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[TF2] MotK Meetups (Next Meet: SOMEBODY SCREEEEAAAAAM! Oct 31s - Nov 1st)

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(Just go to add server to favourites and put this in)

Spoiler: Pass for first server is my favourite character :3
omgkitties (Main server admin)
The_EP! (Usually the one who adds all the stuff, if you want something in the server, either ask him or omgkitties)

This thread is pretty much used for MotK meet ups. If you're in, just post and we'll keep track to see if we have enough people for a meet up. It's easier to organize while general discussion can go here (unless you want this to be the general discussion thread)

About the meet and other info:

--- Quote from: Gpop on October 14, 2014, 07:38:07 PM ---So I'm bringing this back from the dead (punintentional) for the Halloween event!

...well I would say that but I don't think they announced anything yet. I dunno, I haven't really kept up with TF2 at all for the past couple years unfortunately. But if we don't get an event this year for some reason, I'm sure we could possibly have our own TF2 meet up? I mean have Halloween Event mode enabled and all.

I'm thinking that if we do this we can do it on October 31st and November 1st at 8pm EST. How's that sound?

Or we could change it to earlier for Saturday because European timezones.

--- End quote ---

I'm ok for Saturday, Friday is no good.
Message me for that s.Sniper Rifle!

Agent of the BSoD:
I should be able to show for Friday, Saturday is a maybe.

Also, 8 PM in what timezone? Because 8 PM in eastern time would be 5 PM here. (Pacific time)

You kids and your crazy weekend matchups. :V Do I have to quit my job just to be able to play with ya?

New Years weekend will be quite hectic for ol' Strafe..

I should be able to be on on the 30th. Or so I think at least, as long as nothing comes up between now and then.


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