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First time attending Reitaisai, any advice?

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--- Quote from: N-Forza on April 19, 2019, 02:38:40 PM ---Unless you're lining up for ZUN and maybe Akatsuki Records or Shinrabansho, you probably don't need to show up that early if you're worried about stuff selling out. As long as you can hit up your top-priority circles in the first couple of hours after it opens, you should be fine.

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Ohh, I see. Yeah I think 8 or a little later should be good in that case, it'll be hard to get my brother up that early in the first place I think... I also want to let you know that whenever I end up attending an event again I'd like to help with the orders you receive from people on the forum.

A little late to the chat but yeah have fun!

Other stuff you might want to take note is rules regarding photography if you intend to grab photos for memories. If you are carrying a larger camera like a DSLR you need to apply for some kind of registration on site if I recall correctly. Generally photography is allowed in certain areas only but you should be able to snap a quick shot in the hall as long as you do not obstruct the flow of human traffic.

In the event you do miss out on releases from popular circles, there is a chance you may be able to pick up copies of their releases at Melonbooks, Tora no ana etc the next day so keep the next day free for shopping if you really really must have a certain release. This unfortunately only applies to some of the more well known circles though.


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