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Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta 2019 FROM OUTTA NOWHERE edition

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--- Quote from: The ⑨th Zentillion on July 05, 2019, 12:50:33 PM ---^Ouch. Well, good work, regardless! What were the other three classes?

--- End quote ---
Samurai, ninja, knight, and zerker. A messy first attempt with no real healing, just gunning it to the end to see if I needed to change anything up. Definitely could have gone better but eh the NED kill was what it was all about anyhow.


Well that was a ride.  Had to get to the high 30s to have enough HP for one controllable character survive Almagest.  Faris was an item bot trying to keep everyone alive as Krile just zerkercutied her way plink plink plink.

MVP goes to !Equip Ribbons because at least I didn't have to worry about Grand Cross for anyone (other than Lenna sry you needed Rapidfire pew pews)

Next year I'm doing 750 I wanna have some magic after this FITE FITE ALL NITE fest.


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