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Things not to do if you do not want to not piss me off

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Send me the following email:

--- Quote ---Hey <me>:

I have a folder on my desktop; not sure what it is, but believe it has something to do with refresh?


What might this be?  Do I still need this?

--- End quote ---

And then proceed to attach a 1GB zip file of the entire folder.

Another thing not to do:
Ignore everything I say and then proceed to do the opposite and then get pissed at me when it doesn't work.

Oh, and then ignore when I tell you repeatedly I can't hear a word you're saying and put me on speakerphone.

Zengar Zombolt:

--- Quote from: ♪ TheStupidOne ♫ on April 27, 2011, 07:22:31 PM ---attach a 1GB zip file

--- End quote ---
feels so cash man

It crashes my email client if I try to do anything with it, owns.

Tamashii Kanjou:

You'd think that said person would have some sense to either...

A) Warn you about the size of it first before sending it.
... OR
B) Try and briefly sum up the contents of the folder and what may or may not be attached for closer inspection.

Surely it isn't that hard to think about. Stupid person, look what you're doing to TSO! A stressed TSO is not fine at all.  :ohdear:


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