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Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 - DOS Ist Gut, Ja? (3)

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Suwako Moriya:

--- Quote from: Leon゠Helsing on October 07, 2019, 08:23:47 AM --->ALttP Rando Crowd Control
Boy oh boy this is gonna go swimmingly :V

--- End quote ---

What exactly does this entail, anyway? Google was surprisingly unhelpful. Something about Twitch donors paying for what item comes next?

Here's the submission run as an example. Basically viewers can donate through an extension to either assist the player or grief the player's ass off in various ways. Three guesses as to which one's gonna happen more often, and the first two don't count. :V

Suwako Moriya:
Interesting. I wonder if that will be the closer, then, since it would provide incentives to continue donating through the end of the show.

The first two Fallout games, three Myst games and The Talos Principle... Pretty tasty. And this is the first time in a long while I've heard the name Darkened Skye. Mostly remember it thanks to the protagonist. Whoever currently owns the brand of Skittles should be donating a lot of money for this one.

Gus playing Futari 1.01 is gonna be a treat


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