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A fresh new profile thread, as we move into the permanent phase of the game. The old one was rather cluttered with inactive players. If you're still interested in playing, please repost your profiles here and make any amendments as necessary.

Registrations are now locked, though very, very special provisions can be made for people interested in joining late, though it will require a lot of work and discussion with the GMs.

All of you know the game rules and such so I'm sure I don't have to repost that.

The current default limit is one Team Gensokyo character and one RAI character. If you've created extra characters beforehand then you may keep them. There is also a limit of 5 partners each. Any remaining unpaired characters will be redistributed later. Priority will be given to those with less partners.

Partner swapping is allowed, but must be RPed.

Now, characters still available to pick up are:

Currently up for rescuing from RAI

Currently up for rescuing from the yakuza
Kana Anaberal

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Rin Satsuki

Perfect Cherry Blossom:

Immaterial and Missing Power:

Imperishable Night:
Wriggle Nightbug

Phantasmagoria of Flower View:
Medicine Melancholy

Mountain of Faith:
Suwako Moriya

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:

Subterranean Animism:
Undefined Fantastic Object:
Ichirin Kumoi

Highly Responsive to Prayers:

Story of Eastern Wonderland:

Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream:

Lotus Land Story:

Mystic Square:

Youki Konpaku
Layla Prismriver


How to write a profile:
Fill out the following character sheet. Feel free to add any additional details.

Picture: (optional)
Strength: (can be a personal trait, or a skill, or whatever. e.g. endurance, intelligence, cooking, etc. Nothing over the top please.)
Weakness: (this can be fun ? things like fear of spiders, intolerance to spice, allergy to pollen, etc.)
Home: (current settlement in Karuisuwa)
Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)
Visual Description:
Partners: (Your in-game partners)
Fun Facts (optional):
Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)


Name: Mitaka/Mikoto/Baby Miyo-chan
Gender: Male
Age: 18/2 (is currently a baby girl)

Strength: Foolishly simple one-track mind (can be a weakness at times), rather stupid courage, quick wit, some semblance of intelligence, perseverance, reckless is a surprisingly good cook.

Weakness: Blindness (lost use of his eyes in a recent mission), Foolishly simple one-track mind (can be a strength at times), average human mana supply (relative to the other players, which puts him at an extreme disadvantage), intolerance to spicy food, fear of heights, fear of the dark

Home: Saniwa Shrine/Inn

Occupation: Staff member of the Saniwa Shrine/inn. Is slated to be one of its cooks.

Visual Description: Simple, open expression on a face with sharp, well-defined features. Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, a rather large nose. Thin and wiry, product of typical British education and upbringing.

Personality: Simple, naive. A little laid-back. Lacks personal ambition. Fiercely passionate about helping others. Couldn't stand still when people are suffering before him. Has something that can pass for intelligence under casual observation, but not exactly good with reading situations and reading between the lines. Can make up plans on the fly, however. Can be painfully sarcastic at times.

Partners: Reimu, Suika, Ruukoto, Marisa, Alice

History/Background: (for the purposes of this story, since I somehow started with a Japanese name) A former Japanese expatriate who was raised in Britain. He had returned to Japan for what he thought was going to be a brief holiday during his gap-year. However, he ended up straying into Gensokyo with a number of other outsider adventurers after getting involved with them in a drinking game (he doesn't even drink normally). In Gensokyo he found himself lost and alone in the forest of Magic. Stumbled around for 2 weeks, narrowly escaping becoming youkai food a good few times. He was finally rescued by Reimu when he was on the verge of becoming spider food alongside Cirno and Rumia (who head tried to rescue from the spider's web). Reimu offered him shelter for a while and they quickly became good friends. Through her he became friends with a good few other Gensokyo inhabitants, including Suika, Ruukoto, Mima, Alice, and Marisa.

