cast Aerios down to the scandal. His ability to become invisible was broken when Vestige appeared to him and tried to stop him from leaving with important information.
Vestige A short sword wielder, agile and power together with high intelligence, is skilled with all sorts of battle knowledge, and knows many types of martial arts of which he uses to his advantage, is also generally a defensive heavy rider, other than his sword, he also wields "Vestige Aegis" or "Shield that is The Sign of God" a nano molecular composed shield that is able to shield anything that damages, including nuclear energy, but can only protect one person, usually the wielder. Is an unsettling man who likes anime, but choses to be professional in the field of accountancy, has a broken family, but lives up as the protective brother of his younger brother and sibling sisters, whom are orphaned because of irresponsible parents.
Aerios Known as the only rider with a set of wings, which are generally used as weapons, this rider is a strong offensive type. He carries Aerios Wings or Icarus Wings as dubbed by historians, and can freely fly or use it to increase his speed on land. However, his flight will drain his energy heavily due to artifact's damage over the ages, but nonetheless, he is a skilled fighter who uses his wings to execute damage by cutting his enemies with edges of his metallic wings, it can also charge and execute a homing missile barrage of electrifying feathers able to blow anything to bits. Is known to be the only rider who can defeat multiple targets at any one time. The young man behind the rider is doctor who was defaced after a scandal of him supposedly accused of molesting little children, swears to take revenge on the people who plotted against his fall from grace, is generally the bad guy, but has a nature loving side and loves the internet forums.
Ignis The most wide-ranged weaponry specialist among the survivor riders, has a myriad of weapons, namely firearms, and can learn how to operate any machinery, especially weaponry from modern military because of his powers "Instant Trace" and carries a main weapon that is a rod. The rod has the ability to ignite into a fiery stick, which only the wielder Ignis can be immune to its white flames, which can melt anything it touches or comes near to. Is known in history, as one of the best fighters from the start till modern day wars. The young female initially using it was killed by Aerios, in the attempt to smother and take over the Ignis, however, when Ignis rejected Aerios' control, she fled and gave the bracelet to a young man, who is now sworn to protect it with his life, though no one knows exactly why or what the relationship between the female user and the now male user of the bracelet. Ignis is a generally offensive heavy rider as well, he excels in evasion of enemies, and has great speed and maneuvering abiliities when fighter close range or mid range.
Tyvron / Tyvius Strongest in physical strength among the riders who survived, can lift up anything as long as it stays within 10 times of the maximum weight in human form, he can carry this maximum weight in normal form is some 1270Kgs or 1.27 Tonnes, x10 means 12700Kgs or 12 .7 Tonnes. This weight class however is flexible depending on how much elemental power he has charged prior to executing the lift, can go up to 100 or 1000 times but will cause severe strain on the user and the Artifact.  The weight in maximum generally depends on the wielder as well, since the maximum human level strength will determine exactly how much maximum basic level strength the rider form can handle. Which is why the weapons he uses is a set of powerful gloves, called Herakles Chains, aptly named after Hercules and the chains attached to his wrists said to constrain his Godly powers of strength. The person behind this rider is a bodybuilder who aims to become Japan's first Gold Olympic Medallist in Bodybuilding and weightlifting. Has a great agenda, but nonetheless, was taken into this war unsuspectingly, and swears to protect his wife from harm, is expecting a child, but suffers from having to protect it from the deadly Aerios, who is the only one who can shoot him down from above since Tyvius is constricted to executing his moves only on ground level.


Rider system

Bracelet: The bracelet, once worn, unable to be taken off unless by the wielder's sign off command, which usually means death or sacrifice the hand it was worn on. Changes into the rider form with it, also, during rider form change, wearers get an extra belt charge system, this belt is the charge element, and is used to charge the element power for weapons.

    Element Chargers / Element Keys Glowing colored elemental infused sticks taken out from the bracelet while spinning or charging into rider form, is the basis of all their powers, and uses elements such as water, earth and so on, it does charging automatically, but extended effort to charge it personally will increase its speed of charging and volume of power.

Each stick is generally equals to how much power one gets in the weapon or special ability, the more, the better, the harder it is to aim, or control.

