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The fruits of my danmakufu labour
Hello dear all,

For those of you who do not know me, I am Kinghidrorah, a maths student at university and wannabe game designer and programmer. I touched my first ever bullet-hell game, EOSD, last summer when I needed some kind of gaming challenge and since then, it has been hard to go back to other genres as this one is so pleasing in every sense. Anyways, this motivated me to learn danmakufu and bring some new kind of original craziness to the MOTK community. So far only one project has been started (containing 3 finished scripts, the latest having been released a week ago), but more will come in due time.


This is what made me start learning danmakufu. Fight against my maths lecturers from the university of Warwick (in England) in crazy danmaku battles! From earliest to latest (the latest being more accomplished :) ):

- Here is a battle against Mario Micallef, vector analysis lecturer and geometry (kind of) researcher. Expect plenty of references to vectors and Euclidean geometry!


- Here is a battle against James Robinson, analysis lecturer: there will be references, amongst other things, to classical theorems such as the Mean Value theorem, Rolle's theorem, power series, and sine/cosine functions.


More is to come, as stated. In the meantime, enjoy and don't forget to stay positive :)!

UPDATE: following the video/ critique of MegamanOmega, the Dave Wood script has been made slightly more forgiving in certain areas, though the resource system is unchanged because I find little wrong with it..
This is not exactly a new script, but an easier version of the Dave Wood fight which has often been seen to be too challenging. Future scripts will probably incorporate multiple difficulties by default, but I am still a relative beginner scripter and have yet to learn how do that (it will have to be for next time).


The links to the previous scripts in the series have been updated as well.

The next script in the danMATHSkufu series is planned to be a joint battle against Dave and Saul Schleimer, a topology lecturer (which gives me plenty of excuses to include shape-shifting spells)!

Alright everyone, I am proud to present my newest entry in the danMATHSkufu series, Saul. The series has seen quite the facelift with this new script, with three difficulty modes available, two playable characters, a new UI and menu background and much larger playing field. Otherwise, as usual you fight against one of my maths lecturers and his fiendish maths-themed spells and nonspells. Have fun with that!

A remake of my previous Dave script has been released!!! This one features all of the stuff which I learnt whilst programming the Saul script such as three difficulty modes, a nicer looking UI and around 80% of attack patterns redesigned/ changed from the original script. Hopefully this one will provide more enjoyment to those who play it than the previous version which, I have to admit, was flawed. You can download the script here :


Have fun beating up maths teachers!!
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