Fun Facts (optional):
- Is nicknamed 'Taka-kun' by Reimu.
- Is nicknamed 'Deodorant' by Jeremy Nezu, product of a pseudo acid-trip he had after initializing his contract with Yukari. Probably a play on the Armpit joke.
- Reimu is nicknamed 'Armpits' by the very same Jeremy. Probably good to note.
- His team has been nicknamed team FUBAR (F'ed Up Beyond All Repair) over the fact that his team's the weakest of the lot, thanks to his average human mana supply being split 6 ways.
- He has a cat/mouse relationship with Gpop and has taken to calling him 'Lollipop' in retaliation to his calling him 'Deodorant'.
- Now uses Suika as a 'guide dog' and gets headbutted by her each time he points that out.
- Is currently a baby girl.

- Is very good friends with Reimu, Ruukoto, Marisa and Suika. Is now an elder brother to Suika.

- A little at odds with Alice, but they've struck a chord of cooperation at the very least. Alice has resigned herself to being his partner. Mitaka is working on returning her confidence.

- There is tension between him and Gpop at the moment, mostly due to a slight turn on Mitaka's part. They have reached a sort of love-hate level of relationship, where they let their fists speak and pain understand, the manly way. Perhaps they are good friends?
- Gets along well with Jeremy (who seems to pity him somewhat). Trusts him a lot and considers him to be one of the most level-headed and reliable people in the team. Always appreciates his opinion on team-related matters. Is on speaking terms with Yukari but not exactly friends. Yukari seems to harbour some deep-seated resentment towards him for reasons he does not quite understand.

- Has started to become good friends with Taihou who has agreed to assist him with the shrine. Sakuya seems rather cool towards him though, or perhaps she's just that way with everyone. Mitaka feels sorry for Taihou for he has to keep up with Mokou's mischief. He respects Keine greatly though, both for her intelligence and wisdom and her ability to keep Mokou in check. Is rather worried about Mokou's frequent scuffs with Kaguya.

- Is starting to understand the enigma that is Amarillo. Friendship may blossom. Doesn't know Lily that well yet. Is rather awed by Amarillo's amazing abilities and deep insights.

- He believes Owlbear is a real demonic overlord. He considers Owlbear to be a sort of big-brother figure to the team, rough and gruff, yet good-natured and caring. He feels a little uncomfortable around Shinki, mostly due to the fact that he's current contracted to her daughter (and failing miserably at mana provision). He doesn't know the rest of Owlbear's team all that well yet.

- Hasn't spoken much to Hiroko or Parsee, really. But he still remembers that they helped him out of a hole back in Gensokyo. He admires them for their bravery in volunteering for the suicide mission onboard the Sky-Ray.

- Hasn't spoken much to Sumire or Aya either, but he has great respect for their information gathering skills.

- Hasn't spoken much to Sho, but he is somewhat impressed by his ability to manage Yuyuko's appetite. He considers Sho to be one of the most level-headed people in the team and appreciates his opinions on team-related matters.

- He is awed by ThirtyFour. They say men judge each other by their rides. A Challenger 2, Britain's pride and joy, is enough to impress any Englishman...or scare them into submission...He's a little scared of Rika and has worked hard to keep her away from Ruukoto.

- He has mixed feelings regarding Alex. He respects him for his strength as a martial artist but does not approve of his wanton slaughter of the yakuza in the park (though he thought that last person who shot Lily at least deserved some punishment, though that was an awfully harsh one that Alex put him through).

- He thinks McWallace is a real highlander. Fears Eirin somewhat. While he believes McWallace is a bit funny in the head, he believes that McWallace is straight and true and is definitely reliable in difficult situations.

- He feels Yoh is a kindred spirit. Is intimidated by Meira. Is a little concerned about his crossdressing tendencies. He is rather awed by Yoh's recent abrupt growth and aspires to work hard to be like Yoh.

- Considers Kojiro to be a good natured, bright spirit, who is always around and eager to help. He finds Kojiro easiest to talk to and share with. He is very much awed by Kojiro's approach to life and problems, and finds his easy-going attitude in the face of danger both enviable and impressive, but at the same time worrying. He's a bit scared of Remilia.

- Hasn't spoken to Pearl much yet. Considers her to be a kind soul though.

