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Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
« on: August 10, 2009, 08:58:55 PM »
A fresh new profile thread, as we move into the permanent phase of the game. The old one was rather cluttered with inactive players. If you're still interested in playing, please repost your profiles here and make any amendments as necessary.

Registrations are now locked, though very, very special provisions can be made for people interested in joining late, though it will require a lot of work and discussion with the GMs.

All of you know the game rules and such so I'm sure I don't have to repost that.

The current default limit is one Team Gensokyo character and one RAI character. If you've created extra characters beforehand then you may keep them. There is also a limit of 5 partners each. Any remaining unpaired characters will be redistributed later. Priority will be given to those with less partners.

Partner swapping is allowed, but must be RPed.

Now, characters still available to pick up are:

Currently up for rescuing from RAI

Currently up for rescuing from the yakuza
Kana Anaberal

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Rin Satsuki

Perfect Cherry Blossom:

Immaterial and Missing Power:

Imperishable Night:
Wriggle Nightbug

Phantasmagoria of Flower View:
Medicine Melancholy

Mountain of Faith:
Suwako Moriya

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:

Subterranean Animism:
Undefined Fantastic Object:
Ichirin Kumoi

Highly Responsive to Prayers:

Story of Eastern Wonderland:

Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream:


Lotus Land Story:

Mystic Square:

Youki Konpaku
Layla Prismriver


How to write a profile:
Fill out the following character sheet. Feel free to add any additional details.

Picture: (optional)
Strength: (can be a personal trait, or a skill, or whatever. e.g. endurance, intelligence, cooking, etc. Nothing over the top please.)
Weakness: (this can be fun ? things like fear of spiders, intolerance to spice, allergy to pollen, etc.)
Home: (current settlement in Karuisuwa)
Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)
Visual Description:
Partners: (Your in-game partners)
Fun Facts (optional):
Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)


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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Mitaka/Mikoto/Baby Miyo-chan
Gender: Male
Age: 18/2 (is currently a baby girl)

Strength: Foolishly simple one-track mind (can be a weakness at times), rather stupid courage, quick wit, some semblance of intelligence, perseverance, reckless is a surprisingly good cook.

Weakness: Blindness (lost use of his eyes in a recent mission), Foolishly simple one-track mind (can be a strength at times), average human mana supply (relative to the other players, which puts him at an extreme disadvantage), intolerance to spicy food, fear of heights, fear of the dark

Home: Saniwa Shrine/Inn

Occupation: Staff member of the Saniwa Shrine/inn. Is slated to be one of its cooks.

Visual Description: Simple, open expression on a face with sharp, well-defined features. Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, a rather large nose. Thin and wiry, product of typical British education and upbringing.

Personality: Simple, naive. A little laid-back. Lacks personal ambition. Fiercely passionate about helping others. Couldn't stand still when people are suffering before him. Has something that can pass for intelligence under casual observation, but not exactly good with reading situations and reading between the lines. Can make up plans on the fly, however. Can be painfully sarcastic at times.

Partners: Reimu, Suika, Ruukoto, Marisa, Alice

History/Background: (for the purposes of this story, since I somehow started with a Japanese name) A former Japanese expatriate who was raised in Britain. He had returned to Japan for what he thought was going to be a brief holiday during his gap-year. However, he ended up straying into Gensokyo with a number of other outsider adventurers after getting involved with them in a drinking game (he doesn't even drink normally). In Gensokyo he found himself lost and alone in the forest of Magic. Stumbled around for 2 weeks, narrowly escaping becoming youkai food a good few times. He was finally rescued by Reimu when he was on the verge of becoming spider food alongside Cirno and Rumia (who head tried to rescue from the spider's web). Reimu offered him shelter for a while and they quickly became good friends. Through her he became friends with a good few other Gensokyo inhabitants, including Suika, Ruukoto, Mima, Alice, and Marisa.

Fun Facts (optional):
- Is nicknamed 'Taka-kun' by Reimu.
- Is nicknamed 'Deodorant' by Jeremy Nezu, product of a pseudo acid-trip he had after initializing his contract with Yukari. Probably a play on the Armpit joke.
- Reimu is nicknamed 'Armpits' by the very same Jeremy. Probably good to note.
- His team has been nicknamed team FUBAR (F'ed Up Beyond All Repair) over the fact that his team's the weakest of the lot, thanks to his average human mana supply being split 6 ways.
- He has a cat/mouse relationship with Gpop and has taken to calling him 'Lollipop' in retaliation to his calling him 'Deodorant'.
- Now uses Suika as a 'guide dog' and gets headbutted by her each time he points that out.
- Is currently a baby girl.

- Is very good friends with Reimu, Ruukoto, Marisa and Suika. Is now an elder brother to Suika.

- A little at odds with Alice, but they've struck a chord of cooperation at the very least. Alice has resigned herself to being his partner. Mitaka is working on returning her confidence.

- There is tension between him and Gpop at the moment, mostly due to a slight turn on Mitaka's part. They have reached a sort of love-hate level of relationship, where they let their fists speak and pain understand, the manly way. Perhaps they are good friends?
- Gets along well with Jeremy (who seems to pity him somewhat). Trusts him a lot and considers him to be one of the most level-headed and reliable people in the team. Always appreciates his opinion on team-related matters. Is on speaking terms with Yukari but not exactly friends. Yukari seems to harbour some deep-seated resentment towards him for reasons he does not quite understand.

- Has started to become good friends with Taihou who has agreed to assist him with the shrine. Sakuya seems rather cool towards him though, or perhaps she's just that way with everyone. Mitaka feels sorry for Taihou for he has to keep up with Mokou's mischief. He respects Keine greatly though, both for her intelligence and wisdom and her ability to keep Mokou in check. Is rather worried about Mokou's frequent scuffs with Kaguya.

- Is starting to understand the enigma that is Amarillo. Friendship may blossom. Doesn't know Lily that well yet. Is rather awed by Amarillo's amazing abilities and deep insights.

- He believes Owlbear is a real demonic overlord. He considers Owlbear to be a sort of big-brother figure to the team, rough and gruff, yet good-natured and caring. He feels a little uncomfortable around Shinki, mostly due to the fact that he's current contracted to her daughter (and failing miserably at mana provision). He doesn't know the rest of Owlbear's team all that well yet.

- Hasn't spoken much to Hiroko or Parsee, really. But he still remembers that they helped him out of a hole back in Gensokyo. He admires them for their bravery in volunteering for the suicide mission onboard the Sky-Ray.

- Hasn't spoken much to Sumire or Aya either, but he has great respect for their information gathering skills.

- Hasn't spoken much to Sho, but he is somewhat impressed by his ability to manage Yuyuko's appetite. He considers Sho to be one of the most level-headed people in the team and appreciates his opinions on team-related matters.

- He is awed by ThirtyFour. They say men judge each other by their rides. A Challenger 2, Britain's pride and joy, is enough to impress any Englishman...or scare them into submission...He's a little scared of Rika and has worked hard to keep her away from Ruukoto.

- He has mixed feelings regarding Alex. He respects him for his strength as a martial artist but does not approve of his wanton slaughter of the yakuza in the park (though he thought that last person who shot Lily at least deserved some punishment, though that was an awfully harsh one that Alex put him through).

- He thinks McWallace is a real highlander. Fears Eirin somewhat. While he believes McWallace is a bit funny in the head, he believes that McWallace is straight and true and is definitely reliable in difficult situations.

- He feels Yoh is a kindred spirit. Is intimidated by Meira. Is a little concerned about his crossdressing tendencies. He is rather awed by Yoh's recent abrupt growth and aspires to work hard to be like Yoh.

- Considers Kojiro to be a good natured, bright spirit, who is always around and eager to help. He finds Kojiro easiest to talk to and share with. He is very much awed by Kojiro's approach to life and problems, and finds his easy-going attitude in the face of danger both enviable and impressive, but at the same time worrying. He's a bit scared of Remilia.

- Hasn't spoken to Pearl much yet. Considers her to be a kind soul though.

- Thinks there is something fishy with Austin. Hasn't spoken much to him just yet. Doesn't trust Nitori within a mile of Ruukoto.

- Doesn't trust Marx much.

- Hasn't spoken to Anthony much just yet, but believes he is a good fellow comrade, worthy of their trust.

- Has only seen Nate once, and only in passing. Is rather worried about the Watatsuki sisters meeting Reimu.

Additional Information/Background/History:
Is currently blind due to an injury caused by dark mana overload.


My RAI Force 1 character

Name: Miguel 'Mig' Sawyer
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Strength: Compassion, MI6 secret service training, cooking abilities,
Weakness: Hotheadedness, terrible at social skills, can't interact with others, reserved, is terrible with children, fear of death
Home: an apartment block near the Saniwa Inn
Occupation: Teacher at a local school
Visual Description: Tall, lanky, with short, spiky black hair and brown eyes, rather prominent nose, sharp features with rather heavy eyebrows.
Personality: Reserved, not social, finds it difficult to speak to others, but is compassionate and kind inside. Feels for others, especially the innocent. Hotheaded, severely. Fears death.
Partners: Lyrica, Lunasa
History/Background: MI6 trained agent, a complete newbie, sent to Japan to join a joint-intelligence team, RAI Force 1. His first mission was to capture a number of civilians at the Yatsugatake National Park, for unknown reasons. He had his misgivings but endured it anyway. 3 weeks later he ended up a test subject for project Harbinger, a cabinet 42 project to create teams of supernatural beings bound to humans for use in supernatural warfare.
Fun Facts (optional):
- Terrible with children, and yet he has been asked to teach in a local school.
- His subject is Mathematics. Funnily enough, he finds Cirno in his class later.
- He's also a homeroom teacher.
- He's also been slated to be the supervisor of the necromancer's society. What?!

Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Picture: Zei

Name: Zei Akabane

Gender: Male

Age:  14

Strength: Infinite well of Mana, Moderate strength and fit.

Weakness: Nekomeidos. ._.

Home: Opposite Mansion

Occupation: None

Visual Description: Tall, dark-brown hair, a bit white.

Personality: Caring, Sacrificial, (somehow)Loving, CAN BE rude-mannered if provoked.

Partners: Flandre, Mystia, Reisen, and Shizuha

History/Background: Originally lives in United States. Was living a normal life until Yukari came along. Landed in Gensokyo thanks to her. Found by Reimu. Lived in Hakurei Shrine for 2-4 weeks. (somehow moved, due to Yukari again.)Moved to SDM after Winter(?). Lived there ever since.

Fun Facts :
- Came to Gensokyo right after capturing one of IN's Last words, but it was due to Yukari's mishaps.
- Was a bit of traveller around Gensokyo, seeing what place was safe enough to live
- Has met Yuka, but it wasn't that nice. Zei thought that she wasn't there and ended up Sparking the area. Yuka woke up and Dual Sparked him. He was lucky enough to gap out of the way and back into SDM.
- USED to live in Hakurei Shrine, till Aya showed up.
- DID, infact, have the ability to gap, almost similar to Yukari's. She then told Youmu and then she thought that I was her son.
- Friend of Medicine, but not that close.
- As soon as he got into the Mansion, he immediately helped Flandre get out of the basement more often. Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, and even Remilia was a bit impressed by this feat. As soon as he went back to the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu pestered him about where he went. Aya showed up and pestered him about being either Reimu's or Flandre's "lover". As of that event, he never went to the Shrine ever since.
- Survived in Former Hell, due to semi-immortality.
-Gets called "Cirnoass" by Koji.

Thoughts of other outsiders:
Koji: Well..he's a friend of mind, but could laugh at any given thing there is. Can't believe he's actually doing ANYTHING to make sure nothing happens to Remilia. What a nice guy..

Gpop: Don't know him much, but he kinda surprises me in some way or another.

Jan: At first, I thought he was going to raid the Mansion, but turns out to be a Tourist. Weird though.. ._.

Relations with Gensokians:

Reimu: Ahaha, she's such a bitch, but she seemed a bit helpless due to no one visiting her shrine. Too bad it was destroyed by those UNGRATEFUL bastards.

Yukari: ..Not much to say about her. ._.''

Marisa: Seems nice, outgoing, a bit crazy, but all in all, LAZY. ._.

Yuyuko: There really isn't much to say about her than from what happened last time I talked to her. I can tell you this though, 'Innocent look = Guranteed death'.

Youmu: Guh...within a mather of time with Koji, she's already EXTREMELY skilled with swords. Goddamn.. ._.

Medicine: Seemed pretty harmless, but mistaked me for a youkai.

Yuka: Evil. One word to describe it all.

Relations with own team:

Flandre: I've cared for her ever since I first met her. I'm pretty surprised that she's trying to control herself and make sure she doesn't kill anyone. That is just...plain sweet. I don't know how, but she just stole my heart by that. I'm sort-of impressed. o.o'

Shizuha: Yeah...she's pretty lonely since no one CARED about the Aki Sisters before Koji started to mention them. To answer your question.. NO, I AM NOT DATING HER. ._.' She's just like that.

Reisen: Lunatic rabbit that tells me what's right and what's wrong. Why her? I REALLY don't know..

Mystia: Seems caring since she makes sure everyone in the team is ok. Different from what I expected..
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Nathanial Theodore Wrist (Nate for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Strength: Highly intelligent, especially when it comes to folklore, mythology and the occult (he would be seen as the local authority on such matters were it not for the fact that relatively few people take him seriously).  Due to his research into the occult, he is also a self-taught mage, but his abilities are very limited at the moment (although he does have a lot of untapped potential).  Finally, he possesses what he thinks are "Mystic Eyes of Truth Seeing".

Weakness: Rather shortsighted without his glasses, and not exactly the paragon of physical ability either.

Home: A small apartment situated above "Lair of the Mishaguji".

Occupation: Owner of "Lair of the Mishaguji", a bookstore specialising in occult reference books and sci-fi/fantasy novels.  Not many people visit, but it somehow does enough business to allow Nate to survive and, more importantly, pay the rent.

Visual Description: Tall (over 6') yet very thin and pale, brown-blond hair which reaches halfway down his back and curls up at the end, dark blue eyes.  Wears a pair of glasses with small rectangular lenses.  Most often wears jeans, a long sleeved black t-shirt and a sleeveless navy blue jacket which appears to be almost completely comprised of pockets.  Actually, y'know what?  A picture says a thousand words.  Just imagine him with longer hair, and that's Nate.

Personality: Cheerful and polite to everyone he meets.  Usually rather quiet, but once he gets started talking it's very difficult to get him to stop.  Is very eccentric and has some incredibly strange ideas (he's believed in the existence of magic, youkai, Gensokyo and the Lunar Capital for a long time), which tends to put a lot of people off him and has garnered him a reputation as the town nutcase.  Pacifistic, and will only fight either in self defence or if something/one he cares about is being threatened and/or hurt.  If such a thing happens, he will do whatever it takes to make the culprit suffer (woe betide the person who tries to hurt Reisen in front of him).

Partners: Reisen II, Watatsuki no Yorihime Magical Warrior Lunablade, Watatsuki no Toyohime

History/Background: Originally from Britain, Nate transferred to Karuisuwa sometime during high school and has lived there ever since.  Quickly became rather infamous for his rather eccentric behaviour and ideas (most notably, his belief that there existed a secret hidden city on the moon populated by rabbits), to the point that few people would associate with him for fear of looking crazy.  Upon graduation, he began working in the Lair of the Mishaguji bookstore.  Not much happened for a few years until the store owner mysteriously disappeared, leaving the store (and the apartment) in Nate's hands.

A few days ago, whilst out walking, Nate ran into a strange, rabbit-eared girl who seemed in a panic for some reason.  She begged Nate to help her hide from the people chasing her and, not being one to refuse the request of a girl (especially one as cute as this), he complied and took her back to his apartment.  After she had calmed down, she told him that her name was Reisen, and that she was from a secret hidden moon city ("Insane theories one, regular theories a billion!"), which had somehow suddenly been destroyed.  She went on to explain that, whilst evacuating, she not only became seperated from her moon princess masters, but she was suddenly attacked upon arriving on Earth, and would most likely have been captured where it not for Nate's timely intervention.

After explaining this, Reisen suddenly remembered that she had to make a mana contract with someone in this world or she would die.  This left Nate incredibly flustered and embarrased before Reisen explained that, contrary to what he'd read, making a mana contract does not involve sex.  Half relieved and half disappointed, Nate agreed to the contract.  It was only afterwards that Reisen told him that she had to stay close by him as long as the contract was in place, leaving him slightly annoyed, although he still allowed her to stay at his place for the time being (well, it was either that or let her die, and he couldn't do that, could he?).  A few days passed, mostly uneventful save for Reisen helping out at the store, but she was still worried about her mistresses Yorihime and Toyohime. She eventually worked up the nerve to ask Nate to help her look for them, and by this point he couldn't really refuse a request from her.  Who knows, he might actually get to save some alien princesses, become a hero, and, most importantly of all, rub it in the face of everyone that he was right all along.

Fun Facts (optional):

* Despite only knowing each other for a few days, Nate and Reisen have already developed romantic feelings for each other, although neither has confessed yet and any attempt to do so from either results in several minutes of unintelligible muttering and awkward silence before one of them abruptly changes the subject.

* The seemingly infinite amount of pockets on Nate's jacket contain various items, including sellotape, scissors, craft knifes, random assortments of candy, various lengths of string, a notepad and pens, among other things.

* Among the books kept in Lair of the Mishaguji is one of the very few published copies of "The Non-Unified Magic World" by Prof. Y. Okazaki.  How such a rare volume managed to find it's way there is unknown, but Nate refuses to sell it to anyone.  (Nate is actually a very big fan of Yumemi's theories and work, and will most likely fanboy over her to an immense degree if they ever actually meet.)

