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Part 06 - Death, in Other Words: Nothingness

Those trees are bones. Rich on calcium!

So the previous episode had relatively low tension. Be prepared for the exact opposite! Some of the narrative themes that come up in this chapter are pretty uncomfortable, tougher than anything we've seen so far. Still, I think you can handle it. I did present this title as a horror game so far, so I don't think any of you will be unexpectedly overwhelmed.

Part 07 - We Can Meet Again, Right?

Koishi's quest continues and as you can tell from this preview, there will be a change of location at some point during the video. You've got to ask whether staying trapped in the Bamboo Forest would have been the better alternative to whatever this is...

Part 08 - Things Have Changed

Once again, Koishi has to outgrow her former weaknesses. It's all to help a trapped and pitiful crow-human-chimera. Several dwellers of the mansion are working against her in this mission. Can she do it despite this opposition?


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