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Phantasm Abridged! (Auditions Open)
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Audition Video:

Have you ever wanted to see an abridged Touhou? Have you ever wanted to be part of an abridged Touhou? Well, now's your chance! (If you wanna participate, just read below.)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the audition video for Phantasm Abridged, a parody of the anime, "Memories of Phantasm" which is based on the Touhou Project series. I know my track record for hosting dubs and stuff haven't been so great, mostly because of lack of interest, (Pac-Man Abridged, I'm looking at you!) but I want this project to see the light of day! Let's get started!

If you want to audition, here are the rules:

1. Have a decent quality microphone
2. Be responsible enough to send in your lines on time!
3. Actually put some emotion into your audition. (Patchouli is an exception, as she naturally sounds dull)
4. Just because the majority of the cast is female, doesn't mean males can't audition for the females too! This is an abridged series, so go for it! :D
5. Good luck and have fun!
6.If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I don't bite! (I'm a very shy person xD)

Remember to send your audition either by PM, my email, ( or to my Skype (thegreenthunder12)

(Optional) Also, in your audition video, (Or if you plan to record it on a WAV file and send it to me) state who you are, your Youtube Channel name, and what character you're auditioning for before you start.

Major Characters:

Reimu Hakurei: OPEN
Audition line: "What, you think I'm gonna be the hero all the time, I have a life! Um....sorta."

Marisa Kirisame: OPEN
Audition line: "Finally! Looks like I'm gonna be the hero! What could possibly go wrong?"

Sakuya Izayoi: OPEN
Audition line: "It might look like my knives are plastic.....okay, maybe they are. Don't tell anybody, though."

Remilia Scarlet: OPEN
Audition line: "For the last time, "I AM NOT A LOLICON! Now you're just asking for trouble!"

Flandre Scarlet: OPEN
Audition line: "For someone who's been locked up in a basement 495 years, you'd think I would've gone insane---wait, I' ALREADY insane......AAHAHAHHAHAHAAAHAH?AHAHAHAH!!!"

Patchouli Knowledge: OPEN
Audition line: "Flandre, just go back to the basement. I don't want to deal with Remilia's constant bitching."

Yuyuko Saigyouji: OPEN
Audition line: "Not only am I spooky, I'm also the master of beautiful colors! Too bad I never became an artist..."

Yukari Yakumo: OPEN
Audition line: "Why did you invite the mind reader? I've already been mind-raped TWICE already!"

Minor Characters: (Audition lines are in the Word document:

Aya Shameimaru: OPEN

Sanae Kochiya: OPEN

Satori Komeji: OPEN

Ran Yakumo: OPEN

Suika Ibuki: OPEN

Alice Margatroid: OPEN

Other minor roles (Youmu, Nitori, Orin, Utsuho, Cirno, Kanako, Suwako, Koakuma, and Daiyousei) will be voiced by me.

Aaaaand that's everything! Good luck and have fun!  Show less
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