* Reisen has in her possession her rifle and bayonet, but no ammo, and so will only use it as a spear for the time being.

*Magic: Nate is a magus of below average ability, although this is mostly due to the fact that he's almost entirely self-taught.  He'd likely be a lot better at it if he received any formal magical training as his actual magical potential is quite high.  However, for the time being, he still has trouble casting anything but the most basic spells.  He is reasonably adept with light spells, and has knowledge of quite a few offensive spells (although his success rate at casting them is rather low at the moment).  Nate is able to use reinforcement magic to a reasonable degree, but every attempt he makes at projection magic results in whatever he was trying to create being formed of crystal, which shatters into a million pieces soon after being formed.  His elemental affinity is Jewels, a sub-element of Earth.

*Notable magical abilities:
-Gemstones: Due to the volatile reaction he usually receives when casting offensive spells, Nate instead stores mana in various gemstones and uses them for offensive purposes instead.  Whilst the effects of the gemstones aren't nearly as powerful as those of a fully incanted spell, it allows for quick magical attacks that are free from the risk of miscasting and blowing up in his face.  Different kinds of gems have different elemental properties (ruby = fire, sapphire = water, etc.).

-Truth Seeing: The ability to see reality for what it truely is, bypassing all illusion and falsehoods.  Illusions caused by magic, mind control, intoxication, etc. do not affect Nate.  He is also able to see things that exist between the realms of the existant and non-existant.  Nate has had this ability for as long as he can remember, and has hypothesized that it may be a form of Mystic Eyes. 
In actuality, it is an unconscious manifestation of his Reality Marble, Lunatic Blue.

-Reality Marble "Lunatic Blue": A powerful and rare magical ability, which allows the user to temporarily overwrite the surrounding reality with a landscape representative of their soul.  Nate is currently unaware of his Reality Marble, as although it has already taken root in his mind, it has yet to manifest in the physical plane.

Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)


...I really need to update this at some point.  And add my RAI character if I ever finish her.  And find some why to smuggle Rin Satsuki into the game.  And...

...Yeah, I should get to work on this, I guess.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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All 3 of my characters.

Name: Demonlord OwlBear/Owlbear/Fukuma-chan (Shinki's affectionate nickname fo Owlbear after he was genderswapped)
Gender: Male Female
Age: 21 (now 6)

Strength: Rather adept with Mana, good when it comes to fighting with his fists, can take alot of abuse (both physically and mentally), rather creative and tends to experiment with things alot (usually CQC moves).

Weakness: Can NOT stand the scent of Vinegar the very smell of it makes him sick, Impulsive and usually doesn't think before he says or does things, one of his back teeth has a cavity in it if anything with sugar in it so much as grazes the tooth Owlbear will go mad with pain.

Home: Formely Pandemonium in Makai, Now Saniwa Shrine/Inn

Visual Description: Lanky build, rather tanned skin, black hair and deep brown eyes. Usually wears a black hooded jacket, white undershirt, and denim jeans. Never leaves home without his solid black sneakers which he considers good luck.

Personality: Nonchalant, somewhat lazy, impulsive, and sarcastic. He can be rough at times, holding true to his mindset of being a demon, but he means well in what he does. However, if you truly make him angry then be prepared to suffer a savage beating at the hands of Makai's Overlord. Shinki has an adverse effect on his personality; if she's anywhere near him when he's angry or upset he'll calm down by a large margin.

As a loli, Owlbear is far more energetic and brash than the male adult persona, and could be considered much more dangerous than the latter given how her mana reserves from being an Overlord are intact. However her bond with Shinki has all but increased to the point where she sees the goddess as her mother.

It is believed that Owlbear has feelings for Shinki and sees the rest of his team as their family. He's also deeply worried about Sara...

Partners (in-game)
-Shinki (Lover...supposedly)
-Yumeko, Yuki, Mai, Luize (Shinki's subjects from Makai)

History/Background: A black guy from the boring state of Virginia, born and raised there, Owlbear at first saw no interest in leaving the state which soon became the source for his vast contempt and hatred for the world (and people) around him. As time would go on, Owlbear found himself hanging out in the woods in his back yard just to get away from his home and the people he just couldn't stand anymore. One day however,  he stumbled upon an abandoned tunnel underneath an old plantation house. Bored, and generally intruiged, Owlbear ventured further down unaware that this would take him to a world that would help reshape his entire views on life.

After wandering the tunnel he later found himself falling through Border Space and came to land in Makai. Having no idea as to what to do, Owlbear resorted to his vast memory of the numerous 'Survivor man' shows he's seen...and later came to realize he had forgotten every thing about them. Still Owlbear attempted to rough in the Wildlands of Makai but was barely able to survive on what he had. Owlbear then gave a big Fuck you to nature and attempted to find civilization which would later lead to him passing out from exhaustion.

Sometime later, he later awakens in a room with a blonde maid watching over him, confused he asked where he was and Yumeko informed him that he was in Pandemonium, Shinki's palace and humble(?) abode. She told him that Shinki had found him passed out in the garden and had him brought in. Yumeko knew not as to why Shinki took him in, but she believes that it has something to do with her curiosity towards humans.

2 days later, Owlbear is back to full health and is set to head out, however before he does, he heads to Shinki's throne and thanks her for taking him in and offers his aide to anything she wishes for him to do. Shinki herself is intruiged by Owlbear (for humans rarely venture into Makai even if it's by accident, and even then there are still demons in Makai who run rouge in the wilderness) and in response requests that he become her vassal. She sees his ability to survive to be useful and believes that he can make a fine servant with the right training.

Owlbear accepts her offer and his servitude under Shinki begins on that same day. Along the way, Owlbear's met the many colorful demons that are under Shinki's rule and becomes fast friends with Yuki who gladly helps him out through most of his rougher times. Yumeko however doesn't take to slackers too kindly and swiftly whips Owlbear into shape. Overtime, Owlbear becomes one of the more trusted of Shinki's vassals and has even gained alot more strength than the average human could ever hope to have (Mai believes that he shouldn't even be called human anymore since his attributes far exceed a normal ones*). Owlbear's strength in both physical aspects and loyalty earn him a spot next to Yumeko as one of the strongest servants Shinki has ever employed.

Shinki and Owlbear grow rather close after he achieves such a title, and later tells him that she not only rules Makai, but created it as well. Absolutely stunned by this, Owlbear swiftly offers that he help her rule Makai knowing that it's a job fit for two people rather than one. At first Shinki declines, seeing as to how she's done a fairly good job on her own, bu Owlbear insists and claims he'll do it so she can finally 'relax like any good mother should'. A little touched by what he says to her, Shinki sways her answer and makes Owlbear the 2nd Overlord of Makai alongside herself. The two have worked hard together to reshape Makai into a better place for all demons and have even reshaped the god awful travel ageny that caused the Mystic Square incident.

Fun Facts
-Really enjoys sweets (He takes care not to chew anything sweet on the side with the cavity)
-Has a strong belief that he's an Overlord (or Demonlord) since he ruled Makai alongside Shinki, and has worked hard to prove it to others.
-He will fall asleep if you speak to him softly enough (I Am Not Making This Up).
-He's older than he looks; physically he appears to be about 16-17 years old, in reality he's actually 21.
-This is actually due to the maisma in Makai altering his body and soul. In short, Owlbear isn't really a human anymore, he's "Something Else", as stated from Mai. Neither human, but not completely demon either. This will later be expanded upon after Owlbear manifests and uses his first Special move.

Relationships (Harem~)
Shinki - Fellow Overlord, Blossoming Love
Yumeko - Servant (Formely), Teacher (Currently), Thinks he can be a little TOO reckless at times...
Yuki - Friend, Cheerleader, maybe thinking of him as something more(?)
Mai - Friend, Defrosting Ice Queen
Luize - Friend, Travel Encyclopedia

"Isn't it sad, Sara-chan? ;_;"

Relationships (Others)
Mikata - "Isn't he our leader?"/Brother like relationship, with him being seen as the older half.
McWallace - Watches Wrestling and Monster Trucks together. Basically a good party buddy~

Alice - Believes her to be his step daughter...
Eirin - Crazy ass doctor who he's rather uneasy around. Her partner, McWallace, is okay though...

Needs to work strengthening other Social Links Friendships...

-Gekido Punch (Currently manifesting)


Name: Shinjiro Kuroyama
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Strength: Skilled in the usage of Mana and Magecraft. His left eye (while appearing lazy at first glance) is actually his Mystic Eye of Abraxas which allows him to 'stone' things by looking at them...although it's not always as efficent as it sounds (see below)

Weakness: Shinjiro is 'thin-blooded' and thus cannot tolerate cold tempretures, heat however doesn't bother him. Because only his left eye houses the 'Mystic Eye' Shinjiro cannot fully control the power that the eye grants him (meaning the victim will only be somewhat stunned (or numbed) by his gaze, however it's full power will materilize if Shinjiro pushes the eye to it's limits). If he runs low on magic then he's practically worthless in a fight.

Home: Kuroyama Estate on the outskirts of town, only Yuugi, Tewi and Shinjiro know how to get there.

Occupation: Freelance Writer, Magus, RAI Agent

Visual Description: Rather tall individual, wavy medium length brown hair, his left eye is an empty greyish color while his right is its normal brown color. Attire consists of a black, longcoat, a set of matching pants and a white shirt. Has a cut like scar on his left eye proof that he might have resorted to surgery to implant the eye into his body.

Personality: An 'Arrogant Bastard' type of character has a huge ego that is only fueled by his supposed 'Greatness as a Magus'. He has very little regard for the lives of others, and will basically treat you like shit if he sees you as worthless. Needless to say, he doesn't exactly 'play well' with other people and usually comes off as a jerkass to them. Case in point, Shinjiro has absolutely no friends OR associates, and has lived most of his life in solitude away from 'the mongrels of society'.

However despite this he can be a well adept leader when the situation calls for it, using his wit and tact to make sure he wins in whatever scuffle he may have. Shinjiro however, refuses to lead RAI Agents unless he shows interest in them, for he feels that if he has enough interest to give them a second look then they must be worthy pawns to use in battle.

It is revealed that Shinjiro seems to hold some form of respect for his grandfather, Shirotaro Kuroyama.

-Tewi Inaba (Good Luck charm)
-Yuugi Hoshiguma (Muscle to balance out his high magic)
-Kana Anaberal (To be recruited later)

History/Background: A freelance novelist who's views on humanity is less than perfect. Shinjiro spent most of his days in college studying Magic, his grandfather's books and notes on the matter also seemed to help the aspiring Magus grow stronger in Magecraft. After college he spent most (if not all) of his time perfecting his magecraft and expanding his mana reserves via training, however he still retained his occupation of writing various novels which was able to provide money for daily needs. Due to his vast well of Mana, he was a perfect candidate to be selected by Rai Force to combat the supernatrual beings by forming a pact with several other beings, although disdained by the fact he must work with another (he already has Tewi to deal with), Shinjiro sees an oppurtunity in this...what this oppurtunity is for he won't say...

Currently, he is working to manifest his Reality Marble and strengthen himself for a coming invasion of the Saniwa far he is working on his physical endurance by sparing with Yuugi bare fisted and appears to have something in store for Tewi...

Fun Facts
-It is believed that the Mystic Eye he possess is not his own...but is infact someone elses.
-He is somewhat of an 'Extreme Omnivore' and sometimes develops a taste for unusual foods.
-Shinjiro's last name translates to 'Black Mountain'.
-His left eye will occasionally 'wander' making him look as if he has 'Googly Eyes'. 
-Beneath his arrogance he's actually somewhat paranoid and constantly believes his luck is running out, so maybe this mentality is what compelled him to form a life-bind contract with Tewi (e.g. Rabbits bring good luck).

Relationships (Team)
Tewi - Subordinate, Source of exasperation.
Yuugi - Subordinate (does commend her strength though)

Relationships (Other)
Shirotaro Kuroyama - Grandfather (Deaseased?)

Additional Information/Background/History: Somewhere between the time of training and his recruitment into Rai Force, Shinjiro found one Tewi Inaba passed out and apparently on the verge of wasting away from existance. Having read that supernatrual beings usually need mana to survive, Shinjiro linked his vast supply of mana to her thus saving the rabbit youkai's life in the process, however he seems to have something else in mind for keeping her around as he's stated that he did NOT save her out of kindness (that part of him died years ago).

- Noteworthy Abilities -

Magecraft/Magic - Being a magus this is pretty much a given. Shinjiro is well versed in this and is not afraid to wield it even if his opponent is not a Magus. His magic consists of numerous low level spells ranging from defensive to offensive to higher more advanced magecraft. Reinforcements are his most used of all his other magic spells, and he will commonly use it on objects in case he needs a quick weapon or shield. Because of Shinjiro's vast amounts of mana, it is advised that those who aren't magus' stay away from him...

Mystic Eyes of Abraxas - The eyes of the user paralyzes (or in severe cases even turns them to stone) the vitcim. Shinjiro only has one Mystic Eye active, so it's power is weakened and thus requires alot more effort to use at its's full potential.

Palms of Nihil - A form of magecraft that allows the user to cancel out the true purpose of any one of the victims attributes or abilities (be they magic or otherwise) and replace them with something that is false or contradictory to their nature. The end result is the ability, or attribute, cancelling itself out and either failing to work properly...or failing to activate all together. The true purpose that Shinjiro nullifies remains as such for about 10 minutes (tops) and is later restored to the user. Another method of restoring the ability is to KO Shinjiro, which will in turn cancel PoN's effects on the effected party.

Reality Marble -
"Mountain of Caerbannog"*: A reality overwriting ability that only a select few are able to recognize. They are the inner world of the one using them, a manifestation of one's true preception of reality and in this reality they are in complete and total control. Shinjiro's Reality Marble has yet to manifest itself in this world, but he is currently working to recognize it's power and use it for his own. What does this Reality Marble hold and what is it capable of? One cannot truly say...

*Credit to Theorist for the name~


Name: Toshiro Chiyudani
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Strength: Cooking, an expert in 'Dodgeball', respectively he has a powerful throwing arm as well.

Weakness: Math, His mental laziness, has a deep seeded fear of bald men, any sight of a mother and child will cause the repressed grief from losing his mother and yonger sister to resurface.

Home: Chiyudani Residence, Karuisuwa. Now Saniwa Shrine/Inn

Occupation: High school graduate, Holds a job as a Translator for various magazines and other printed works, slight hikkikomori. Plans to apply for college soon.

Visual Description: An averagely built individual, at least for a high school student, has hair of the dirty blonde color, eyes are an eerie shade of blue-ish grey. Casual attire usually consists of green t-shirt with a lightning bolt on the right shoulder the words 'Ziodyne' printed beneath said design. Pants are usually navy blue sweats.

Personality: Somewhat simple minded, but still a good person at heart. Toshiro likes things that are easy to see or get, however he dislikes things that are cryptic or tough to understand. Claiming that he dislikes being confused when it's really because he's a bit lazy mentally speaking and doesn't like solving complicated problems (which is why he absolutely HATES mathematics). Toshiro doesn't like others to worry for him, so in response he always keeps his true feelings inside to work out on his own.

Toshiro holds a deep well of regret and sadness within him even though he puts on a facade so that others won't worry for him. The death of the two most important people in his life have left him with a wound that took years to heal and mend, the fact that Toshiro's father wasn't around to help and worse usually didn't try to help only increased the amount of animosity he had towards him. By this point, Toshiro believes his father doesn't care about his family or that his mother and sister had died (even though apart of him knows that certainly is not the case), and treats him with disdain.

To make up for this, Toshiro often extends himself to help others with no expense to his own life. If he becomes attatched to that person then he will go out of his way to make sure they are safe. This stems from his fear that he may lose someone close to him once again (and explains why he's constantly watching out for Yamame and Orin).

Despite being the son of a RAI force agent (who's rank is currently unknown), Toshiro knows next to nothing about the agency itself, his father never actually telling him the whole story may be the source of his obliviousness to the whole thing.

-Yamame Kurodani (Tenant)
-Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou (Adopted Cat)

History/Background: An average Karuisuwa resident who recently graduated from high school and has pretty much lived the majority of his life in peace in the town of Karuisuwa. His mother and younger sister both died during an accident some time ago, leaving only him and his father who's usually away working (for RAI). He heard about the incident at the old shrine located somewhere in the outskirts of Karuisuwa from his fellow graduates via rumors and began to grow curious of it. As he heads up there he soon gets entangled in the ensuing chaos between the SWAT team and the Gensokyo foreigners. As the foreigners scatter, Toshiro notices that two of them didn't make it with their (supposed) friends and had apparently lost conciousness. Not wanting to leave a girl and her weird looking cat to bake in the sun, Toshiro carried the both of them to his home where he would tend to them, unknowing that he may have made one of the biggest mistakes in his young adult life...

Currently, he, Yamame and Orin have run away from home and are now living at the Saniwa Shrine/Inn.

Fun Facts
-His last name translates to "Healing Valley".
-Toshiro has only 5 Magic Curcuits within his being, said curcuits contains a reasonable amount of mana, which is enough for him to sustain Yamame and Rin (but in cat form), however, he does not have enough to use decent magecraft.
-The design on his shirt directly referances one of the 3rd level spells that can be cast in the Persona series.

Yamame - Friend, Voice of Reason
Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou - Adopted Cat, Slowly becoming friends

Relationships (Other)
Tetsuo Chiyudani - Father, Dislikes
Misaki Chiyudani - Mother/Son Love (Deceased)
Emiri Chiyudani - Protect at all costs!, Brother/Sister Love (Deaceased)
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Kojiro Celadon Hiragumi

Partners in story: Remilia, Minoriko, and Rumia

Gender: Male

Age: 22 

Main abilities  3
Manipulation of Energy - This ability allows him to control the flow of energy as well as convert it to another type of energy. Heat, Electricity, Light, Mana etc. Has more control over it for his own body than outside objects.

