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Huh. Well I still haven't taken the time to watch that sequel movie. If I'm going to try this out or see more spoilers of the movie around I might have to go watch it before this gets released. Based on the bits I've read about it, I'm not too excited about seeing it to be honest... which is why I've been putting it off all this time.

The sequel movie is one of my favorite movies, you should totally see it. It's a very worthy successor to the anime.

It's a polarizing movie and a lot of people hate it so I can't guarantee you'll like it, but I don't think it's going to waste your time. And for what it's worth a lot of publications that gave it negative reviews redacted them and gave it much much higher scores after a second viewing, so it's one of those things.

Edit: Oh hey the game is out! I thought it was due Friday. Guess I'll try to take a look on my lunch break.

Alright, I beat the tutorial and played a little past that. This game is basically Fate Grand Order with some quirks. It's played on a 3x3 grid on each side, and it has the same "select three out of five actions on your turn" gameplay as FGO, but the actions are slightly different, including an AOE action that targets certain spaces on the opposing side. You can change targets for each action unlike in FGO, and there's a support action mechanic that grants a lot of flexibility in doing different kinds of combo chains.

The gameplay in this sort of game is hard to evaluate for me until the game gets challenging, which never happens early on, but I like FGO's gameplay just fine so I assume I'll like this too. There are a few quirks I'm slightly concerned about (it's not clear to me how team construction works or how common characters compare to rare ones stats wise, but it might always be possible and correct to cram all of your rarest units and equipment on one team?).

The real star here is obviously the aesthetics though, and they are great. The music in particular is predictably excellent. I don't recall if all of the music is taken from existing media or if much/any of it is new, but it's still great. The character designs are cute, the animations are good, no real complaints there.

There's a guaranteed 4* character at the end of the tutorial (I think 4* is the highest rarity you can pull a unit at but they can be upgraded to 5* later or something?) and I pulled Madoka, which I'm very happy with. I was considering rerolling for Madoka or Kyoko, so glad I didn't have to bother with that.

Ionasal kkll Solciel:
If anyone's trying (like I did) to figure out how to redeem your moeblob Homura, she's in the Shop tab, all the way at the far right of the categories. why is she buried like this

(Also, I don't know what's going on, but I can't ship you a friend request via your ID or name.)

Ah yeah I had been having trouble finding her, and I've had several people ask me about it. I checked in the shop and still missed her.

I can't get friend requests to work either, and nobody I know IRL can. There must be some kind of issue, or else we're all doing something wrong.


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