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Questions regarding Comiket

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I'm pretty sure that most of the Touhou stuff is restricted to one day, but it takes up a good part of one hall.


--- Quote ---So lately I've been playing Japanese shmups other than touhou... And I have some questions regarding this "Comiket" animal.

From what I gather I assume it's the Japanese shooter version of E3? or is it not specific to shooters... Or is it doujin everything?

Also, it seems that unlike E3 which merely previews games, this Comiket actually releases it, is that true? Also, when people cay "C76", is that short for "the 76th Comiket"?

Anybody know the exact date of the next one? I'm looking forward to the eXceed black package atm.

--- End quote ---

E3 is for Offically Game company review or release news about their prouded games,Comic market is mainly Doujinshi event,even through there's some Game companies or Doujin-related companies (Pink Company as an instance) selling things.

normally we refer 'CXX' or ' CMXX' as Comic Market XXth

2009 winter Comic Market's (C77) holding date is not set yet,but I have some informs about it's included December 31st

--- Quote ---Doujin everything.
Previews and releases.
October 14-16.


--- End quote ---

Comic Market 76 is from August 14th to 16th
not October

--- Quote ---There is two in every year, summer and winter, both events are generally packed, and has been in history one of the hottest events in Japan ever, even Taiwanese and Hongkies come over for the fun, expect population overload if you are going, and it is not uncommon if you see backpackers and campers outside the waiting line for a good 3 days ahead to get a good headspot.

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Pre-quene is offically not allowed, and only overnight is somehow permitted...strictly

--- Quote ---I'm pretty sure that most of the Touhou stuff is restricted to one day, but it takes up a good part of one hall.

--- End quote ---

Both Touhou project and APH resident at East hall...it's hard battle this time...

Question: Anyone going to C76 on the 15th? If so, wanna meet up at Ariake at 5:00AM? I don't have the guts to go alone and be confident enough to get 12 and 12.3. without drowning in a torrent of meat and sweat.

If this isn't a general thread about questions regarding comiket, sorry.

Actually, I heard that 12 was going to be released on Friday, but I could be wrong.

At any rate, I won't be showing up until around Noon on Saturday. I did the whole coming early thing last year and that was enough for me.

If I were to go to C76 I wouldn't even get the two new touhou games. They are easy to get after. I'd prefer getting some hard to get doujinshi that won't get reprinted. I'm going to japan next year but I don't know yet if I'll make my trip around the time for C78. Comiket scares me, all those otaku animes where they go to comiket did this to me.


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