Swordsmage - Is proficient in swordmagic, has a few spells that add elemental properties to his nodachi "Monohoshizao" changing its form from a normal Nodachi to an elemental sword. Also has a wakizashi (short katana but bigger than a dagger) on his side. (nodachi's are normally placed on your back since they are particularly longer than normal katanas.

Fire - Blaze War  / can fire small fireballs that home a little.
Water - Flowing River / can shoot a stream of water.
Wind - Howling Gale / can create mini-twisters But can't move when they are being manipulated. great against airborne
Lightning - Pulsar / shoots lightning bolts but are straight shots.
Earth - Great Guardian /sticking sword in the ground brings up earth pillars in front of it. A defensive technique for the most part.
Light - Luminescence / causes a temporary blinding light.
Dark - Negative Illusion / has no special properties but normal attack strikes are shifted 90 degrees. (if i strike horizontally that attack is false and the real attack was vertical. Real attacks are perpendicular to the physical action. Takes more energy to use than the other elementals.
These elemental blades can be used as long as he can concentrate his mana into the sword and has energy to do it in the first place. Taking enough damage to lose concentration or if he drops his sword reverts it to Monohoshizao

Sword Style

Shukuchi - A type of movement that makes the legs work extremely fast. Get to point 4:05 to see it. 5:30 has the explanation, and 7:20 for a better look. Its an incredibly fast movement with a single powerful strike when the opponent is reached. Can't be used with an elemental sword as too much energy is involved.

Visual Description: Medium Height, Red Hair with a center parting and ponytail, wears a flaming styled Hakama.

(Pros)  Laid-back and carefree, protective, and accepting Fun-loving Humble. Doesn't really like to fight anymore but will raise his sword for the better good. (more or less taken a Kenshin approach to life)
(Cons) Can be pessimistic and indecisive. maybe even TOO laid back as he could be talked to doing anything or even tricked.

Fun Facts: loves spicy food, and video games, wants to catch up on all the FUN things he missed during his battles against Baal. Finds Gensokyo a very good and creative place to be. despite having a daughter she has no biological mother, and Pearl teases him constantly about "Get married already so i can have a mom!" Although he is very embarrassed about that he still isn't used to having a lover since Baal would normal kill her as soon as he was able to find what world he reincarnated into.
....loves Gummi candy as his comfort food.

Former Overlord who lost the strength to be an Overlord. Was once a human boy who had an encounter with the Lord of Terror Baal when he was accidentally summoned to his world and killed thousands including family friends and his loved ones. Taking a vow to kill the demon no matter what he became a demon himself and descended to the netherworlds. He quickly gained power and became known as Blade Overlord Kojiro. After thousands of years of warring with Baal killing each other countless times but reincarnating. He needed to find a way to stop his reincarnating cycles. Baal found the solution as well and after a final war Kojiro won with the help of many other Overlords he befriended. After the battles he took an extreme step to release a large portion of his power off into the cosmos, losing his overlord status, powers and abilities and started to live his life as ordinary Swordsmage. Years past and he reincarnated to the world linked to Gensokyo.

Relationships/Thoughts of other Outsiders.
Gpop: Likable guy, pretty normal other than his high mana output that he wishes to control. Pretty level-headed and considerate. One of those "will do anything for his loved ones" types and never thinks twice about protecting Koishi.

Zei: Friend before coming to Gensokyo. He's a bastard. Swears a lot and gets mad but overall fun S.O.B. Tried dating my daughter in the past but was turned down.

Jan: really smart guy, knows his philosophy. perfect match with Patchouli. I'm glad i gave him the link with her and Koakuma.

Taihou: Remilia's butler and friend of mine because of it. Normally don't see him around when at the SDM but he's strong and dependable. Is almost Sakuya's twin they are so similar. Dam skilled with a knife and learned that firsthand with him.

Hiroko: Cute girl. Crazy with a gun. Fought with her during the Sky Ray incident. Thinks she's okay. Seems a little mellow?

Relations with other Gensokyians.
Flandre: she's tryin really hard to control herself for Zei. This can be very good for her. She seems more docile now.

Sakuya: she's kinda cold towards me i think...maybe because i'm Remilia's BF or something

Patchy: she's REALLY soft-spoken. she wants to read the books in my library and has been a bit nicer to me since then.

Koakuma: really cute little devil. I like her. kinda have a big bro relationship with her currently

Youmu: apprentice of mine. She wanted to become stronger and i offered to teach her what i can. Taught her the Tsubame Gaeshi attack among other things. Very loyal and protective.

Relationship with Own Team
Remilia: Despite not having any of her powers she still acts like she does. Currently in a tsundere-ish relationship with him. Despite being a mistress she was rather lonely and felt like she didn't really have any friends at all. Is haughty and sometimes selfish. both of them are taking strides into love together. Her only fear is her Father who she ran away to Gensokyo to escape from.

Minoriko: has a little sister/ big brother relationship. she wasn't that strong to begin with so she doesn't feel any more different than she already did. Is friendly with Koji and cautious of Remilia (devils and gods just aren't a good mix)

Rumia: met her numerous times on the way to the SDM. and numerous times she tried to attack him. Once she was starving and he gave her some food he had stored (a sandwhich) she enjoyed it and became his friend and promised to not try to eat him again.  Thanks to reconditioning (brainwashing/memory erasing) however, ironically she attacked him during the Sky Ray incident and their battle was much more serious. There's also 2 personalities living in her. Another darker but more refined and mature Rumia before she was sealed away it seems. She also hates humans.

Kojiro in a nutshell
Think of him like this:
If you've seen "Rouroni Kenshin" he's basically a mix of Kenshin Himura and Sojiro Seta. Kenshin's laid back attitude and above average physical abilities with Sojiro's (also calm/laid back way) Shukuchi, with elemental blades inspired from the games "Brave Fencer Musashi" or "Musashi Samurai Legend".

Name: Pearl Dashon Tsubame

Age: looks 17

Partners: Komachi, Elly and (maybe) Shikieiki.

Strength: Life/Healing Magics

Occupation: Chef and Clothes/plush maker

Personality: supportive, smart and creative.  However, turns yandere-ish when she strongly feels for something.

Fun Facts: Kojiro's daughter.  Has taken to using the scythe and/or dual wielding blades lately, since moving to this world she studies the trends in food and collectible dolls. A former celestian with a sentimental touch.

(to be written soon)
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Austin Magree a.k.a. "Etch E Sketch"

Gender: male

Age:  18

Strength: a killer right hand and good sense for technology. Also aflicted with
Crios of Unknown power

Weakness: insects. of all kinds.

Home: Destitute

Occupation: Wanderer

Visual Description: White hair, slightly tanned. Wears shorts to the knees, a plain grey white shirt, black shoes, and an overcoat

Personality: generally shy, esp. around girls.

Partners: Nitori, Momizi, and Akyu

History/Background: ( brief history ) A Hitchhiker. Fell in a river and wound up in Karuisuwa. Discovered by Kappas. Lives in a cave with an electric generator.

Fun Facts (optional): owns a laptop, which he carried into Karuisuwa. It has a limited charge of 3 hours. Currently afflicted with Crios.


Name: Ria Soguyen

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Strength: A good hand at tank command. Mercenary commander. Incredibly strength and a unusual power to pull just about anything from the overcoat she now wears.

Weakness: a love of weapons. This can get out of hand, sometimes

Home: None, since the Sky Ray can no longer move.

Occupation: Slef-Proclaimed Pirate Captain

Visual Description: 5'7", black hair. Green coat, black pants.

Personality: A easygoing girl, but don't ask about her weight.

Partner: Kaguya Houraisan

History/Background: Former RAI captain.  Left when the Outcry incident occured, and stole the experimental land cruiser while she was at it. No one knows if the Crios syndrome in her right eye left, as she has an eye patch over it.

Outcry Incident: Few details are known, but it took place another Gensokyo. Yukari had hired four mercenaries to assassinate the ⑨ who was supplying arms to both the Hakurei and Moriya shrines. Those two were locked in a holy conflict. They failed.

Upon arrival, the mercenaries quickly contracted Crios Syndrome and were scattered. Ria ended up near the Hakurei shrine and was quickly absorbed into the fight. She got her first taste of Onbashira firepower in a battle and was nearly killed, if not for a certain Black Magician.

Not much detail is known about how it ended, but somehow, Ria emerged with a ragtag team of humans, and a Cruiser known as the Sky Ray. It was horrible damaged whe she launched her first raid, on the celestial lands. No one knows what she stole, but it is rumoured to be an artifact of great power and, if anything, great size. Due to the damage, the Sky Ray was converted to a Land Cruiser and plies the Wasteland for scrap and supplies. Recently the Sky Ray was wrecked and lies silent beneath Saniwa Shrine.

Crios Syndrome: An unusual power gained during the Outcry incident. Slowly kills the holder, however, it's power can be controlled through the use of special hot chocolate. When Crios is stabalized somewhat, those affected by it find that their sight is enhanced, generally starting with the ability to see through walls all the way to seeing where the next attack may land. More moderate control allows for the access to a separate dimension where weapons and items are held. These thing can be brought back to the user's dimension. Even higher control allows for stuff you would find only in the Matrix. Further control allows for power that could rival gods, however such control is hard to obtain.


Name: Marilyn "Marx" Dyrnara/ Illuna

Gender: female

Age: 18

Strength: Stealth capability. Mana drain(requires skin contact), Ice manipulation, shadow clones, Expert shot with hand guns. Crios syndrome currently with low control.

Weakness: Seems to hate daytime.

Home: None

Occupation: RAI 1 member: stealth and assassination specialtist Former agent of Az Janjao

Visual: A seemingly thin and frail body. Blonde hair. Black jacket and shorts. Goggles of Unknown origin

Personality: (Marx) Kind, outgoing. Pretty much ready for anything. Kind of easy to frighten, however.

(Illuna) A rather dark person, noted for her morbid jokes

Partners: Cirno

History: Former agent of Az Janjao, the one who resides in shadows. She left the organization, from where she learned the arts of stealth, escape, and assassination, to obtain rare treasures. She also offers her services as a freelance mercenary. She was involved in the Outcry incident.

Outcry Incident- One day, Marx recieved a call to assassinate someone. The location given was unusual seeing as how NO ONE ever goes there. The location, a small shrine in the middle of nowhere.

While being transported to Gensokyo, part of Marx's DNA was mixed with Chen's. Chen was fine, but Marx was turned into a Nekomata. Forgetting altogether about her mission, she set out to find a way to become human again. Along the way, she encountered a number of people, like Flandre, who she got along well with. She latered encountered other mercenaries who were stuck there, Ria Soguyien, Lazuras Nuguien, and Forte Zokuranu. While making friends with them, Marx also learned of the true nature of a mysterious power she had obtained yet not fully understood. The exchange of ones spirit for power... it was no better than selling your soul to the devil.

So she set out to not only become human, but to find a way to get rid of the power known as Crios. Along the way, she fell in love with Forte, however, he died during a battle against a powerful enemy. Marx, being true to Forte's words of "You must always move forward towards the sun", managed get out of Gensokyo and practice her trade once again.

It is known she still has Crios, but no one is certain if she is still part-neko...

Illuna-Her origins are unknown. All that is known is that she is somehow related to Marx's Crios. An RAI experiment attempted to control this power, but something subtle went awry. A master of illusions, she takes pleasure from the havoc created by these illusions.

Fun Facts- Although Forte died, Marx is unaware of this fact and may mistake wimilar people for being the man she loves. Then again, Forte is rather hard to kill...


Crios in relative detail: Crios is a special spell that doesn't seem to go away. It saps one's mana in order to keep going. As a way to keep it under control, a special hot chocolate has to be taken. Medicine can be used to keep Crios under control. It is most effective if injected however, and pills tend to have side effects.

Crios have the same general effect as they increase one's abilities. Once this power is under control, it manifests into certain abilities given a person's strengths or attitude. For example, most people, given their iron will to survive, have increases strength and agility, but not much beyond that.

In anycase, here are some general abilities that will be seen...

True Sight: Allows one to see what is really there. This ranges from looking through walls to seeing what you need, to piercing the strongest of illusions.

Heat Seeker: Lets one see the world in a thermal light. This ability also allows for manipulation of the temperature of a given area.

Sight of Pathways: Alows one to peer into the future. This ability is greatly limited at the distance into the future one can look, so it is best used in combat

Accelerator: Increases one's speed. It is said that one could even match the fastest in Gensokyo. In the current state of our heros though, that's rather unlikely.

Criotic Arts: Certain abilities and techinques are infused with ice. For some reason, the attacks are much more devasating.

World of Illusion (Marx only): The one who unleashes a World of Illusion has mastered her Crios. This ability basically speaks for itself as illusions cause those inside the world to go mad.

Spirit Rend (Etch only): The true power of the user comes alive as a spiritual sword manifests in the users hand. The sword, while massive, is very light, and one should not be careless around it.

March of time (Ria only): Time can be forwarded or reversed, as it is but an ajustable clock to the user. Time can be slowed down or even stopped. While powerful, it is an incredibly taxing ability.

there are more yet to be discovered, as the potential of Crios is seemingly limitless
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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"I'm Pissed, and I got an ass kicking with your name all over it, I suggest  you run"

Name: Anthony Thrun

Nicknames: Tony, Anth, Ant, Honey, Antonio, Alfonso, A.J., burn victim #1, and Ana in female form

Title: "The Wolverine of the North"

Age: 17

Gender: Male (but currently female)

Strengths: super resistant to cold, insanely good driver, fast at building and repairing buildings and other stuff, also good at fist to fist combat, and decent at using almost anything as a weapon, more specifically his tools. Also one of those types to never give up. He is also very mechanical savvy. He has also gained the power of hot blood due to his condition.

Weaknesses: phobia of fire, has a condition where anything he feels is much hotter than to someone with regular senses, the cause of this condition is due to his natural body temp being much higher than a regular body temp, he has a tendency to getting pissed off easily if someone speaks bad about him, his vehicles, or his friends. He tends to push his body too far when he trains, works on a project, or in fighting. He's addicted to caffeine and gets annoyed when he doesn't get any for a while. Also is very scared at the ideas of vampires, and always tries to put it out of his mind. He's not that fast of a guy, he's actually rather slow even while running, but he still has a good amount of endurance.

Home: A Wood Cabin in the forest of Karasuwa, it's pretty close to the shrine.

Occupation: The major engineer/mechanic/architect/and repair man of karasuwa, his rates are really low compared to everyone else, so he usually gets works often, most of his work is from the government, and he usually gives the government a 'special' rate, occasionally getting him, special privileges from the government.

Personality: He's hot headed, passionate about his work, gets angry easily when someone insults his work, his friends, or himself. He doesn't think things through in fighting or when driving under pressure. He's actually rather kind under all of this but he just usually shows his rough side more

Physical description: 5'2" long blonde hair about 1/2 down his back, his hands are a bit larger than average, and his nails for some reason naturaly grow somewhat claw-like, he usually wears a black jacket unzipped, with a T-shirt under it, and usually wears jeans. His choice of footwear is usually chucks, or heavy boots. He always has a large sachel with him, full of his stuff. He occasionally wears a fedora like Indiana Jones'. His eyes are a slightly dark shade of blue, and they give off an impression of being closed when they aren't. If you look closely, you can see slight points on the top and bottom of his pupils, if they were longer, they would look like those of an animal's

Partners: Letty Whiterock, Genjii, Sara, and Youki

Relationships: major friend with Nate, overall friendly with the people in town.

History/Background: Born in Michigan*, has lived there for the majority of his life but has recently moved to Japan to clear his mind and get a new start after his shady boxing career. Been in Japan for around 4-5 months, where he met a old man who was a construction worker, who was killed in front of him by the Yakuza, which made Anthony take up a vow to protect this town and repair any damage done to it. About 2 weeks later Anthony met Nate when one day Anthony went into Nate's bookshop, thek ended up having a conversation, and becoming friends, and are currently sorta like brothers.

Fun Facts:

-major fan of hockey and is decently good at it.
-He has a large collection of jackets, since his get ripped up quite often, but his black one is the only one he keeps and patches up after it gets damaged.
-He also has a small set of wrestling moves that he copied from the Kinnikuman manga
-When he's angry, he doesn't only use his fists, he also uses anything that makes a decent weapon.
- He doesn't remember anything before the age of 5, which then he was living in Michigan
-Him and his dad has a bit of a rivalry at times, from arcade games to just work.
-He is actually hiding quite a few things from all the others, but they're more personal matters (they'll eventually be revealed)
-He would also do blacksmithing if it wasn't for his condition
-He was thinking of learning how to program computer AI and stuff like that, but it was too complicated for him and he stopped, but he tries to pick it back up and try it again every once in a while, learning a little bit each time.
-He prefers to use older terms for thing, and older sayings

Perfected Special Moves:

Lighting Jab: A lighting fast jab, you'll miss it if you blink

Northern Uppercut: A strong uppercut which is always done in the direction of North

Spinning Toe Hold: one of the moves he's taken from the Kinnikuman manga, can dislocate and seperate someone's ankle, and knee, messing up their leg pretty badly.

Double Deuce: The move that won him his title in boxing, which involves putting both of his hands together, and forming a large fist with them, then swinging upwards hitting the opponets jaw, then swining back downwards, smashing their skull, sending their head to the ground.

Smashing X Chop: A charging dash move where Anthony puts his arms into an X and lunge at the enemy, slamming his arms into the enemy's neck and slamming them into the ground.

