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Spoiler and Link Policy (READ ME)
Seventh Holy Scripture:
A few words about spoilers:

* In general threads such as 'what anime are you watching now', all spoilers must be marked using the[spoiler]tag, Spoiler: just like this text is so marked. You are encouraged to start a new thread if you want to have an extended discussion of any one creative work.
* In threads about a single creative work, spoilers may not be marked (see below.) Consequently, you should not read these threads unless you have seen/read the whole thing, are relatively caught up, or wish to risk being spoiled.
* Caveat of the above: Spoilers for an episode, chapter or update that came out less than a week ago must still be marked. Not everyone has the time or ability to keep up to date on a daily basis, please be considerate of them and do not spoil everything immediately after it happens.
* Caveat of the caveat: Webcomics are an exception to the above, since catching up with them is trivial. Do so before checking the thread.
Additionally, please take the time to review our rules on piracy, which apply everywhere on the forum. To sum it up, do not link to unauthorized scanlations or fansubs. Some anime and manga is made available on the Internet for free by the publishers, but be sure to verify it was uploaded by a copyright holder if you want to link to it - we know as well as you do that most of those manga reading sites and random videos on YouTube aren't authorized, and you will be disciplined if you pretend your ignorance as an excuse.

These rules (the spoiler ones) are provisional. Feel free to reply if you think they could be improved, they're for your own peace of mind.

--- Quote from: Seventh Holy Scripture on May 22, 2011, 07:09:01 PM ---not all spoilers need to be marked.
--- End quote ---
Care to elaborate, like exactly what kind.
Seventh Holy Scripture:

--- Quote from: |Bio| on May 22, 2011, 11:15:03 PM ---Care to elaborate, like exactly what kind.

--- End quote ---

Spoilers that don't fall under the caveat. (i.e. are over a week old)
Letty Whiterock:

--- Quote from: |Bio| on May 22, 2011, 11:15:03 PM ---Care to elaborate, like exactly what kind.

--- End quote ---
You do not need to spoiler that Snape kills Dumbledore. You do need to spoiler Spoiler: the ending to a movie or crazy twist to an anime episode that just came out/aired.
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