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[Oneshot] [PROMO] A Descending Spiral
« on: September 16, 2010, 11:48:59 AM »
This is a promotional one-shot story to go along with SNAAFU ADVENTURE, the game I'm "developing." You can check out information on it by clicking the banner in my signature that's appropriately tagged. I hope it allows those interested in the game to learn a little bit more about the world I have envisioned.

A DESCENDING SPIRAL: The Overarching Plot to Something Badly Written

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


I... who?

I am your worst nightmare.

"No, that's not right... Why is he acting like that? He's going to get himself lost." boomed a feminine, yet very assertive and powerful voice in the darkness. It seemed that a very important conference was going on. In the middle, flashes of the state of a far away location could be seen. Many spirits were looking into it. The light slowly started to warm up the room and reveal who was present. Many gateways could be seen leading to different places. It was quite the sight.

"All I can hear from my end is constant rambling of 'I shouldn't have drank that!'"

"But... He keeps telling himself he's from the 'real world.'"

"What exactly is the real world?"

"I have no idea."

"This is worrisome."

"Do you think he's on drugs?"

"Why do we care in the first place?"



My return is imminent... Ho, ho, ho~

Maybe this time, I will succeed.

I will enslave you all.

Especially you, my sweet fruit.

"You mean the Dark Lady is back, Keeper?"

"On the move, I suspect. I see high concentrations of Nergal spawn cropping up in localized areas... Spiemcie, Pensiole... even Calentz shows signs of Nergal infestation... I fear for the safety of Arkadia."

"...I will try my best to keep Arkadia safe."

The Keepers are spiritual beings responsible for the maintenance of this young world we live in. Each Keeper has jurisdictions over a certain aspect of the world. Some manage the different regions of the world, connected via magical gates in pockets within the space-time continuum, allowing for quick transportation. Other Keepers manage the different natural facets of this world. All in all, the Keepers are the protectors and the spiritual lifeblood of the world. Without them, we would fail to operate properly, and we would become withered, with nothing.

It seemed that somewhere, out there, a powerful villain, originally sealed by the Keepers to protect the common good from harm, is attempting to break the seal... and is succeeding. It became an issue of internal strife. Many Keepers refused to believe, others became afraid. It was here that they became interested in the behavior of a certain "Sana," noticing his odd behavior - they deigned that he would be the pawn in their plans...


Things didn't have to turn out this way.

Why are we so different?

We could have sorted this out differently...

Instead... you chose that path...

"...Why do you want me to look for a guy called Sana?" a girl in oriental garb asked. "Keeper, I have explained that I wouldn't be doing that anymore."

"You're one of the only people I know who's capable enough to deal with that kind of person. The other Keepers are asking, too. You won't be alone."

"But... I still have to find her..."

"You won't let go? She's gone off the deep end. Let it rest. If destiny so wills, you will cross paths yet again. Don't guarantee it would be a peaceful end, though."



Am I of this world?

I don't know.

I do know that I have to get out of here.

Meet Sana. He's a normal boy... Sorta. A normal swordsman. He believes that he came from the "real world," what you, the dear readers, will probably consider as "Earth." He has no idea how he got here, and says he took a swig of some volatile liquid, got high, and found himself here. He is in the world of Motclaid, consisting of many smaller regions that are connected through magical gates located in pockets in the space-time continuum, governed by the Keepers. This Sana seems to be lost in the world, but is swept into an overarching plot when the stereotypical, but somewhat trying-to-be-awesome villain is stereotypically being released from her stereotypical Plot Device Seal. Sana is to be assisted by people requested by the Keepers... but Sana doesn't know it yet, and finds the discovery all the more abrupt.

Upon discovering this, Sana's given some advice about his predicament... To travel to the center of Motclaid, and find the artifact that's said to stereotypically do whatever its holder wishes for...


There's one problem.

How do you get to the center of the world?

Estimated Release Date: 2010 Q4/2011 Q1

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