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NY Anime Festival

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Anyone going? I heard that some people are going to cosplay as Touhou chars. If anyone else is going, maybe we could all meet up?

Menorah Jams, Pham:
triangles and I will be stopping by outside the con to say hi to some people but we don't really plan to go to the con per se.  :-/ 

ITT also NY metro area MotKers, sound the hell off so we can coordinate some kind of get-together or something in the future!

Onozuka Nikuyokura:
As much as I would absolutely go to one of these, there's a few problems keeping me from going such as money, area, and I'm not as tomgirlish in appearance as I am in nature.

Though a friend of mine lives in NY; look for the pale guy with a wiry afro!

I'll be going, but just on Friday. I'll be mostly buying stuff and doing Gundam stuff. Say good-bye to a good bit of my bank account...

I'll be in a yukkuri t-shirt, if anyone wants to find me but i haven't done anything famous so yay

I'm going to be going in on Saturday. I live on Long Island, so I have to take a train in, but it's not terrible. I'm probably going to be buying some shirts there, although they probably won't have anything touhou-related :(


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