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Avengers: Endgame - I feel REALLY good about this

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--- Quote from: Lt Colonel Summers on April 06, 2019, 02:28:55 PM ---What I'm looking forward to is seeing what will happen to the Infinity Stones at the end of the movie.

--- End quote ---

My wager: It's been shown they can break. I wager they're destroyed so this cannot repeat.

Here's my Endgame ending theory:

-I think Thanos will be defeated and Tony Stark will be mortally wounded in the process.

-The gauntlet and gems will not be able to be destroyed, and Steve Rogers will become their guardian, residing somewhere in space or another dimension or something and keeping custody of the gauntlet in a similar role to the one Red Skull had in Infinity War.

-Tony will be pulled into the Soul Gem, either on purpose or by accident, and will live a facsimile of a happy life with Pepper inside of it.

That's just a wild guess, I don't really have anything to back it up aside from arguably thematic resonance, and the fact that it gets two of the actors who are the most likely to be leaving out of the way with the option to have them appear for cameos at any time or never be seen again as needed.

Spoiler: I really enjoyed it! Haven't seen the second Avengers, though I hear it was the worst anyway, but this is probably my favorite. Lots I liked about it, they cut back on a lot of the Marvel humor too, which was good. Pacing was good so it didn't feel long at all. Liked it lots. Really liked the trip down memory lane in the middle act, though I suppose some might not like it for time travel shenanigans being a cop out of sorts.

I assume they'll continue from alternate Loki timeline if they decide to continue with the series (which, apparently he's getting a tv show?).

I watched it yesterday and had some time to think.
Spoiler: It was kind of middle-ground. Which, in MCU terms, means it was a really good movie. I kind of left with the feeling that they could have done so much more, though. I'm also sad that they spoiled Ant-Man 2 and I haven't watched that yet and loved Ant-Man aaaaaa

I liked it a lot. It's stupidly self-indulgent and way too long, but it pretty much totally comes together. Spoiler: And lately I've been finding myself getting an extra-perverse schadenfreude from dudes on Reddit or whatever complaining about the endings of movies that are thematically and emotionally satisfying and complete not making *logical and rational sense*. I call it "the Us effect". :D

--- Quote from: BT on April 27, 2019, 10:14:59 PM ---Spoiler: I'm also sad that they spoiled Ant-Man 2 and I haven't watched that yet and loved Ant-Man aaaaaa

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Wait, what? If you watch them out of order you kind of have to expect that...


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