The Koenig Belt Charger can take up to 10 sticks at one time, but anymore and it will render the Koenig Sword overcharged and may cause losing control, normal riders like Xavin and Zynos uses a maximum of three, or less.

Element Chargers form inside the bracelet and is taken out of the bracelet whenever it is needed.

    Element Cards (like memory cards) Used to fuse or lay traps, specifically for Rovic, it is a necessary tool to lay traps for others, it attaches itself to anything around the known human world, from leaves to wood, to metal to the building and even in water, it can cast shields and/or used to repel others in the form of traps, energy draining, sealing, and of course, as a form of explosive.

Other riders normally use this to change into another form, such as Aerios who uses it to change into Wingless Form, which enhances his defenses and ups his speed, allowing him to maximise close battle efficiency without his cumbersome wings, but losing his winged advantage and flying form. Wingless form also requires large amounts of energy and element sticks, however, since Aerios uses Air Elements, he can be said as literally resourceful till the end without much problems, however, he suffers 100% damage if he comes in contact with water or fire in Wingless Form.

    Spin Each rider once wearing the bracelet, will have concealing freedom of it. Even though one does not take it off, the bracelet embeds itself onto the wielder fully and invisible to the human eye. However, when needed, simply hold your wrist and do a spinning movement as if you are spinning something round your wrist, and it will appear, normally, fully charged, but in events where damage is present, manual charging must be done before changing into rider form. Rider form usually requires 1 - 3 sticks of Element Chargers.


them rider power thingies.

