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MOtK VANILLA MINECRAFT SMP+CMP SERVER the 8th iteration IIRC, 11 March 2013 - 11 October 2015 o7

Welcome to the community MC server! Check the second post for the latest announcements and uptime notifications.
IP ADDRESS: nope.avi

Below is kept for historical purposes only.

1) This is a friendly community!
- No killing other players without prior consent.
- No breaking, altering, or otherwise messing with other players' stuff.
- No stealing from other players.
2) Keep our spawn clean!
- Please refrain from building "poverty art", or intentionally unsightly structures, in high-traffic public areas, such as spawn.
- For Old World: A Donation Hall has been created for donation chests. Alternatively, the community centre NE of spawn (large rectangular stone building) has a section for donations and unneeded stuff. But outside those two, no beggar's chests!
- For New World: I'm still pending a decision on this.
3) Keep it manageable for everyone else!
- Do not place very laggy projects (such as mob grinders/arenas, enormous redstone clocks, etc.) near spawn areas. This was an issue at one point on the last server.
- Limit 4 shopkeepers per player around spawn areas. Outside those, feel free to use them however you like.
- Control your fire and especially your TNT usage, particularly on Creative worlds. I know that detonating an entire landscape of TNT can be fun, but honestly, I don't want to be forced into a situation where server stability is at stake.
- In the event laggy dupers (eg. BSoD's classic piston-based sand duper) ever make a comeback, make sure to keep an eye out when using them. We don't want to see 18 million items on the ground due to someone AFKing next to one with a full inventory, after all.
4) You are more than welcome to contact me for any of the following services:
- Setting warps (see below)
- Changing an area's biome - provided it looks somewhat like the target biome (if not, start terraforming) and it isn't too close to others' property. Nether and End biomes will not be accepted due to ghasts and the jarring sky transition, respectively.

This server is whitelisted, meaning that you have to be on the whitelist to play on it.

To join the whitelist, simply PM me with the subject "MC Server Whitelist", remembering to include your MC user name -and- player UUID (tool to find that). I will send a response when you are added. This assumes you are involved with the forum community, #conmeido, or a third unrelated-but-Touhou-themed IRC channel that I frequent.

If you joined merely for this server, then I will most likely deny your request and encourage you to participate in the community a bit longer.

Also I discourage using the e-mail button in my signature for this enquiry.

Players who were on the whitelist on Stuffman's previous server as of 3 March 2013 will need no further steps to play.

Minecraft v1.8 with Spigot. Survival mode on main worlds; Creative is also provided.
Plugins in use:
 - BlockEnderDragon Prevents the enderdragon from griefing blocks on all worlds.
 - Craftbook: Adds a number of custom functions to the vanilla game.
 - CustomItems: Permits the creation of custom-attribute items.
 - DeathMessages: Allows for custom death messages.
 - dynmap: Enables the Live Map linked above.
 - Dynmap-WorldGuard: Shows WorldGuard-protected regions on dynmap.
 - Essentials: Provides a wide variety of utility commands.
 - LogBlock: Logs all changes to blocks and chests. Anti-griefing tool.
 - LWC (Lightweight Chest Protection): Allows you to lock your chests, furnaces, doors, etc to stop people from stealing your stuff.
 - Multiverse: Allows us to have multiple worlds. The NetherPortals (adjustable Nether + End portal destinations) and Inventories (separates inventories by worlds and world groups, as well as gamemodes) sub-plugins are also in use.
 - NoWither: Blocks withers from spawning in main worlds; to fight them, go to Adventure Worlds, Nethers, or Ends.
 - PermissionsBukkit: Controls access to other plugins.
 - PlayerHeads: Mobs and players have chances to drop heads on kill, or even when just dying. Go make your head trophy racks! :V
 - RecipeManager: Allows us to create custom recipes.
 - Shopkeepers: Lets players create shops which can assist in exchanges.
 - TerrainControl: Controls the terrain generator on worlds using this plugin.
 - TreeAssist: Trees chopped with gold axes will cut themselves automatically. This does not always work, but when it does, it makes forestry a much easier affair.
 - WorldBorder: Limits the sizes of worlds, and lets admins generate and trim their chunks. Latter is only used during downtimes.
 - WorldEdit: Allows ops to make large-scale edits to the map. Contact us if you'd like to make a request, but you'd better have a good reason!
 - WorldGuard: Provides various protections to players and the map. Also provides the scuba functions for pumpkins.

We employ 4 different worldsets with varying rules and separate inventories. Warp names are given. Each aside from Exhibition has its own Nether and End - in survival-type worlds these are tied to Adventure Worlds and thus are temporary.

Survival, not much else.
Newworld - 8192 x 8192, 1.8 terrain. The new main world.
World_adv2 - 4096 x 4096, custom terrain.  Refreshes regularly, making them good for mining but not for living.

