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Since a lot of people may not be aware of it, we have an open group for all of you morons with Steam.  Play TF2 with eachother, play DoW2 with me, or just add yet another useless group to your profile! 


Glossary for this thread

Technical help
BattlenetGateway - configuring you're WC3 to join MotK Battlenet.
Port forwarding for dummies - for general gaming, if you want to host games.
Reducing your ping - Improve your ping by registry tweaking.
GProxy++ - Don't be a noob, play with gproxy and remakes become less frequent if you disconnect.
Updating Warcraft III to 1.26a - You need 1.26a to play latest DotS maps.
Fontcraft Chinese - Shows correct font for maps using chinese font.

Bots and communication
Sakuya & Reisen - the battlenet bots for hosting games.
Sakuya & Reisen II - adding maps to the bots.
Rinnosuke - IRC bot for managing games.
Teamspeak - join the MotK teamspeak for diablo, UT, minecraft etc.

Streaming & Media
Streaming games guide - Start showing off your skills more!

Bnetd is removed

Guide: How to be a charismatic host like Lady Remilia Scarlet.
This guide is ONLY for people who are connecting to the internet using a router and not a modem.

Portforward.com is a good site, however when people see the number of steps to be taken they get scared and cower ( CHARISMA BREAK ). Remember this, almost every router has similar steps to port forward, however the interface is every time different. Therefore you should still use portforward.com as a guide on the interface.

Step 0 - Before we start.
Let us first check our IP settings. (Note you cannot see here if you have static or not. This is just for preparing).

Go to Start -> Run -> Type: "cmd" and hit enter. Amazing black box appears.
Type: "ipconfig" and hit enter. You should see something like this below. (command box)


Keep this window OPEN. We need it as reference for future steps.

Step 1 - Checking for static IP address.
Almost all standard computer + router setups have automated IP distribution. So portforwarding is useless if your host PC has no static IP. Are you already a genius ? Then you should know how to check if you have a static IP. Otherwise

* For Windows XP: Right click on Network locations and select 'properties' -> Then, Right click on Local Area Connection and select 'properties' -> Finally, select Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and press 'properties' button.
* For Windows Vista/7: Right click on Netowrk locations -> Select 'change adapter settings' -> Select Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP) and press 'properties' button.
For both XP and Vista/7, If the radiobutton 'Obtain an IP address automatically' is selected and 'Obtain DNS automatically' it means your local IP is dynamic. Thus we need to set it to static. Don't close this window either, we need it.

Step 2 - Setting a static IP
- Select 'Use the following IP' and 'Use the following DNS' radiobutton. The fields can be modified now. Good.

Now let us look at the command box. Notice how IP address is ? Notice also Subnet mask = and Standard Gateway is Now go to your properties of your TCP/IP (which we opened in step 1) and fill in exactly what you see there.

* IP address - 192.168.1.X   where the X should be preferred between let's say 10 and 200. (I'll spare you the reasons, just pick a number or pick the number showing in your command box for the X. (I picked 64))
* Subnet mask - Exactly the same as in command box (generally
* Default Gateway - Exactly the same as in command box (mostly OR
* For DNS fields ONLY fill in the 'Preferred DNS server' which is exactly the same number as Default Gateway.
Hit the OK button and wait for the panel to close. Sometimes it can lag because the settings are being saved. Also do note that your internet connection can be cut off (disconnecting from IRC/skype etC) as the computer is reconfiguring the connection. So wait for the connection to be re-established and check if you can access any internet page (forum for example).

If yes - Congratulations, you have a static IP. How ever, this was just the preparation. Now we go to the real stuff.
If no - You failed to survive the charisma. Check all steps carefully and redo it. If it still fails, well....complicated stuff :V

Step 3 - Access your router
This is probably most easiest step. Simply open an empty internet browser and type the default gateway number in your address bar. (i.e: You should see a similar page like this. Note: every type of router has its own login page. This is typically a Zyxel router interface.


Generally (unless your brother, sister, father or someone else modified it) the login for almost every router is: Loginname = admin and Password=  admin. Otherwise, good luck finding out what it is oz.

Step 4 - Port forward
Here comes the tricky part, for me, to explain. Because each router has its own interface, it tends to get confusing and painful to get it right. Therefore I would advise to compare your interface with the screenshots on portforward.com. No matter what the interface is, you need to look for "NAT settings" or "Port forward". Generally it is hidden if your router has basic and advanced view interface. So look for it! My port fortforward settings are hidden under "Advanced view" -> Network -> Nat -> tab: port forward.


So when you found it, look for button to 'ADD' new port forward rule or line. And then simply fill in the fields. Generally it will ask for:

* Name of the rule / forward - Fill in what you want (i.e: Warcraft 3 host)
* IP address - (Type in your static IP which we did in step 2!)
* Starting port - type 6112
* End port - type 6119
* Note! Some routers ask for UDP/TCP or both (could be a dropdown or tick box. Make sure both are enabled)
When everything is filled out, hit ok / save or whatever button is available and wait. Again here your connection can be cut off. If nothing broke down, go check if you can access the internet / irc etc. And also go try whether you can host a game which people can access.