Special Abilities and relationships of Each Rider
Xavin (Wood and Neutrality) Xavin is a double sword or short sword user, and is a Balanced Agility type rider, the user is armed with knowledge once becoming the wielder of the Artifact, and wields special knowledge in understanding how the capabilities of each weapon that the enemy carries. Since this rider is known to be a strategist and expert in close combat, his double swords are used in a variety of ways, it can be used to defend, or attack by hooking away the enemy weapons, his line of sight is also special as it analyses the utility of each weapon, or non-weapon as long as the weapon is used for melee combat. The swords of Xavin has a hooked tip, this is used to hook himself to certain objects and hook away enemy weapons, or hang himself to enemies.
Xavin's Belt Charger, allows him to execute long range attacks with his hooked swords, by making a boomerang like movement, he can throw his sword out and have it returned to him, it can also act like a 3rd and 4th arm, allowing him to attack the enemy from behind if he is battling with his fists, the swords fly by command or by auto to defend its wielder.
Xavin's Final Move is Rider Kick, which he must execute in zero distance, his rider kick is special because he spends only ONE Charger, but has 4 times the power of any other rider. However, landing it may prove to be tricky, since most enemies are particularly agile. A special maneuver he can use, is to control his hooked swords to extend the hooked end by connecting it to the hilt, the hooked end will tie or hook the enemy down by stopping the enemy's movements, as he prepares his Rider Kick, he may land in an instant at the static enemy.
Xavin is also skilled in stunning the enemy with his excellent speed and adaptive close combat, among the riders, he is the best at climbing buildings, or trees, generally the excellent fighter in crowded places (Guerilla Warfare type)
Xavin is also the only rider who commands Neutrality, an Element of Zero, which can adapt to any element, except Gold. Element of Zero provides Xavin a capability of neutralizing offensive attacks that are long ranged or mid ranged to a certain degree that repels a maximum of 70% of its damage.
+Koenig or Koenix (Gold and Earth) Koenig is the oldest of the riders, in fact, legend has it, he was the first of wielders to suggest the unification of the Artifacts, and swear the oath, since that was the case, the seven other Artifact holders chose him to be Koenig, which is German for King Rider. Koenig controls and uses the artifact of Gold and Earth, it is made of pure Gold, is immune against all forms of fire, and heat, as well as Earth based attacks. He can wield his Rider Weapon, The Koenig Sword, to shatter the earth that he stands, or implore the shaking of foundations.
When attacking, his Koenig Sword can charge automatically on its own without Element Chargers, giving him distinctive advantage in maintaining prime energy form while he fights, that means his weapon is most certainly always charged, he can execute special moves at any given time, at his command without charging.
His Hammer of God needs however, a maximum 10 and minimum 7 Element Chargers to execute. Although Aerios has aerial advantage over him, Koenig is resistant to melee attacks and is fast enough to repel most aerial bombardment attacks such as Aerios's long range feather spears (temporary name). Koenig armor is heavy and uses a form of Alien Gold, this allows him to repel most long range attacks as long as it is not water based, or wood based elements. He is also armed with Noble Swordsmanship, a receptive skill obtained whenever the wielder fully uses the Koenig Artifact. He is undefeated in swordsmanship and lancing, which he does when he rides his Golden Stallion Superbike.
Koenig was a chosen one among the 8 riders, during the 1921 ceremony in Germany. Initially, he was Kamen Rider Magnus, a normal swordsman type rider, but he was also the youngest back then, making him the most eligible of the Riders to take the crown of Koenig. The seven nominated him and gave him the sword, which he then became Koenig with. Since then, his facial and presenting age become immortal, to modern day in 2012, he remains much of how he was when he was crowned, and still looked like 26 even though he is some 100+ year old.
He is the only rider who maintains that, but in order to do so, he wields the Artifact in semi-activation at all times, thus rendering having to find means to surround himself with earth elements. He owns the world's only house with a room made of pure gold, and lives inside most of the time to keep himself immortal in form and function. His refusal to hand over the crown to his successor, which was agreed in the first place to be Xavin when the next generation came, was his own game and agenda, he seeks to know how to instill and make his immortality truly immortal, and engages the help of Rovic to find out from the old manuscripts and records on the old generations of riders.
His Koenig form will be rendered back to Magnus form if he loses his sword, this will make him a very weak rider, and will incidentally, revert him back to his original age, and thus making him dead by old age. The Artifact however, is also responsible for keeping him alive all these years, his defense against the riders was that he is the strongest, and so long he has the Koenig sword and title voiced in approval from the ancestors in 1921, he can remain the most powerful rider, but with the new Xavin finally coming on to his full power, Koenig worries his title will be stripped off him even though Xavin has no interest in Koenig position.