Magnum Straight: Anthony's current ultimate move, has yet to fail in causing someone to drop to the floor when getting hit, it's as fast as a bullet, and about as strong as a magnum round.

Uncompleted special moves:

Kinniku Buster: the signature move of Kinnikuman, which involves putting the opponet into a specific lock over you, then leaping into the air, and comming down with great force, causing alot of damage to the opponet's neck, spine, and other body parts.
the areial part is the thing preventing this move

Tag Team Attacks: None due to lack of a second person who is capable. If you want one with my character, just Pm me or just get in contact with me.

The Condition: As you have read before, I have mentioned a condition of Anthony's, now to truly describe it.

This condition was with Anthony from birth, it's where his body's internal temp is much higher than usual, around 30 to 40 degrees F higher, because of this, his body is much more resistant to cold than the average human's, but is also very weak to high temps, causing him to become sick and bedridden if it is too hot for him. One more postive thing about this condition is  that due to it naturally pushing his body's limits, it has allowed him to break them easily, giving him moments of increased strength, speed, and endurance, but causes major damage to his body. The only thing that is preventing Anthony being constantly sick is his mana level, which acts like a coolant to him, but if he uses too much, his body starts to burn up. Also, if his body overheats just from natural means like just due to the temp, it gives him heat stroke, causing him to become delierous and sometimes pukes.

Hot Blood: Everyone knows what this is, the base of power for almost all mecha anime heroes. Well due to Anthony's condition, he has something quite alot like this, in which when he gets more hotheaded, more heroic, and any other things like that, his strength increases, along with him being more thoughtless, just dashing in, but all of this comes with the draw back of that the higher this power goes, the more mana he burns up at a time, eventually if it goes too far he starts hurting his body and passes out. Anthony has yet to unlock the true potential of this but he has felt slight side effects of this before.

Anthony's Journal: These are the things Anthony writes in his own Journal, so it's gonna be the days from his view.

Day 2: "well, it was unexpected to say much, at least I saved a few people, and didn't die myself...but I wonder if death would have been better than the treatment those lunar twins gave, oh well, at least I got to see what Genjii was really like, which was like how my dad described in his journal, and I met Letty...I don't know why...but when I see her...she just makes me feel she's filling in a hole in my life...bah why am I thinking this way, and it sucks that I lost my 1964 mustang, it took forever to get it restored to the point where it was, and now it's a pile of flaming scrap...I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles..."

Day 3: "Well, nothing bad happened today, I fixed up that building the government gave me, though it was a pain to clean all the crap out of that building, really sticky, and a good amount of blood around the smelled really bad, and while working on that, some bottom ranked Yakuza tried to take advantage of Letty, I gave those low life punks the usual thrashing, except the last one who pulled out a typical semi-auto pistol, I busted his arms...though I think he deserved it, even though he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it. Later that day, I was able to find an old slightly broken down 1969 ford mach 1 mustang, I fixed it up easily, but I must have shocked myself about 20 times wiring that thing, electrical systems are such a pain in the ass to fix. Nothing else really happened, We did go clothes shopping for Letty...she looked really nice in her new clothing, though she looked really nice before too...why am I thinking like this about her...whatever...end of journal entry."

Day 4: I ended up somehow having a shared dream with Letty, in what was apperently Gensokyo during winter, it seemed similar for some reason. After I woke up, I worked on tuning up the mach 1 more, since I did just a rough job on it yesterday, nothing too much happened for the rest of the day, until we went for a walk into the forest, we happened to pass by the old sawina shrine which I thought was abandoned, but was currently populated by a bunch of people, but I found this out after getting discovered right outside the shrine, and knocked out, then waking up and meeting Etch, Ria, Nitori, Kaguya, and Momizi I think, then I met McWallice and Eirin, some weird stuff happened, and then Eirin gave me a blue and red pill, blue causes healing to increase for 2 days, which I took that one to help heal my wound from 2 days ago, but it also made me a bit more hungry, the red apparently heals any wound in 1 day, I'm kinda paranoid about it, and I'm just gonna save it for another time. Then later I got to have a quick introduction to everyone in the shrine, majority were female, but apparently they're actually guys turned into girls and they were just in a maid contest, well, it's something I'll believe, with all the magical crap that happened between me and Nate....god damn that TV of his...journal entry end.

Day 4 night-Day 5 early morning: "Those Yakuza thugs kidnapped a number of the girls, and I rushed off ahead of all of them in my Mustang, the yakuza were in the construction site, and the leader held Letty a gun point, preventing me from doing anything...I didn't want harm to come to her, so then one of them knocked me out, I woke up besides all of the others that were captured, I was rather beat up, I guess the yakuza had their fun breaking my ribs, I was at least sure Letty was safe, and I was next to her the whole time...I couldn't think of anything to say to her...I still don't know what it is with me and her... eventually we were freed, and I got a bit of revenge by running over a few yakuza, apparently there was a basketball game going on, and I at least helped with setting it up at 9-9, though I lost my tools and now have a toolbox with a face imprint on it, at least I got a back up tool box. Either way, we won, I would have given them a major trashing but they ran off after the leader got covered in flames for some reason. Then me, Letty, and Genjii drove back to the cabin and slept a bit, I showed Letty and Genjii my boxing history, and now Letty wants to learn boxing...I don't know why...but I think I...may be in love...bah, journal entry end.

Day 5 morning: "I taught Letty the basics of boxing, I think she's a natural...but I'll be there to protect her...a bit into training, then after a bit, a girl came out, with long blond hair, and a hat, she mentioned something about breakfast I think...but then she did some weird clone thing, which another her appeared behind me, I took care of that one, but the original was able to pin me to the ground, and then, I saw she had fangs...even though I keep on saying they don't exist...I guess vampires do...but then I was saved from the call of another girl who knew Letty, I'm sure her name was Cirno, so then that one girl got off of me, and then she introduced herself, Marx...for some reason communism comes to mind, either way we went to the shrine after that situation, it was kinda weird, so we went inside...and I wished I never did, which after entering the shrine, small floating yin-yang orbs appeared, and apparently that one girl, Reimu I think her name was, was controlling them, and was rounding everyone up, we ran a bit away from the orbs, but they gave chase, which then Marx was able to hide us with her powers, but then she started to get weak, so I decided to...let her...suck my mana so she could get Letty and genjii out of there while I would cause a disruption, that...wasn't one of my better plans... it ended with Marx, Cirno, Letty, and Genjii getting initally captured, and me...I encountered Reimu, and she ninja'd a pill into my mouth...changing me into a girl...not exactly a moment of pride...but I was wondering how it felt to be female...bah whatever, back to the point of this, after some stuff happened, me, Letty, and Genjii were able to get into the underground ruins I was told about, and came upon Eirin's clinic, which everyone wanted a cure, which then Eirin came out with a drug, I rushed and grabed some and took it a bit after that Mitaka person, not knowing the effects...I really wished this didn't happened, it reverted me to the age of around 7-8 years old...when I thought things couldn't get any worse. But then...Letty started to act a little a long has it been...since I saw never told me what happened to her...bah, end of journal entry.

Nate: He's a cool guy once you get to know him, if you're into all that occult stuff, he is alot taller than me...which I really don't like, but then he isn't that strong looking, If I wanted to I bet I could knock him out easily. He apparently also believes in Gensokyo, which is interesting, he also believes in that there's a city on the moon with aliens and rabbits on it, that, sorta sounds like he's going out of his mind. But I guess he was right, with those two lunar twins and that rabbit girl.

Genjii: This is apparently the same Genjii my dad met before, quite interesting, he sounds like how I imagined him, looks like it too, I don't know how old he is, but I can tell from the beard that he's really old.

Letty Whiterock: This girl is apparently the equivalent of Gensokyo's jack frost, she is beautiful, and I think my dad did meet her once before. I don't know if I can get her power working any time soon with my level of mana, at least it's enough so she can live comfortably. I think I'm in love with her.

Yorihime: one of the two lunar twins I saved on that smash and grab of that convoy, she seems like she has some sort of superiority complex, which annoys me, but recently I noticed she changed, into more of a magical girl type I think... it must have been because of Nate's TV again, reminds me off the time I watched all of sunred on his TV, god that week was weird.

Toyohime: The other one of the lunar twins, she more of a care free type which I kinda like, but then I think she's gonna be the one to push Nate and that Reisen girl together, at least it won't be me who does it, I'm...not too good in that department.

Reisen(2):That bunny girl who Nate saved, and apparently is now in a relationship with, I don't know if it'll work out between those two, but I hope that in the end Nate doesn't get his heart busted. I do have to say that she is kinda cute, but I got Letty...why am I thinking of this now, oh well.

Team Gensokyo: This seems like something big, and I'm not gonna be left out, I just hope we haven't gotten ourselves into something over our heads. I'll need to start making relationships with the others here, since getting to know each other will probably help.

McWallace & Eirin: McWallace was kinda a weird guy, but I like those types, they tend to make life more interesting, and he cloak thing was quite interesting, Eirin is apperently the medic of the entire team by my guess, but I didn't read anything about her in my dad's journal, I guessing that she was a more recent resident of gensokyo. It was nice that she gave me that red and blue pill, but I hope this youth drug wears off soon and she finishes up the antidote, I want my manhood and muscles back, I'm kinda useless without them...

Marx & Cirno: Marx is apperently some sort of...vampire, she apperently sucks mana insted of blood, it still scares the crap out of me...Cirno on the otherhand is a confident little one, I see why Letty looks over her, at least the two of them aren't enemies.

Total layout of Anthony's equipment:

Vehicles: 1969 Ford Mach 1 mustang, and an old pick up truck

Weapons: 12-guage double barrel sawed off shotgun (stored in sachel), Metal plated work gloves (doubles for tool), hockey stick (reinforced with metal rod inside of stick),and Shovel (doubles for tool)

Tools (in tool box):hammer, screwdriver, drill, box of screws, box of nails, many other assorted tools, and ducttape, lots of duct tape.

Tools (in workshop under cabin): Everything needed for wood work, and for blacksmithing, but is not used due to condition, all of this equipment is rather old, but still in good working condition.

Inventory (stuff in Anthony's satchel):
-12-gauge shotgun
-Personal Journal (with pencil and pencil sharper)
-Toolbox (containing many different small tools)
-Dad's journal 1
-Spare set of clothing (includes a pair of jeans, boxers, socks, and a T-shirt)
-A pair of Aviator Sunglasses
-5 20oz bottles of coca-cola
-3 boxes of 12-gauge rubber slugs (1 box=25 slugs)

*if you know retro mecha anime, think about the Mazinger Z episode where it says that the main character dies in lava.


(My RAI force character, I've been needing to do this properly)

Name: Jeena Koutetsu Ongaku the 15th

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Strengths: She can use music as a weapon (more explanation later), and is good at dodging and running, she's extremely good at playing instruments and singing, she is also a cyborg, her right arm and legs are the parts that are robotic, everything else is human.

Weakness: Can't stand amateurs who sing and play instruments, is rather cocky and shows off too much, she is an egomaniac, thinking she is better than everyone and won't ever say that she's lower than anyone else. She also can't cook at all, anything she tries usually burns.


Occupation: Undercover agent of RAI force, and a town rock star

Visual description: About 5' 11". Hair is short and is styled in a spiked fashion, it's mostly black with red highlights. She has dark green eyes that are rather sharp looking. Her overall body is average, except she has a flat chest. She usually wears leather pants and a tank top, she usually wears a large scarlet red jacket when going out.

Personality: She's a cocky person who believes she's better than everyone else, doesn't care too much for others, and likes to get into rivalries. Gets angered easily when someone insults her. The few things she cares the most about is herself, her family, and her instruments.

Partners: Hina and Medicine Melancholy

History/Background: She's the 15th person in the Koutetsu Ongaku blood line, which is a family that has a secret power to manipulate music, or more specific, the sound waves themselves. The family has kept this secret, and only rumors of their powers are known, but around the time Jeena was 13, the government found out about the family, and just a few weeks later, Jeena was walking home from school, and a speeding car ran her over, nearly killing her, she was immediately taken to the hospital, she was saved, but lost her legs and her right arm was disabled, her future was completely crushed from that incident, and the driver was never found. Around 2 months later, after Jeena at least decently recovered, a member of the government came to visit her, and her parents, the government agent offered Jeena a way to regain her future, and she took it. After that she was taken to a government lab where she was tested on for over 2 years, and eventually turned into the first cyborg of the Japanese government, and was let go from the government, for the next 10 years Jeena was able to return to her life, she also had artificial skin for the cybernetics so people wouldn't know, eventually Jeen graduated High school and started her rock career, with her jacket, and her Rickenbacker bass guitar on her back, going solo around japan, she was known as the nightingale of rock, for all of her shows would take place during the middle of the night, she recently moved into Karasuwa around a month ago, and got a letter from the government, which talked about joining RAI force, which she ignored. The next week she got a visit from a government agent, he told Jeena that if she didn't join RAI force, they would harm her family, which then she decided to join, to protect her family.

Fun Facts:

-She knows how to play more than just her bass skillfully, but goes with the bass for her tastes

-Her bass guitar is also very solid, enough to be easily used as a club to hit people upside the head.

-She majors in playing metal, but can also do rock-n-roll, punk, and most other types of music decently

-she secretly likes dolls quite a bit, and carries a small one in her jacket, if anyone discovered this, she would be extremely embarrassed

-she has practiced with musical instruments since she was able to hold one, so she is skilled with most of them.

Additional Information:

The Koutetsu Ongaku Blood Line Power: This power is inherited by each generation of the Koutetsu Ongaku line, this power specifically is the manipulation of sound waves, this can be applied to many uses, to making one silent, to use as a radar, it also can mess with the human body to a great extent, and in it's highest strength, can break down anything to it's simplest form through vibration hitting the exact frequency at a high enough intensity. But this is only usable once the user of the power reaches the highest point of their power, which takes much practice and skill.

Cyborg Parts: Jeena is part cyborg as recently mentioned. The parts that are machine on her are her right arm, and her legs, with these limbs, she can now run much faster, and is much stronger with her right arm, and much faster with it too, which allows her to shread a guitar much faster, RAI force also secretly installed a device in her circuitry to shock her when she defies orders.
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"If you are not going to give up, I'll give you up, even though..... I really don't want to."

Amarillo Viridian
Picture: Above
Name: Amarillo Viridian / 亚玛丽欧 维拉蒂安 / アマリロ?ヴィリディアン
Series Number in Genetic Altered Series is 4, thus referred formally as GA-04
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Strength: ESPer ? Limited Telepathy with nature deities, healing(Currently Locked), weak TK(Locked), Force Sensitive(Locked)
Weakness: Brute Force (Not specialized for Long-Term close hand combat due to limited strength and stamina caused by her ability)
Home: Currently, in the shrine
Occupation: Currently, Chrono Agent, Assigned a mission of keep herself and partner alive and fix the time-space line while she can
Visual Description: See above data
Personality: See Link.
Partners: Lily White
History/Background: (An Age of Chaos ? Original Arc)See Link.
Fun Facts : Can fall asleep everywhere, anytime. (A critical draw back of her ability because she can?t stop her force from running away.)[She had most control of it currently.] Also, she have great fishing skill.
Additional Information/Background/History:
Before this story had taken place:
(An age of Chaos ? Another Side Arc)
FARGO, thanks to the paradox that NOD had created, successfully invaded Gensokyo and captured a few of the residents including Cirno and Keine for their plan to corrupt every time and place with ?Unseen-Power?. Two Chrono Agents was assigned to solve that matter and they had brought Amarillo with them ? Not together, but 2 month after they had make their come-in.
Unlucky for her, she had landed right in the middle of a battlefield, and was rescued by Koakoma, who is sending a disk containing her master?s memory data to the Shrine to be resurrected using the technologies of ?Norman Hospital? (A organization from another time line which do research on cloning). That?s when her ability started to manifest that allow her to commute with fairies of Gensokyo and fight with them.
Under the help of several fairies she had greatly weakened the enemy?s defense, allowing the incident to be solved with a landslide victory.
After the battle, she was giving a chance by Satori, the master of the Subterrain Palace, to face her original self ? ?YELLOW? from another time-space but sealed in her memory. Yellow admits that she had locked 50% of Amarillo?s power in order to ?Prevent another tragedy?. Since Amarillo want to be living peacefully in Gensokyo she leave her power unawakened.
However, now the border is collapsed and she must find a new way of living and eventually revive Gensokyo ? ALIVE.

Other Abilities (that existed because of her original ability):

Yousei Powering: Since Youseis are a representative of various aspects of nature, Amarillo can powering them up by focusing and offer the energy of herself. As a result, a fairy's speed, attack range and attack power can be powered up by 2x~4x.

Yousei Fuse: Fuse with one fairy to gain access to that fairy's abilities and the ability of fly and teleport. The fairy part (e.g: wings) is immune to any physical damage.

Focus Strike: After a given time of focusing, Amarillo can score a sure hit with a weapon such like a javelin/spear that can be thrown to get damage. However, the focusing process is long.... VERY LONG.

Mastership of Lightweight Beam Weapons: says itself.

Weapons and Supers:

Lightsaber "Potential" : Originally GA-01 Fairy Phoenix's weapon, a lightsaber that made by the EFA Lab. GA-01 lend this saber to Amarillo in the end of the N&F Invasion of Gensokyo in order to help her learn how to self-protect. a lightweight weapon, but very useful. However, GA-01 asked for it back and give her a new weapon on Day 4.

Beam Lance Codename DH
: A beam javelin shaped like a fishing rod, also made by EFA Lab, however, as Amarillo comments, it's not even close to a fishing rod due to its material. This javelin houses a new kind of crystal as the beam source. The crystal will auto-detect the wielder's elemental status and change the properties of the weapon itself. The beam blade part can be shoot out boomerang-like as a ranged weapon, however, lightsaber forms still apply when using this weapon.

