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hmm, i dont know much about midi guitar but their are some good sounding out their. maybe u know dojin circle dBu for example. They make alot of rock with guitar and im pretty sure its no real guitar.

Sounds not that real but definitely a cool sound.

I for example do the bass on a synth because i unfortunately dont own a bass guitar. i never got soundfonts do sound like anything but did not try much tbh

It was a long time, wasn't it? Turns out this summer I'm making something incredible again, but in the meantime I made this little punk-like thing, to get my mind off the bigger project a bit. It took me maybe a couple of days...


Well, what's there to say... It's not really possible to make a story out of it, just like it was with Chaos Dial - quick and easy punk-like tune born from a simple idea. Sadly, it's not that promised Himorogi metal arrangement, because it's not metal. Maybe some other time. So, for now, just enjoy this arrangement and please watch warmly for the real deal.

It's been a sad and empty autumn, full of vain and pointless attempts to arrange something... So, a punk tune again!


Fun fact: ZUN only used 2 distinct lines in this song. It was a big challenge to make an arrangement using so little, unlike all those other times that I made punk tracks. I came up with a new structure, new parts, new lines, changed the melody and harmony in some parts - those are all, in fact, necessary steps in arranging a tune. It's just that it might have been easier with more material to rely upon. It's almost like I'm complaining or trying to find excuses why it took so long... but no, that was just the usual section with my fails! =D What's there else to say... Something about the track, maybe? It kinda speaks for itself. However, some explanations are still in order. It's Reimu's theme from IN, and I made it because I was very desperate and because I even failed to make another punk arrangement (not telling which one - I still hope to complete it some time later). I'm not sure if I managed to make the tune brighter and more "major" than the original - ZUN's tracks are always in minor, but instead of trying to "convert" it the usual way, I tried to move the tonic, keeping the melody mostly intact. So, if the original was in D#m, this arrangement is part that, part B major/Lydian. I almost never used the Lydian note F though, but neither the perfect fourth E - in fact, whenever it occurs, it sounds like a borrowed tone. F is in the VII power chord though, so it's Lydian at least by that argument - or just regular D#m, or maybe even both at the same time. The "chorus" part feels darker and quite like D#m, while other parts are not so picky and ZUN's common VI-VII-i harmony is substituted with various other chords to tonicize the VI of the scale - B. The point of all that is that real punk songs are usually in major, which is what I tried to achieve here, while also sticking to the original, because it's incredibly good, especially for a song with just 2 lines, ZUN is a genius, etc. etc. Please listen, enjoy, and give feedback if you feel like it. Thanks for stopping by!


A new version of last year's final track.

Last time I said I didn't try too hard - this time I did, not because I somehow came to like the original by ZUN, but because I like my (almost original) interpretation. It was in the wrong key to begin with, so this time I tried other keys - including the correct one - and chose what seemed the best-sounding option, raising the whole track by a semitone. Also, some nice mixing and mastering TLC. And a fade-out. It definitely should sound less repulsive this time, maybe even good. So, a merry Christmas to you all! And happy grazing!

As for the year conclusion... Less tracks were completed this year, which is disappointing, but I think I'm getting better still. What's more important though, this year I met some wonderful people who share my love for Touhou music and strive to make it heard in their arranges, remixes and covers. Silent Sinner in Scarlet, Benjo, and all others - thank you very much for your support!  I hope that we will all continue to pursue our goals in 2020!


Just a little something I made (because I wanted to). An entirely fitting mid-winter track. Go, Letty! I went full Mixolydian here, that's why it sounds this way (and, also, because I didn't want to make a very sophisticated arrangement). Nevermind the hi-hat - SoundCloud did it again >_<


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