Koenig was once the holder of Vestige Artifact, and gave it the current wielder under the pretext of helping him care for his siblings in the dangerous real world, his true agenda was asking Vestige to help keep his Koenig title as a loyal servant. However, Vestige refused his request. On the other hand, Vestige also happens to be the chosen wielder as his form is fit for the Vestige Artifact, he was attached to it, and is now in hiding from Koenig to take back the Artifact by force.
+Rovic (Wood and Wind) Rovic is the rider known as "Silent Hunter", he is pro when it comes to silencing enemies silently, his archery can give him absolute advantage over air base enemies, or long ranged targets, his Vision of Hawk allows him to center his targets from 2 km away at maximum, and fires something so strong it can pierce and kill enemies with one shot.
Vision of Hawk is a receptive skill, but the offensive part in using his weapon to attack enemies far away would depend on how many chargers he uses, the more, the more power, and the more range. Rovic is also a hunter because of his special skill in using his Element Cards to set up traps, his specialty is to use his Element Cards even when he has not gone through Henshin yet, this allows him to set traps that no human can see, and capture his enemies directly and silently.
Rovic is also skilled in mid-range weaponry, his crossbow can be folded to form a pick axe like weapon, however, the damage he wields in such distances are nearly almost non-fatal. However, given any chance, he can execute a special attack using his left arm, which has a storage calibre for 3 spikes or spearheads, these spearheads fire at 3500 feet per second speed from the calibre, he uses this calibre to attack enemies at close range and kill them by piercing through them. It is also the ultimate weaponry for mid long range attacks, as it can be faster than him using Vision of Hawk + fire an arrow of Elements.
Rovic's Element is Wood and Wind, ((similiar to Aerios except for Wood, while Aerios uses Metal) His receptive skill matched with his element allows him to run and hide like the wind, he can make himself move in the disguise of gasses, and as well as forming a fog from his armor allowing him to conceal himself in air-based defense.
Rovic and the person behind him, is a brilliant young scientist who was making a research on the Artifacts in America, being half chinese, he believes that the artifacts are in fact, tools made from Chinese explorers in the early dynasties, however, he was wrong when he found one of the artifacts in the American Museum of Science in New York. The Artifact called out to him and tranced him to become Rovic. Soon after, he met with Koenig, and dedicated from here on out to find out everything about the Artifacts, using his new found ability and swore loyalty to Koenig.
Koenig in return offered him endless and limitless funding to his research and luxury life, as Koenig too looks for the full knowledge of the Artifacts and seeks to contact the Aliens who gave them this technology to defend the earth from 3500 years ago. Rovic learnt how to use his abilities through Koenig's teachings and leftovers from the previous Rovic six generations ago, he later became strong enough to be standalone power of his own.
Rovic in his human form, loves to spend time with books and his scientific discoveries, his penchant for luxury garments have caused much dispute between him and Koenig, who is sickened by his absurd spending patterns. His relationship with Vestige was proven through their friendship when they formed a truce. Rovic knew Vestige when he was a child, and they grew up together as good friends, this also explains his reluctance to forcibly remove the artifact from Vestige, killing him in the process.
Rovic is also the employed hunter to hunt down the betrayed Vestige, but offered a temporary truce until he has completed his research, in hopes that he will find a way to remove the Artifact and not the wielder together with it, he helped Vestige to stay under the radar thus far.
++ Zynos ( Metal/Steel and Thunder/Electricity)
Being the only rider who wields the element of Thunder and Electricity, Zynos is a skilled rider when it comes to operating electronics and machinery, his element allows him to gain receptive skill known as "Talent of Forges". Talent of Forges allows Zynos to instantly recognize and know how all modern electronics and machinery works, including complex engineering, computing, hacking, developing electronic devices, disabling them, and best of all, drive anything that is meant to be a mode of transport, meaning he can rig any car to start, with just holding it, or make a car go faster by tweaking with his ability the ECU, drive train and electronics.
He is ideal in areas of escapism, his sole, has a magnetic system, when reverse charged, he can use it to do Magnetic Levitation, this allows him to travel at nearly 700km/h by hovering above ground where the Magnetism of Earth runs on, all the while allowing him to change directions sharply and suddenly. If given a train track, or Mag Lev track, he can outspeed a bullettrain at maximum speed. This also means, he is the only rider without a bike as he does not need one.
Zynos uses a calbard, this calbard looks like a blade, which is placed on a long hilt, he uses it like a spear or a lance, and is skilled in particular while using his Mag Lev, he can charge at great speeds at a single direction causing a focused strike at the hardest of armor. His calbard also controls electricity, and depending on the Element Chargers he uses, he can charge it to form a white Electric Ball, which can strike at any distance he commands as long as the magnetic lines are not disturbed. He also excels in his brutal strikes in close range if he charges his fists with electricity, making him stronger and faster, he can strike accurately at specific points to achieve maximum damage by pulsing energy through enemies, this can also be used to burn or conduct energy into the enemy or ally, for specific needs.