List of DH-Lance's elemental variations:

Pale - White - No Element - Will paralyze any biologic matters it slashed on.
Physic - Purple - No Element - Acts like a real beam weapon with high temperature blade, There is nothing this blade cannot cut!
Heal - Orange - Leaf - Will heal any biologic matters it slashed on.
Cloud - Grey - Moon - Will "cloud" one's memory so he/she cannot recall a certain part of it.
Purify - Green - Sun - Will forcefully project an image/thought from the wielder to the one who was slashed.
Sniper - Red - Fire - Acts like the Physic form but it homes at enemy so it will be a sure hit.
Ice - Dark Blue - Water - a low-temperature blade that will not hurt physically, but still can freeze since it makes the brain think so.
Torch- Golden - No Element - When Yousei Parade was activated, the blade will turn to a golden color.

Among all forms above, only Physic and Sniper forms deal physical damage.

Yousei Parade : A RM-like Final Attack of Amarillo Viridian, she will pour all her lifeforce out and summon a great armies of fairies, together with the Magical Forest of Gensokyo itself, and flood the enemy using said army.
The victim's brain function will be overloaded from the memories of fairies and forcefully shut down. There is absolutely no way to block it. It, however, is evadeable but very hard.
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Picture: N/A

"Heh, seems I rolled another jackpot! However it's not for you!"

Name: GA-05 "Heavenly Star"
Gender: Male
Age:  seems like 17
Strength: Mastership of Chinese Kong-Fu with great sword skills. The ability of creating forcefields and have great luck
Weakness: Never think before making an action, thus caused many troubles.
Home: will be in the shrine
Occupation: Mission: Protect Amarillo, her partner, and her friends' safety.
Visual Description: smart looking boy with golden short hair. Always carry a golden broadsword and two golden dices with him.
Personality: Hot-Blooded but Simple-Minded.
Partners: Hong Meiling
History/Background: The new Genetic Altered Human crafted after GA-04, used a famous Chinese swordsman as his gene template. The EFA had send him into the Scout Squad, however it seems he didn't made any good there, having a record of failing 20 missions in 22 total. However, since GA-01 requested him to assist Amarillo in this Time-Frame, the EFA Commanders have postponed his punishment, and promised him that if he finishes this mission his original record will be cleared.
GA-01's reason of sending him out because she knows that GA-05's personality is not suitable for scout missions. And she also worries Amarillo's safety as the truth behind Gensokyo's destruction proves more dangerous than she originally thought.
Fun Facts :
His original weapon assigned are a pair of beam daggers, however, he took the original golden broadsword wield by the original swordsman and hide the weapons in it. The golden sword is very heavy, and he seems to use it to crush enemies more than actual slashing and stabbing.

His dice is made of pure gold too, and it's quite heavy, so heavy that it can be also used as a throwing weapon.

Additional Information/Background/History:

When he's heading to the shrine, he met Hong Meiling and made a link with her, joining himself in this mess as well.
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Name: Jeremy Nezu
Gender: Male
Age: Early 20s
Picture: N/A
Visual description:
A baby-faced, black-haired Caucasian shrimp, fairly thin and with minimal muscle. Pretty much always wears a t-shirt and some sort of casual pants (other than jeans). Rarely smiles.

Witty, SPIRAL POWER!!!, bends over backwards for close friends, creative at finding loopholes/alternatives/third options, strong reasoning skills, highly knowledgeable about Gensokyo via Touhou, intact and working laptop with many Touhou images and several games for internet abuse, a decent schemer, tries to be neutral about issues and listen to his 'enemies.'
Easily irritated, easily embarrassed (and takes it poorly), can be very hostile, spoiled, foul-mouthed, addicted to the Internet, slow to trust, gives up easily, below-average human strength on his own, overly idealistic, pessimistic (sometimes), may fall into despair (this is especially dangerous; see Spiral Power), long-term NEET and hikkikomori, poor with names, not a great fighter, little inherent motivation, skeptical of his own worth.
Mixed Blessings:
Fairly paranoid, Dangerously Genre Savvy to the point of being genre savvy about being dangerously genre savvy, somewhat overdeveloped sense of drama, anarchistic streak, overly fond of spouting references, obsessive.

Home: (will be Saniwa Shrine)
Occupation: (to be determined)

A cynical and irritable fanboy, with a habit of making wisecracks and challenging assumptions. Can be sweet-hearted if you get to know him well, but tends to be very slow to trust. Loves his otaku references. Strongly believes more in the value of sentience and thought over race, species, or faction.

Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen.
Gensokyo Refugees

Token American Touhou fanboy, transported to Gensokyo either out of despair or the whims of Yukari. Spent his days in Gensokyo as basically a hikkikomori, trying to learn basic magic to sustain himself and abusing the kappatech electricity and wireless to the fullest. Adopted a Japanese-sounding last name primarily to stop getting annoyed when people mispronounced his last name. Now, he's Yukari's manaslave, and is trying to plan ways to restore Gensokyo and deal with Kikuri. He's taken a strong interest in figuring out what, exactly, is going on with the whole thing.

Fun Facts:
Gives people he doesn't know well unusual (and often cruel) nicknames, though he tries not to call them by it to their face. Loves strawberries and fuzzy animals.

Additional Information/Background/History:
Significant plotline participation:
Basically turned around the final battle to escape Gensokyo with the help of Kaguya, Nitori, and somehow unleashing the Spiral Power of the Gurren Lagann series. He has no idea how.
He followed this up by freeing Yukari, Ran, and Chen from the small prison Kikuri trapped her in, and brought her out of Gensokyo alive. Now he acts as their mana source, and tends to be pretty drained from doing so. He's pretty sure the main reason he can survive this is funneling Spiral power through to them. Can barely sustain Yukari, and Ran and Chen are essentially stuck remaining in their original fox and cat forms.
Discovered Kikuri's government position early, with a highly portable cellphone satellite connection. He's not entirely sure how that still worked.
Attempted to incite a rebellion/uncertainty/questioning among RAI Force 1 during their initial raid on Gensokyo's refugees, but doesn't know how well that turned out.
Kept Rika's tank going with lol spirals.
Assisted in the interrogation of the sniper that appeared the morning of Day 2, and pointed out that Satori could do it to anyone.
Got an explanation of Maribel's background/origins from Yukari.
Suggested Ran and Chen disguising themselves as plush toys to help avoid suspicion, and can manage sustaining both in that form with some difficulty.
Sought out Renko on Day 2..... but have yet to fully expand on the events.
(To be continued...)

Harem Masters:
- Mitaka: "Poor guy. I mean, FUBAR? That's harsh. He needs some help. I wish I could remember his name properly... 'Deodorant' is amusing, but he's being treated harshly enough already."
- Alex: "Capable fighter, easy-to-remember name, quite practical... you have my respect, sir."
- Sho: "A pretty good idea-bouncer, and a likable guy on his own. Maybe I should try to talk with him sometimes..."
- Gpop: "I don't know how he does it, but he provides for the most powerful supernatural ability we have available. I should really learn his name."
- (Most of the other harem masters: Respective primary Touhou-girl partners' boyfriend, not especially familiar with the specifics yet.)

Gensokyo Natives (personal experience):
- Satori: "Easily the most useful person here. Ah, but all the demands I have... I can't ask her for too much. Just thinking about how much I'd like to exploit her ability is probably making her uncomfortable enough."
- Maribel: "Where are you, what are you, and are you okay...?"
- Yuyuko: "Okay, I know she's just trying to be annoying, but she does such a damn good job of it."
- Kogasa: "I can't believe she....."
- Patchouli: "Well-informed. Worth talking to. Maybe she can explain the Drill..."
- Kaguya: "Need to thank her for that bolt. And ask her what the hell happened with it."
- Nitori: "I owe her. And if I get strong enough....."
- Mokou: "Sheesh, she's being rash. Does she even understand what our situation is?"
- Yumemi: "Artificial mana sources, huh? So, she's on the other side. Damn."
- Cirno: "Confirmed kidnapped... I hope she's okay."
- Reimu: "Hasn't seemed as bitchy as she could have been..."
- Marisa: "Perfectly true to character. Lovable thief, as can be expected."
- Suika: "Poor girl. She's taking this really hard. Deodorant..."
- Alice: "She's being practical. That's good. She's being cynical. That has its ups and downs..."
- Ruukoto: "Another maid? I wonder what we can get away with from 'android...'"

Gensokyo Natives (Touhou experience):
- Sakuya: "Timestop... knives... hints of murders... blood in tea... even now, I'm scared of her."
- Remilia: "Selfish little bitch. Don't like her much, but I'll try not to piss her off."
- Flandre: "I wonder if there's a way to just teach her how to control her powers... and impulses, for that matter. She's just dangerous because she's immature. But BOY is she dangerous... when her powers work. Perhaps now is a good time...?"
- Eirin: "I'm wary of her... I mean, I know I'm a schemer, too, but it's tough to tell what side she's on... I guess the drugs could be useful, if we can get the materials for them out here."
- (Others: Either not relevant, no strongly-felt opinion about them, or haven't considered them significantly.)

Personal harem:
- Chen: "Holy shit, she IS as cute as fanon portrays her!"
- Ran: "I don't think she likes me much..."
- Yukari: "A wonderful mischievous bastard. Bitch. Whichever. Just as long as she keeps the pranks relatively harmless... well, the banter is fun. And she's pretty hot..... no, stop that. She isn't going to care that much..."

- RAI forces: "Poor manipulated sheep... I wonder how many would do this given a proper explanation and a choice...?"
- Yagi: "Sounds like a real asshole. If he lives up to the rumor, I'm not going to cut him any slack."
- Kikuri: "Spiteful bitch. I WILL kill you. ... unless you have a goddamn good reason for this."

- Core Drill: "What are you? How did you work? What have I gotten myself into...? And can I be strong enough to fill Simon's shoes?"

Spiral Power:
(Note: Includes some TTGL spoilers.)

As many here probably already know, Spiral Power is the basically-magical power source of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann series. It essentially converts Hot Bloodedness into matter and energy via the Rule of Cool, often based on actions of manliness. Heavily themed with drills, true to the name, and based on the many spirals in nature, such as DNA. "Spirals do not only go downwards."

Somehow, Jeremy managed to tap into this power thanks to chipping together a faux Core Drill in the last minutes of Gensokyo, combined with a bolt provided by Kaguya. It didn't work until the bolt was added, and Jeremy's not sure why. Hell, he's not sure why it worked in the first place. The most likely explanation is the bolt itself being a magical artifact, or imbued with as such between its presence in Gensokyo and the fervent fan-person hopes of Kaguya and himself.


Due to the nature of Spiral Power, Jeremy's been able to gain substantial power through it ever since unleashing its ability. However, he's also been rather psychotically rash, which is generally unlike him. It HAS happened before, but it tends to be followed by a terrible crash into depression and abject laziness.

Problem is, if that happens, it's likely that his Spiral output/input/whatever would plummet; Simon's bout of despair really adds weight to this. Since he's providing for the Yakumos, this would probably be fatal to all of them. A small part of his mind is well aware of this, but he's trying very hard not to worry about it, since it'd just make it more difficult to prevent.

He's hoping to maintain his mania by doing some of the insane things his idealism had always, distantly, hoped for, even though they're incredibly risky, likely to fail, and may be dangerous to Gensokyo's restoration - perhaps?

Jeremy keeps the "core drill" he made close to him at all times, and believes that he needs to have it with him to maintain any Spiral output i.e. survive. He distantly suspects it might just be a psychological crutch, considering "The drill is my spirit," but he isn't about to risk it if he can help it.

v2.01 as of May 5th: up to Clothes Shopping review, with minor addendums
There was something here once. Wonder what...

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Name: Thirtyfour
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Strength: Exceptional tank pilot and gunner, fitter than an average person from his mechanized infantry training.
Weakness: His body has abnormally low levels of adrenaline causing impairment of deploying it at all limiting endurance and strength in battles. Can't concentrate on many things at once, such as dodging green laser beam spam while unjamming with a heavy-duty sledgehammer a malfunctioning autoloader.
Home: Saniwa shrine
Occupation: Slacker
Visual Description: 5'7", his face and it's surroundings are quite bland when not counting the occasional liver spots lining his neck in a random pattern. The skin on his hands is as tough as crocodile skin, something you would expect from a former mechanic. Light blue eyes and freely grown brown hair going to the back of neck, but the sides and front of the hair are cut progressively short. Caucasian skin tone. Wears casually a fuzzy, black sweater and camouflage cargo trousers.
Personality: Tempered Englishman but can be unpredictable.
Partners: Rika, Rikako, Chiyuri
History/Background: Former citizen of England, and former employee of Vickers Defence Systems. He was a top employee and repaired broken engines and other moving parts of armoured fighting vehicles there before they were taken to military service, until one day while relaxing, Thirtyfour was unaware of Rika lurking in the shadows. When Thirtyfour was off-guard, Rika took her move and struck him unconscious. Rika abducted him and got him into Gensokyo. Vickers was quite disheartened by 34's sudden disappearance without any traces. While in Gensokyo, Rika demanded 34 to give her the blueprints of whatever mechanized monster he was repairing before she knocked out him. Just conventionally that day, 34 was repairing a whole Challenger II that had broke down while being shipped, so he searched for the blueprints in his pockets. Rika took them and kicked him out of her house, just like every tank mechanic she had captured. 34 realized quite fast that he was in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get out of Gensokyo without any directions, so he returned to Rika quickly to tell about it. Rika felt pity for the poor thing, as he was just a mediocre, scared human mechanic who didn't deserve to become dinner for the youkai. Rika told 34 that if he familiarized her with the British style of tanks and constructed it together, she would let him go back to Earth. Together, they build the Challenger II, but due of the Border wearing rapidly off, it had to be merged with a version of Flower Tank. Thirtyfour and Rika drove it out of Gensokyo just before the border collapsed, and rendezvoused with numerous teams and drove to the Saniwa shrine, where their adventure began forth...

  • He has no real name as of yet, Rika just calls him Thirtyfour, after the famous tank.
  • Avoids Russian tanks for their unconformity.
  • As he has become lazier and lazier, he doesn't know as much about maintaining and repairing tanks any more than when he was still employed.
  • Doesn't use that much British emphasis, such as "bloody", but rather American or very uncommonly German.

Additional Information/Background/History:

As of 11/8/09, 34 is female due of the genderbending drug.

FV4034 Challenger II

Current class, as of 5/5/09: Vanilla

Because of the sudden announcement of the Great Hakurei Border wearing, the Challenger II had to be merged with some parts of Rika's improvised Flower Tank (which isn't the original one), mainly the tracks, as such the handling had become either more sloppy or better, allowing physically impossible turns for the Challenger II to pull out, like in Sky-Ray's corridors. The main armament consists of a 120mm smoothbore cannon reminiscent of the Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore, smelted by Rika to replace the default rifled 120mm cannon issued to the Challenger IIs. This allows more variable ammo types and higher shell launch velocities. Machine guns include a coaxial 7.62mm, hull 7.62mm, and a replacement machine gun in case of breakdown. The hull is only the Challenger II chassis, there is no real Flower Tank elements. It's armour is the same secret composite of England as usual, in addition to Flower Tank's armour. The tracks from the Flower Tank have been lengthened to fit with the Challenger II chassis, and thus have lost some of their grip. From inside, the tank is quite conformable and spacious; a characteristic in British AFVs. Challenger II also features air conditioning, and a boiling vessel (BV), like in most of British fighting vehicles. It is simply kettle for brewing tea. A true gentleman always has teatime with his enemy, even if it was the pinnacle of the war at 5:00 PM!
After the Sky-Ray incident, some of the tank's electronics have suffered damage from water pressure and they can malfunction at any time they want until they are fixed, if that is ever possible.

Version changes: All of the above.
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You play as yerself, eh?

NAME: Yoh Hirowaza (Hirowaza=Yoh) 楊 弘業
AGE: 16 9?

STRENGTH: Hirowaza's Mana-related ability is not yet fully controllable. He is able to concentrate a large amount of Mana for his own designs, however, it can backfire. The main strength here is Hirowaza's way with words. Being unusually eloquent for his age, he can seem to be some sort of loonie or someone who knows very much about the word. His mental strength is also unusually powerful, being able to bend mana easily to his will despite only being sixteen years of age. Perhaps this came with the tragedy he has suffered in his past, he was able to focus his negative energy into something quite devastating to others. With such immense power comes a great cost. His only physical strength is being rather agile, and being quick with his hands, but that's all.

WEAKNESS: Hirowaza is physically unsound, having a very frail build and is easily battered up. He is also extremely worrisome and often worries about things that are over his control and/or jurisdiction of things. He is certainly not fit for close combat, and is definitely someone who you would not want to throw into a panic. He's got his priorities mixed up and, he is still a kid after all, he has his limitations despite his strengths. He also has an irrational fear of tentacles, meaning he won't go anywhere near things like octopi, even if they're harmless. He can only stand to be near consumable forms of the stuffs.

HOME: Karuisawa, sort of.

VISUAL DESCRIPTION: Hirowaza stands just nearly five feet nine inches tall, a little shorter than that, but he refuses to admit that he's shorter than that. He has black hair that's wavy, and touches right down to the tip of his neck. He's been trying to grow it but to no avail. He wears a pair of silver-framed, rectangular glasses that he absolutely requires in order to see things properly. His complexion is a little to the yellow side, and has brown eyes that may or may not appear to be feline in shape. He is quite thin and barely has any meat to him, people have called him skin and bone. This isn't entirely without reason, once you see what he looks like. He has relatively little muscle, however, despite this, he is still quite a fast sprinter and can run quite a ways. On his left arm he always wears a tiger-eye bracelet and above it a prayer-bead bracelet that he believes gives him good luck, even when he goes to sleep he wears it. For clothing, he is usually seen wearing a black hakama and a white robe, however, when the time arises, he is able to crossdress and get away with it. He usually doesn't resort to that however and simply just wears whatever he feels like wearing.

