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[TF2] MotK Meetups (Next Meet: SOMEBODY SCREEEEAAAAAM! Oct 31s - Nov 1st)

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--- Quote from: yuyukos on December 28, 2011, 11:44:24 PM ---I'm ok for Saturday, Friday is no good.

--- End quote ---

Tamer Anode/Cathode:
I'm likely going to be preoccupied for both days, Saturday especially. Sorry, guys.

Out of town during that time.

I'd also like to see more server info in the OP, such as Op/admin info, custom gamemodes available, server location, etc.

@BSoD: All times are in EST (GMT-5) with DST when that is on, as Gpop and I (who typically arrange and manage these meets as server admins) are both in that timezone.

Mounting Jaggis:
I might go on Friday, but I won't be able to go on Saturday

Alright added and editted OP for now. And yes, all times I state will be EST


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