Using his Element Belt Charger, he can also reverse or manipulate the forms of bio-electricity to his armor, rendering him invisible to the eyes of normal man and riders, however, certain riders can detect him even when he does that, and those are the riders who also are the ones he is trying to avoid. His nanomolecular composed armor can also be used to restore his external armor back to normal endlessly by charging it his Belt Charger, however, he can't use it in conjunction with his invisibility and while healing himself, he uses massive energy and it takes time, making him vulnerable to attacks.
Initially, the person behind Zynos, was a troubled teen, who became involved after apparently found a trunk belonging to his father in his old house after his father has moved on to the next world. His visit bought him to a strange light which he encountered with the Zynos Artifact. However, fate twists it so that he was caught in the war when 4 creatures attacked him. Incidentally, he was not aware of what is happening and could not fully use the Zynos artifact.
In this untimely disturbance, he was rescued by Aerios, whom shamelessly demanded a payment from the unsuspecting teen. Aerios knew he has the power of invisibility and used the teen to his advantage, his payment was to have the teen in his invisible form to steal vital data of the directors and use it against them. However, halfway across the mission, as he was leaving, Vestige was battling some of the creatures that are intending to attack the President's daughter near the hospital. Vestige's vision showed that Zynos was sneaking something and was suspicious, in his rider form, he asked Zynos to reveal himself fully and sought to ask him what is he doing and is he the one who plans to attack the President's daughter.
When he could not answer, Aerios came out and attacked Vestige. Confused and in fear, Zynos left quickly and ran to hide himself, he was later found by Xavin. Xavin (Nagato) informed him of what he has became and offered to help him use his powers for the greater good, however, Zynos himself thinks otherwise and wanted out of this situation, he tried approaching Aerios again afterwards to pass the information, and hopefully, to get out of this.
Little did he know that the vengeful Aerios attacked him in the open to steal the Zynos Artifact from him, it was then when Ignis came up after hearing cries for help, and showed Zynos how to use his Belt Charger and Elemental Chargers.
Since Zynos (the current wielder) is not the chosen wielder, he could not understand how to use the artifact to maximum efficiency. The true user however, is another female college student, who was chosen to be the one to wield the Zynos, but was denied when the teen took it to his own use, she vows to take back from him even if she has to kill him, and engaged the help of Aerios under the guise of helping him to take his revenge.
Ignis (Fire and Wind)
Ignis is of Elements Fire and Wind, both are elements that compliment each other, much like Zynos. Fire is given more life by the power of wind, which is why Ignis has a final move that surrounds him in a fiery tornado called "Infernal Storm" that renders him near impossible to be attacked, and can cause a damage so great over a massive area.
Ignis' specialty lies in his "Instant Trace" receptive skill, he can use any of the rider's weapons, operate any firearm, and knows everything about using his Element Chargers to get the maximum effect, is known to be the most energy efficient and most destructive when armed with his long range weaponry.
His arsenal includes: Ignition Rod - Infernal Storm, general weapon, good for offense at mid range.
Ignition Disc - A powerful disc that can fly in any direction, and move very fast, cuts everything in its path and very destructive.
Ignition Drive - His rider kick specialty, a device that attaches to his thigh allows him to charge his rider kick 3 times the speed and allows him to change his direction of the kick in mid-air, as well as propel his speed towards the kick, and propel him upwards to charge at enemies in the air. He can also use it to move faster on ground.
Ignition Cross - His back device allows him to change his rod into a spear in the shape of a crucifix at the tip, this allows him to stab enemies and slash them as well, also grants him Extension Ignite which he plunges the spear into the enemy and igniting fire within the enemies innards, burning the enemy from the inside, this cost a massive amount of energy.
Ignition Overdrive - His Belt Charger allows him to charge to 9 Element Chargers, greatly increasing his destructive power for his Infernal Storm.
Ignition Harpoon - His Artifact materializes a large cannon like gun that can be attached to his rider bike, spearing the enemy far away and pulling them near to him.
Ignition Executioner - Breaking his rod in two, he creates two similiar rods from the separated two, making four rods controlled by his mind and making his arsenal look like six arms, allow him attacking power increase and agility increase.
Ignition Missile - Materializing on his bike, he can fire Anti Air Missiles or Long Range Piercing Missiles as well as Excavation Bombs (large bombs that fly at ground targets, explodes in a fashion that shocks the earth and causing tremors, this will stop enemies from moving while the explosion burns them).