New VISUAL DESCRIPTION: Hirowaza's height is quite short at this point, possibly around four feet six. His hair is no longer wavy in a neat sense, to say the least. It seems to be constantly frayed and all over the place, as if it had been on fire. His eyesight is no longer impaired, and the glasses have been ditched. He also has a greater control over his mana flow, but a blazing trail of red can always be seen hovering around his right eye. His expression also appears to be more confident. Unfortunately, that didn't stop Hirowaza from retaining his frail figure, but he seems to be more slender in figure. Hirowaza has complained occasionally of his chest feeling heavy, but for now, it seems to just be in his head. Who knows what will happen in the future? In any case, that is irrelevant. Hirowaza still has the same clothing tendencies but overall Hirowaza looks a little more confident and more capable up close. Sadly, he still seems to be concealing his loner tendencies. 

PERSONALITY: A strange fellow in nature, one can tell that Hirowaza is strangely nice, acting altruistic even when the situation does not call for it. He's too nice to a fault. He is able to listen to others but he is unable to help himself, trying hard not to draw attention to himself but acting like an attention whore anyway. He is constantly called out by it and it angers him. He's also the kind of person who won't sit around and let injustice reign, if he sees something he thinks is bad, he will definitely try and do something about it, he has a compulsion to do these sorts of things, even when the best thing to do is to just watch it play out. He generally is serious, but at times sprinkles things with jokes and feeble attempts at sardonic wit. Overall, an oddball who is simply more complex than he looks. Not even he understands the way he acts at times, but that is just something that comes along with his age. Within him lies the seeds of vengeance, perhaps this is just inhibited... Or maybe, it may be released before it comes into fruition...

- Meira - Hirowaza, in his feeble attempts to get acquainted with the land when he first stumbled upon it, came across this rather forward samurai who threatened him with death. Hirowaza did not like the idea of dying so young, and instead managed to convince Meira not to kill him. However, Meira had something better in mind. She decided to see what use Hirowaza would have for her, and subjected him to numerous tests of dexterity and agility. Hirowaza, being a good sprinter and somewhat fast with his hands, managed to fulfill her expectations, and, in the end, they formed some sort of "business bond" with one another. Meira would ensure Hirowaza's survival, and on the kid's side of the bargain, would do various menial things that Meira would otherwise be unable to do herself. This panned out quite well for a while, and the two became friends after quite a while.

HISTORICAL INFORMATION: Hirowaza, before he discovered Gensokyo, lived a life ridden with many incidents and tragedies. When he was ten, his eldest sister died. Two years later, his parents split up and he lived with his mother. The next year, his other sister went off to a distant country to study abroad. The year after THAT one, he heard from some confidants that his father had gotten himself into deep trouble and was facing some serious danger, and in the end, though his father survived, was hospitalized and until now is still recovering. He is good in his studies, and has done lots of personal reading in his spare time, and he was able to balance that with many hobbies that have allowed him to become the person he is now, perhaps as a result of the tragedies he has faced. He lives by "what does not kill you makes you stronger." Following this philosophy, he heard a rumor from someone that the person who dealt grave injury to his father was to be found in an abandoned shrine. So, off he went to this mysterious place. Along the way, he tripped over a rock by some bad luck and knocked himself unconscious when he fell quite hard. When he arose, he found himself "spirited away" to this land of Gensokyo. He was discovered by some fellow humans and then nursed to health. He was invited to stay in their village. Gladly accepted, Hirowaza was allowed to do some field exploration on his own, and that was when he encountered a hungry Meira who threatened to kill him. Using his wit he was able to convince the samurai from lopping his head off and was forced to follow her trials in order to be worthy of survival. In the end, the two of them agreed on some "business," a "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" deal, where they would help each other mutually, almost in a symbiotic manner. Over the months, they have managed to form a friendly bond with one another and now they are quite on good terms with each other.

History of the Akasha/Astarte Blood Feud

In years past, in an unknown area, there were two renowned users of the arcane arts. Aselia Akasha and Lyseria Astarte were their names. The two of them were very close friends. However, there was a mysterious wizard who was jealous of their bond, and decided to place a curse upon the two that would force them to tear each other apart. The witch who explained this to Hirowaza didn't explain the full story. Aselia ended up becoming hermaphroditic and due to Lyseria's bisexual tendencies, became scared that Lyseria was the one who did it and as a result grew distrustful of her. After this change, Aselia ended up becoming the target of many forms of harassment. On Lyseria's end, she was cursed with eternal thoughts of lust for Aselia, which definitely complicated things as this already tightened the tension between them. Aselia became even more distant from Lyseria, and as a result Lyseria grew crazy and nearly lost her mind. Scared that the curse would linger on from generation to generation, they came to a settlement. They agreed that they could not co-exist, and neither could their future descendents. In the end, they decided to settle it by having a great battle. Aselia proved to have the upper hand, but her guilt over the angst she had caused Lyseria made her yield, and allowed Lyseria to recover enough strength to cut her down. Naturally, Lyseria ended up losing her mind as she could not comprehend the act she had just done. She had killed the person she was forever cursed to lust for, and in the end she committed suicide, in the hope that in the afterlife, they could be together.

Before the battle, the two of them had weaved magical arts in order to cause two souls to conceive children, naturally they consulted the people they planned for this. They willingly accepted and thus began the Akasha and Astarte bloodlines. The two of them made sure they made strong arcanists as the parents, and this continued on many years until we have the current generation. The current Akasha is Hirowaza, and the current Astarte is none other than the one who saved Hirowaza all those years ago. This history is probably one of the key reasons why Hirowaza has so much mana. In a vision Hirowaza had when he was unconscious, a familiar previous generation Akasha spoke briefly of this history
and this Akasha is actually the original one
. It gave Hirowaza the impetus to gather the Witchcraft Charms (some of which are already listed in this profile, but not all of them). In the future, Hirowaza would have to face off against his savior in the most cataclysmic match of his life.

- Hirowaza crossdresses.
- He used to be a sprinter back in the outside world. He uses this skill very often.
- Recently, Hirowaza has been learning how to use a sword under Meira. He's failing very hard at it but it certainly doesn't hurt to try!
- He learned about a certain Reimu Hakurei from Meira's exploits years ago and after that has despised Hakurei's character ever since.
- He can eat lots of small meals but cannot eat very much at one given time, to Meira's shock.
- He is an avid Mahjong player and has been part of his trade for 3 years. 


About his glasses: Hirowaza's mana is stored in an unusual place, somewhere close to his brain, somewhere near the receptors that help his eye to work. This mana has a tendency to leak out and materialize in the form of power when he takes his eyeglasses off and keeps his eyes open. When he loses too much mana at once, he gets migraines and/or head pains, which is why he doesn't like to take off his glasses or let anyone take them off. However, this works to his advantage, he can take off his glasses to concentrate larger amounts of mana into his attacks to increase their potency. He is also given increased senses for as long as he can sustain his mana loss and mana upkeep to Meira. You can tell that the mana leaks out because it causes the tip of his right iris to glow a neon, fluorescent red that constantly trails when he turns his head 'round. It brightens up in the face of danger, and dims when there is nothing of concern to note.

About Mahjong: Hirowaza started to play Mahjong around thirteen years of age. At least, the year he turned thirteen. He was technically twelve years old. He learned the basics from his mother, but most of his intuition and knowledge of cheating, coined as "urawaza" and "ikasama," came from raw experience. His most vivid memory was his match against two undercover yakuza, one of who was actually a younger Ryoji. Hirowaza had won by a landslide, this was a match that the two yakuza wanted to make against Hirowaza's mother, and it was the first to lose all 100000 points that they would lose. Hirowaza won that match, by taking down Ryoji with a triple yakuman tsumo (Daisuushi/Tsuuiisou/Suuankou). Ever since that day, he has become a target for many aspiring money-makers to try their luck. When he went to Gensokyo and met Meira, he found out that in the Human Village there they played Mahjong too! He played with the residents, and eventually learned of the exploits of a certain Shrine Maiden he secretly despised. She came along to town and then played to see if she could get some money. Hirowaza simply watched and in the corner of his eye swore he saw Reimu cheat. There he instantly caught the technique of moves like "Tsubame-gaeshi," to exchange your hand with the bottom tier of the wall in front of you, and "tsumikomi," to rig your wall so all of your draws would be tiles you needed, as well as "bakudan," to rig the dora wall and your hand so you can instantly score dora 16 and above hands.

About his Mana powers: Hirowaza can control mana to a great degree, however, he is unable to ration it well enough to maintain his link with Meira, usually rendering him extremely fatigued after a long day, often fainting and passing out seemingly randomly. This is especially so if he has had his eyes open, glasses off for a long time. The powers he has exhibited so far are:
-- Electrical paralysis/Electric net
-- Check the Charm lists.

About Deathly Attraction, Hirowaza's heritage: Deathly Attraction is a form of mental poisoning coined by Hirowaza's family wherein an otherworldly force, or even a corporeal being taking shape in the ethereal realm, possesses anything, human being to animals, and takes over their subconscious, influencing their actions through telepathic communication, and parasitically absorbing their strength and exchanging it with dark power. Deathly Attraction can lead to a fatal form of schizophrenia, in exchange for massive power fueled by dark influences and vices. It is extremely hard to get rid of and one must be specially trained in order to exorcise it from someone. Hirowaza of the Yoh family is one of the Deathly Attraction exorcists, he was taught the basics from his father before he left, then his mother, the better of the two, taught him the way of the switchblade, which is what he uses. When Hirowaza went to Gensokyo, he discovered about the presence of mana in his body, when it was pointed out by Meira when they became friends. He was able to channel this mana into his switchblade, at first thought to be ordinary, but it was somehow special. The switchblade itself was a family heirloom of his mother's side, and passed it down. Remember the deal about his eyeglasses? They hide his latent power, the ability of SENTENCING.

Sentencing: Sentencing is the act of revealing an agent of Deathly Attraction, or if one is strong enough, the root or source of the Deathly Attraction itself. Hirowaza's right eye is similar in concept to, say, Satori's 3rd Eye, in that it has some sort of significance. If done right, it can reveal such things and assist in exorcism if the Deathly Attraction is of a high level. If the source itself is revealed, Hirowaza can use the switchblade to force it into the corporeal realm where it can be eliminated. Usually, the switchblade exorcism itself is enough to kill it off or drive it away.

Cacophonous Symphony: Cacophonous Symphony was first invoked during the event in the corrupted Sky-Ray, where a non-existent being appeared before Hirowaza's eyes, paralyzing him and locking him into a temporal cortic shock, where he witnessed several traumatic memories. Having seen them, he was able to muster his emotions and conquer partly a fear of his - the fear to be defenseless and alone. This epiphany unlocked a fraction of the power of the Cacophonous Symphony, which at its current level, can shift Hirowaza's switchblade into numerous forms of weapons. As Hirowaza faces more emotions and conquers his fears, Cacophonous Symphony becomes stronger and stronger, and also expends less mana on Hirowaza's part. As it is though, it doesn't really consume very much mana.

Charm Synchronization: Charm Synchronization is a technique developed by Hirowaza and Meira during their trainings in Gensokyo. Because Meira spent a lot of time helping the kid hold a sword, their bond became stronger. Hirowaza helped Meira with the chores, and Meira helped by defending him and helping him protect himself. They found a lot of complements in their strengths and weaknesses, and together, using the power that the contract allows them to share, they created various "Synchronization Attacks," where the two do things to assist each other in making an extra attack. For example, "X-Strike," where Hirowaza uses his switchblade or changes it into a sword and synchronizes a powerful slash with Meira in an X fashion to decimate enemies in their path. The stronger Hirowaza's mana grows, the more unique and more powerful Synchro-attacks they can unleash on their enemies.

Charm Unleash: Charm Unleash is a more powerful form of the Mana Powers that Hirowaza already uses. These are for last minute situations where he must expend more mana for a greater cause. In the future, Hirowaza will be able to Charm Unleash for an indefinite amount of time instead of simply using his mana powers.

About Heavenly Purge: Heavenly Purge is the process that only some people undergo in their lifetime(s). It may occur once or more than that, it is on a case to case basis. Heavenly Purge usually occurs upon death, or on an overload of mana that may be induced via drugs, magic or by artificial means. It causes the person to deteriorate physically into an enhanced, younger form, retaining all the previous body/host's memories and their storage of mana, as well as amplifying and increasing that mana source. In a contract, Heavenly Purge effectively doubles or even triples the amount of mana being supplied to a partner, but it can be less if there's more than one partner. Keine explains here that Heavenly Purge is also the only method in which a person with a Cacophonous Symphony can unlock their true state, something like enlightenment. It causes excruciating pain in the host as their weapon is literally pulled out from a specific part of their body. It causes visible blood loss but no visible injuries. It is a trial of sorts that tests the fortitude and new willpower of the freshly reincarnated soul.

Who is she? A girl several years, around six years, older than Hirowaza, saved him from thugs who raped him when he was 10. This girl then, out of pity and sorrow, helped Hirowaza and nursed him back to health. They became steadfast friends and would often keep in contact with each other. When Hirowaza was in Gensokyo, he also saw her with some certain characters. When Gensokyo collapsed, Hirowaza never heard from her again since. She displayed superior skills to Hirowaza, having stronger Sentencing, stronger sensing of Deathly Attraction, and a high level of Cacophonous Symphony. However, she does not have any form of Charm Unleash, which Hirowaza at present is the only person who does. She appears to be very important to Hirowaza's past, ever since that day he got raped. It was revealed that this person is the new Astarte. Check to the previous part of the post for more information.

Charm Release List
KEY: Offensive | Supportive | Debuff
IMPORTANT: In bold are especially powerful charms, in italics are story-based charms.
* Metal Clash - A collision with a blunt object to deter a single person from getting to a certain destination. The more willpower is induced into the Charm Release, the stronger the attack gets.
* Strike - A powerful, lightning-charged strike with a sword to make the victim a literal walking target.
* Flame Scabbard - Flaming energy is used to charge up a person's weapon to deal more damage. Can be used in an offensive form to burn people.
* Stone Fist - A fist is enveloped in stone, and upon impact, it shatters, causing the rock to turn into mana, and empowers the next physical attack.
* Frozen Damsel - The sword is charged with a freezing magic, causing whatever it hits to freeze up and reduce its strength and swing capability.
* Dragon Aegis - A magical, constantly shifting essence armor that can block any attack, reducing its damage, but its effectiveness drops over time and it can dissipate the longer it gets hit.
* Frozen Skin - An icy blanket covers the user's skin, causing resistance against magical attacks. However, it shatters when hit by physical attacks. On the flipside, it reduces the attacker's fighting capability when struck at.
* Maxim's Special - A knife is enchanted with a special poison, dealing heavy damage over time and reducing their combat abilities significantly. The initial strike damage, however, is low.
* Linking Ice - Icicles strike an opponent, that stick within them, creating a freezing glow that can help allies in attacking and focusing on that enemy.
* Crystal Boomerang - A crystalline, magical boomerang initially hits an enemy and flies away. After some time, the boomerang travels back, hitting the enemy from behind and returning to the user.
* Frozen Grave - Magically enchanted ice automatically strikes the target with the lowest protection, the resulting impact creating mana that guards the user from some physical harm.
* Bone Freeze - A simple magical shock creates the bone structure of the target to slowly freeze up if they have no protection to magic. If they do, the freeze is minimal.
* Baralas' Legacy - A large, burning axe is used to smite the enemy. If the user has been thoroughly empowered by magic or artificial means, the flame surrounding the axe increases magically in intensity and has the potential to double its damage output.
* Black Torture - A dark, evil energy grapples the opponent, and slowly seeps in, and over time, saps and damages the opponent's strength and fortitude. Weak against the naturally evil.
* Skygod Sigil - When the user is heavily concentrated on protecting his allies, lightning from the sky empowers the user and grants him a powerful shifting defense that is almost impregnable, requiring extremely powerful attacks to penetrate.
* Ice Scabbard - Icy energy is used to charge up a person's weapon to deal more damage and cause the attack to weaken the target. It can be used in an offensive form to weaken an opponent.
* Cerulean Rod - Lightning quickly strikes at an opponent's weakpoint, causing the resulting mana impact to transfer to the caster in the form of boosted willpower.
* Fiery Inspiration - A benevolent, white flame empowers a target's magical power, temporarily boosting their mana capability. If the target's life force is still high, the effect is further amplified.
* Magebane Poison - Poisonous liquid is splashed onto a target, and when it seeps in, it constantly lowers their magical abilities over time for a few minutes.
* Heaven Scepter - A large, white, holy hammer is used in this powerful attack. Mystical energies envelop it to create a strong banishing force. When this hammer smites its woeful target, if it is evil, it is instantly disintegrated. If not, it deals a massive amount of damage, the impact being so strong the user is forced to stagger and is stunned.
* Fateful End - A black, burning energy strikes the enemy with the weakest will to fight, further sapping them of their spiritual essence. Those with a burning passion to fight have that passion extinguished at once.
* Lightflake - A holy, breezy wind envelops the user, creating a refreshing chill that keeps the user's mind at ease. It amplifies the user's magical powers at a constant rate. It is often used in conjunction with Hirowaza's "Baralas' Legacy" to deal massive damage.
ULTIMATE WITCHCRAFT CHARM 1: Last Stand - A mystical force renders mortal blows useless as the user takes a last stand against peril, gaining increased vitality and a powerful mystic armor. However, after some time, or if the threat is gone, the vitality is lost.