- Thinks there is something fishy with Austin. Hasn't spoken much to him just yet. Doesn't trust Nitori within a mile of Ruukoto.

- Doesn't trust Marx much.

- Hasn't spoken to Anthony much just yet, but believes he is a good fellow comrade, worthy of their trust.

- Has only seen Nate once, and only in passing. Is rather worried about the Watatsuki sisters meeting Reimu.

Additional Information/Background/History:
Is currently blind due to an injury caused by dark mana overload.


My RAI Force 1 character

Name: Miguel 'Mig' Sawyer
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Strength: Compassion, MI6 secret service training, cooking abilities,
Weakness: Hotheadedness, terrible at social skills, can't interact with others, reserved, is terrible with children, fear of death
Home: an apartment block near the Saniwa Inn
Occupation: Teacher at a local school
Visual Description: Tall, lanky, with short, spiky black hair and brown eyes, rather prominent nose, sharp features with rather heavy eyebrows.
Personality: Reserved, not social, finds it difficult to speak to others, but is compassionate and kind inside. Feels for others, especially the innocent. Hotheaded, severely. Fears death.
Partners: Lyrica, Lunasa
History/Background: MI6 trained agent, a complete newbie, sent to Japan to join a joint-intelligence team, RAI Force 1. His first mission was to capture a number of civilians at the Yatsugatake National Park, for unknown reasons. He had his misgivings but endured it anyway. 3 weeks later he ended up a test subject for project Harbinger, a cabinet 42 project to create teams of supernatural beings bound to humans for use in supernatural warfare.
Fun Facts (optional):
- Terrible with children, and yet he has been asked to teach in a local school.
- His subject is Mathematics. Funnily enough, he finds Cirno in his class later.
- He's also a homeroom teacher.
- He's also been slated to be the supervisor of the necromancer's society. What?!

Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)

Picture: Zei

Name: Zei Akabane

Gender: Male

Age:  14

Strength: Infinite well of Mana, Moderate strength and fit.

Weakness: Nekomeidos. ._.

Home: Opposite Mansion

Occupation: None

Visual Description: Tall, dark-brown hair, a bit white.

Personality: Caring, Sacrificial, (somehow)Loving, CAN BE rude-mannered if provoked.

Partners: Flandre, Mystia, Reisen, and Shizuha

History/Background: Originally lives in United States. Was living a normal life until Yukari came along. Landed in Gensokyo thanks to her. Found by Reimu. Lived in Hakurei Shrine for 2-4 weeks. (somehow moved, due to Yukari again.)Moved to SDM after Winter(?). Lived there ever since.

Fun Facts :
- Came to Gensokyo right after capturing one of IN's Last words, but it was due to Yukari's mishaps.
- Was a bit of traveller around Gensokyo, seeing what place was safe enough to live
- Has met Yuka, but it wasn't that nice. Zei thought that she wasn't there and ended up Sparking the area. Yuka woke up and Dual Sparked him. He was lucky enough to gap out of the way and back into SDM.
- USED to live in Hakurei Shrine, till Aya showed up.
- DID, infact, have the ability to gap, almost similar to Yukari's. She then told Youmu and then she thought that I was her son.
- Friend of Medicine, but not that close.
- As soon as he got into the Mansion, he immediately helped Flandre get out of the basement more often. Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, and even Remilia was a bit impressed by this feat. As soon as he went back to the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu pestered him about where he went. Aya showed up and pestered him about being either Reimu's or Flandre's "lover". As of that event, he never went to the Shrine ever since.
- Survived in Former Hell, due to semi-immortality.
-Gets called "Cirnoass" by Koji.

Thoughts of other outsiders:
Koji: Well..he's a friend of mind, but could laugh at any given thing there is. Can't believe he's actually doing ANYTHING to make sure nothing happens to Remilia. What a nice guy..

Gpop: Don't know him much, but he kinda surprises me in some way or another.

Jan: At first, I thought he was going to raid the Mansion, but turns out to be a Tourist. Weird though.. ._.

Relations with Gensokians:

Reimu: Ahaha, she's such a bitch, but she seemed a bit helpless due to no one visiting her shrine. Too bad it was destroyed by those UNGRATEFUL bastards.

