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Let's Tour MotK Fanworks Listing - Now Complete! Second post: Library Catalogue

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Dead Princess Sakana:
Alright, that just leaves a few short story-threads that I can go through later today/tomorrow, and then we will be able to finish this up finally :V

Dead Princess Sakana:
And we're done!  :toot:
The Fanworks Listing is now updated with every work that we had up to June 1st 2012 when the Cleanup started (which means there's probably 20 more waiting already  :colonveeplusalpha: )

Thank you very much for your help everyone, it's very much appreciated and we couldn't have done it without you all!

Look forward to the next Cleanup...  :]

Merging this thread into the main Fanworks Listing thread now and add it to the chronicles of the Librarian Squad's eternal struggle against disorder in the library!

And now: Let's go read a bunch of books!

capt. h:
Is there going to be another cleanup in the near future? I admit I kind of got out of the touhou fandom for the past 4 years, but I'd be really curious to see what new stuff has popped up in the last 4 years since I entered these forums.

EDIT: Heh. Post number 413. It appears that the universe insists on throwing me face first into Homestuck  :D


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