ULTIMATE WITCHCRAFT CHARM 2: Salamath's Judgment - Purifying flame rejuvenates the most injured allies, and renders the caster immune to the next immediate physical hit that touches him.
FINAL WITCHCRAFT CHARM: Fury of the Elements - A catastrophic flurry of disasters and elemental bursts ravage the opponent, as mystic winds envelop the user and empower him with small protection and willpower.

Charm Synchronization List
KEY: Offensive | Supportive | Debuff

* X-Strike
---> Hirowaza's Strike + Meira
---> Hirowaza and Meira are far apart and then synchronize their movements to dash through enemies slicing and dicing in an X motion, which releases a mana-powered explosion. Usually just knocks people out. It's the slicing and dicing that kills people.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Jalal McWallace(for now anyways)


Age:  25

Strength: Can shoot fire from his eyes and lightning from his arse. Is a reasonable tactician, hunter and can wield a claymore with some proficiency. Recently began archery practice. Can remember some drugs. hourai. not bothered by blood. (Added from battle in Sky Ray)His skill with guns is enough to hit a target 10 m away, but not a bullseye.(I never thought I would have to detail this ability) Is well practiced with using the tentacles from the tentacle pill. These grow when and where they are needed.

Weakness: mild pollen allergy, hard to understand because of rapid persona shifting. When using a bow, is more likely to hit the guy next to the target.
Home: Where are we?

Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)

Visual Description: lean, average height. Black hair and eyes. Has worked out quite a bit.

Personality: variable, but generally loyal and upbeat.

Partners: Eirin(married)

History/Background: Multiple choice question at best. Few commonalities include sharing drug trials with Reisen. After all, what better way to see a drug's effect on humans than testing it on a human. Drinking the hourai elixer so that Eirin wouldn't be worried over his death.

Fun Facts (optional): Wants to figure out how Ronald McDonald dances like that and do it himself. That clown must be tapping into some new power. Once saw Kaugya kill and eat Mokou. Then she later spread her droppings in the garden. May argue with the narrator and should Satori look deeper than basic feelings, she will hear "He She but I did never regret money powered ran so slithering I couldn't but there was no cantalopes ate the silver gold." or something along those lines.

Additional Information/Background/History: Earlier, while Gensokyo was still healthy, he had taunted Reisen with the belief You can't drive someone insane who is already insane and that included all of Gensokyo. To make amends he requested that she give him her best shot. She did. His recovery or recuperation gave him the realization that there is no true self, rather such a thing is developed by all the masks or personas one adopts. This leads him to act somewhat differently according to the occasion, even adopting different accents and mannerisms at times. Reisen, as a wedding present, gave him a robe that no two people will agree on its looks, unless Jalal and another person concentrate on a specific style. He is a descendant of William Wallace or so he claims. This does help him as he gained two of the powers his ancestor was once rumored to have.


-Married to Erin, know that she suffers from self-recrimination, but has no idea how to solve it(neither do I)

-Is friendly to Reisen and Kaguya. Reisen still feels a little guilty about lashing out in anger towards him.

-Inspired by Thirtyfour, Frank, and Caboose's conflict. Mainly the jolly robert.

-has NO respect for the fourth wall

-lends more weight to Mitaka's will than he would to any other stranger, but only a tiny bit more.

-Sees Owlbear as a jolly good fellow, up for some hard partying when it come to that

-Argues with the narrator, but is somewhat friendly most of the time.

-Gets this feeling that the place in which Kojiro and Zei are staying is overflowing with goodies

-Somewhat grateful to Ria for the use of the armoury(looted many things)


Running two characters

Name: Ghandi Vernier
Gender: M
Age:  50
Strength: mechanical precision with his tools, genius
Weakness: he is a squishy scientist who works out just enough to be fit, though he sometimes forgets. Recently, he took up running. He is only thin because he sometimes forgets to eat.
Home: Wherever his mobile laboratory is.
Occupation: Government scientist
Visual Description: A dark colored man with a shaved head. He usually forgets grooming.
Personality: A polite person, though never treats his nonvolunteer subjects as anything more than objects. His morality to them is that of a Nazi scientist, though he is not interested in extermination or sterilization. To volunteers, he is a gracious and kind man. He will always attempt to resolve matters peacefully. If he can't, well that's the reason for his recent interest in running. He alway makes sure to remember the names and faces of the people he interacts with.
Partners: none
History/Background: He graduated with PH.Ds in engineering, math, biochemistry, geology, and every medical field.
Fun Facts (optional): He is always asking Isaac to note things. Isaac is his apprentice who may or may not exist.
Additional Information/Background/History: His interest in the occult was not a very strong thing, though he has a few contacts with decent knowledge on the subject. He was assigned to head a small laboratory to research these beings with magic powers. Maribel Han is his first subject. During the course of experimentation, he has removed one of her eyes for inspection and installed a camera in the other.

Isaac exists, this is what is known.

Name: Isaac
Gender: Assumed to be male.
Age: Unknown
Strength: He is forgotten quickly.
Weakness: He is forgotten quickly.
Home: N/A
Occupation: Ghandi's lab assistant
Visual Description: nobody can remember except Ghandi who when asked, will point to him and say "see for yourself."
Personality: His speech will not be in quotation marks. He is only a faceless lab technician at this point.
Partners: none at the moment
History/Background: Unknown
Fun Facts (optional): Only Ghandi will acknowledge his existence.
Additional Information/Background/History: Unknown
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Gabriel "Gpop" Marcello
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (turns 17 in July)
Strength: Physically strong and fit, holds quite a bit of mana. Apparently he could manipulate the amount of mana he could hold, but currently can not control it.
Weakness: lacks magic attacks, holds back if wife and friends are endangered.
Home: Palace (currently gone with Gensokyo), Original Home located in Canada. Now residing in the underground ruins.
Occupation: N/A
Visual Description: Tall, black hair, somewhat tan.
Personality: Caring, courageous at times. May be rude-mannered at times. Carefree. Short-tempered if either him or Satori/Koishi is insulted.
History/Background: Originally lives in Canada. Randomly landed in Gensokyo through Yukari. Found by Koishi. Married to Koishi. Friends with Underground Palace crew and many humans.
Fun Facts: Ever since he landed in Gensokyo, he found it like paradise, as if he can no longer care about the troubles of the outside world. Normally everyone is friendly with others. But now his mind is puzzled and his emotions are mixed after the incident.

The Suwako incident is another story that is best not told.

His dreams reveal some of his past, especially about his cousin, his one true rival in his life. Gpop was happy when he found Gensokyo, and could relieve himself from all of his troubles.

His relationship with Mitaka is not a good one. This was mostly caused from Gpop's personal rage and punched Mitaka in face. It was only natural for him to fight back, but ever since, they could never look eye-to-eye seriously. But as Mitaka tries to apologize, Gpop tends to stay away from him and appears to rather distant himself from him for some unknown reason. Gpop calls Mitaka "deodorant" just to get on Mitaka's nerves.

Now due to Eirin's shady new drug, he's been forced into becoming a shota. Quickly they realized that this has effected his mana entirely and has lowered drastically, enough that Satori can't read minds properly anymore.


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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Aw. I'm terrible at these. D:

Name: Sanasan

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Strengths: Basic martial arts training, can be surprisingly intelligent at times.

Weaknesses: No supernatural powers to speak of, physically not particularly strong.

Home: Currently Karuisuwa, Japan.

Occupation: Student

Visual Description: Has black hair, and wears glasses. About average height. Usually wears dress shirts and pants, almost never wearing any other "ordinary" clothing.

Personality: "Efficient"(Read: Lazy). Sometimes doesn't take things as seriously as he should. Hardly ever loses his temper, but can be a bit of a coward. Finds it difficult to make quick decisions, often calculating the possible risks and rewards of choices. Awfully forgetful, remembering things only when they completely irrelevant to the events at hand.

History/Background: After moving to Karuisuwa temporarily for school, he met Renko, who recruited him into her exclusive club of two members. The two eventually joined the group after discovering their "link" with each other and Maribel's kidnapping.

Partner: Renko(Friend)

Fun facts and things: Renko is almost Sanasan's polar opposite: assertive, a work-oholic, and a quick thinker who dives headfirst into almost everything she does. As a result, Sanasan ends up being dragged along on her escapades as an official "club member".
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Sho Kagemaru AKA Shoko, Yuyusho,
Gender: Male, but currently female due to shady new Eirin drug
Age: 23
Strength: Able to learn martial arts from reading manga. Yeah, seriously.
Weakness: Moderately afraid of spiders. moderately afraid of knives. never concedes loss of arguements if he can help it. Unusually sensitive to pain.
Home: Saniwa Shrine
Occupation: none
Visual Description: Straight black hair, brown eyes, black t-shirt, tan pants. However, is currently cosplaying Yuyuko. Also reduced in age to childhood
Personality: Much like Yuyuko, he tends to do crazy stuff. However, he's dead serious almost as often. In general a nice guy, though he can be very threatening if it comes down to it.
Partners: Yuyuko, Youmu, Kogasa. EDIT: Byakuren, assuming no one else has grabbed her yet. I'll RP it as soon as a chance arises.
History/Background: Stumbled into Gensokyo by accident, managed to survive through martial arts skills and being VERY good at running away. Encountered Yukari and spent a year doing errands for her (mostly shopping or other stuff that Ran was to busy to do and Chen couldn't be entrusted with.). Introduced to Yuyuko during this time, and they started dating, mostly due to their shared crazyness. Eventually maried. Accidentally brought Kogasa's umbrella home one day, not realizing that it was actually a Karakasa. Has adopted her as a little sister of sorts out due to his finding the idea amusing and not being the kind to turn down that much moe.
Fun Facts:
- All his moves are cribbed from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, which he reads as regularly as possible.
- Enjoys giving hugs.
- References manga and anime a lot.
- Believes that the purpose of life is to seek out as much moe as possible.
- As close to being an atheist as one can get in a world where there are most clearly gods.
- Enjoys coming up with scientific explanations for things that he is quite aware have no scientific explanation.
Additional Information/Background/History:
-Commonly works with Jeremy/Midori and co.
- Thinks well of all the members of team FUBAR, even if he is irritated with Reimu's recent behavior.
-Very much has enjoyed him/herself since the genderswap.
-Has picked up some interesting artifacts, a knife which produces poison and another artifact that allows him to mimic any move ever, but the latter requires such high amounts of mana for most things as to make it inefficient.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Vant
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Strength: Can manipulate adrenaline. Allows him to slow time(to his perception) and think out plans, dodge bullets, etc.; resilient to pain, trained in hand-to-hand combat, some medical knowledge, very precise in movement. Very large mana supply, very quick recharge of mana.
Weaknesses: Enemies taking friends hostages, and a bit of a blood-lust.
Home:Karuisuwa, Japan
Occupation: Ex-yakuza
Visual Description: 6 foot nothing, silver hair, black t-shirt and blue jeans, well-built but not body-builder-like.
Personality:Calm, calculating, usually prods along chaotic situations, jokes a lot, and helps when need be.
Partners: Kanako Yasaka, Suwako Moriya
History/Background: Ex-marine, moved to Japan but couldn't find work that suited him. Eventually joined up with yakuzas to earn a living, and sate his killer side. Worked directly under Ryoji, but saw how he mistreated Kanako and Suwako when they retrieved the artifacts from Yumiko's mansion. He rescues them both from Amakawa Yumiko and Ryoji, then quickly heads up the mountain with them. After making bonds with the two gods they wander around the mountain for awhile...(meaning till day 5)

Fun Facts~
Loves the Victorian era's architecture and clothing.
Can drink a huge amount of beer, wine, vodka, etc. and not get drunk.
Enjoys classical music just as much as techno, heavy metal, rock-and-roll, and bluegrass.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Gensokyo faction char:

Name: Alex (only known name)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Strength: Can do incredible feats of strength thanks to physical mental and spiritual training since he could first stand up and walk on his own

Resiliant body due to the body strengthing training he under went while growing up,
and lastly due to the his true family mixed Youkai bloodline a generous amount of spiritual and mana reserves and probably other ablitys he's yet to tap into.

Weakness: doesn't have alot of friends due his mostly loner lifestyle, is a sucker for sour food and candy, can't stand seeing women suffer

Home: had several over the course of his life starting from the Heavenly dragons dojo has a child to a young adult to Gensokyo for 6 months and is currently hiding out with the rest of those who fled from gensokyo's destruction at the abandon shrine.

Occupation: None at the moment but he is a highly skilled and and trained martial artist

Visual Description: he's kinda tall at 5 foot 11 inchs he's well muscled he has short Brown Hair Brownish black eyes Normally seen wearing your typical "karate" gi but when out of them he likes to wear a red shirt under a blue vests and Jeans or shorts

Personality: normally laid back and a bit quirky but will get deadly serious if the need be

Partners: Lily Black ( *CLOSE* girlfriend who he is sexually active with ) (( i will be making it presented in good taste though ))

Daiyousei Star sappfire Luna child Sunny milk (rescued from the collapse of gensokyo and are under his care seem to like him in a sort of protective big brother way)

History/Background: He was abandoned as a baby his true parents did so because the plot of Kikuri was already in motion since before Alex was born his parents were hunted because of their ancient bloodline which had been hybridized with Youkai and other such mystical beasts made them a prime target for expermentation and to protect their new son They decide it was best for him to be raised far away from them.

So they left him at the doorsteps of a Dojo the Heavenly Dragons known for its long line of honor filled warriors and left him there with note to whoever raised him which had his name and the stereotypical abandon baby at the doorstep message but it also had a message to the person that when Alex was  to reach a certain age he was to be told about his bloodline ancestory he was found by one of the masters of the dojo Master Ryen who would later adopt Alex and raise him not only has a fine warrior but has his own son.

Alex had a loving and nice childhood as nice as one can get being raised at a dojo he would grow up to be the one of the 2 top fighters there.

The other Top fighter was a boy named Yagi like alex he also was without his true parents but for a diffrent reason his mother and father were martial artists but were involved in a car accident while Yagi was still in his mothers womb at 9 months along which claimed the life of his father on spot his mother lived but was fading so fast it was hopeless to save her life so they C-sectioned her to save Yagi's life has Yagi's mother lay on her death bed she asked Ryen and the other masters of the heavenly dragons to do her one last wish to raise him for her to give him a home and a loving family.

They accepted  and soon afterwards Yagi's mother joined his father in death after years of training Yagi emerged has the second strongest fighter of the dojo training along side Alex.

Alex and Yagi became friends due to there similar fates of never knowing their true parents but couldn't quite become best of friends because of opposing views on fighting.

Alex was your run of the mill mostly honor bound warrior who didn't like doing underhanded tactics unless they were really needed.

But Yagi train of thought was as long has it can win you a battle use it.

This eventually caused a split that resulted in Yagi being disqualifed from being selected for a Tournament against other dojos and martial art schools because The masters of the heavenly dragons didn't want Yagi's tendancy to use underhanded tactics to make them look bad so Alex was chosen instead in that tournment Alex made it to the finals before losing but dispite losing The Crowd and even his match's foe gave him a standing applause for making it so fair.

The rift in Yagi's and Alex's friendship only got worse when Yagi was again not chosen this time for who would be come the next in line to become the next set of masters worthy of being able to teach the styles of the Heavenly dragons dojo.

Alex in order to earn the right to read the dojo's sacred scrolls to become a true master had to embark on what was basicly a year long spritual walkabout leaving the Dojo with a smile at pride of soon being his dojos newest true master who can teach to others.

Sadly apparently Kikuri was looking for recruits to help her plans and found Yagi
who apparently agreed to her being his new master and stealing the Dojo's sacred scrolls to help her in exchange for the power to revenge on Alex and the Dojo's masters for picking alex over him

Soon after Alex left the dojo Yagi enhanced by his devils deal with Kikuri attacked the dojo and killed the masters and anyone who tryed to stop him taking most brutal action against Alex's adoptive father and favorite sensei Ryen and stole the heavenly dragon's Sacred scrolls afterwards.

Alex unaware of these happenings was 6 months done with his trek when one day after taking a rest from his journey somehow wound up in Gensokyo after a strange dream about a lovely place.

Alex found himself inside the human village Keine watchs over and stayed there for 2 months because keine wouldn't let him wander without him having both the knowlage of the spellcard rules and him having some form of danmaku which he later added to his fighting style.

He spent 2 more months wandering around Gensokyo he enjoyed some of his fights against the locals being more challaging and fun against most of his human foes from the outside world eventually the lovely vistas around Higan made him settle down around the Sanzu no Kawa were he would spend the last 2 months of his time in Gensokyo there were he would meet his future girlfriend the Fairy Lily Black liked him alot they started off casual friends then eventually through sparing sessions turned dates became close boyfriend/girlfriend even the Yama liked the couple although it does look strange when a grown man is making out with what looks at FIRST to be a 12/13 year old girl.

Sadly Kikuri plan had reached a apex when she finally took out the very supporting mana of gensokyo which resulted in the eventual destuction of gensokyo having to flee Higan from Alex and Lily Black made there way to the Hakurei shrine among with others seeking to flee the onslaught this disaster.

Once there Alex took part in the defense from Kikuri's shadowly familars and the giant shadow snake his skills helping to give enough time for the fleeing to escape eventually Alex and Lily black fled gensokyo after Alex helped 4 other fairys Daiyousei Star Sappfire Luna Child and Sunny Milk escape gensokyo.