Yukari: ..Not much to say about her. ._.''

Marisa: Seems nice, outgoing, a bit crazy, but all in all, LAZY. ._.

Yuyuko: There really isn't much to say about her than from what happened last time I talked to her. I can tell you this though, 'Innocent look = Guranteed death'.

Youmu: Guh...within a mather of time with Koji, she's already EXTREMELY skilled with swords. Goddamn.. ._.

Medicine: Seemed pretty harmless, but mistaked me for a youkai.

Yuka: Evil. One word to describe it all.

Relations with own team:

Flandre: I've cared for her ever since I first met her. I'm pretty surprised that she's trying to control herself and make sure she doesn't kill anyone. That is just...plain sweet. I don't know how, but she just stole my heart by that. I'm sort-of impressed. o.o'

Shizuha: Yeah...she's pretty lonely since no one CARED about the Aki Sisters before Koji started to mention them. To answer your question.. NO, I AM NOT DATING HER. ._.' She's just like that.

Reisen: Lunatic rabbit that tells me what's right and what's wrong. Why her? I REALLY don't know..

Mystia: Seems caring since she makes sure everyone in the team is ok. Different from what I expected..

- - -

Name: Nathanial Theodore Wrist (Nate for short)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Strength: Highly intelligent, especially when it comes to folklore, mythology and the occult (he would be seen as the local authority on such matters were it not for the fact that relatively few people take him seriously).  Due to his research into the occult, he is also a self-taught mage, but his abilities are very limited at the moment (although he does have a lot of untapped potential).  Finally, he possesses what he thinks are "Mystic Eyes of Truth Seeing".

Weakness: Rather shortsighted without his glasses, and not exactly the paragon of physical ability either.

Home: A small apartment situated above "Lair of the Mishaguji".

Occupation: Owner of "Lair of the Mishaguji", a bookstore specialising in occult reference books and sci-fi/fantasy novels.  Not many people visit, but it somehow does enough business to allow Nate to survive and, more importantly, pay the rent.

Visual Description: Tall (over 6') yet very thin and pale, brown-blond hair which reaches halfway down his back and curls up at the end, dark blue eyes.  Wears a pair of glasses with small rectangular lenses.  Most often wears jeans, a long sleeved black t-shirt and a sleeveless navy blue jacket which appears to be almost completely comprised of pockets.  Actually, y'know what?  A picture says a thousand words.  Just imagine him with longer hair, and that's Nate.

Personality: Cheerful and polite to everyone he meets.  Usually rather quiet, but once he gets started talking it's very difficult to get him to stop.  Is very eccentric and has some incredibly strange ideas (he's believed in the existence of magic, youkai, Gensokyo and the Lunar Capital for a long time), which tends to put a lot of people off him and has garnered him a reputation as the town nutcase.  Pacifistic, and will only fight either in self defence or if something/one he cares about is being threatened and/or hurt.  If such a thing happens, he will do whatever it takes to make the culprit suffer (woe betide the person who tries to hurt Reisen in front of him).

Partners: Reisen II, Watatsuki no Yorihime Magical Warrior Lunablade, Watatsuki no Toyohime

History/Background: Originally from Britain, Nate transferred to Karuisuwa sometime during high school and has lived there ever since.  Quickly became rather infamous for his rather eccentric behaviour and ideas (most notably, his belief that there existed a secret hidden city on the moon populated by rabbits), to the point that few people would associate with him for fear of looking crazy.  Upon graduation, he began working in the Lair of the Mishaguji bookstore.  Not much happened for a few years until the store owner mysteriously disappeared, leaving the store (and the apartment) in Nate's hands.

A few days ago, whilst out walking, Nate ran into a strange, rabbit-eared girl who seemed in a panic for some reason.  She begged Nate to help her hide from the people chasing her and, not being one to refuse the request of a girl (especially one as cute as this), he complied and took her back to his apartment.  After she had calmed down, she told him that her name was Reisen, and that she was from a secret hidden moon city ("Insane theories one, regular theories a billion!"), which had somehow suddenly been destroyed.  She went on to explain that, whilst evacuating, she not only became seperated from her moon princess masters, but she was suddenly attacked upon arriving on Earth, and would most likely have been captured where it not for Nate's timely intervention.