Same rules as New; however, one minor difference is that lava fires will not spread here. This was a setting enacted by the previous admins that I was afraid to change, but it is enabled in New worlds.
Oldworld - 8192 x 8192, 1.2.5-1.4.7 terrain. A staple of the server since mid-2012 that still goes strong.
World_adv1 - 4096 x 4096, custom terrain. Same idea as AdvWorld 2, but it is for the old world inventory

Creative gamemode. No mobs or animals spawn; Nether and End are disabled. You can teleport yourself to any coordinate set within world boundaries.
Creative - 8192 x 8192, 1.7.2 terrain.
World_flat - 3200 x 3200, superflat. The historical popular site for art projects, and another location where lava fires were disabled.

Adventure Mode. Tourism purposes only.
Museum - The MC History Museum has moved from Flat to here!

/afk - Marks as AFK. Removed upon moving a few blocks, modifying an area, or opening chests.
/compass - gives you the direction you're facing.
/depth - gives you your current depth/height in the world.
/fly - lets you fly in MC Creative Mode fashion. Limited to main and flat worlds. Make sure to land before you disconnect or change worlds, or prepare to take fall damage!
/getpos - give you your current coordinates in the world.
/help - gives you a full list of all the commands you have access to.
/ignore - lets you ignore the text of people you don't like.
/list - lists everyone currently on the server.
/mail - lets you send and check messages from other players.
./me - use this to emote an action, i.e. /me makes yet another Gwahaha + CotBS abomination of a meal
/motd - displays the MotD.
/msg - lets you send a private message to another player. Use /r to quickly respond to someone that just messaged you.
/near - lists nearby players.
/realname - tells you the real username of a player that has a nickname (indicated by a ~ in front of their name). Only ops can set nicknames, ask us if you want one.
/seen - tells you when a player was last online.
/spawn - teleports you to spawn in the main world.
/tppos <x> <y> <z> - (Creative worlds only!) Teleport yourself to a set of coordinates you put in.
/home <name> - teleports you to your home position. Specifying a name will take you to that home, if you previously set it.
/sethome <name> - saves your current position as one of your homes. If no name is given, then it'll take you to standard home.
/delhome <name> - deletes a specified home.
/warp - provides a list of all warp points available. Use /warp warp_name to warp to teleport to that warp point.
/recipe <item> - check the (stock) recipe for an item, if it is available. /recipe without an item will check one for the item you are holding. It does not take into account custom recipes added by RecipeManager for odd reasons.

When you use an LWC command, you'll be asked to hit the chest you want to apply the command to. Protected chests can't be destroyed by anyone but the person that made them.
/cprivate - use this to create a private chest. Only you (and ops) can open it.
/cpassword - use this to create a chest with a password. Anyone that knows the password can access it.
/cremove - removes protections from the chest.
/cmodify - allows one to change the permissions of something you own. For instance, '/cmodify -Yukari @Ran' would remove Yukari's access rights, while adding them to Ran.
/cdonation - set a chest to be a donation chest, in which users can only add contents but not take them.

LWC protections can also be applied to trapdoors, doors, signs, and several other things. If a protected item is on a block (eg. sign on dirt, block beneath door), that block too will be protected.

There are two tools that will allow you to see Logblock data.
/lb tool - right-click a block with the Logblock tool (in our case, a stick) to see its history.
/lb toolblock - place a toolblock (in our case, the command block) in a space to see its history. The command block cannot be placed on its own (plus editing them is blocked anyway).
History is logged up to 180 days.

Craftbook is a versatile plugin allowing for a number of functions. I have allowed the use of the following portions:
- Ammeter: Shows the strength of a redstone connection. Interact with a wire with coal in hand.
- Better Plants: Extends the functions of stock plants, including fern farming.
- Bookcase: Interacting with bookshelves will give you a random quote. Purely aesthetic and it uses stock settings for the quotes.
- Chairs: Place at least one sign on any set of stairs to make it a chair you can sit in. Press RMB/M2 to sit down, and sneak to dismount.
- Dispenser Recipes: More options from dispensers. See the Craftbook page.
- Minecart boosters/brakes: Extends railway options. See the Craftbook page.
- Lightstone: Shows the current light level in an area. Interact with a block with glowstone dust in hand.
- Painting Switcher: An easier way to get the painting you want. Right-click a placed painting to select it, use the scroll wheel to scroll through your options, and then right-click again to confirm your selection.
- Sign Copier: Right-clicking a sign with an ink sack copies the sign's contents. Left-click another sign to paste them on.
- XP storage: Converts your XP to Bottles of Enchanting. Interact with any spawner.

See this post and the plugin page.


[soul sand] [soul sand] [soul sand]
[soul sand] [soul sand] [soul sand]
[soul sand] [soul sand] [soul sand]
Yields 4 sponge.

[string] [empty] [string]
[empty] [string] [string]
[string] [empty] [string]

Chain Armour:
Build any armour piece out of iron fence

Lily Pads:
[seed] [seed]
[seed] [seed]

Fireproof wood slabs (pre-1.3 slabs):
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[wood slab] [wood slab] [wood slab]
[wood slab] [wood slab] [wood slab]
Wood type does not matter. The new slabs require a pickaxe to be mined. Despite the purple chequerboard appearance in the inventory, it will still appear normally as a block.