Currently his group goes by the monker "Fairy Harem" much to alex's annoyance

Rai Force 1 char:

Name:Yagi(the only name he wants people to call him by)

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Strength: due to a lifetime of martial arts training can do "Superhuman" feats (like alex these are beyond the the ablity of untrained human body) also due to his "devil deal" with Kikuri he is now capable of Truely super human feats and has his postion the leader of Rai force 1 he has biggest the most capable mana support pool of them all has a way with women due to his charming looks

Weakness: His pride, mentions about his birth parents and their deaths, his intense hatered toward Alex can make him do rash things

Home: formerly the Heavenly dragons dojo now  The "graveyard"

Occupation: Formerly a Martial artist he is now a minion of Kikuri and is now the leader of Rai force 1

Visual Description: short but flowing Blonde hair a giant of man at 6 foot 6 inchs Blue eyes tends to wear gi's or when on missions jumpsuits wears a formal suit when formal needs arise.

Personality: formerly just a harsh person now he just a aggressive but clever brute now who knows how to charm a lady

Partner: i request just Yuka Kazami after all being number one requires something strong right?

History/Background: see Alex's history i don't feel like typing in a wall of text again.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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(Rejoining the RP with a new character.  Glad to see you all.)

Name: Soran Vriess

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Strength: Ruthlessness, Drive

Weakness: Empathy, Restraint

Home: Unknown

Occupation: Ex-RAI Force Agent Test Subject

Visual Description:

Personality: Always looks out for himself before others but if there is no reason not to help another then he will.  Is more likely to be persuaded by facts and plans than ideals and rhetoric.  Not afraid to take drastic measures in order to protect himself or others but it does not generally occur to him to use anything less than the maximum force when more elegant methods might be more appropriate.  He is just as likely to kill a potential witness than persuade them not to tell anyone about him.

Partners: Yumemi Okazaki, ???

History/Background: For the past 4 years Soran felt a sort of disconnect with the world around him.  He lead a mostly unremarkable life, going through the motions at school and motivating himself to work hard so that he could get a good degree in college and land a job at a good firm of whatever profession he chose to get into.  He even took a gap year in order to see the world and become "more mature" as his parents often liked to say when they tried to sell the idea to him.  The problem came after his third year of college where he simply...burned out.  He felt that there was nothing left inside of him to motivate him in any way and knew that if he did not shake himself out of this lethargy it would spell the end of his career and his life before they had even truly begun.  Even when he knew that, he still could not force himself back into a routine of hard work and study.  In addition, he was plagued by dreams of twin sisters - one dressed in a french maid outfit and the other in a white gown with angel's wings.  He had no idea what these dreams meant and went to talk to a psychologist, who referred him to a colleague that introduced him to a small neurology institute he had never even heard of.

Before Soran realised it, he was strapped to a table and being coldly observed by doctors and technicians in white coats, talking about nonsense like 'mana', 'magic' and a place called Gensokyo.  He was asked to recount his dreams in vivid detail again and again, and it seemed that the more he told this seemingly insignificant story the more real the twin sisters seemed to become.  Finally he was told the truth about the organisation that had imprisoned him - RAI Force 1, and their goal to capture all of the inhabitants of this so-called made up land.  A place of endless illusion.  The place his dreams were coming from.  If they could be made to manifest, the RAI Force men told him, he would be free of his apathy and his mind would heal in time.  For at least those few months, he accepted their offer in hopes that they would somehow be able to cure him.  The dreams, however, became more insistent and told him he was being deceived.  They urged him to flee and as the evidence mounted he found he could no longer ignore those twin sisters...

Fun Facts:
- To be made up as time goes by

Additional Information/Background/History:

At the urging of the twins in his dreams, Soran did his own investigating and found that RAI Force had more malevolent intentions for the inhabitants of Gensokyo than he was lead to believe.  He further came to realise that he was just a tool to be used and probably discarded; there was no guarantee that he would be kept as a contractor for those two if he stayed, and he already knew too much about their operations.  He began to investigate ways of escaping RAI Force 1 without getting caught and eventually learned of two female agents who had been helping like-minded refugees escape.  He resolved to contact them and see if they could arrange his own exit, though it would not be easy if he was as important a test subject as they claimed he was.

For a long time, Soran watched another of the RAI Force personnel, Ben, who seemed to be in a similar position to him.  The problem was that while Soran was actively fighting against his apathy Ben was allowing himself to be overtaken by it and it was bleeding across the bond he shared with his partner, a brilliant scientist who, by Soran's understanding, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Soran could tell that the connection was killing her and if it wasn't severed as soon as possible things could get bad for both of them.  He only knew of one way to break such links though, and resolved to have it done before the time came to vanish.

It is later revealed that the twin sisters were only mistaken for inhabitants of Gensokyo by the scientists but are actually a manifestation of an avatar of the Taisui Xingjun, a God of Calamity that was defeated by Hong Meiling.  It manipulated Soran's dreams in order to get him to the RAI force centre where it could be potentially extracted from his psyche and given a form, but when it found that such a thing was impossible he urged Soran to flee.  It now grants him a portion of its power so that it might somehow find a way to enter the material world but if it cannot do that it intends to eventually possess its host and carry out its own agenda anyway.  Usually takes the form of a giant catfish.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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NAME: ??? Only known so far as the Astarte
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25 (?)

STRENGTHS: This woman possesses massively powered abilities, being able to overpower nearly any target who doesn't immediately supercede her in terms of the arcane. As a result of her massive knowledge, she has developed a special bond with her partners. As far as this goes, this mana power also amplifies her physical traits, making her a little stronger physically than the true blue Lyseria Astarte. Furthermore, the flow of mana in her is special, granting her minor control over the fabrics of gravity itself.

WEAKNESSES: The Astarte does not reveal her weaknesses.

HOME: Unknown, apparently nomadic in nature


VISUAL DESCRIPTION: She has flaming red hair that touches below her shoulder-blades, and always carries a confident look on her face. Her eyes are bright, and also red in colour. She seems to be smiling solemnly, as if she were a caring person (actually she is, somewhat). She seems like the kind of person who would only incite violence if it were for a just cause, or if she were to save someone's life. Her figure is lithe, but not at all frail. For a female, her body is extremely well-toned, as if she did some minor workouts. She's not muscular or buff, per se, but she is definitely someone you wouldn't consider as weak by any means, and can defend herself in a fistfight. The Astarte often wears long, sleeveless and backless gowns, which have been tailored in such a way that her movement is not hampered. She often carries a long, steel staff with a seal on it, with a sun insignia carved into it.

PERSONALITY: The Astarte is a cold and calculating person by nature, however, she seems to put up a facade of kindness and concern. It is hard to discern her true motives, as she seems to do more good than harm to those she sees some sort of potential use or potential bond with. This was one of the reasons she attended to Hirowaza, simply because she felt that the experience he went through was terrible, and she felt merely... sorry for him. At the time, she was ignorant of Hirowaza's status as the Akasha, so she had no idea he was to become the boy she would end up trying to slay. Ultimately, the Astarte has a conflicted personality. Though she often keeps to herself and acts reserved to plan her next moves, even if it means using those that are close and dear to her. However, she feels guilt and remorse after doing these things.

- Gengetsu / Mugetsu
The Astarte's first foray into the world of Gensokyo took place after she had finished her self-training and finished gaining full control over her flow of mana. This allowed her to manipulate gravity in nearly any existential plane where the said force existed. This was many years ago, even before the events that are taking place right now. At first, she encountered the guardian of the Hakurei Border, Reimu, who at first, was apprehensive of the Astarte's purposes for entering Gensokyo, and suspicious of her human background. Upon demonstrating her magical and mystical abilities, Reimu Hakurei was verily convinced that she had no reason to feel apprehensive towards this stranger who barged into the land she was supposed to be protecting. The real purpose of the Astarte's exploration of Gensokyo was to tap into the power of dreams, and to use the essence of dreams and the potential abilities one could assimilate from it to further her arcane abilities. After research and consulting with many of the natives, one of the Astarte's biggest correspondents being Keine Kamishirasawa, the Astarte started experiencing visions in her sleep, not unlike lucid dreams, and encountered two girls, one in a maid attire, and the other one in angelic garb and sporting a pair of wings.

The questioning of the Astarte towards these two figures was assessed to be of suspicious nature, and at first these two rejected the pleas of the Astarte to enlighten her on the power of the dream world. However, the Astarte discussed these happenings with Reimu and Marisa during her stay in Gensokyo, and surmised that for the two girls in the dream world to pay attention to her, she must implicate herself to have power and a purpose, something that those girls did not know about. The Astarte ended up studying how to induce lucid dreaming in herself and spent the next few months perfecting the art through arcane means. Eventually, she succeeded and once again encountered these two girls. This time, she explained her purpose, and her abilities. She definitely did not mean harm, but the two girls were again suspicious, and decided to test her strength. Naturally, they felt that they needed to teach this Astarte a lesson, as she was bragging. At least, that's what they thought. The two of them used danmaku art, but the Astarte was able to use her arcane arts to evade and, instead of laying a barrage of spells on them, decided to exhaust them not unlike "timing out their card."

Gengetsu and Mugetsu revealed their identity thereafter and their position as sisters, having been bested by pacifism, and in the end lent their ears to the Astarte's request of gaining power from the dream world. The two of them mentioned that they could not reveal their secrets, but they did say they were willing to manifest themselves in the physical plane and assist her, and it seemed they had an ulterior motive for it, two. The two sisters secretly agreed between themselves that they would gain knowledge from the Astarte and use it to amplify their own danmaku further. Such is the relationship between the two. The Astarte would learn from the sisters much like the sisters would learn from the Astarte.

HISTORY/BACKGROUND: The Astarte's mother was close friends with Hirowaza's mother. In a not-so-total coincidence, Hirowaza's mother was the Akasha who killed the Astarte's mother due to the prophecy of the previous generation. As a result, the Astarte ended up holding some resentment towards Hirowaza's mother, but never actually knew that Hirowaza was her child until a much later date, a long time after she had treated his wounds after he was raped. As mentioned earlier, the Astarte spent her time in Gensokyo studying on how to develop her mystical arts, taking lessons from not only Marisa, but also the likes of Patchouli Knowledge and nabbed the attention of Alice Margatroid. How this all came to be is unbelievable by the normal person who knows of Gensokyo. The idea, was the fact that when the Astarte first entered Gensokyo by a magical portal machination, she was relatively unknown. However, due to her human, mortal nature, she would be attacked by all manner of rogue youkai, which she defeated with relative ease. This caught Reimu's attention, who got the situation from the Astarte. This conversation was eavesdropped on by Aya, who proceeded to propagate the information on her Bunbunmaru Newspaper. This all happened before the events that are taking place now, naturally. Marisa, who sought more power, ended up striking a bargain with the Astarte when she got lost in the Forest of Magic one unfortunate day. The two would exchange knowledge on the magical arts, so they did. The Astarte gained a large amount of knowledge from this, being able to induce lucid dreaming in people, especially herself, which was quite important for encountering her partners Gengetsu and Mugetsu. The Scarlet Devil Mansion, possessing a library commonly raided by Marisa, this time experienced robbing by... nothing but the wind. In fact, it was Marisa under an invisible spell taught by the Astarte. When Patchouli Knowledge discovered it, she too, sought the knowledge. The same happened. And finally, Alice learnt of this new power from Patchouli who uncharacteristically bragged about "expanding her horizons from a benevolent witch," and she too, sought the Astarte for guidance. Alice, did not want power, but merely the ability to seem more charismatic, something the Astarte did without magic, but with words. Through the Astarte's journey, she discovered many new things that improved her as a person, and improved her game and her arcane arts. When Gensokyo was collapsing, she quickly saved Gengetsu, Mugetsu and a number of other notable natives before the crash through her magic.

- ???

Whereas Hirowaza has his charm release, the Astarte has her unique Arcanic Charms, a form of mana manifestation that is not unlike the basic concept of Charm Release, but is amplified and is generally stronger. Tapping into the powers from the dream world that lie in Gengetsu and Mugetsu's presence, she can easily fight stronger opponents, especially if they lack mental strength. As for the connection between the Astarte and the twin sisters, there would be no worry at all, since the Astarte has an immense amount of mana, and has learned the art of mana creation based on the knowledge she got from Marisa and Patchy.
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Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Jan Monteiro

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Strength: A bit of an intellectual as well as a bit of an athlete, Jan is more along the lines of a general Jack-of-all-trades, excelling in neither field more than a specialist. However, he does excel more at certain things than others: Jan has a high tolerance for pain, and his stamina is very high. Even if he is not particularly strong or fast, he can go on fighting or running far longer than others. And while he is smart in a normal capacity, his ability to analyze and predict the actions of others could be put on-par with that of an actual psychologist.

Weakness: Jan's fears are rather low on the spectrum: He has a fear of things he cannot notice right away (for example, while he is afraid of bugs and spiders, he is more afraid of being surprised by them or not noticing them until they are on him than their actual selves). Along with this, while he is not actually afraid of the dark, he tends to act much more slowly and cautiously when in an area he cannot see in.
Jan's physical weakness stems from his strength: As much as his body may be able to keep performing or take punishment, when he is done with it, he tends to become too exhausted to be of any other use. Because he tends to push himself to his limits, even in everyday life, Jan normally acts very tired as well.

Home: Jan is originally from the outlying suburbs of Chicago, and is a visitor to Karuisuwa. Prior to his new adventure, he was merely staying at an inn and exploring the outlying area. While his true home is at an American university, far and away from the action, he is currently staying in the underground library with Patchouli and Koakuma.

Occupation: Jan is currently a psychology student.

Visual Description: Jan is short and light for a man of his age, standing at a little over five and a half feet tall and weighing about 135 pounds. He has somewhat long, wavy black hair, the back of which reaches to his shoulder blades, and is parted to either side above his left eye. His skin is somewhat darker than most Japanese people's, but is a bit light for his Hispanic heritage, resulting in an ordinary tan look. He wears a pair of steel-framed glasses whenever he is awake, and his eyes underneath are a very dark brown.

Personality: Jan tries to be friendly to strangers, but still seems to be a cold individual to outsiders. However, he can show a good sense of humor and genuine kindness to those that he trusts. Gaining this trust is as easy as being friendly in return, and having the same interests as him (Japanese culture and entertainment, as well as psychology or other intellectual pursuits) helps too.

Partners: Patchouli Knowledge (main) and her library helper, Koakuma.
Upon stumbling into the Gensokyo refugee group, he was immediately introduced to Patchouli and Koakuma by Kojiro. Jan immediately clicked with the pair over their shared intellectual interests, and have been traveling together ever since.

History/Background: A college student in America who had been studying psychology, Jan decided to study firsthand how a foreign culture and way of life changed the thought processes of others. He quickly chose Japan, being a bit of a weeaboo fan of anime, manga, and Japanese games, as well as an interest in their culture. Having spent much time in the larger cities, he decided to journey to rural areas and learn about the more traditional Japanese life and how the people there would act differently from those in the somewhat more Westernized city. Having come across the small town of Karuisuwa while traveling by bus and foot, Jan decided to take a break and had meant to resume his trip later.

Fun Facts: Jan's (made-up) surname comes from a Portuguese word for "hunter of the hills," a relic of his mixed-Hispanic heritage.
Jan's strength and weakness both stem from an abnormally-high red blood cell count: While his above-average lung capacity can couple with them to keep him moving longer, stopping has the effect of causing minor blood clots, leaving him very exhausted. This can usually be remedied with some fluids, but he refuses to use any medication. Jan's reason is that he fears he will lose his stamina, and become more physically inept as a result.
His lung capacity also gives Jan a preference for breathing through his mouth, although not when around other people. This leaves him vulnerable to throat or respiratory illnesses, and he usually has a minor cough.

Additional Information/Background/History: Jan is not a student of the martial arts, but used to be a bit of a brawler when he was younger. He remembers the times when he had fought, and is more than capable of defending himself when it becomes necessary.
Jan has only just hiked into the Karuisuwa region after being in the cities. Because of this, he is carrying a large pack of various types of Imperishable Food, as well as a first-aid kit. Not one to forget his work, he also has some psychology books and notebooks of his findings. He also carries a few other books, mostly nonfiction, for pleasure reading, and a laptop computer... Resulting in two heavy bags.
Anything that Jan purchased in the city (music, clothes, doujins and games) has already been sent home, but Jan carries a well-crafted knife for various odd jobs he has to do while trekking through the forest (skinning fish, cutting branches, etc.) as well as self-defense. He also has a simple wooden walking stick to help manage his heavy load.
Jan prefers light weapons with some reach to them over heavy ones. While knives fit the weight requirement, light swords are somewhere in-between, and spears can be both, Jan has had his eye on the Japanese naginata for a while now. While he had no such luck finding one in the city, he maintains the futile hope that the countryside will be kinder, even with the statistical improbability. Perhaps being thrust into a combat situation will give him a chance...
While he has no experience with firearms, Jan would more than willing to learn to use one, given the opportunity.


Re: Profile Thread - Waking up From the Dream
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Name: Marco Camacho
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Strength: Physically fit and strong, really good with weapons.
Weakness: Short-tempered, over-confident at times, think too highly of himself.
Home: Canada, but new job placement forces temporary home in Japan
Occupation: RAI force agent, government agent of Ontario
Visual Description: Tall, Black and combed-back hair, somewhat tan due to spanish background
Personality: Short-tempered, does not like to discuss past whatsoever, usually angry.
History/Background: Currently unknown. Past is considered very dark though.
Fun Facts: Worked for the Government of Canada in Ontario. No family relatives that are known at the moment. Can not feel love of a close one, and forgot the experience. Placed in Japan as one of the few people considered to work for the RAI force due to their previous acts.