After explaining this, Reisen suddenly remembered that she had to make a mana contract with someone in this world or she would die.  This left Nate incredibly flustered and embarrased before Reisen explained that, contrary to what he'd read, making a mana contract does not involve sex.  Half relieved and half disappointed, Nate agreed to the contract.  It was only afterwards that Reisen told him that she had to stay close by him as long as the contract was in place, leaving him slightly annoyed, although he still allowed her to stay at his place for the time being (well, it was either that or let her die, and he couldn't do that, could he?).  A few days passed, mostly uneventful save for Reisen helping out at the store, but she was still worried about her mistresses Yorihime and Toyohime. She eventually worked up the nerve to ask Nate to help her look for them, and by this point he couldn't really refuse a request from her.  Who knows, he might actually get to save some alien princesses, become a hero, and, most importantly of all, rub it in the face of everyone that he was right all along.

Fun Facts (optional):

* Despite only knowing each other for a few days, Nate and Reisen have already developed romantic feelings for each other, although neither has confessed yet and any attempt to do so from either results in several minutes of unintelligible muttering and awkward silence before one of them abruptly changes the subject.

* The seemingly infinite amount of pockets on Nate's jacket contain various items, including sellotape, scissors, craft knifes, random assortments of candy, various lengths of string, a notepad and pens, among other things.

* Among the books kept in Lair of the Mishaguji is one of the very few published copies of "The Non-Unified Magic World" by Prof. Y. Okazaki.  How such a rare volume managed to find it's way there is unknown, but Nate refuses to sell it to anyone.  (Nate is actually a very big fan of Yumemi's theories and work, and will most likely fanboy over her to an immense degree if they ever actually meet.)

* Reisen has in her possession her rifle and bayonet, but no ammo, and so will only use it as a spear for the time being.

*Magic: Nate is a magus of below average ability, although this is mostly due to the fact that he's almost entirely self-taught.  He'd likely be a lot better at it if he received any formal magical training as his actual magical potential is quite high.  However, for the time being, he still has trouble casting anything but the most basic spells.  He is reasonably adept with light spells, and has knowledge of quite a few offensive spells (although his success rate at casting them is rather low at the moment).  Nate is able to use reinforcement magic to a reasonable degree, but every attempt he makes at projection magic results in whatever he was trying to create being formed of crystal, which shatters into a million pieces soon after being formed.  His elemental affinity is Jewels, a sub-element of Earth.

*Notable magical abilities:
-Gemstones: Due to the volatile reaction he usually receives when casting offensive spells, Nate instead stores mana in various gemstones and uses them for offensive purposes instead.  Whilst the effects of the gemstones aren't nearly as powerful as those of a fully incanted spell, it allows for quick magical attacks that are free from the risk of miscasting and blowing up in his face.  Different kinds of gems have different elemental properties (ruby = fire, sapphire = water, etc.).

-Truth Seeing: The ability to see reality for what it truely is, bypassing all illusion and falsehoods.  Illusions caused by magic, mind control, intoxication, etc. do not affect Nate.  He is also able to see things that exist between the realms of the existant and non-existant.  Nate has had this ability for as long as he can remember, and has hypothesized that it may be a form of Mystic Eyes.  Spoiler: In actuality, it is an unconscious manifestation of his Reality Marble, Lunatic Blue.
Spoiler: -Reality Marble "Lunatic Blue": A powerful and rare magical ability, which allows the user to temporarily overwrite the surrounding reality with a landscape representative of their soul.  Nate is currently unaware of his Reality Marble, as although it has already taken root in his mind, it has yet to manifest in the physical plane.
Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)


...I really need to update this at some point.  And add my RAI character if I ever finish her.  And find some why to smuggle Rin Satsuki into the game.  And...

...Yeah, I should get to work on this, I guess.


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