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Four weapons at once? Is it Gaben being extra nice today or I just did something bad?

Well, we can still hope.

Eyy, hype!

--- Quote ---Soldier
    The Righteous Bison
        Fixed a bug causing players to be hit by the same projectile multiple times, causing the damage dealt to vary wildly.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Spy
        Max speed increased to 320 (from 300)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Medic
        All Mediguns allow the Medic to match the speed of their heal target
            Previously only available on The Quick Fix
    Quick Fix
        ?berCharge rate reduced to +15% (from +25%)

--- End quote ---
volvo stop nerfing my stranges dammit

...Welp, now back to Minecraft.

Seems to be a nice update according to my sources, but where's the Highlander comp setting? ;_;

Agent of the BSoD:
Update is pretty nice. Still waiting on Valve to fix some things with it, but it's a pretty ok start. Just needs to mature a bit more.

As for the post I made earlier, new system has been delayed due to other things needing my attention more importantly. I did, however, get a free GPU upgrade so I can actually play at better settings without impacting fps (still runs terribly but at least it looks better?). Not even sure what to do for a future meet at the moment, especially since people would probably prefer matchmaking or other games.

And while I remember, that helmsdeep map looks really cool though. Wouldn't mind loading that one up.


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