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CPSS8: Imperishable Gift

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Holy shit it actually arrived!

First thing's first:

omg coffee

This sounds delicious. Unfortunately I can smell it's been getting a bit stale sitting in a warehouse for a while so it probably isn't MAXIMUM FRESHNESS but I don't doubt it'll be good anyways.


Smoked squid. It's vacuum-sealed so will still be tasty!

A package to make Bak kut teh, a pork rib soup where the ribs are simmered in an herb broth, and later can be dipped in a mix of soy sauce, garlic and chili. I'll probably put some hearty mushrooms in here too, it sounds super delicious.

Even in February Letty is going strong so this is still relevant (well, pork ribs are always relevant)

"Btw, this is a mascot figure of Singapore. TBH I'm not really sure why foreigners are so fond of it lol UwU"

MerMer the Merlion. More like fishcat? Regardless it's pretty fuckin cute uwu

The postcards mentioned in the above note; this is art by namauni.

Also with the postcards was a notebook! This was inadvertently a very good pick because I've been idly looking for a new notebook for a while and haven't found one that's decent quality with unruled paper and an appropriate size (has to fit in my pocket).


Thanks CenturyEgg!

Phew, good thing it got through in the end, shame about the coffee though. I was getting super nervous about the postal situation on my end cause I kept harassing the postal office and they didn't have ANY information.

Apparently Drake hasn't received his gift according to the official inquiry sent by Singpost LOL. I just received a email from them apologizing and offering to compensate for the lost package if they still receive no news by the 21st of this month. Top class service from Singpost *sarcasm*

I totally didn't get the package

Admin pls no ban. I totally sent it out


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