Step 5 - Understanding what you did
Basically what we did is made sure the router directs any connection on port 6112 up to 6119 to your computer. This is why you need a static IP. Otherwise the next time you power your PC, it might receive a different IP address from the router and thus the forwarding rule becomes invalid. This is a common mistake people make. They just port forward without first setting their IP static.

This portforwarding principal goes for any application, game or software. So you can set more forwarding rules. Keep in mind some routers have limit to number of forwards. My router has 11 (because stupid consumer hardware sucks). Some routers have 20 or more. Depends on your model and brand.

For the more technical people. You might want to also exclude your IP address from the DHCP lease on your router, to prevent the router from giving away that IP address to another client in the network. Go to your DHCP settings and exclude your IP from the lease pool.

Enjoy your charismatic hosting.

Introducing the hostbot - Sakuya
This hostbot runs off a webserver based in Los Angeles. Barring internet routing anomalies, ping times in the lobby range from ~15-70ms for those in the US/Canada to ~100-150ms for those of us in the SEA region to ~160-220ms for those in South America. Note that ping times in game will definitely be higher although this varies from map to map. DotS seems to add the most in-game latency among all the maps on the list, but this should be barely noticeable now.


* Check that Sakuya is present with a /whereis. She may be busy attending to a party in a game lobby, but she'll be right with you once their game starts. Ping me on IRC if the maid's not around - unlike Youmu, I cannot see Sakuya's online/offline status.
* Choose a map to load with the command /w Sakuya !load <mapname> where <mapname> is any of the games in the list at the bottom of this post. You can also get Sakuya to list the games available by using /w Sakuya !note maps1.
* Start a public game with /w Sakuya !pub <gamename> where <gamename> is any name of your choice that is more than 3 letters long. She may not start the game otherwise. If you wish to start a public game but transfer ownership of the game to someone else, use /w Sakuya !pubby <owner> <gamename> instead.
* She may take a couple of moments to bring you guys to someone else in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Join it and either use /w Sakuya sc to authenticate with her or wait another couple of moments while she runs the check in the background anyway. Before authentication, your host will not accept any commands from you.
* If you wish to delete the current game, return to the lobby first and use /w Sakuya !unhost.
!New! - Latency Setting
Screw all that old stuff about setting latency. Sakuya now dynamically adjusts latency every 5 seconds. It will still be good to do a ping check before starting and manually setting the latency to somewhere near the mean latency via the !latency command, letting Sakuya fine tune it in-game. For reference, LAN games use a latency setting of 100ms while Battle.Net defaults to a latency setting of 250ms.

Useful commands in the game lobby after authentication

* !checkme - checks your ping and other miscellaneous info.
* !check <playername> - checks the player's ping and info.
* !ping - find out everyone's ping to the host.
* !fakeplayer - creates a fake player. Sometimes needed before Sakuya will permit the game to start without immediately throwing you guys out due to low player count. The fake player remains afk for the duration of the game.
* !start - kinda obvious what this does yes?
* !start force - forces the game to start. Sometimes needed if the normal !start command doesn't work.
* !a - aborts the countdown.
Useful commands in game

* !end - forces the game to end (by disconnecting everyone)
* !fppause - if there's a fakeplayer, it uses the fakeplayer to pause the game
* !fpresume - if there's a fakeplayer, it uses the fakeplayer to resume the game
Final notes - Sakuya will not host for you if you start a game with only you in it. If you try that, she will start the game on your computer and make you the host of your own 1-man party instead. :derp:

Youmu is still around - she helps me run tests on map configs (some protected maps don't play nice) before I upload them to Sakuya. She can still host if asked to. The same procedures for Sakuya apply. Ping times for Youmu are pretty much the reverse of those for Sakuya. Being Touhou fans, guess which channel Youmu resides in. :D Some observations - although the hostbot for Sakuya has a much higher bandwidth and raw cpu cycles at her disposal, Youmu seems to maintain steadier connections so far and has lower ping for people on this side of the world closer to Singapore. She also runs much faster, being on a ramdisk and all.

Reisen is another bot that is almost identical to Sakuya (well they're both stage 5 bosses) and they're both located nearby so pings to either one should be almost the same. The same commands for Sakuya apply too.

Game List (Click on the Abbreviated Map Names for Download)
You can also view the maplist by typing !note maps1 to maps4 in any channel/lobby where Sakuya is.
The game list is now here - http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,10471.msg691938.html#msg691938

TSO has provided a Teamspeak server for our use in gaming. Get a Teamspeak 3 client here.

Go to Connections --> Connect

[attach = 1]

Enter the server details
Address: triela.shrinemaiden.org
Port: 9988

Click connect ad you'll be in ready to talk. If you want a room made on the server, send myself or TSO a message with your request.


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