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Avengers: Endgame - I feel REALLY good about this

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--- Quote from: Drake on April 29, 2019, 12:41:29 AM ---I think this probably comes down to cut content. I imagine the movie was originally much, much longer and in order to tighten it up they cut down in that respect. Spoiler: But honestly I don't think they really established Thor would have had the power to do that, at least at this point in time
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Thor is able to virtually oneshot Thanos with all 6 Infinity Stones in Infinity War; with Stormbreaker.

Spoiler: With both weapons, he could quite easily fly through the ship like Marvel. It's not like she did anything particularly special. There's also just calling lightning. That said; there is some eyebrow-raising power scaling and feats in the climax. Most notably Thanos throwing his weapon fast enough to catch up and overtake Marvel; with her also not apparently being able to even respond to it to stop it hitting home... and nothing getting in it's way on a chaotic battlefield. That moment almost had be call out 'yeah right' in the cinema. Unless we're seriously to believe Thanos can hurl something faster than what is essentially Marvel's Superman can fly and react... especially given he needed to use the Power Stone to even budge her.


--- Quote from: Leon゠Helsing on April 28, 2019, 11:21:08 PM ---Spoiler: Those madmen fucking did it. They took one of the most controversial moments in Marvel comics history and made it into a goddamn incredible joke. Like holy shit, I was both impressed and laughing my ass off when he said it.
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Okay, I give up. What moment are you talking about?

Spoiler: "Hail HYDRA." I know it might seem like I'm overreacting, but just the fact that they made a joke out of it made me rather giddy.

As for the movie as a whole, I can say that it was a satisfactory conclusion for the most part.


--- Quote from: friends on Discord ---Going to see Endgame tonight.
Already spoiled myself on everything.
Aeris dies.
Ned Stark takes the Iron Throne.
Bruce Willis was a Christmas movie all along.
Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud
Lamont Cranston, wealthy man-about-town, is the Phantom
Darth Vader did not have the high ground
The planet of the apes is HAL 9000 the whole time.
Soylent green is really the friends we made along the way
Tyler Durden's head is in the box.

--- End quote ---

Seriously though enjoyed it a whole bunch. Spoiler: Time travel type plots typically are tough to pull off well but it works well enough here. Great popcorn type movie. Lots of call backs and payoffs for anyone who's been along for any part of the journey. Kinda wondering just what's next but for now this was real satisfying.

So I have a small theory that ultimately doesn't change anything if it's true, and maybe it's just supposed to be obvious and I'm dumb for thinking it's a theory, but I think Spoiler: Scott Lang was the variable factor that made this the winning timeline. I think he was supposed to be part of the half of the universe that died, and everything Dr Strange did was in service of making sure Thanos snapped during the very brief period where Scott was in the quantum realm and therefore outside of the reach of the gauntlet. So the scales are imbalanced because one more person lived than was supposed to, which is what allowed Thanos to be undone.


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