Mob masks:
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[paper] [paper] [paper]
[paper] [ITEM] [paper]
For ITEM, the item placed here affects the mask:
 - Gunpowder: Creeper
 - Rotten Flesh: Zombie
 - Bone: Skeleton
 - Poisonous Potato: Steve (changed from Iron Pickaxe in order to give poisonous potatoes a use)
Wither Skulls cannot be made this way - go hunting! Other mob heads can also drop (with a 1% chance by default), and will be also sold at admin stores.

This recipe was changed (previously used tall grass instead) due to the double tall grass recipe.

Packed Ice
[ice] [ice]
[ice] [ice]

Double Tall Grass:
[tall grass]
[tall grass]
Usually cannot be obtained as an item.
For tall ferns, replace the tall grass with regular ferns.


[magenta dye]
[oxeye daisy (white single flower)]

Tall flowers (minus sunflower):
[empty] [empty] [empty]
[empty] [flower] [empty]
[flower] [tall fern] [flower]
The flower type used will adjust the output:
 - Allium -> Lilac
 - Pink tulips -> Peony
 - Poppies -> Rose bush

Dead Bush:
Smelt sapling in furnace.

Leather (alternative method):
Smelt rotten flesh in furnace.

Iron / Gold / Diamond Horse Armour:
[empty] [empty] [helmet]
[block] [block] [block]
[legging] [empty] [legging]

Name Tags:
String, paper, ink sack, and feather. Order does not matter as the recipe is shapeless.

Gold weapons/armour/tools can be smelted for metal.

All horse armour can also be smelted.

WARPS: (Survival worlds only)

Want a warp to your area? We can do that...for a cost.

Much like the last server, a warp shrine (pictured above) must be built without flaws for a warp to be built. Once done, let an admin know, and they will verify then finalise a warp point (and dynmap marker) for you. This is valid in main world only.

The ingredients:
- 1 diamond block
- 4 iron blocks
- 36 endstone
- 32 obsidian
- 9 glowstone
- 4 netherrack (you may omit the flames on the netherrack if you have fire safety concerns)
- 2 or 4 signs (with the name of the warp inscribed on them)

You do not need to fill in the areas that cannot be seen. For an example, see the one in Flat World.

Current warp points and their owners:
spawn - Spawn in the main world.
world_flat - Center of world_flat.
Ahreynn (Rikter) - A desert town near the bottom of the map.
Aria (Sunny) - A future reproduction of the town Neo-Venezia from Aria on a huge grassy island in the southwest ocean.
Boxtower (Shady) - A tower aiming to use whatever blocks are possible, complete with villager overloads.
Desert (HakureiSM) - The desert just north of Spawn, next to a colosseum.
Desert_Villa (Stuffman) - A house on an eastern desert island, under construction.
EPTower (EP) - Large tower made back in the PTM server days of B1.7.3.
Farmland (NegaZero) - A wool centre in his snowy abode.
Hakutown (Sparda primarily) - A large town to the south with buildings owned by many players, well known for its huge walls. Probably the busiest part of the server outside spawn.
Houraiville (HangedHourai) - A mostly cosmetic town in the plains far to the east.
Infernal (Exuro) - The Infernal Republic, a fortress on the desert beach furthest to the north.
Lemuria (puremrz) - A forested and underwater ruin, under excavation.
MobArena (EP) - An underground obsidian room with light control fixtures, a perfect place to fight for mob drops, alleviate boredom, give a challenge, etc. Turn the lights off for the spawning to begin - make sure to turn them back on though!
Muenzuka (Sparda, formerly Stuffman) - Formerly a Castlevania project, this castle in progress symbolises a growing Austria-Hakurei-Moriya empire.
Moriya City (Sparda) - Future site of Moriya City, on a mountainous island.
Knoxville (Cadmas) - A huge, snowy city of stone in the rolling icy plains at the southeast corner of the map.
Shazbot (EP, formerly Alpha) - An enormous fortress occupying an entire island in the northeast ocean. Project left on indefinite hold.
Shephills (Cadmas?) - Pasture area consisting of lots of sheep in a spread-out village, complete with grass-roof houses.
Spire (yoshicookiezeus) - An arena built over the ocean, awaiting future PVP events.
SkyCity (Athrel) - A city under construction upon a gigantic flying stone slab above the southwest ocean.
Tanuki (puremrz) - A lovely scenic area with a high school nearby on the northwest continent.
Undine (???) - An underwater city project under construction.
Wilyfort (EP, formerly Dr.Strafe) - A giant floating fortress reminiscent of Megaman 2.
Worldship (Rikter) - A UFO-like flying garden above the west ocean.
WumboMelons (Dr. Rawr) - A truly breathtaking land, made entirely of melons, poised in the sky above the mushroom island in the west ocean. Also the warp is 9x larger than a normal one. :V

While I believe this should be all that's in order, please report any bugs you may come across. Thanks and have fun!

NOTICE: This post is reserved for server announcements.

Latest one at this time.


I am MycketBra_


Agent of the BSoD:
WHOO :getdown:

I'll get on once I'm done with uni for the day. (and actually update my client :V)

Wooo! I might join back later sometime~
Spoiler: I'm such an immature freak but I love it how '69' is in the server address 8))))))))))


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