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To dig two graves
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:00:45 PM »
Alone in the corner was a little girl in a silken garb of white and blue.
Her hair was gold as wheat, her skin white as snow.
From her mouth was a song of sorrow,
From her eyes was a rain of tears.

"Mother," said she with a sob. "Help me, for I am lost!
Here be thy daughter, alone and forsaken in a strange land!
Open the road home, that I may be with thee once more;
I have triumphed over thine enemies-- they shan't trouble thee no more
But they have triumphed over me, for they have sealed my way to thee!"

The girl's sobs had fallen unto open ears;
A man had seated himself nearby and, with gentle ears,
Heard of the little girl's silent sorrow.
"Shed no tears, young one," he told her. "For while thou livest liveth hope.
A child of the world of red thou art, I presume?
The way there was sealed, I had gathered, by a maiden garbed in blood and snow.
Does it not stand, then, that her death would undo the seal,
and leave you free to return to thine mother's arms?"

"Heard thine words, I do," said the little girl. "But I have heard of an ancient demon,
garbed in the colours of the emperors, who doth guard her life.
This life of mine is forfeit, should I slay the maiden."

"Then slay the demon first," said the man. "Slay the demon, and the maiden shall yield before thee and thine blade."

[-To Be Continued]
Alright. I'm running out of time, so I'll post this as it is. Good thing I managed to finish up to the ending of this part.
Expect the continuation within a month.
And maybe a refinement of this post.