His Rider bike is also the most special, while Zynos is on his Magnetic Levitation, his bike can manipulate flows of air, and fly with the wind, making him the second rider that can fly with assistance. His bike also can chase down targets and travel in Jet Form, allowing it to move past the sound barrier on flight at very low attitudes and attacking enemies with short firing Rider Machine Guns and Jet Form Missiles. However, all this superior ability will mean once activated, he cannot turn into his rider form again for 5 hours, making him a vulnerable target if his enemies are not defeated by then. Being a Wind element rider, he excels in evading enemies as well, his movements can cause windy situations, distracting enemies to miss their attacks as well as making him move like the wind, evading attacks and allowing him to detect potential attacks aimed at him by detecting the direction of the flows of air around him.
Ignis is wielded by a man who loses interests for his own life before he was passed the Artifact by a woman, whom was the original Ignis, in the last moments before her death, killed by Aerios, who seeks to eliminate the flying competition and the potential threat. No one knows why he cared so much for something that was not even his in the first place, but sources told of him having a certain relationship with the original female Ignis, but nothing was proven yet.
The man also found a new path in life when he starts working with Vestige in the orphanage and soon found himself living his life to defend the children from harm. He shares a common interest with Vestige's love for anime, but freely admits that he likes them rather than hiding behind a professional image, has no stable job before he becomes a orphanage helper, was a known junkie and sought by many police interested in nabbing him. Under the protective detective, who is his uncle, he evaded arrests thus far. His uncle is the one who is fully supporting his job at the orphanage and is convinced that he has changed to become a better person.
Vestige (Earth and Steel) Vestige is of the Elements of Earth and Steel, both important elements that represent the strong, and the defensive, he has the thickest armor among the riders, and is considered invulnerable by most riders because of his superior defensive artifact, and his superweapon Vestige Aegis, a nanomolecular composed shield that covers the wielder from any harm, no matter what it is for a short time that consumes massive amounts of energy. Using the vestige for others is possible, but is generally not the case, legend has it that the first of the Vestige from 3500 years ago in the invasion war, used his weapon to shield the then leader, so to bring forth a large area of destruction that determined the outcome that led to the end of the invasion war.
Vestige does not have superior ability in offense, his general weapon includes a rounded shield (which extends to become Vestige Aegis), and a short sword attached behind the shield. His armor represents that of a Spartan design, it has figures of saints surrounded by holy fire, marked with black chrome across the chest. Vestige is agile and is high in intelligence, his receptive skill "Shield of Glory" allows him to manipulate the strength of his armor, he can take more damage over a long period of time, although this slows him down by a little, he is easily the one rider that outlasts the others in stamina, and defense, allowing him advantage if he fights stronger enemies. His special power is Rider Kick, and uses his shield to ram against enemies, this can usually take down many at one time but is slow to charge (10 seconds).
Being of Earth element, the wielder also has a skill that uses 4 Element Chargers to do called "Unmovable Earth" that allows the user to root to the floor of a place, the area, within 500 M is unable to be move, and user cannot move as long as this ability is activated, allowing the user to hold his ground (say blocking a doorway or defending against a bottleneck).
The Rider behind Vestige is a troubled teen who has a distinctive taste and liking for anime, has a long term dream in becoming his own voice actor one day but suffers from having a croaking voice, and has no formal vocal training. His poor family divorced when he was only 15, forcing him to become the protector and caretaker of his siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother with a very kind orphanage where he regularly donates his pay to as a firm accountant. He chooses to become the rider, and was given Vestige by Koenig himself after Koenig witnessed his situation. He was convinced that Vestige has the ability to become the strongest among the riders, and one who will serve him loyally, unfortunately, for Vestige, his ultimate agenda was to pass the strength to his brother when he has matured, and turn back into a normal human for the sake of his broken family. His brother however, hungers greatly for his power, but is unable to convince Vestige currently to let him wield the power, his mindset of a sixteen year old troublemaker worries Vestige a lot.
His betrayal and refusal to help Koenig was of course, a critical problem, he now tries to avoid attention from Koenig as much as possible, and Rovic was trying to hunt him down to take him back to Koenig, however, Rovic also had an agenda of his own and makes a temporary truce with him until Rovic successfully completed his research, of which he promised he may be able to take only the Artifact with him and leave the current Vestige back to his human business, which Vestige was all too happy to accept the conditions. He is able to avoid Koenig thus far by Rovic's help.
Vestige Rider form is also the only two between Ignis and him to be able to see Zynos in his invisible form.
+++Aerios (Wind and Steel) Known as the only rider with a set of wings, which are generally used as weapons, this rider is a strong offensive type. He carries Aerios Wings or Icarus Wings as dubbed by historians, and can freely fly or use it to increase his speed on land. However, his flight will drain his energy heavily due to artifact's damage over the ages, but nonetheless, he is a skilled fighter who uses his wings to execute damage by cutting his enemies with edges of his metallic wings.
Aerios wings are also his weapons, he can enlarge the metallic feathers he picked from his set of wings and make them into swords, the swords are generally like homing missiles, and can be fired at enemies on the ground or in the air, the damage is pretty heavy if one does not defend against them when coming from behind or multiple directions, Aerios can control the flow of the air and make his missiles of swords change directions. While Ignis is the one who normally is able to break all the swords with his harpoons or arsenal, Aerios can regenerate the swords faster from his wings and can fire almost endless rounds of attacks.
His agility in ground to air battle also means he is skilled in using his wings to cut others, swooping down from above and slashing others was among his skills, on ground level, his wings acts as both a shield and swords for his usage, although he is easily the weakest when on the ground, he can use his wings to form into a bunker like form, the bunker will have his feathers aimed outwards, warding off attacks from enemies like a cactus would. It can also explode and sends the sword-like feathers in a barrage of debris and hurt others who dared to come near or within range.
Aerios is slow on ground, and weak, but his Belt Charger offers him to change into Wingless Form, or commonly known as Fallen Icarus Form, wrapping his body in a metallic sheet-like reflective armor, this greatly increases his overall agility on ground and able to battle in close combat with maximum maneuveribility and mobility. This form will usually see him in his bike, as with his wings, he rather fly to prevent aerodynamic drag. Fallen Icarus Forms grants the rider a standard sword like weapon and allows him to use a ground level only rider kick, unlike his Wing Form, of which he can dive down and execute the rider kick from above.
Aerios and the person behind him is a vengeful soul who is a doctor.
Having been years as a general practitioner, he finallly makes a break into practicing what he loved best, as a child theraphist he has always wanted to do after having his PhD granted by a respected university, however, competition from another few hospitals caused him to miss the oppurtinity, he was very dissapointed but vowed to work harder. Soon, he joined a hospital as a child theraphist practitioner as to his life long dream. However, some very wary and very twisted politician directors wanted him out, when he refused, a plot was set up to get him into a scandal.
The scandal became true when his PhD was mysteriously stolen and erased from his safekeeping, and soon everyone was convinced he got into the field intending to molest little girls in a hospital and he was sent to jail through a lawsuit. He became a vengeful doctor from here on.
By chance, he formed a relationship with one of the inmates, whom was regularly called insane, and found out that he holds the artifact to himself in dormant form, the artifact was no other than Aerios Artifact, which for the insane man who spoke of how he could fly, was no longer able to be activated, but he doesn't know why. Aerios gotten the artifact from him, and became the new Aerios.
Using his new found ability, he broke out of prison and executed his revenge on the people who brought him down, however, he failed when Xavin rescued them, after of which, he plots to eliminate all the other riders who oppose him in order to take his revenge on those very people, whether he will succeed will now depend on his powers and how he controls them, thus far, he was wary not to overuse his ability and plans to strike deep at those people and their families. Although he faces opposition from so many of the riders, he was hard and fast on his ultimate agenda and was addicted to doing evil, although his heart as a child therapist has not changed, when he visited the orphanage in plainclothes, he attended to a troubled child, and in her eyes, he saw the old him, and sought to change himself, but his vengeful side took hold of him and he was put back into the destructive path, the little girl he spoke to was no other than the child of Tyvius, whom he is an enemy to.

See this guys, I got the whole thing for a TV show figured out. I hurt myself reading this Chuunibyou entry. and in case it isn't obvious, Yuuji Nagato LOOKS like Yuuki Nagato. (the Haruhi alien/space Ai whatevs but this entry technically predates Haruhi so erp erp) and is also what I wish was a PERFECT SCHOOL LIFE.

if I read it now I realized how awfully complicated each character is... their so called intersecting fates and all that, and that each and everything about this Rider System screams complication like no other... Chargers, Elements, Nature... combining which element, and which one has a weapon which has not... they each could make a show about another similar system and it would spawn ten miniseries but noooooo it has to be one.
Far fetched claims of ancient history- check, describing the entire human influence of a mega-corp intending to use the power of the System, check... ergh.
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yeah Pesco, I was such a Riderfag had I been any more Riderfagging than I was I would wear the full suit and go cosplay on any normal day. that is how bad it was. I literally walk pass windows and reflective surfaces and had to LARP. HAD TO.
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This thread is making my eyes water with a strange pink colored mixture of tears and blood.
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I feel less bad about simply not finding the time to enter now. P: I had the idea I wanted to do, but not the time to implement it sadly.
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Yeah, sure. I made my submission in half an hour. What now, wise guy?
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